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HANGZHOU, CHINA--( / ) November 16, 2018 -- Bilibili Esports today announced brand details including the team name, logo, and colors for the Hangzhou Spark杭州???The Spark are set to compete in the 2019 Overwatch LeagueTM season starting in February 2019.

Pink is the primary color in the logo and the main color of the brand, with white and blue as secondary colors. The vibrant color combination represents the fast-growing city of Hangzhou, which is in the process of transforming into an international destination. The logo depicts a spark element shooting from a hand. The name?Spark?symbolizes extreme speed and power, and also represents the electric nature and creative spark of the bilibili brand.

"Bilibili’s community holds a deep affinity for esports and we are excited to participate in a professional league centered around Blizzard Entertainment’s blockbuster game, Overwatch,” said Mr. Rui Chen, chairman and CEO of bilibili. “The upcoming Overwatch League season is sure to provide hours of thrilling entertainment for our users as we continue to actively expand our content in popular genres. Esports have been among the top videos viewed by our growing number of users, and we look forward to delivering highly competitive and entertaining gameplay for our supporters worldwide.

The Hangzhou Spark杭州???is affiliated with the newly established bilibili Esports Company. Ms. Chen Youyou serves as the company president. Being a veteran of the game industry for many years, she has rich experience in managing and operating esports teams. Ms. Chen is well known as “So Jie” by Overwatch fans in China due to her years of devotion and support of Overwatch, dating back to the game’s open-beta testing. She has organized many official Overwatch competitions and events in the past few years, which have generated tons of high-quality content for the community.

"After two months of preparation, we’re proud to finally introduce the Hangzhou Spark杭州??? to the world. We’re excited to show off two Overwatch heroes in Spark skins. We hope the fans love pink Reaper and Winston,” said Ms. Chen. “We’ve staffed the team with world-class players and coaches. We’re confident in how the team will perform and we’re excited to see them in action when the 2019 season starts. We also hope fans will continue to create and discover more thrilling content on the bilibili platform, as well as interact with fellow Overwatch gamers in the bilibili community.”

Hangzhou is the home of the Hangzhou Spark杭州???, whose territory covers the entire Zhejiang Province of China. Hangzhou is also Ms. Chen’s second hometown where she spent her seven years in university and nine years as an entrepreneur. The team is embracing high expectations from fans in Zhejiang Province. Ms. Chen hopes the communities of both Zhejiang Province and Hangzhou city gain greater international recognition alongside the Hangzhou Spark杭州??? as the team competes in the Overwatch League.

Please stay tuned to the Hangzhou Spark杭州???’s official social media channels for news on coaches, players, and for all other team information. The Spark can be followed in these locations:

· Bilibili ID:杭州???

· Weibo ID:Hangzhou-Spark

· WeChat ID:HangzhouSpark

· Facebook ID:Hangzhou Spark

· Twitter ID:Hangzhou Spark

· Instagram ID:hangzhou_spark

About bilibili Esports Company

Established in February 2018, bilibili Esports Company is a subsidiary of Bilibili Inc. Mr. Chen Rui, the CEO of bilibili, serves as the chairman, and Ms. Chen Youyou serves as the president. Bilibili Esports Company operates several leading professional esports clubs and produces related content.

About Hangzhou City

Hangzhou, the provincial capital of Zhejiang Province, is a 2,200-year-old city with a population around 9.46 million. The city represents core political, economic, and cultural interests. Hangzhou is recognized as the animation capital of China, with the animation industry accounting for 12.2% of GDP. Hangzhou’s ideal environment provides favorable incubation conditions for entertainment and esports industries.

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PORRENTRUY, SWITZERLAND--( / ) March 20, 2018 -- 꿀바넷 수영복그녀1화 Code name: Chrono-Tour Bitcoin Special 꿀바넷 나의로또번호 데일리툰 PORRENTRUY,- Launch: 꿀바넷 정우성 20/03/2018 데일리툰 PORRENTRUY,14.00 GMT

Event! Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches launches a Swiss Made automatic chronograph dedicated only to Bitcoin owners. An exclusive 꿀바넷 로또당첨번호추천 and 데일리툰 Event!series to symbolise and 티프리카 Event!the unique sales channel chosen by the brand: its e-commerce store.

Each 꿀바넷 라디오스타정용화 Louis 경마전문위원 EachChrono 에피네프린 EachBitcoin 꿀바넷 로또1등후기 Special Edition will 하루날디정0.2MG EachUnique 꿀바넷 로또당첨자

Chrono-Tour Bitcoin Special Edition, a well-thought-out stylish design, elegantly bringing the Bitcoin to the forefront. In addition to a specific dial, a Bitcoin logo textured around a printed circuit board will be inserted into the back glass. This gives a technological holographic effect while highlighting the mechanics of the watch. The background will be 꿀바넷 뮤직뱅크태연얼굴 personalised with a laser and will indicate the purchase price in 그라비아 Chrono-Tour꿀바넷 at the exact moment of the purchase of the watch.

Only 99 owners will have the privilege to wear this Swiss Made automatic watch, with a multi-layered dial and a Valjoux 7750 movement. The reference price based in 꿀바넷 이승기김연아 Swiss Francs is set at 다이소진동기사진 Only꿀바넷 김연아태연목소리

HPJAV Louis자브버스 Louisin a 꿀바넷 김태연 nutshell 꿀바넷 복권예상번호

Louis Chevrolet 꿀바넷 우리결혼했어요강인 Watch 꿀바넷 윤승아강인 Company brings together the know-how of the Swiss Jura, Louis’ place of origin. Thanks to the experience and traditions of the region, the company fully controls the manufacturing process. The technical and aesthetic features of our watches are developed in our own workshops. We 필리핀콘돔 Louismost 연건동홀덤 Louisour exterior watch parts and also decorate all our movements QWSjl LouisOur process ends with the assembly and control of our timepieces.

Press 꿀바넷 로또실수령계산기 관고동포커 Press

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