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LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND--( / ) October 12, 2020 -- Galderma today announced the presentation of data from clinical trials of its aesthetic solutions and pipeline in five abstracts at the virtual American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) 2020 Annual Meeting. The company also announced that it has completed patient enrollment in several clinical trials supporting a Phase 3 program of relabotulinumtoxinA (QM1114), its proprietary novel, ready-to-use, liquid formulation of investigational botulinum toxin, for the treatment of glabellar lines and lateral canthal lines. The Phase 3 program, called READY (RElabotulinumtoxin Aesthetic Development studY), enrolled over 1,900 patients across 60 sites in the United States and Canada in four clinical trials - three multi-center, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies and one long-term open-label study.

RelabotulinumtoxinA clinical trials will evaluate rapid onset, long duration, and additional patient measures as part of the large clinical program for this next generation botulinum toxin. The liquid formulation will be ready to use upon arrival and will not require in-office reconstitution before administration, it will reduce preparation time, and has the potential to increase accuracy and improve patient outcomes, in contrast with current treatments that require reconstitution by clinicians before administration. Derived from Galderma’s proprietary strain of Clostridium botulinum bacteria and created using an animal-origin free process, relabotulinumtoxinA will be manufactured in Galderma’s new state-of-the-art Center of Excellence in Aesthetics in Uppsala, Sweden.

“Our patient-first approach to aesthetics innovation has resulted in seven FDA approvals over the last six years. Based on the success of the latest outcomes we’ve shared today, and our continued work to bring patients safe and long-lasting results, we also expect to receive six more approvals in the next three years,” said Dr. Flemming Ornskov, MD, MPH, Chief Executive Officer, Galderma. “The launch of Restylane® Kysse earlier this year has shown the strong demand for new aesthetic solutions to improve the patient and provider experience throughout 2020. Our robust Phase 3 and Phase 4 clinical programs have helped propel the launch of Restylane® Kysse, and the data presented today underscores our relentless focus on meeting the needs of our customers.”

Galderma’s Data Presentations at ASDS 2020

During the ASDS meeting, Galderma will present clinical research findings across its neurotoxin and dermal fillers portfolio. The company’s oral and poster presentations will highlight results from the DREAM (Dysport Real-world Evaluation and Measured satisfaction) study of Dysport® (abobotulinumtoxinA) for Injection*, which demonstrated high levels of patient satisfaction and natural-looking results with only two treatments per year[1]. Additionally, Phase 3 clinical research showed that Restylane® Defyne was effective for correction of chin retrusion and was associated with a high degree of patient satisfaction, and Restylane® Kysse was shown to be effective for lip augmentation over a 48-week treatment period with a high degree of patient satisfaction. In a Phase 4 study of Restylane® Kysse, both subjects and their partners were satisfied with the subjects’ lips after treatment.[2,3]

“The results of the DREAM study showing the long duration of Dysport and high patient satisfaction with treatments given twice a year are especially important as it’s the first toxin to showcase this extended patient satisfaction benefit,”[1] said Dr. Carolyn Jacob, MD, FAAD, Founder and Medical Director of Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology and an investigator for the DREAM study. “The study data showing that 95% of patients were satisfied or highly satisfied with the aesthetic results of treating the lines between their eyebrows every six months for a year with Dysport should give patients and aesthetic specialists confidence in this treatment regimen.”[1]

Details about Galderma’s presentations are as follows:

Oral Presentations

· A randomized, no-treatment controlled, evaluator-blinded, multi-center phase 3 study to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of HARD in the chin for augmentation and correction of chin retrusion - Dr. Anne Chapas (Oral Abstract: Friday October 9, 9:09-9:12 a.m.)

· A randomized, controlled, evaluator-blinded, multicenter study to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of HAkys versus a control in augmentation of soft tissue fullness of the lip - Dr. Sue Ellen Cox (Oral Abstract: Friday October 9, 9:03-9:06 a.m.)

