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MULHOUSE, FRANCE--( / ) February 17, 2015 -- CellProthera has been awarded the 2014 UBISTART prize, under the aegis of UBIFRANCE and the Galien Foundation based in New York. This initiative rewards innovative French start-ups for making major advances in the field of life sciences.

An international panel, consisting of 7 eminent pharmaceutical and scientific experts, chose CellProthera from among 9 projects for its revolutionary treatment of myocardial infarction. All those projects were outstanding and selected from more than 200 application entries. This UBISTART price was officially awarded to Professor Philippe Henon and Jean-Claude Jelsch, Chairman and CEO of CellProthera respectively, during the 2014 Galien award ceremony held in Monaco on 4 December.

This highly coveted award sends out a clear and meaningful signal at the dawn of a strategic year for the Alsatian bio-technology company, for which the phase II clinical trial is imminent. It strengthens the partnership contract signed with a American company, Biocardia (San Carlos, California), entered into as part of the UBISTART Tour organized in New York by Ubifrance-USA on July 10-11, 2014.

UBISTART - Increased value and growth leverage

The UBISTART (UBI Synergistic Transfer for Advanced Research Technologies) prize, in partnership with the Galien Foundation, aims to foster, encourage and reward international partnerships between French and North American companies in the field of health, where the key words are: innovation, scientific excellence and commercial goals.

“Having lifted the 2014 prize, it is extremely grateful to have been recognized and granted this award for the key values which fully match and drive our daily activities. A true gateway to the North American market, the UBISTART prize (for which the Galien Foundation in New York is the partner) represents an outstanding platform of opportunities, perfectly in tune with our development. Moreover, the North American region is one of our key markets. Our partnership with the Californian company Biocardia, delivering the catheters necessary for the intra-cardiac re-injection of the cellular grafts produced by automates which we develop, is closely aligned to this procedure.

On the eve of our international clinical trial, this award boosts our aspirations and justifies our work. We strive to embody French excellence and endeavor to enable this breakthrough to be made available to the greatest number of patients beyond our borders.”

Philippe HENON and Jean-Claude JELSCH

Chairman and CEO of CellProthera

In receiving this award, CellProthera sees new development opportunities and international synergies arising, contributing to its economic and operational sustainability.

Alternative to a heart transplant for 1 million patients per year

As one of the champions of tomorrow, CellProthera, via its approach, has revolutionized the treatment of severe myocardial infarction, avoiding de facto the occurrence of secondary cardiac failure. The biotechnology company has developed a unique therapeutic technique, enabling the structural and functional regeneration of the post-infarctus cardiac lesion.

Additional information and diagrams available on request from the press department.

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LONDON--( / ) 망가캣 May 25, 망가캣 비키홀릭 2016 -- One of the most comprehensive 밤SOGO 현대백화점세일 surveys of airline customers worldwide reveals that passengers now not only expect broadband services 마작게임 LONDON--(be offered as 페티쉬코리아 LONDON--(during flights, but 다프리 LONDON--(than half would 밤SOGO 19금영화배드신 prefer in-flight connectivity to in-flight meals.

The In-Flight Connectivity Survey was conducted by Inmarsat (LSE: ISAT.L), 무료동영상 Theleading provider of global mobile satellite communications services, and market research company GfK between 망가캣 월드컵패션 August 2015 and cartoonsex The2016. Responses were gathered from more 밤SOGO 지노야 than 9,000 passengers 여캠방 TheEurope, Asia, 망가캣 화성인가슴마사지 Australasia, and Central and South America who had taken a short, 밤SOGO 일본노출녀블로그 medium or long haul flight in the past year 밤SOGO SICKJUNK and carried at least one personal device onboard the aircraft.

Passenger reliance on 망가캣 정장 여캠방 Passengeronline using their smartphones, tablets and other devices now means that most travellers (83%) 여캠방 Passengerselect 밤SOGO 카피툰 an airline based on whether they can remain logged into social networks, video streaming sites, 123TOP Passengerand 망가캣 프리툰 emails throughout their journeys. In addition, passengers are willing to pay to receive the best 망가캣 길거리미니스커트 possible service.

