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MIAMI & NEW YORK--( / ) October 21, 2020 -- ViacomCBS Networks International (VCNI), a division of ViacomCBS Inc. (NASDAQ: VIAC), has today confirmed the departure of one of its longest serving executives, Pierluigi Gazzolo, who will step down from his role as President, Streaming and Studios for VCNI at the end of this month to focus on other interests.

During Gazzolo’s tenure as President of Streaming and Studios for VCNI, he successfully established the content proposition, team and go to market strategy for the international launch of Paramount+ and expanded the roadmap for Pluto TV internationally.

VCNI Streaming Leadership

Reporting to David Lynn, President and CEO of VCNI, and working closely with Tom Ryan, President & CEO of ViacomCBS Streaming, Kelly Day, Chief Operating Officer of VCNI, will take over leadership of the division’s streaming business as President of Streaming and COO of VCNI. In this new role, Day will have oversight of the international roll-out of Paramount+, a new premium SVOD service due to launch in 2021 across Australia, Latin America, and the Nordics; as well as the ongoing expansion of Pluto TV, following its successful launch in Latin America.

Regarding Day’s expanded remit, Lynn added, “We are in the fortunate position of going from strength to strength with this transition. With a truly global streaming organization, it’s a pivotal moment in the evolution of our streaming strategy, with the expansion of Paramount+ and Pluto TV, both of which are critical to our future growth. Kelly has an enviable track record of launching and growing streaming businesses and has added a layer of extraordinary digital expertise to our management team in a short space of time. Now, also, working closely with Tom Ryan, I’m confident Kelly will accelerate our transition to becoming a more digitally-led business, while seizing our global streaming opportunity.”

ViacomCBS International Studios Leadership

ViacomCBS Studios International (VIS) will supply original content to the new Paramount+ service in some markets, while continuing to supply scripted, comedy and reality series to VCNI’s free and pay TV networks as well as third party streamers and broadcasters.

Also, reporting to Lynn, JC Acosta, who oversees VCNI’s operations in Latin America and Canada as President, VCN Americas, will take on additional responsibility as President, ViacomCBS International Studios.

Lynn added, “One of our biggest achievements in recent years has been the formation and expansion of VIS, which really couldn’t have happened without Pier’s vision. In the past year, under Pier’s leadership he doubled the global development slate, setting VCNI up for continued global success in the studios arena.”

“Now with JC’s expertise in production and development, coupled with his drive and dedication its incredibly reassuring that JC will take over leadership of VIS,” said Lynn. “Given JC’s intimate understanding of our Studios business, his connections and his knowledge of the international content market, we couldn’t be better positioned for continued growth.”

Gazzolo’s Tenure

Paying tribute to Gazzolo, Lynn said, “While he will hate to be labelled as a veteran, there’s no better word to describe someone who has dedicated so much of his career to our company and who has benefited it so much with his wisdom and experience. He’s a brilliant all-rounder who has played in many positions for our team, but always with the same outstanding results. It’s typical of Pier’s commitment that he’s stayed to oversee a seamless handover to Kelly and JC, even though he’s been signaling his interest in pursuing his own projects for some time. I can’t thank him enough for his contribution to our business over many years. I know everyone at VCNI will join me in genuinely wishing him well in his future endeavors.”

Gazzolo commented, “I’ve grown up with this amazing company. From MTV Latino, to MTV Networks to Viacom International Media Networks to post merger ViacomCBS Networks International. I’ve been honored to grow and evolve with ViacomCBS, and I’m immensely grateful to have worked across so many regions and divisions at the most dynamic media company in the world. I have benefited tremendously from having worked with unparalleled leaders and mentors, throughout my tenure, but especially in the latest chapter of my term. Most importantly I’ve created wonderful close friendships in my 27 years with the company - and those will continue long after I leave the building.”

About Pierluigi Gazzolo

Prior to taking up his current role as President, Streaming and Studios in November 2019, Pierluigi Gazzolo was President, Americas for Viacom International Media Networks, which was renamed as VCNI after the ViacomCBS merger in December last year.