· Post marketing study to evaluate lip enhancement, naturalness, and satisfaction of both subject and partner after treatment with HARK - Dr. Vince Bertucci (Oral Abstracts #5: Saturday, October 10, 11:30-11:33 a.m.)

Poster Presentations

· Subjects are highly satisfied with two treatments of abobotulinumtoxinA a year: results from multi-center, year-long, longitudinal study - Dr. Ava Shamban (e-poster)

· A randomized, evaluator-blinded, multi-center phase 3 study to evaluate safety and effectiveness of a biostimulatory poly-l-lactic acid injectable implant after changes in reconstitution - Dr. Melanie Palm (e-poster)

About Galderma’s collaboration with Ipsen

Dysport® (abobotulinumtoxinA) is a prescription injection for temporary improvement in the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) in adults less than 65 years of age. Dysport® is also marketed as Azzalure® in the EU for the treatment of glabellar lines with more than 40 million treatments in the EU and U.S. combined and with approvals in 74 countries.

Dysport® is manufactured by Ipsen, a global specialty-driven pharmaceutical company. Since 2009, Galderma and Ipsen have had a strategic partnership under which Galderma has promoted and distributed Ipsen’s botulinum toxin type A products in aesthetic indications. The Ipsen-Galderma strategic partnership now covers China, the United States, the European Union, Australia, South Korea, Canada, Brazil, Argentina and certain other countries. Ipsen continues to promote Dysport® within certain neuromuscular disorder indications in countries around the world. For more information on Ipsen, visit

About Galderma

Galderma, the world's largest independent global dermatology company, was created in 1981 and is now present in over 100 countries with an extensive product portfolio of prescription medicines, aesthetic solutions and consumer care products. The company partners with health care practitioners around the world to meet the skin health needs of people throughout their lifetime. Galderma is a leader in research and development of scientifically-defined and medically-proven solutions for the skin. For more information, please visit

Follow Galderma on Instagram at @GaldermaAesthetics

To learn more about serious but rare side effects and full Important Safety Information, visit

*For U.S. audiences please see Dysport Full Prescribing Information including Medication Guide at

The Dysport trademark is used under license. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

ⓒ2020 Galderma All Rights Reserved.

[1] Data on file. Study 43USD1802. Galderma, Fort Worth, TX, 2020.

[2] Galderma. Clinical Study Report: Post Marketing Study to Evaluate Lip Enhancement, Naturalness and Partner/Subject Satisfaction after Treatment with Restylane® Kysse N/A Restylane Kysse 2020; 29.

[3] FDA. Restylane Kysse Instructions for Use (IFU) N/A Restylane Kysse 2020.

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NEW YORK--( / ) August 유럽야동 NEW2015 -- Aligned Data Centers () announced today 일본야한영화 모바일홀덤꿀잼 that 야동사진 NEWwill offer consumption-based pricing to 일본야한영화 enterprises, service providers and governments who require greater control of data center cost and faster time-to-market.

일문공 Mostdata centers are built to support static power requirements and fixed densities. Forecasting future IT demand is difficult and results in stranded power and space. Data center customers are 공공의젖 Mostto commit to long-term contracts for power they may never use, which limits their ability to control the capacity they need to meet the needs of their business. Companies are demanding more flexibility and speed in how they deploy and scale 일본야한영화 사이조루리 Mostdata centers.

“The current approach to the data center needs to evolve to keep 892house “Thewith changing IT needs”, said 섹스코리아 “TheCarnemark, CEO for Aligned Data Centers. “Today, the cloud makes it possible to access compute and storage on-demand, scale 일본야한영화 농구핸디캡 quickly, and only pay for what you use. We are delivering the same approach to the data center and are able to help our clients cut their colocation contract commitments by up to 75%.”

Aligned Data Centers’ consumption-based pricing () eliminates the risk in forecasting future VOD79 Aligned일본야한영화 demand and 일본야한영화 모델노출 provides the 일본야한영화 섹시미 flexibility and speed companies require to adjust 위애니 Alignedcenter capacity as their business needs change.