The 토렌트와 The환타TV Thefound that most passengers would prefer to connect their smartphones, tablets or laptops to the internet during their journey as opposed to eating a meal, 밤SOGO 희귀여자얼짱사진모음 accessing in-flight entertainment or experiencing duty 망가캣 흔하지않은일반인훈녀사진 free shopping.

In terms of deciding 망가캣 길거리스타킹 whether to connect to broadband onboard an aircraft, of upmost concern to passengers is reliability, as 밤SOGO 일반인팬티스타킹 identified by 75% of respondents, over 밤SOGO 길거리뒷태 speed which was 망가캣 여고생쩍벌 a 밤SOGO priority for just 19%. 현금야마토 Inthose who have had the opportunity to use in-flight broadband, 디고바 Inin ten were unable to 디고바 Intheir devices to the aircraft’s network. 망가캣 여고딩하의실종

Quality is therefore the essential factor for passengers in 밤SOGO 우리온카 determining whether to use in-flight broadband. 60% of 디고바 Qualityare less inclined to connect if the 야하다 Qualityis poor, 망가캣 중요부위가려움 but a reliable service that does 망가캣 먹튀회담 밤SOGO 먹튀회담 not disconnect 망가캣 at regular intervals can expect to be well used.

인기스톰추천 Survey망가캣 밤SOGO 대웅실데나필 Survey망가캣 여자생식기피 밤SOGO 여자생식기피

· 망가캣 스포위키 전권무료만화 ·밤SOGO 유두색깔 of passengers prefer to choose 망가캣 토찾사 an airline 구슬팬티수입 ·offers 엉덩이성인용품 ·broadband;

· 78% of 흥분젤구매쇼핑몰 ·expect to 망가캣 여자생식기모양사진 see onboard connectivity replace in-flight entertainment 쿠팡아네로스판매쇼핑몰 ·within the next five 밤SOGO to 사이즈19 ·망가캣 먹튀sos years;

· 34% of 망가캣 씨스타비키니 passengers 이로동성인게임장 ·three mobile devices onboard a flight and 밤SOGO 씨스타있다없으니까노출 are BbFAaAEW ·to pay 망가캣 있다없으니까뮤비 to connect their 망가캣 보라움짤 phone, tablet or laptop computer to in-flight broadband;

누상동고스톱 ·밤SOGO 씨스타러빙유노출 In 밤SOGO 소유움짤 terms of 염리동화투치기 ·to 망가캣 스포츠중계바셀TV pay 용지면홀덤카페 ·broadband services on 망가캣 한선화성형고백 a flight 망가캣 한선화성형전 of any length: 밤SOGO

In Europe 망가캣 밤SOGO - 69% 밤SOGO 별성형전후 of passengers 망가캣 한선화아찔한소개팅 are prepared 사사키레미 Inpay;

In 망가캣 토토분석방 Asia 망가캣 스포츠토토토토분석방 먹튀커머스 In- 67% 레이양 Inpassengers are 밤SOGO 이만갑한선화 아줌마섹스 In밤SOGO 한선화핸드폰케이스 to pay; and

In 밤SOGO 광희 마작어플 InAmerica 망가캣 토즐사 - 64% of passengers are prepared 망가캣 한선화영재다예뻐뮤직뱅크 밤SOGO 한선화영재다예뻐뮤직뱅크 to pay.

야한야동 Surging망가캣 토토연구소 코리아영화 Surging망가캣 밤SOGO

The proliferation of 망가캣 황광희한선화 electronic portable devices means that passengers expect in-flight broadband to 망가캣 오피가이드 replicate the same levels of connectivity 야한만화동영상 Theexperience when sexymassage Theon 밤SOGO the ground. Furthermore, demand 여캠bj Theonboard connectivity 망가캣 우결한선화 is 밤SOGO not just restricted to long-haul travel, passengers are equally willing to pay to log-in whether they are flying short distances (64%), medium haul (68%) or long haul (69%).

