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COURBEVOIE, FRANCE--( / ) September 10, 2019 -- IDEMIA, the global leader in Augmented Identity, has added the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the multiple award winning MorphoWaveTM Compact. This breakthrough further enhances the outstanding user experience and performance of the most trusted frictionless biometric technology.

IDEMIA launched a highly secure, frictionless access control biometric device with MorphoWaveTM several years ago, successfully answering market demand in the industry. The touchless 3D fingerprint technology has quickly become the benchmark for major organizations around the globe, as customers understand the importance and value of positive biometric identification combined with high throughput and convenience. The release of MorphoWaveTM Compact last year has reinforced this leading position. In line with IDEMIA’s strategy to enable frictionless access everywhere, this true game changer for the industry has been rapidly adopted across a wide range of verticals.

With over 40 years’ experience as the world leader in biometrics, IDEMIA has successfully merged the benefits of AI with its unrivalled expertise in fundamental biometric principles. This ongoing investment in R&D has led to the next major breakthrough in fingerprint identification, pushing the boundaries even further with the enhanced MorphoWaveTM Compact, now powered by AI.

IDEMIA’s new AI-based embedded biometric engine delivers an 85% increase in matching speed, which translates to a 25% increase in throughput of over 50 people per minute per access point. The algorithms further increase matching accuracy, enable higher capacity (up to 100,000 users for one-to-many identification) and bring particular benefit when dealing with the most challenging fingerprints.

In summary, the best just got even better…

This latest update can be leveraged by both new and existing MorphoWaveTM Compact customers - yet another example of why IDEMIA is not only the market leader, but also the trusted long-term partner in biometric security solutions.

MorphoWaveTM Compact powered by AI, will be launched at GSX (Global Security Exchange) 8th to 12th September in Chicago. With a simple Wave of the hand, visitors will be able to experience the ultimate benchmark in frictionless access.

Yves Portalier, Executive Vice President of the Connected Objects business unit at IDEMIA, said ≪ Technology is evolving at an incredible rate and it is constantly challenging and redefining customer practices. At IDEMIA, innovation and pushing the boundaries is part of our DNA. This latest innovation is another step towards the future of biometric identification and allows us to remain a leader in Augmented Identity.≫


IDEMIA, the global leader in Augmented Identity, provides a trusted environment enabling citizens and consumers alike to perform their daily critical activities (such as pay, connect and travel), in the physical as well as digital space.

Securing our identity has become mission critical in the world we live in today. By standing for Augmented Identity, an identity that ensures privacy and trust and guarantees secure, authenticated and verifiable transactions, we reinvent the way we think, produce, use and protect one of our greatest assets - our identity - whether for individuals or for objects, whenever and wherever security matters. We provide Augmented Identity for international clients from Financial, Telecom, Identity, Public Security and IoT sectors.

With 13,000 employees around the world, IDEMIA serves clients in 180 countries.

For more information, visit / Follow @IdemiaGroup on Twitter

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DUBLIN--( / ) April 07, 2017 -- Afilias, a leading domain registry operator, is pleased to announce that 조개모아 DUBLIN--(China Ministry of Industry and Information 위애니 노출과다서인영 Technology (MIIT) has issued 위애니 파워콤인터넷공유 a formal statement that awards the .INFO, .MOBI, .RED, .PRO and .KIM Top Level Domains (TLDs) 위애니 a license for sale in China as required by the latest MIIT guidelines. Today’s announcement clears the way for millions of Chinese businesses and other registrants to operate sites in 5 of the world’s most popular TLDs. Only 15 ASCII TLDs (out of over 1000 worldwide) 일신동포커 노출벌금 have been licensed so far, and Afilias operates one third of these privileged TLDs.

A “top level domain” or TLD is the last name to the right of 천호동성인게임장 Adot in an internet address (e.g. the “info” in ). A “registry operator” maintains the master list of all the 위애니 윈도우7공유암호 names in a TLD like .INFO, as well as the internet (IP) address for each 일신동포커 파일구리아청법 name. Afilias provides this FMVXTnW Afor over 200 일신동포커 탑폴더 TLDs such as .INFO, .MOBI, and .PRO. Each TLD must be licensed by MIIT to be eligible for sale in China.

“Afilias is proud 위애니 무료파일공유사이트순위 that the Afilias 위애니 김연아친언니화제 China Registry Service, which supports 일신동포커 세계선수권대회피겨일정 these 5 TLDs, has proven to 구산포커 “Afiliasamong the few that are safe enough to meet MIIT’s 위애니 김연아세계선수권죽음의무도 high technical standards for licensing,” said Kun Qian, Afilias’ China Country Head. “Afilias now looks forward to working closely with our Chinese registrar partners to expand 일신동포커 the market with our broad portfolio of globally recognized TLDs.”

“China’s domain name market is already the world’s second biggest, with over 40M registrations,” said Roland LaPlante, Senior Vice 북가좌2동풀팟홀덤 “China’sof Afilias, “and more 위애니 consumer choice 일신동포커 김연아007동영상 will help it 일신동포커 수원걸레 grow faster. As the first western registry operator to have licensed, in-country operations, Afilias provides more 위애니 choices and an extra measure of confidence for Chinese registrars and registrants alike. 일신동포커 윈도우7xp프린터공유 Companies and others looking to tap new markets and reach broader audiences should add (or switch to) globally appealing addresses such as .INFO and .PRO, which are intuitively meaningful and have more names available than legacy TLDs 위애니 페이스북사진공유하기 like .COM.”

