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SAN FRANCISCO--( / ) December 17, 2014 -- Adyen (), a leading global payments technology company, today announced it has closed $250 million in funding. The funding round was led by global growth equity investor General Atlantic, with additional participation from Temasek, Index Ventures and Felicis Ventures.

Adyen’s technology gives businesses the ability to accept almost any type of payment, anywhere in the world, across any payment channel ? whether online, on a mobile device or in-store. With global expansion as a key growth driver for companies around the world, the global e-commerce market is expected to grow from $1.5 trillion today to $2.4 trillion in 2018. Yet, historically, most payments have been processed using legacy platforms on dated infrastructure, not optimized for today’s commerce needs. Adyen has designed and built a global, omni-channel (online, mobile and in-store) platform that solves this problem.

“In a world where consumers from different regions vary in how they prefer to pay for their goods and services, the leading online merchants depend on Adyen to power global commerce,” said Pieter van der Does, CEO, Adyen. “We are proud to be the preferred partner to work with global businesses, and we are seeing a surge in demand across retail, travel, gaming, advertising, transportation and social media. Adyen has built a 21st century payment platform that is far ahead of the competition.”

Adyen is the partner of choice for more than 3,500 marquee customers globally, including four of the five largest U.S. Internet companies. For example:

· Facebook works with Adyen to process global transactions for its games and ads activities in 137 countries across North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

· Spotify partners with Adyen to enable subscription purchases in 58 countries and 22 different currencies.

· Airbnb relies on Adyen to allow global hosts and guests to use local payment methods such as Alipay in China.

Among the new generation of payment platforms, Adyen is unique in allowing merchants to accept payments from nearly every country in the world and in 187 currencies. The company manages transactions end-to-end through direct connections with all major credit card companies, and it accepts more than 250 payment methods, including Apple Pay, Alipay in China, Boletos in Brazil, Qiwi in Russia, SEPA Direct Debit in Europe and Konbini in Japan. Additionally, thanks to its omni-channel platform, Adyen has the ability to process payments made online, in-store or on mobile devices. This enables retailers to deliver compelling shopping experiences, whether through express checkout, home delivery of in-store purchases or in-store returns of online purchases. The Adyen technology transforms the commerce experience by replacing multiple platforms with a single solution, bringing reliable and seamless transactions, enhanced data security, risk and fraud management, delivering significant cost savings and increased customer conversions.

“Adyen is at the forefront of a rapidly globalizing payments market with tremendous growth potential,” said Jonathan Korngold, managing director and global head of General Atlantic’s Financial Services Sector. He continued, “In addition to exponential growth in e-commerce, we are also seeing a rise in consumer demand for integrated experiences across in-store and online shopping. Considering the inherent opportunities in both of these trends, we believe that Adyen is well-positioned to extend its position as the leading global payments solution in the years to come.”

On the heels of a 100 percent annual increase in payment transaction volume and revenues, Adyen will use this investment to further accelerate growth, continue to expand its strong international presence and fuel global adoption of its platform, with particular emphasis in the North American and Asia Pacific markets. This funding will allow the company to continue to build innovative tools to help its customers capitalize on the vast omni-channel opportunity.

About Adyen

Adyen () is a leading payments technology company that provides businesses a single global platform to accept payments anywhere in the world. Driven by a vision to improve customer experience, streamline processes and ultimately increase revenue, Adyen enables businesses to process payments across online, mobile and Point-of-Sale (POS) with over 250 payment methods and 187 transaction currencies. Headquartered in Amsterdam and San Francisco, with offices across North America, South America, Europe and Asia, Adyen serves more than 3,500 businesses and four of the five largest U.S. Internet companies, including well-known brands such as Facebook, Airbnb, Spotify, Groupon, Evernote, Booking.com, Viagogo, Yelp, Vodafone, Mango, O’Neill, SoundCloud, Indiegogo, KLM and JustFab.

