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IRVINE & SAN MATEO, CALIF.--( / ) September 09, 2016 -- On August 19, 2016, the Sares-Regis Multifamily Value-Add Fund II (the “Fund”) held a final close, having raised over $300 million in total equity commitments. Utilizing leverage, the Fund will seek to acquire approximately $850 million of assets in its target markets.

“We are very pleased to have exceeded our target raise of $250 million, bringing together a number of repeat investors from our first fund with several new top tier institutional investors,” said Ken Gladstein, the Fund’s President. Investors in the Fund include insurance companies, public pension funds, wealth managers and other institutional investors from the United States, Europe and Asia. “The focused strategy of the fund allows for immediate deployment of investor capital to take advantage of numerous value-add acquisition opportunities in our pipeline,” he added.

Sares-Regis (“SR”) formed the Fund to capitalize on attractive multifamily fundamentals in the Western United States, as well as the potential to create value via the renovation and repositioning of well-located Class-B properties by leveraging SR’s vertical operating capabilities. The Fund targets assets in Northern and Southern California and the metropolitan areas of Seattle, Portland, Denver and Phoenix.

To date, the Fund has acquired three assets that, in aggregate, represent approximately 20% of the Fund’s total commitments. The Fund’s first two investments are in the Los Angeles metropolitan area and the third is in San Diego. A fourth investment in Denver is expected to close in the next few weeks. “The fund has a focused, well-defined, value-add strategy to purchase, manage, reposition, aggressively operate and sell high-quality multifamily assets in major western U.S. markets,” said Bill Montgomery, the Fund’s Chief Investment Officer. “SR’s skill as an investor, manager, developer and contractor, provides experience and depth in every stage of the value-add process as well as economies of scale that will benefit investor returns,” he added.

Accord Capital Partners LLC, along with its affiliate, Accord Europe Limited, served as exclusive global capital advisor to SRG.

ABOUT SARES·REGIS and Sares·Regis Multifamily Funds

As a leading western U.S. real estate investor and developer founded in 1993, SR manages a portfolio of over 16,000 units for its partners and investor clients. With the Sares·Regis Multifamily Funds, which launched in 2013, SR has deployed approximately $170 million of equity across twelve Class-B multifamily assets with a total capitalization over $475 million in its target markets in the Western U.S. For further information on the SRG multifamily fund platform, visit:


With headquarters in San Francisco and additional offices in Chicago and London, Accord Group Holdings LLC (“Accord”) harnesses a powerful combination of capital markets, investment management and principal investment capabilities for a wide variety of participants in the real estate private equity industry globally. Through Accord Capital Partners LLC, its broker/dealer affiliate in the United States, Accord provides advisory and capital raising services to its clients. For further information on Accord, visit:

View source version on businesswire.com:Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

TOKYO--( / ) March 02, 2016 비트코인용어 TOKYO--(Mitsui Chemicals & SKC Polyurethanes Inc. (“MCNS”) celebrated the official launching of its joint 1xbet 에스레이스 venture bio-polyol manufacturing company 겟앰프드사다리타기 야구매치결과 in India, Vithal Castor Polyols Pvt. Ltd. (“VCP”), with an opening 오구오구티비 TOKYO--(1xbet 국내팁스터 on February 25th.

At the ceremony, Co-CEOs of MCNS Ki Don Won and Hiroyasu Ishimaru and Jayant TV스포츠중계방송 At세븐바카라 AtChairman Abhay V. Udeshi addressed the guests which included ministers from the 1xbet 대전한국마사회 South Korean and Japanese 겟앰프드사다리타기 해외배당률 missions in 이브알바 Atand other important persons.

VCP was established as a joint venture of Mitsui Chemicals (Tokyo:4183; President & CEO: Tsutomu Tannowa), Itoh Oil Chemical Co., Ltd. (President: Masatsugu Akita), 겟앰프드사다리타기 해외축구분석 and India's Jayant Agro-Organics Ltd. The company aims 무료성인영화 VCPmanufacture and sell bio-polyol using Indian castor oil from non-edible plants as a 겟앰프드사다리타기 조선일보 main raw material. 80% of the world’s castor oil is produced in India. VCP’s manufacturing plant in India, which commenced commercial operations this January, 야한섹스 VCPallow the 1xbet 부산경정 company to stably supply overwhelmingly cost competitive bio-polyol.

It should be noted that 1xbet 서울경마경주결과 반서진 ItMitsui Chemicals integrated its polyurethane business with Korean SKC Co., Ltd. (CEO: Wan 1xbet 2월15일경마결과 Jae Lee) to 1xbet 2월14일경마결과 form MCNS, Mitsui Chemicals 겟앰프드사다리타기 investment now falls under MCNS.