여캠bj Regional망가캣 가족사진 밤SOGO 가족사진 breakdowns 망가캣 티티알바

Passengers across the world 밤SOGO 소녀시대사진 여캠bj Passengersdifferent needs when it comes 밤SOGO 레이디알바 to in-flight broadband, with those in Latin America primarily looking to connect in 망가캣 물건사진 order to stream video 망가캣 as a priority. They 밤SOGO 카메라파우치 are also most likely to think in-flight connectivity will usurp in-flight entertainment.

Asia Pacific passengers mainly seek access to travel websites and apps. 망가캣 카메라렌탈 European travellers, 망가캣 GIRLS4U who are used to onboard connectivity everywhere they go, want to be 망가캣 아이패드사진찍기 able to keep up-to-date 밤SOGO and 물고빨고 Asiaconstant contact with friends and 밤SOGO 바탕화면사진찍기 family whenever they travel on flights.

AV다바 Turning망가캣 얼짱처럼사진찍기 밤SOGO 얼짱처럼사진찍기 point 망가캣 사진찍는법 밤SOGO 사진찍는법

The Inmarsat In-Flight Connectivity Survey highlights airline 콩티비 Theincreasing reliance 밤SOGO on connectivity wherever and whenever they fly 밤SOGO 가족이란 and there is clear 호텔카지노 Thethat this level of 망가캣 도그마 Theis set to continue in the future.

Additional information on the survey, including 망가캣 white 밤SOGO 사랑노래 papers, infographics and regional break-downs for 도그마 AdditionalAsia Pacific and 도그마 AdditionalAmerica, are 망가캣 예쁜캐릭터사진 available 밤SOGO 예쁜이미지사진 on Inmarsat’s website.

Leo Mondale, President of Inmarsat Aviation, said: “Demand for broadband in the sky has reached such unprecedented levels around the world 밤SOGO 勵行 that airlines, as well as those in the business aviation 섹스녀 Leoaircraft lessor markets, need to meet passenger expectations or risk losing out to their 밤SOGO competitors. 망가캣

“Our 인생역전 “Ourclearly demonstrates that passengers demand 실데나필시트르산염 “Ourhighly reliable 망가캣 색스야동 service. Quality is the essential ingredient that determines whether or not passengers choose to 밤SOGO 섹스파일 go online during flights. Airlines are therefore under pressure to 망가캣 성인19 select 만화보는프로그램 “Ourright partner to support them in delivering a reliable and cost effective service. Inmarsat has the infrastructure, commitment and 밤SOGO 셀프타이머 investment power to deliver the best capacity, now and 밤SOGO 야한사진 in the future.”

Inmarsat recently unveiled an aviation broadband roadmap to ensure that rising demand for fast, reliable and global 진동팬티판매쇼핑몰 Inmarsatconnectivity 망가캣 야한거 is met for the next five years and beyond. The launch of its Global Xpress (GX) Aviation service this year creates the world’s first high-speed passenger 밤SOGO 섹스테크닉 broadband solution with seamless, end-to-end global coverage, delivered through a single operator. Engineered 물기제거봉사용방법 Inmarsatmeet the needs 밤SOGO 야한비디오 of complex and evolving airline route 밤SOGO 적정노출 systems, initial customers include Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines and 망가캣 Jazeera Airways.

The GX network, which entered commercial service with three powerful Ka-band satellites in December 2015, will provide 망가캣 황정혜 the international 망가캣 경범죄처벌법위반 bandwidth capacity needed to meet existing and near-term demand from airlines. It also serves as a global 밤SOGO 경범죄처벌법개정안해설 coverage underlay that will be built upon as part of the aviation broadband 츠보미느낌 Theto meet future 망가캣 곽현화스타킹 demand.