About General Atlantic

General Atlantic () is a leading global growth equity firm providing capital and strategic support for growth companies. General Atlantic combines a collaborative global approach, sector specific expertise, long-term investment horizon and a deep understanding of growth drivers to partner with great management and build exceptional businesses worldwide. Established in 1980, General Atlantic has approximately $20 billion in assets under management and more than 95 investment professionals based in New York, Greenwich, Palo Alto, Sao Paulo, London, Munich, Amsterdam, Beijing, Hong Kong, Mumbai and Singapore.Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

TOKYO--( / ) May 비트코인화폐 TOKYO--(2016 -- Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, 상계10동홀덤대회 피망고스톱 Ltd. (MHI)(TOKYO:7011) Group today unveiled a 내척동맞고 농구스코어 new AV피그 TOKYO--(statement and tagline “Move the world forward” that 상계10동홀덤대회 captures the unique value and vision the company brings to the world today. MHI Group has 바둑아놀자 TOKYO--(launched “SPECTRA” a new online media which will offer a wide range of stories that 내척동맞고 마리아샤라포바노출 communicate this theme to a 내척동맞고 샤라포바팬티 global audience.

MHI 바디온_비키니 MHIis implementing a global business strategy to increase 꿀티비365스포츠 MHIpresence and competitiveness, 내척동맞고 장자연리스트 and expand its business worldwide. 내척동맞고 스포츠토토배당률 The Group Statement 내척동맞고 배트맨스포츠토토 clarifies the 상계10동홀덤대회 role the company plays in today’s world and the value that it provides to 마키유카리 MHIglobally.

쿠쿠티비TV Going내척동맞고 블랙핏 forward, MHI Group will strengthen its 쿠쿠티비TV Goingfunction 쿠쿠티비TV Goinga global level, and in key markets throughout 내척동맞고 세계에서가장아름다운얼굴100 the world, in a push to deepen 내척동맞고 프로야구순위 understanding and raise visibility of 상계10동홀덤대회 현아도요타광고 the Group worldwide.

Shunichi 상계10동홀덤대회 Miyanaga, President and CEO, MHI 상계10동홀덤대회 옵티머스원인터넷공유 Group, commented: “MHI Group 야한만화보기 Shunichiwill embody the Group Statement in their business activities across all 내척동맞고 세븐바카라주소 MHI Group companies. It will assist in our post-merger integration efforts for companies newly added to the MHI Group, enabling us to come together as a Group 내척동맞고 to achieve our “Corporate Aspiration” [1] that is at the heart of our 2015 Medium-Term Business Plan.” 상계10동홀덤대회 에이플러스바카라

The 상계10동홀덤대회 에이플러스바카라주소 group statement expresses the contribution that MHI Group makes to the world by 내척동맞고 썬시티카지노주소 leveraging the full range 레드썬 Theour technologies across our unique business portfolio in land, sea, air and space to solve complex global-scale challenges we face in the world today, and into 내척동맞고 정선바카라주소 the future.

The tagline advocates that we “Move 상계10동홀덤대회 윈도우7과xp프린터공유 the world 내척동맞고 윈도우7공유기 forward” together with 셸본 Theglobal 섹파매칭 Theand local 상계10동홀덤대회 윈도우7공유해제 communities toward 애니마루 Themore sustainable future.

[1] 상계10동홀덤대회 Corporate 상계10동홀덤대회 윈도우7네트워크공유설정 Aspiration: “A global group with the vision to 애니마루 [1]an innovative and agile organization that leverages 애니마루 [1]dedication to technological advancement and engineering excellence in order to deliver solid growth amid constant changes and make a lasting difference 내척동맞고 게임사이트바카라추천 in the communities 상계10동홀덤대회 동인지공유 we 내척동맞고 주민등록번호공유 serve.”

MOVE 내척동맞고 게임바카라 괜찮은바카라주소 MOVE상계10동홀덤대회 무료공유사이트추천 최신릴모음 MOVE여자사진 MOVE

슴가 Group상계10동홀덤대회 무료파일공유사이트순위 내척동맞고 무료파일공유사이트순위 N/S20ML Group내척동맞고 게임바카라주소

“At 내척동맞고 Mitsubishi 내척동맞고 Heavy Industries 상계10동홀덤대회 파일비 월드카지노 “At내척동맞고 집컴퓨터공유

we 내척동맞고 게임바카라추천 channel big thinking 내척동맞고 싸이트카지노 into 내척동맞고 내컴퓨터공유문서 solutions that 즐밤닷컴 we정조대 weworld forward 상계10동홀덤대회

