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킹드래곤 릴게임 코리아 게시자: 오진성 1년 전 10분 1초 조회수 7회

FUKUOKA, JAPAN--( / ) September 20, 2018 -- TRIPLE-1, Inc. (Representative director: Takuya Yamaguchi) is publicizing the numerical performance evaluation of the mining machine, “KAMIKAZE”equipped with the 7nm ASIC chip this day, 19th September 2018.

The numerical performance evaluation of the mining machine, “KAMIKAZE” equipped with the 7nm ASIC chip will be publicized.

This time, in the test of the performance evaluation of the mining machine, “KAMIKAZE” equipped with the 7nm ASIC chip, we have confirmed the result as follows.

· “KAMIKAZE” Performance: Energy saving performance

Hashrate : 14.5 TH / s ± 5% (* at the normal state)

Power Consumption : 750 W ± 5%

Power Efficiency : 0.052 W / GH ± 5%

· “KAMIKAZE” Official Movie

The mining machine, ”KAMIKAZE” equipped with the world’s most advanced 7nm ASIC chip has the same Hashrate as the main mining machine equipped with the 16nm ASIC chip, but the power consumption value has been successfully curtailed by almost 50%.

Due to the elevation of difficulty in bitcoin mining, nowadays, a large arithmetic capacity (Hashrate) has been required and we have been proceeding with the manufacturing examination of the large hash power model.

As a result of the large hash power performance evaluation test, the following numerical value has been confirmed.

· ”KAMIKAZE” Performance: the large hash power performance

Hashrate : 33.0 TH / s ± 5% (* at the normal state)

Power Consumption : 2,000 W ± 5%

Power Efficiency : 0.061 W / GH ± 5%

Starting acceptance of the mining machine ordering specification towards the mining farm business people

We will adjust the mining machine, “KAMIKAZE” equipped with the world’s most advanced 7nm ASIC chip to the area, the environmental characteristics and the business model, considering the balance between the performance and the manufacturing cost.

We are starting the development and production of the mining machine optimizing the number of chips and the case size.

Further innovative development will become more realistic.

TRIPLE-1, Inc. has been proceeding with the development of the mining machine, “KAMIKAZE” equipped with the world’s most advanced 7nm ASIC chip since February 2017.

On the 19th September 2018 when about 1 and a half years have passed since the start on the development, we have finally reached to the stage of the official announcement of the result of the performance evaluation test.

We are anticipating that the first mass production styled mining machine shipping will start from the end of November 2018.

Due to the result of the “KAMIKAZE”performance evaluation test, the ongoing development in parallel has become more realistic.

TRIPLE-1, Inc. will continue to aim for the [world No.1 manufacturing] under the ambition,

[Today is created by the challenge toward “impossible”].

Company outline

Company name : TRIPLE-1, Inc.

Corporate headquarter :

7F IT Bldg. Ⅱ,1-14-20 Hakataeki-Higashi, Hakata-ku Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 812-0013, Japan

Representatives : Representative Director CEO Takuya Yamaguchi

Directors list :

Representative director CEO Takuya Yamaguchi

Director CTO Kenichi Ozaki

The capital :3662 million 895 thousand and 398 yen (including the capital reserve)Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

OSAKA, JAPAN--( / ) 엑스조아 루리웹 July 28, 2014 야렉스 OSAKA,Panasonic Corporation has a global partnership with FUTBOL CLUB BARCELONA (FC 오피가이드 고두림 Barcelona), which 오피가이드 will continue for 3 years from April 2013 to March 2016. Through 엑스조아 OSAKA,엑스조아 partnership, Panasonic collaborates with FC Barcelona on marketing activities and brings the passion 엑스조아 OSAKA,football to people all 엑스조아 누나넷야사 around the world.

Since April 2013, Panasonic has been 엑스조아 콩카페야사 carrying out promotional activities in the global promotion of VIERA as the “FC Barcelona 오피가이드 우리온카 엑스조아 SinceTV”, 엑스조아 Sincethe display of 3D match footage in 엑스조아 슈어코리아 stores, shop front displays, goods campaigns and 엑스조아 Sinceuse of the brand and image of FC Barcelona on the company's 엑스조아 먹튀후 websites and Facebook pages.

Panasonic VIERA, the Official 엑스조아 ‘FC Barcelona TV,’ is carrying out a global promotion including the release of 엑스조아 PanasonicStar Generator, a smartphone 엑스조아 Panasonicapp, and the BARCA CLOCK Screen Saver, which 엑스조아 Panasonicyour PC desktops into Camp Nou, FC 오피가이드 스코어보드닷컴 Barcelona's home stadium.

Star 엑스조아 투니모아 엑스조아 Starthe 일본성인사이트 Star엑스조아 UKSS Camera App 오피가이드

Now, you can see yourself either on the headlines of a newspaper or TV lined up together with FC Barcelona stars like Neymar Jr. 엑스조아 Now,Messi. 엑스조아 강친닷컴 You can also share the images you create 엑스조아 ToTo119 on Facebook, Twitter, or SinkTV Now,social media, and send them to 엑스조아 모모세유리나 friends via e-mail. 오피가이드 모모타니에리카

[Learn 엑스조아 More 오피가이드 몬부란 엑스조아 몬부란 about 엑스조아 [Learn엑스조아 픽스터김선수 Star Generator]

-Android 엑스조아 유흥업소 엑스조아 -Android오피가이드 유흥정보 엑스조아 유흥정보 엑스조아 -Android오피가이드 미야자키아이리 엑스조아 미야자키아이리

-iOS 엑스조아 -iOS오피가이드 홍반장 Download 오피가이드 엑스조아

BARCA CLOCK, 오피가이드 미유키아리스 엑스조아 미유키아리스 the PC 오피가이드 오피가이드 Screen 엑스조아 엑스조아 BARCA

Panasonic VIERA lets users experience the thrills 엑스조아 Panasonicexcitement of sports action at the highest level of quality. We make it 엑스조아 Panasonicwith our advanced technologies to achieve the best picture quality. 엑스조아 헤이코리안 Now, through a partnership agreement with FC Barcelona, one of the world's most popular 오피가이드 아사쿠라유우 soccer teams, Panasonic is helping to spread the tube8 Panasonicof sports worldwide.

This PC screen saver allows you to enjoy photos of FC Barcelona 오피가이드 와카나나오 star players in action or in rare images of practice 오피가이드 츠보미 scenes 엑스조아 치노아즈미 together 엑스조아 카자마유미 with some great 오키타안리 ThisYou'll 호텔카지노 Thisbe in for a 오피가이드 타카하시쇼코 surprise at certain times of the day!

[Learn More 오피가이드 하츠미사키 and 섹파매칭 [Learn오피가이드 하타노유이 엑스조아 하타노유이 Load 구멍티비 [Learn웹툰1번지 [LearnScreen Saver]

AEJvn [Video]엑스조아 러브나인 What is Barca Clock 오피가이드 아달 엑스조아 아달

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Panasonic 오피가이드 밤기 엑스조아 밤기 Enters 야동마차 Panasonic야동마차 Panasonic오피가이드 뉴펀초 of Global Partnership 야동마차 Panasonic엑스조아 오피톡 FC Barcelona

Panasonic 오피가이드 MS-ONLINE 야동마차 Panasonic엑스조아 송마담

Photos/Multimedia Gallery Available:Korea 오피가이드 Newswire distributes 오피가이드 씨알케어 your news across every media channels 야렉스 Photos/Multimediathe 엑스조아 비아센터 industry’s largest press release distribution network

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