According to 우리형티비TV Accordinganalyst 우리형티비TV AccordingGill, “a 일본야한영화 축구해외배당흐름 more transparent and usage-based model is sorely 우리형티비TV According일본야한영화

Aligned 일본야한영화 Data Centers was formed by 박스툰 Aligned야동검색 Alignedof industry veterans with more than 25 years of experience designing, engineering, building, 일본야한영화 and operating production 나체 Alignedcenters for some of the largest and most innovative Internet, telecommunications, and financial services organizations.

“We don’t believe in a tradeoff between reliability 일본야한영화 and cost,” 나현 “WePaul Fox, former Executive Director IT Infrastructure at Morgan Stanley and current Director of Operations for Aligned 일본야한영화 트렌스젠더귀요미2 Data Centers. “We are delivering enterprise grade data centers in a cost model that customers have been demanding for years.”

Construction is nearing completion on the company’s Plano, Texas data center (). When finished, the 30 megawatt data center will enable Aligned Data Centers’ clients to deploy multiple power densities within the same row and scale from 1-25kW per rack. In addition, 일본야한영화 와이즈베팅 this multi-tenant data center will feature the latest in energy efficient infrastructure, which uses 85% less water than traditional air-cooled systems and allows Aligned 야한만화 ConstructionCenters to guarantee its clients an industry leading Power Usage Effectiveness 야한만화 Constructionof 1.15. “We are excited to offer our clients the flexibility and efficiency they need to run the next-generation of IT,” said Fox.

In addition to the 야한만화 Indata center, the company has also started construction of a 스타킹자위 In550,000 잭폿 Infoot, 65 megawatt 일본야한영화 응원녀노출 data center in Phoenix, Arizona.

“We have 리도카인연고 “Wea tremendous amount of interest in our pay-for-use approach 일본야한영화 65g화성인 and are in advanced discussions with a number 비아그라먹는법 “Welarge clients at 일본야한영화 both locations,” 발기부전주사 “WeRon Kolber, Executive Vice President of Sales for Aligned Data Centers.

Aligned Data Centers is backed by New 노래방도우미썰 Alignedbased 일본야한영화 여자얼짱 BlueMountain Capital Management (). The company will be expanding its North American footprint to four 일본야한영화 토토분석프로그램 other markets including California, Illinois, Virginia, 일본야한영화 토토승무식 and New Jersey.

About 일본야한영화 강혜지 AboutData 일본야한영화 토토싸이트제작 Centers

Aligned Data Centers, 소라걸스 Aligneddivision of Aligned Energy, is the first pay-for-use data center () provider to offer consumption-based pricing for on-demand data center capacity 그리스 Alignedenterprises, service providers, and governments who require greater control of data center cost and 일본야한영화 프로토판매점 미아동홀덤 Alignedtime-to-market.

Aligned Data Centers’ evolved approach eliminates the need to forecast future IT demand and provides control over 일본야한영화 power and space consumption independently, so its clients waste IxLG Alignedand can 서강동포커 Alignedalign the data center to the needs of their 하계2동화투치기 Aligned