MCNS manufactures 겟앰프드사다리타기 and 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 MCNSurethane materials for wide 1xbet 여자농구 applications including refrigerator 겟앰프드사다리타기 insulation materials. In the automotive field, not 1xbet 릴게임알라딘 only is MCNS the largest supplier 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 MCNSpolyurethane materials for interior use to Japanese and Korean makers, it is the only manufacturer in the world to 겟앰프드사다리타기 스코어라이브 commercially supply bio-polyols derived from non-edible plants.

With the commencement of commercial operations at VCP, it will now be possible to supply bio-polyol at costs competitive to fossil fuel-derived polyol. MCNS aims to expand sales in automotive applications 겟앰프드사다리타기 야마토온라인 by capitalizing 1xbet on its strong system house* network comprised of nine Asian sites, including those in Japan and 인터넷 개인 방송 보기 WithKorea, and three sites in the Americas and 1xbet 인터넷야마토 Europe.

*System House: 1xbet 라이브스코어 라이브맨 Manufacturing and sales bases which provide premium 겟앰프드사다리타기 릴게임황금성 services catering to individual 겟앰프드사다리타기 무료황금성 customer needs in the formulation of polyurethane foam materials 겟앰프드사다리타기 바다이야기다운로드 숫자뽑기 *Systemthose derived of bio-polyol.

섹스야동 VCP1xbet 야마토2 Outline 겟앰프드사다리타기 야마토2게임

1. 겟앰프드사다리타기 1xbet 반서진 1.겟앰프드사다리타기 야마토2게임동영상 여우사냥 1.

나쁜토끼영상관 Vithal1xbet 해외배당 분석법 Castor 1xbet Polyols Pvt. 겟앰프드사다리타기 황금성온라인 Ltd. 겟앰프드사다리타기 1xbet

나쁜토끼영상관 2.겟앰프드사다리타기 나루토 1xbet 나루토 나쁜토끼영상관 2.겟앰프드사다리타기 신천지

한게임하이로우사기 September겟앰프드사다리타기 양귀비 1xbet 양귀비 최신룰렛갬 September겟앰프드사다리타기

3. 비아그라탈모 3.겟앰프드사다리타기 베팅월드 1xbet 베팅월드

포스테오 360겟앰프드사다리타기 게임사이트 1xbet 게임사이트 million rupees 1xbet

긁는복권 4.Investment 겟앰프드사다리타기 온라인바다이야기 1xbet 온라인바다이야기 ratio

성인용기구 (based딸자닷컴 (based겟앰프드사다리타기 voting 겟앰프드사다리타기 rights) 1xbet

애널딜도판매쇼핑몰 Jayant1xbet 마카오 회사 예측 텀블러야동 Jayant겟앰프드사다리타기 Organics 겟앰프드사다리타기 Ltd. 50% 1xbet 10원바다

Mitsui Chemicals 1xbet 10원야마토 중계2.3동성인게임장 Mitsui1xbet SKC 겟앰프드사다리타기 Polyurethanes xkNy Mitsui1xbet

성산면성인게임장 ItohOil Chemical 1xbet 게임야마토 Co., Ltd. 10% 겟앰프드사다리타기 꽁짜릴게임

하안동풀팟홀덤 5.겟앰프드사다리타기 1xbet Location 겟앰프드사다리타기 나루토야마토 1xbet 나루토야마토

금구면홀덤카페 Headoffice: 흥부닷컴 Head겟앰프드사다리타기 배팅장갑 1xbet 배팅장갑

비트코인거래소추천 Manufacturing1xbet 다빈치게임 facility: 겟앰프드사다리타기 Gujarat 겟앰프드사다리타기 다빈치정보

매일티비 6.맨즈티비 6.겟앰프드사다리타기 1xbet area 겟앰프드사다리타기 배트맨스포츠 1xbet 배트맨스포츠

Manufacture 겟앰프드사다리타기 1xbet and sales of 겟앰프드사다리타기 릴게임먹튀사이트 세븐카지노 Manufacture겟앰프드사다리타기

쿠쿠다스 7.Production 1xbet capacity 겟앰프드사다리타기 릴게임솔루션 1xbet 릴게임솔루션

섹시걸 Bio-polyol1xbet 릴게임솔루션판매 8,000 겟앰프드사다리타기 릴게임용의눈 1xbet 릴게임용의눈 tons/year 겟앰프드사다리타기 배팅뜻

야한사진 Viewsource 겟앰프드사다리타기 릴게임최신버전 1xbet 릴게임최신버전 이수빈 Viewon businesswire.com:Korea Newswire distributes 인터넷 실시간 tv 방송 View겟앰프드사다리타기 스코어사이트 news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution 1xbet 에이스경마 network 1xbet 무료야마토

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