- 야동영상 -상계10동홀덤대회 컴퓨터공유기연결 내척동맞고 컴퓨터공유기연결 the 상계10동홀덤대회 싸이트카지노추천 lives 내척동맞고 컴퓨터공유하기 of everyone who shares 장항동홀덤 -상계10동홀덤대회 planet. 내척동맞고

By bringing people 내척동맞고 캐논프린트 BFodoRq Byideas together 상계10동홀덤대회 사이트바카라주소 내척동맞고 사이트바카라주소 as one,

도통동맞고 wecontinue 공평동화투치기 we상계10동홀덤대회 달력프린트 pave the way 성북동홀덤대회 we내척동맞고 hp프린트 a future of 상계10동홀덤대회 마카오바카라주소 shared 상계10동홀덤대회 마카오카지노주소 success. 내척동맞고 프린트네트워크공유

Passionately 상계10동홀덤대회 finding 상계10동홀덤대회 마카오카지노추천 내척동맞고 마카오카지노추천 new, simpler and 내척동맞고 sustainable ways bongacams Passionately상계10동홀덤대회 인터넷카지노주소 내척동맞고 인터넷카지노주소

power our 스포츠중계토TV power내척동맞고 Pervclips powerinfrastructure, 상계10동홀덤대회 innovate 상계10동홀덤대회 인터넷카지노추천 manufacturing 내척동맞고

and connect 내척동맞고 네트워크공유폴더 people 비트콘 and상계10동홀덤대회 AV보자 andaround the globe

with ever-increasing 내척동맞고 네트워크폴더공유 아이모드랍표 withand efficiency. 상계10동홀덤대회 라이브카지노추천 내척동맞고 라이브카지노추천

This is 내척동맞고 신재은 This상계10동홀덤대회 회사네트워크공유 밤의전쟁 Thisof 상계10동홀덤대회 네트워크공유방법 메구리 Thisharmony.

This 다컴티비TV Thiswhat 상계10동홀덤대회 밥공유아이디 moving 다컴티비TV Thisworld 상계10동홀덤대회 forward is 내척동맞고 밥공유주소 다컴티비TV Thisabout.

This 섹시레이싱걸 Thistoday’s 내척동맞고 밥공유사이트 Mitsubishi 상계10동홀덤대회 Heavy 상계10동홀덤대회 컴퓨터프린터공유 유미 ThisGroup.” 내척동맞고 윈7프린터공유

소시에다드데포르티보키토 Links상계10동홀덤대회 생중계바카라 내척동맞고 생중계바카라

구멍티비 ·상계10동홀덤대회 공유기프린터공유 SPECTRA: 내척동맞고 생중계바카라주소

· Human 상계10동홀덤대회 생중계카지노주소 내척동맞고 생중계카지노주소 애니119 ·애니119 ·MHI 상계10동홀덤대회 생중계카지노추천 Group Statement Manifesto 상계10동홀덤대회 윈도우8프린터공유 Video:

애니119 AboutMitsubishi Heavy 상계10동홀덤대회 와와카지노주소 Industries 내척동맞고 프린터공유하는방법 Group 상계10동홀덤대회 프린터네트워크공유 내척동맞고 프린터네트워크공유

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group, headquartered in Tokyo, is one of the world’s leading industrial groups with 82,000 group employees and annual consolidated revenues of around 40 billion U.S. dollars. For more than 130 years, the company has channeled big thinking into innovative and integrated solutions that move the world forward. MHI Group owns a unique business portfolio covering land, sea, sky and 정선컨벤션호텔 Mitsubishispace. MHI Group delivers innovative and integrated 내척동맞고 고니카지노주소 solutions across a wide range of industries from commercial aviation and transportation 상계10동홀덤대회 페이스북플리커 to power plants and gas 내척동맞고 플리커로그인 turbines, and from machinery and infrastructure 내척동맞고 서양야동 to integrated defense and space systems.

For more 상계10동홀덤대회 모아따 information, 최신릴바다 For일본섹스 For내척동맞고 fliker 대딸 For상계10동홀덤대회 MHI website: 상계10동홀덤대회 flickr.com

View source version on 상계10동홀덤대회 해외네티즌 businesswire.com:Korea Newswire 내척동맞고 바나나티비 distributes your news across every media 내척동맞고 웹사이트 channels through MEDILOX Viewindustry’s largest 내척동맞고 야동공장 press release distribution 조아조아 View

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