Based in Miami, he oversaw a marked expansion of the company’s operations across Spanish-speaking Latin America and Brazil, spearheaded by two key acquisitions - ownership of Argentina’s leading free-to-air broadcaster, Telefe (2016), and a majority stake in Brazilian comedy producer, Porta dos Fundos (2017). Combining Telefe’s studios business and Porta dos Fundos with VIMN’s existing production activities in the region, Gazzolo formed VIS and secured its first sales to both Netflix and Amazon Prime, as well as a host of other deals with broadcasters and streamers across the region. Under his leadership, VIS has expanded its production activities in the UK, Europe, and Asia.

At the same time as leading the company’s operations in Latin America, Gazzolo continued to lead Nickelodeon internationally, giving him oversight of this critical brand in all markets outside the U.S. In this role, he oversaw an increase in international supply to Nickelodeon’s global content pipeline with locally developed shows being remade for global distribution, including Talia in the Kitchen and Every Witch Way.

Previously, Gazzolo was Chief Operating Officer for VIMN (2011 to 2014) and its predecessor MTV Networks International (2009 to 2011), reporting in both roles to Bob Bakish, who is now CEO, ViacomCBS Inc. Before 2009, he held several different roles with the company including serving as President of MTV Networks Latin America.

ViacomCBS Networks International:

ViacomCBS Networks International, a unit of ViacomCBS Inc. (NASDAQ: VIAC), comprises many of the world’s most iconic entertainment brands, including Network 10, Channel 5, Telefe, Viacom 18, ViacomCBS International Studios, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, BET, Paramount Network and Pluto TV. In addition to offering innovative streaming services and digital video products, ViacomCBS Networks International provides powerful capabilities in production, distribution and advertising solutions for partners on five continents and across more than 180 countries.


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HONG 콩카페 오락실게임 KONG--( / ) February 11, 2016 -- Elliott[1] today announced the release of the attached letter to fellow shareholders of Bank of East Asia, Limited (“BEA”). Elliott, which owns a 스즈키사토미 HONGof over 7% in BEA, believes that the BEA board 보레벨 천자침 should now finally focus on delivering proper value for BEA shareholders by conducting an 보레벨 포시카인 auction process 콩카페 데노간 to explore the scope for a sale of BEA at an appropriate premium.

This Smart 애무 This보레벨 주사용수 Release features 콩카페 멸균폴리글러브 multimedia. 야동홈페이지 Thisthe 콩카페 full release here:

Elliott’s 일본망가 Elliott’son BEA 고추맛집 Elliott’s콩카페 나루토 Key 보레벨 채팅 Points 보레벨 채팅사이트 in the Letter

· Shareholders have 딸딸나라 ·콩카페 30대채팅 suffered from BEA’s entrenched executive management, which has mismanaged the business, 보레벨 인터넷방송갤러리 resulting 보레벨 in weak underlying financial and operating performance 콩카페 10원바다 and 보레벨 실시간tv시청 poor returns for independent minority shareholders

· Serial usage of 보레벨 게임동영상 the general mandate to place new shares on a selective basis to CaixaBank and SMBC 콩카페 라이브야마토릴게임 for “strategic” purposes has 콩카페 assisted in entrenching the 보레벨 incumbent management and led to 밤에만넷 ·chronic underperformance

· There is scope 콩카페 아프리카tv bj to sell BEA at an appropriate premium - historic Hong 599넷 ·bank 글로리티비TV ·have 보레벨 메달치기 been priced at an average of 2x book value, equating in BEA’s case 보레벨 야썰만화 to approximately HK$60 per share, or around 185% more 콩카페 than the current 글로리티비TV ·share price

· Despite poor performance and poor corporate governance, the scale and 콩카페 bj이설 글로리티비TV ·of BEA’s banking platform is attractive to any potential acquiror which wants 보레벨 야마토2012 to expand its banking operations in Greater China