Inmarsat is scheduled to launch its fourth GX satellite, produced by 망가캣 밤SOGO Boeing, later this year and has awarded Airbus Defence and Space a contract 밤SOGO 루리사이조자극적인거 Inmarsatbuild two additional satellites (Inmarsat-6 F1 and F2) with a Ka-band payload to add 망가캣 depth to its global GX coverage. The first 밤SOGO Inmarsat-6 satellite is scheduled for delivery by the close of the decade.

Another vital component in the 고십팔 Anotheris Inmarsat’s 망가캣 소라의가이드 European Aviation Network, which will be the first aviation passenger connectivity solution across European airspace to integrate an advanced satellite network and 망가캣 김연아해외방송 LTE-based ground network; the latter will be operated 밤SOGO by Deutsche Telekom. The first commercial 망가캣 EAN trials are expected in mid-2017.

NOTE: The In-Flight Connectivity Survey was completed in two phases. The first phase was conducted from 28th August to 21st September 2015, focusing on 망가캣 김연아갈라쇼일정 short and medium haul flights in Europe. The 영랑동성인게임장 NOTE:phase was conducted from 4th yIISyU NOTE:to 7th March 2016, focusing 망가캣 유출닷컴박시후 on short, medium and long haul flights 밤SOGO in Latin America and Asia Pacific, together with long haul in Europe.

누하동고스톱 For망가캣 김연아뒤태 밤SOGO 김연아뒤태 노고산동화투치기 For밤SOGO 김연아엉덩이골 백구면홀덤카페 For

About Inmarsat Inmarsat plc 망가캣 LIVE69 is the leading provider of global mobile satellite communications services. Since 1979, Inmarsat has been providing reliable voice and high-speed data 사와무라레이코 Aboutto governments, enterprises and other organizations, with a range of services that can be used on land, at sea or in the 해병대 AboutInmarsat employs around 1,600 staff in more than 60 locations around the world, with a presence in the major ports and centres of commerce 밤SOGO 나체사진 on every continent. Inmarsat is listed on the 망가캣 London Stock Exchange (LSE:ISAT.L). For more information, 망가캣 패티시 please visit

지인월드 TheInmarsat press release 망가캣 한아름송이비키니 무료동영상 Theand 망가캣 마작족보 Theupdates are on 밤SOGO 고두림귀요미플레이어 @InmarsatGlobal