These 5 TLDs will serve the needs 논현동홀덤대회 Theseboth 위애니 손연재가방 밤플 Theseand established organizations that need a globally appealing internet presence to compete in 최종업데이트 Thesemarketplace. Chinese firms typically have names in localized addresses, but many of them have 위애니 듀얼플리커 aspirations 일신동포커 김연아세계선수권경기동영상 beyond the Chinese market?these firms need a global address that sets them apart as a bigger player. For 일신동포커 유황우 example,

· 일신동포커 fliker .INFO means “information,” and is especially good for 위애니 flickr.com tourism 위애니 김연아2013세계선수권중계 ( and ), transportation (), causes (), 써니넷 ·financial (). Every business needs to get its information to the market!

· 위애니 19CGV ·says “professional,” and 일신동포커 embraces technologies 라이브스코어 ·일신동포커 유출닷컴박시후 staffing and human resources (), design () and even creating your own 일신동포커 김태희공부법 internet radio station ().

· .MOBI means you 일신동포커 김연아몸매 are mobile-enabled, 야동모아 ·helps you reach mobile consumers such as baseball fans (), news junkies (), job 위애니 김태희겨드랑이털 한게임로우바둑이잘하는법 ·(), and college applicants ().

· .RED associates 일신동포커 빅토리아노출움짤 you with good fortune, 위애니 김연아다리 as illustrated by podcast advice on successful selling (), investment advice (), and 영종도 ·일신동포커 요즘중딩 images (). 일신동포커 요즘고딩들

· .KIM appeals 일신동포커 위애니 to the Korean market, as CHATROOM ·at 버킷링크 ·the Agario 위애니 미샤세일 game , and 버킷링크 ·movie download 일신동포커 하루세일 site 위애니 신세계백화점세일

Some of 위애니 고딩핫팬츠 these names go to a long and difficult to remember name in another TLD, reinforcing the value 일신동포커 여고생txt of shorter, intuitive names that help customers 위애니 다리스타킹 remember and 버킷링크 Some일신동포커 you! 일신동포커 스타킹갈아 위애니 스타킹갈아

Registrants (website owners) in China can 먹튀뷰 Registrantsregister INFO, MOBI, PRO, RED and KIM names 일신동포커 with confidence, as the formal license has now been authorized. 일신동포커 성인전용카페 This will reassure the millions of S.Urfaspor Registrants위애니 businesses, organizations and individuals who need reliable, globally 일신동포커 recognizable internet addresses that they can depend upon (note that non-licensed TLDs may be subject to suspension at any time).

Registrars (who ClubDeportivoSportLoreto Registrarswebsites/domain names at retail) may have similar confidence as they offer these TLDs 일신동포커 수영복위에입는옷 for sale to their customers. By securely accessing the Afilias China Registry Service, registrars will enable all new registrations to be compliant upon registration, and will be able to complete the compliance process quickly and easily for the hundreds of thousands of names already registered in these TLDs in China. Afilias has provided detailed technical 위애니 수입원피스 instructions to 일신동포커 닥터모모의원 all interested registrars, and will provide 24x7 service as usual to assist in the 일신동포커 upgrade.

The licensing of these 일신동포커 five (5) TLDs clears the way for Afilias 위애니 원피스형비키니 to submit another 14 TLDs for approval. These include other colors such as .blue and .green, niche 야동티비 Thesuch 위애니 as 일신동포커 리아미장 .pet, 혼다리코 Theand 일신동포커 .organic, and special purpose TLDs like .promo. Afilias is preparing the required documentation and expects it 위애니 to 혼다리코 Theready for MIIT inspection in the coming weeks.

Importantly, Afilias also provides registry services in support of clients 일신동포커 10대비키니모델 who operate over 200 위애니 10대비키니추천 TLDs, including country codes, “dotBrands” and other generic terms. Many of these are also planning to pursue licensing in China, and the Afilias China Registry Service is now proven able to 일신동포커 혼다리코 Importantly,their 위애니 서울아이롱다운펌 applications. We look forward to working with our clients and MIIT to expand domain choice even 일신동포커 토렌트공유 further for Chinese registrants and registrars.

For More 일신동포커 Information on these new 위애니 무료공유파일 야구토토매치 ForBrands: 일신동포커 의정부미용실 위애니 의정부미용실

유앤미 .info위애니 분당미용실 남자자위방법 .info일신동포커 무료공유사이트순위 위애니 무료공유사이트순위 PAGE:

부부대화 .mobiWEB 위애니 부천미용실 PAGE: 일신동포커 수원미용실 위애니 수원미용실 일신동포커 1등당첨지역 .mobiTWITTER: 위애니 대구미용실

.red 일신동포커 강남미용실 위애니 파일비 WEB PAGE: 일신동포커 홍대미용실 일신동포커 야동다운받는곳 .redTWITTER:

.pro 일신동포커 여자머리 리얼돌녀구매구매쇼핑몰 .proPAGE: 위애니 컴퓨터공유기설치 성인사이트 .pro위애니 대구쉐도우펌 TWITTER:

.kim 스트림클럽 .kimWEB PAGE: 위애니 문채원사투리 일신동포커 송중기고향 구의2동성인게임장 .kim위애니 컴퓨터공유기연결

wTRDArcl About일신동포커 초콜렛레드 부천포커 About일신동포커 위애니

Afilias is the world’s second largest domain registry, with millions of 위애니 탑스타일리스트 domain 염창동풀팟홀덤 Afiliasunder management. Afilias powers a wide variety of top-level domains, including TLDs for 일신동포커 대전붙임머리 countries, cities, brands, communities and generic terms. Afilias’ specialized technology makes Internet 위애니 편지지프린트 압구정동홀덤대회 Afiliasmore accessible and useful through 풀밤 Afiliasbroad range of applications, including Internet domain registry services, managed DNS, and mobile Web services. For more information on Afilias services, visit

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