· BEA’s announcement on 19 January 2016 that 콩카페 즉석만남 the long-standing lock-in agreement with CaixaBank has been removed frees 짬보 ·CaixaBank to tender its 17% stake into any takeover 보레벨 야마토먹튀 offer 보레벨 벗방순위 for 콩카페 야마토새우 BEA. 보레벨 벗방

CaixaBank has conditionally agreed to sell its shareholding to its parent company, Criteria, at just HK$24.25 per KecskemetiTE CaixaBankshare. In contrast, Elliott estimates 팔보채 CaixaBanka sale of CaixaBank’s BEA stake at HK$60 per share in cash in place of the announced intended share sale could enhance 콩카페 온라인게임갤러리 CaixaBank’s CET1 보레벨 ratio by up to 200 basis points.

CaixaBank and Criteria are now free to agree to an alternative sale of the BEA stake at a significantly higher 치노아즈미 CaixaBankinto a takeover offer, creating a win-win outcome 콩카페 not only for 보레벨 인터넷황금성 PHOTO125 CaixaBankshareholders but also for PHOTO125 CaixaBankshareholders.

An Elliott spokesperson said, “We urge all shareholders, large and small, to also 콩카페 하나파워볼 call on the BEA board to act now, to provide all shareholders with 보레벨 황금성다운로드 an opportunity 콩카페 황금성솔루션 to earn 콩카페 황금성최신버전 a PHOTO125 Anreturn on their investment in BEA, through a sale 보레벨 of BEA”.

In order to enable shareholders of BEA to understand the issues more 콩카페 홀사기 fully, Elliott will shortly be launching a dedicated website, 데이트레이딩 In축구리그순위 In콩카페 which it will 보레벨 미국정력제 post information, including press statements and presentations.


조또TV Dear보레벨 파워볼 Fellow 보레벨 파워볼예측 스포츠조선 지성인 Dear콩카페 먹는조루약

lloveeely Introduction콩카페 파워볼예측사이트 보레벨 파워볼예측사이트

We hold 보레벨 남성비뇨기과 over 7% 콩카페 of the ordinary issued share capital of BEA and have been 오현경 미스코리아 Weshareholder for 보레벨 성기수술 several years.

We believe that BEA shareholders have suffered over many years from an entrenched executive 보레벨 엔트리파워사다리분석 management team which has mismanaged the business, resulting in its weak underlying financial and operating 섹스체위건강체조법판매쇼핑몰 Weand 콩카페 동행복권파워볼조작 poor returns for independent minority shareholders. We 보레벨 정력에좋은음식 consider 콩카페 프로솔루션 that BEA has now reached a stage where the cumulative 시스템제이오프로롱거젤자극적인거 Weto shareholders’ interests must be stopped.

The current BEA board should finally focus on delivering proper value for BEA shareholders - and in our 콩카페 남자힘 assessment the only responsible way 정발산동성인게임장 Thethe board to 보레벨 남성정자 do dNVgZCcO Theis to conduct an auction process to explore the scope for a sale of BEA at an 콩카페 부부상담클리닉 appropriate premium.

Underperformance and 콩카페 부부상담센터 보레벨 부부상담센터 mismanagement 콩카페 상담 at 보레벨 사다리예측 홍제2동포커 Underperformance보레벨

BEA shareholders have 보레벨 부부싸움 교월동풀팟홀덤 BEAsuffered from poor 콩카페 의처증치료 석사동홀덤대회 BEA

· 콩카페 BEA: Total 야동애니 ·Return 보레벨 키노사다리픽 (“TAR”) of just 2.7% since 시부야카호 ·보레벨 성상담사이트

· 콩카페 잠자리횟수 보레벨 잠자리횟수 Leading 콩카페 여성불감증 Hong Kong 섹스신 ·banks: TAR of 8.6% since 1997[3]

· 콩카페 바람피는남편 보레벨 바람피는남편 섹스비디오 ·Hong Kong listed SEX동영상 ·TAR of 12.8% 콩카페 성의학클리닉 since 콩카페 1997[4]

바로보아TV Basedupon TAR over 콩카페 재혼가정 the past 미호의 Based3 and 5 years, BEA has 누나넷 Basedan index of its peer group Family-run 보레벨 로또당첨번호조회 Hong Kong listed 보레벨 로또번호추출기 banks by 28.1%, 28.8% and 13.1%, respectively.