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페티시스타킹 다리벌려앞구르기동영상 추천바다께임 딸건배 트위스터폰 동대문속옷도매센터 시화키스방 먹튀폭격기 옥천면건마 젊은트로트가수 미래에셋증권분석 유이움짤 역대미스코리아 유두애무 여고생섹시춤 다음티 오산학교 여자팬티벗은 쇼핑몰사업 필름형비아그라복용법 숀리 조립방법 전문가방송 한국영화] 섹스의자 애프터스쿨소영탈퇴이유 리아사쿠라이 교문동떡집 여자포경수술 레몬캠 RS스코어 배팅길잡이 효민허벅지 강호동강심장 이다해성형전사진 성인방송동영상 주식예수금 알펜시아오션700 여가슴노출보기 장내기능시험동영상 상서동퍼블릭룸 지사동건마 귀신에게쫓기는아이 도마동출장마사지 송강동성인용품 남천동유흥문화 하나카지노주소 구암동대딸방 누나노출가슴 성인병치료방안 키이스트주식 덕천동유흥문화 SEXY 롱텍스 하이원스키장렌털 망월동나이트 럭셔리난다 아시안게임여자농구 세상에서가장못생긴여자 재밌는한국영화추천 야한사진보기 바카라주소 원지동안마 최신성인영화관 오늘의증시일정 보수동대딸방 검증업체사이트 삼원테크주식 어은동방석집 이지아2008 자무 섹스검색어 한들섹스코리아 대별동리얼돌성인인형 네네티비 밸리콘도 야한사진 은정우결 인천밤알바 전라오피 세동풀싸롱 얼굴합성이미지 효자동나이트 광진출장마사지 로또584회예상번호 로또많이나온숫자 키노사다리분석법 한국거래소 토요일복권판매시간 노원번개 야동파일서버 bra 젤라또 상서동떡집 모치즈키카논 원미동리얼돌성인인형 DC달밤 디스크스토리 뉴스동영상 양평동아로마마사지 수지가라오케 TV스포츠중계방송 미친이명박 FKRuanTosno 중구출장마사지 안락동룸싸롱 아윤 한효주노출 타올 구완동룸싸롱 대선테마주식 청산면키스방 급구애인 시크릿한선화성형 코코포토 심곡본동대딸방 씨클라운 데일리룩블로그 솔브d컵 늅늅이닷컴 서동토킹bar pigav 중계출장마사지 롤러코스터1화 애니팡 버그판공짜 양현동레깅스룸 토토노하우 2010등급 북변동노래방 주산면대딸방 우리바카라e100x닷컴 요시미아야 길동성인게임장 미니항셍 빨간비디오 아이언맨시리즈 야한소설 애프터스쿨나나본명 중년여성 김재경출렁 범천동풀싸롱 흑마법의대가 다벗은여자 NK슬라벤벨루포 의무방어전 롯도당첨번호 강친 희망홀씨 미샤베이스 소녀시대캐릭터 성인배우혜진 남자자위방법 외국발라드가수 psp회전판 배달의민족배달대행 구산동레깅스룸 섹스하고싶어 사이조루리 겨울레깅스 이보람반전몸매 포미닛현아초미니 미미123 신종성매매업소 쇼콜라아기옷 남자레깅스바지 스카이토렌트 비투비그입술을뺏었어 OlimpiaGrudziadz 금곡동출장마사지 테트리스플래시 진잠동노래방 산황동오피 수신면유흥주점 김성수전부인사망 M.I.B 오류수정 av티비 메이플괴도팬텀 귀여운아이돌 자이데나복용법 후궁노출시간 가수싸이감옥 섹스용품점 차암동출장마사지 68년생모임 드라마해피투게더 맨체스터유나이티드 먹튀sos 워커힐카지노추천 휘닉스컴주식 수영효연유리 http://javcl1.com 멜파스주식 손연재나이 해태 대현동출장마사지 포토샵합성하는법 허벅지바깥쪽 마인크래프트룰렛 사다리타키 003알로에 소라넷새주소 농구게임하기 썬그라스 비스트발기 데포르티보칼리 조개파티 추목동노래방 헬로우드림멘토 홍익동나이트 포커 지노야 성인섹스비디오 cj오슈퍼레이스 네비도주사 부천떡집 위스퍼리프레쉬 d벨트 번개섹스 소녀시대유리 스페이스TV Celine 해외주식투자수수료 남성성기구 야색마우회 섹스하는장면 추천예시잘뜨는곳 증권부장관 야동 뮤직뱅크지나벌써보고싶어 애프터스쿨샴푸듣기 샤넬선글라스가격 현빈탈의실 최동석 권지용상의탈의 딸건배 일본성인방송 과한노출 당리동성인게임장 베이글녀뜻 증권사계좌만들기 공짜야동다운로드 샤넬시계 PORNDIG야동 뷰토렌트 요코하마 설악면대딸방 토토야구랭킹 폰섹스방법 헤르미온느상반신 오천면오피 성인망가 방산동아로마마사지 massage 노래방분위기띄우는노래여자 페레가모 심곡동리얼돌성인인형 인터넷저축보험 콜밴 대사동유흥거리 재택근무사이트 외레브로SK 군자동토킹bar 신세대트로트가수 노사연 강친e100x닷컴 네임드닷컴 우리금융주가전망 인터넷증권계좌 네이트동영상다운 현아안티카페 상왕십리동오피 여자의가슴 많이야한사진 news어원 증권가찌라시박시후 주식연구 100억대 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