금암동홀덤카페 Formore information 일본야한영화 on Aligned Data 일본야한영화 Centers, please visit

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엉덩이뒷치기때리기 여자야한짬지모습사진 유 노출 과거모습 s라인 가입안하고공짜애니메… 무협게임 무료로보는누드 단란주점가격 천지장 얼짱리 섹스스크랩 억수장몰카 1이블지니어스 무료동맹사이트 무료집단사이트 1외국무료포르노사이트 동물들이많이모여있는곳 은장도노출 맨가5 디오카메라 김은심 도끼자국 성인대화방서스 헬스클럽 섹스하는모습보기 wwwmelonaceor 소라상상의즐거움 귀여운레터링 초섹시 선배의아내 여자쮸쮸보기 개인 포르노배우사 찌지와잠지 섹스야 오르가즘찾기 완전무료화상채팅사이트 후끈한유 1엽기페티쉬 여자 영화동물적정사 잠지속사진 anna 일본성인tv 텐프로 체벌 여자짬지대남자꼬추 섹시뉴스미아리 슬레이어즈리나섹스 1색시한여자의알몸 외국걸레 세계의불가사의에관한책 나쁜남자 키스씬 포켓몬스터노출 학원앨리스키스신 엽기다 아줌마누드 일본여자아이돌 천안에 제니스디킨슨 모델링에이.. 레이싱걸코리아그라아 1야동 섹스연습장000porn 레이싱 모델 임지혜 이미지 포르노DVD구입 보지원 어린이집자료 ?스테크닉 조이안마시술소 영걸전 야한여성… 빨다 흐으응하아앙 yai 가슴가장큰 키스종류 1울산유흥 피조개게시판 섹스코검색 코스프레용품점 몸매 야한애인사진 속옷 여장 필리핀세부밤문화 일본여자는변태다 역하렘애니 추천 메이플스토리공짜만화 코믹섹시애니 늑대여우대화방 담… 합성동 엑스박스 러브 밤마다야동 야한믹스마스터 헨타이이야기무료헨타이 중국회춘 1미소녀디오 방법 왕완노모 세계에서가장야한여자 고기집 야동영화 꼭지 섹녀들 희 키니로자미그 1모텔사랑 오머덤 여자연누드집 토모나리 피팅모델 플레시게임 영화트/중국 스쿨걸즈html 4손담걸레 공짜천국 최고의섹스만화 1gspot동영상 품번 사진 교사가정미키 재밌는플래시게임 여자가남자를강간 야후빠구리 포루노 모텔마스터 카페시 전화방, 폰팅, 폰섹 여자의보지동영상 쌤플마니 신기하다 여성가려움 섹시오닷컴 세희네순위 성인프 무료로보는성인만화 대전사정공원 다방종업원구함 섹시 대박차에서 손담망사팬티 한스타*다운로드 자막 하렘소설 레즈언끼리동영상 마이걸성인폰팅 여자연애인셀카사진 매피스톤 야후재팬성인 엔터박스 유해차단 이다인 직찍 연노출게시판 여고생팝폴더 도끼자국 빤쮸보인다 야동무료링크 1쌩상스 간호사를여자친구로만드는방법권 av배우요시오 한게임사진맞고 여자의가슴때리기 모니카벨루치전라 수원전화방 저팬투어리스트 연인셀카 여자가팬티벗은사진 왜그래mp 일본노출녀블로그 원피스나미 노래다운받기 윈도우무 야애니 누나의나체 초원농장로자미그 vocation 포르노변강쇠 보진카 밤툰 무료야한게시판 에드워드웨스톤 로스타 진짜성관계 플레이보이동영상 세희쩜넷 GOBIZ bozcokr 일본레이싱걸레이싱걸 구 레이싱 모델 정 운동팬티 믹키유천동영상 보기 스타무한맵 애니원바탕화면 이사랑 글래머 색시여자동려상 스타킹가수 만두성형기 레이싱걸 정윤희 이미지 국제 몸매핫팬츠 로밍서스문자가격 정양의키니복사진 팬티부라자입은여자 레이브게임 구인구직다방 임 성인성년의 날 코리아성인클럽 임신하다 완결소설 산부인과 키스신 야동걸 만화캐릭야한 야오이사이트 보지가좋아 키니 각선미 성인쌕쓰영화 섹스교습 섹시가슴그림 불륜카페 연애인누드맛보기 케로로한별 엉덩이 마법의지 캠쇼자위1 토토어벤저스 팬티스타킹 라인 무료한글섹스야한소설 daum맞고게임 이미지섹시녀 가슴 프로골프누드 노출 누드동영상카페 이미지 대탈주 다운로드 공지영소설 자유도높은게임 바탕화면보기아이콘 공짜로 천하제일 키니선수단 색시한여학생 1일본영화감상실 야한속옷전문점 보지셀카1 색스시간 홍콩배우유출사진 서누
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