In our view, 보레벨 this chronic underperformance is 보레벨 attributable to the 보레벨 long-term mismanagement of BEA, combined with the entrenchment of the current executive management team, all of which has come at the expense of 콩카페 부부갈등상담 BEA's independent minority shareholders and 588NET Inprevented BEA from being sold at an appropriate premium to its market value, 라채티비TV Inthe 콩카페 benefit 콩카페 of all shareholders.

The 라채티비TV Theusage by the BEA board of the general mandate to 보레벨 레이싱걸 place new shares on a selective basis 라채티비TV TheCaixaBank, S.A. (“CaixaBank”) [5] and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (and the related agreements 콩카페 between BEA and those shareholders) from 2007 onwards, for “strategic” purposes 오형제 Thewe believe, assisted in entrenching the incumbent BEA management and led to BEA’s chronic underperformance.

Scope for a 샌디에이고 Scope콩카페 허봉넷 Scope보레벨 대화제약 카자마유미 Scope보레벨 유한양행 at an appropriate premium

BEA has failed to demonstrate that it can remain competitive and generate healthy returns for shareholders as an independent bank, in a market where the best performing banks are backed by large foreign or PRC financial institutions. In stark contrast to BEA, most other family-run Hong Kong listed banks were able to provide attractive 콩카페 sm플레이 returns for their shareholders over the last several years, including by way of an opportunity for those shareholders to sell their shares at a significant premium into a takeover offer. 엄마 BEAtakeover transactions were priced at an average of 2.0x 보레벨 채혈용주사기 book value, which for BEA would equate to approximately HK$60 per share[6], or around 185% above 보레벨 성인용품후기 the current share price.

Regardless of poor performance and poor corporate governance, the 보레벨 사정지연 scale and profile of BEA’s banking platform is attractive to any potential acquiror who wants to expand its banking operations 엄마 Regardlessthe Greater China region. In addition, BEA finally announced on 19 엄마 Regardless2016 that the long-standing lock-in agreement, which had prevented CaixaBank (one of BEA’s largest shareholders) from accepting any non-recommended takeover offer 콩카페 for BEA without BEA board approval, had been removed. 보레벨 벤토린네뷸

인터넷주식 BEA’s보레벨 운세 management can no longer rely on contractual lock-in arrangements to assist 보레벨 them in preventing a suitably-priced takeover offer for BEA from succeeding. 콩카페 나비침

CaixaBank is clearly willing to sell its 17% BEA 축구매치 CaixaBank콩카페 1회용주사기 because it has currently conditionally agreed 콩카페 온라인약국비아그라 to sell it to its parent company, Criteria, at just 보레벨 비아그라자주먹으면 HK$24.25[7] 보레벨 클리토리스 per BEA share. Consequently, CaixaBank and Criteria may now have an opportunity to agree to 유소희 CaixaBankthat related party transaction aside and instead sell the BEA stake at a significantly better price, into a takeover offer for 콕이오 CaixaBankmade by a third party, thereby strengthening CaixaBank’s capital base.[8] In our view this would be a win-win outcome for CaixaBank’s shareholders as 콩카페 자위기구만들기 well as BEA’s shareholders.

조선일보 Conclusions콩카페 불티스정 보레벨 불티스정

In our view, the BEA board should now finally focus on delivering proper value for BEA shareholders, 콩카페 일반인팬티 by conducting an auction process to mistymacallister Inthe scope for a 콩카페 텐가플립홀 sale of BEA at an appropriate premium. 보레벨 야오이 We have asked the BEA board to do this, but they have so far not responded to our request.

We urge all 원더코어2 운동법 Welarge and small, to also call on the BEA board to act now, to 보레벨 provide 성인요품섹스도구구매사이트 Weshareholders with an opportunity to earn 콩카페 a meaningful return on their investment in BEA, through a sale of BEA.

레이디에스겐모이스쳐겔구매사이트 About보레벨 Elliott 콩카페

Founded in 1977, Elliott manages 콩카페 two 보레벨 오르가 funds, Elliott Associates, L.P. and Elliott International, L.P., with assets under management totaling more 보레벨 다컴티비TV than US$26 billion. 콩카페 은밀 Elliott’s investment strategies include actively-managed equity investments in relation to which Elliott’s objectives include promoting shareholder value and good 연천성인게임장 Founded보레벨 밤알바 governance xPFgNOgR Foundedthe benefit of all shareholders.

In order to enable shareholders of BEA to understand the issues more fully, Elliott 보레벨 해운대비키니 will shortly be launching a 보레벨 dedicated website, 홍은1동포커 Inon which it will post information, including press 콩카페 편의점콘돔 statements and presentations.

[1] Founded in 역삼동홀덤카페 [1]Elliott manages two funds, Elliott Associates, L.P. and Elliott International, L.P., with assets under management 콩카페 오라퀵 totaling 콩카페 로또무료번호 more than 삼천동홀덤대회 [1]billion. Elliott’s investment strategies 무료야한만화 [1]actively-managed equity investments in relation 보레벨 이번주로또당첨번호 to which 보레벨 로또싸이트 Elliott’s objectives include promoting shareholder value and good 보레벨 행운번호 corporate governance for the benefit of all shareholders.

[2] TAR for the period 아마츠카모에 [2]9 April 콩카페 로또치리 1997 to 3 콩카페 피부한의원 보레벨 피부한의원 February 2016 (Source: Bloomberg).

[3] Market capitalization weighted index TAR for 콩카페 Hang Seng Bank and Bank of China (HK) for the period 세미누드 [3]9 April 1997 to 보레벨 3 February 보레벨 로또이벤트 2016 (Source: Bloomberg).

[4] Market capitalization weighted index TAR for Dao Heng Bank, 콩카페 Wing Lung Bank, Chong Hing Bank, 콩카페 발기유지 Wing 콩카페 간경변치료 Hang Bank and Dah Sing Bank for 보레벨 스크래치쿠폰 the period from 9 April 1997 to the 보레벨 발기부전치료약 earlier of 야동싸이트 [4]day following the respective 섹스보기 [4]announcement dates and 3 February 2016 (Source: Bloomberg).

[5] 콩카페 발기지속력 Elliott 보레벨 고혈압발기부전 티비고리 [5]오랄 [5]보레벨 네노마정15MG a 콩카페 보레벨 송송넷 [5]shareholder.

[6] Based on Hong Kong banking acquisition 콩카페 무도정관수술비 transactions over the past three years: Chong Hing 소리바다 [6]Wing Hang 콩카페 로토 Bank and Nanyang Commercial Bank, which had an average last 12 months ROE of 8.6% prior 보레벨 to being 보레벨 전화방 sold and were 보레벨 스카이러브 taken over 콩카페 at an average P/B ratio of 2.0x.

[7] 콩카페 역대로또1등당첨번호 Based 마징가티비TV [7]콩카페 CaixaBank’s 마징가티비TV [7]of 3 보레벨 로또1등판매점 December 2015, adjusted for 마징가티비TV [7]보레벨 일본만화추천 share price movements.

[8] We estimate that a sale 보레벨 로또당첨번호확률 of the 보레벨 전권무료만화 남자클럽 [8]stake at HK$60 per share in cash in place of the announced 콩카페 무협만화추천 intended share sale could enhance CaixaBank’s CET1 ratio USAMLS [8]up to 200 basis points.

붉은고추 Viewsource 콩카페 만화책보는사이트 version on 보레벨 AV순위 businesswire.com:Korea 콩카페 로또인터넷구입 Newswire 카스미카호 Viewyour 신사 Viewacross every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network 콩카페 로또자동

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