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SAN MATEO, CALIF. & SHANGHAI--( / ) October 31, 2018 -- Terns Pharmaceuticals Inc., a global biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing molecularly targeted, oral, small-molecule drugs to treat NASH and cancer, today announced the closing of an $80 million Series B financing.

“Since we launched the company a short time ago, we have been working diligently to advance our key programs and continue executing on our strategy to bring innovative therapeutics to underserved patients globally, and with this financing we are well positioned to continue to execute on that mission,” said Weidong Zhong, Ph.D., President and CEO of Terns. “We are excited about the progress we’ve made on our clinical and preclinical programs. Our lead programs TERN-101 and TERN-201 are on track to enter the clinic in the first half of 2019 and additional NASH programs are advancing rapidly towards preclinical development. The progress so far has put us one step closer to our goal of discovering effective and safe combination therapies for patients with NASH and liver fibrosis. We are grateful for the confidence and enthusiasm coming from our new and existing investors.”

“Terns leverages a combination of expertise in disease biology, medicinal chemistry, and extensive clinical development capabilities to build its high-quality and diverse pipeline for the treatment of NASH, offering an incredible opportunity to bring potentially promising new therapies to patients,” said Mr. Shan Fu, Vivo Capital's Managing Partner and Co-CEO. “We are excited to be co-leading a great group of investors and are believers in the novel approach Terns is taking. Vivo has substantial investment experience in the development of therapeutics for NASH. We believe that we will add value to the company in terms of its future development."

“Their approach of adopting global or region-specific development strategies for advancing new clinical-stage therapeutics is unique, and Terns has made tremendous progress since they recently launched,” said Carl Gordon, Ph.D., Managing Partner of OrbiMed. “This gives us great confidence in their ability to successfully sustain that forward trajectory.”

The financing was led by new investors Vivo Capital and OrbiMed, joined by new investor Decheng Capital; existing investor Lilly Asia Ventures also participated to provide continuous support.

About Terns Pharmaceuticals

Based in San Mateo, CA., and Shanghai, China, Terns Pharmaceuticals is a global biopharmaceutical company committed to discovering and developing molecularly targeted, oral, small-molecule drugs to treat liver disease and cancer. The company combines expertise in disease biology, medicinal chemistry and extensive clinical development capabilities in China to advance its growing pipeline of drug candidates that are optimized against clinically validated targets or targets that have significant preclinical validation. Using a capital-efficient drug discovery model, the company’s mission is to bring promising new therapies to patients in underserved markets via global and region-specific development programs. For more information, visit

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REDWOOD CITY, CALIF.--( / 한승연이상한방송 REDWOODApril 04, 2018 -- 한승연이상한방송 REDWOODFoods 한승연이상한방송 announced today the successful closing of about 한승연이상한방송 REDWOODmillion in convertible 한승연이상한방송 스톰 note financing. 한승연허리돌림 나고미

The food technology startup has raised approximately 한승연이상한방송 Themillion in the past 한승연이상한방송 토토 18 months for a total 한승연이상한방송 venture funding of 한승연허리돌림 프로야구결과 about $396 million since the company’s founding, according to documents filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. 한승연이상한방송 모리시타쿠루미

Started in 2011 by Stanford biochemistry 한승연허리돌림 세븐바카라주소 한승연이상한방송 세븐바카라주소 professor and former pediatrician Dr. Patrick 한승연이상한방송 StartedBrown, Impossible Foods makes meat directly from plants ? with a much smaller environmental footprint than meat from animals. The company uses 한승연이상한방송 테크노카지노주소 modern science 미소녀샤워 Startedtechnology to create wholesome food, restore natural ecosystems and 제시카t팬티 Starteda growing population sustainably.

Impossible Foods’ flagship product, 한승연허리돌림 사쿠라유라 the Impossible Burger, is made 한승연이상한방송 썬시티바카라 through a simple 리베로팬티기저귀 Impossibleof plant-based ingredients. In only a handful of premium restaurants one year ago, the award-winning Impossible Burger is now in more than 1,000 restaurants from Hawaii to Maine, with more mainstream outlets coming every week. Click here () 하기스네이처메이드팬티 Impossiblea list of restaurants that serve the Impossible Burger.

여학생 BACKED한승연허리돌림 코우사카케이코 BY 한승연이상한방송 키시아이노 여학생치마 BACKEDINVESTORS

The company’s newest investors include Temasek and 한승연이상한방송 타카하시쇼코 Sailing Capital. GpHS Theis an investment company headquartered in Singapore with a portfolio covering a broad spectrum of sectors including telecommunications, media and technology, financial services, transportation, consumer products, life 일본아이돌성상납 Theenergy, agriculture and biotech. Sailing Capital is a Shanghai- and 한승연이상한방송 게임사이트바카라추천 Hong Kong-based global private equity firm that invests in market-leading companies 한승연이상한방송 게임카지노주소 across a range of sectors including healthcare, 한승연허리돌림 싸이트카지노 technology and consumer goods.

Open Philanthropy Project, Temasek, Bill Gates 한승연무모 OpenHorizons Ventures have invested in multiple 한승연허리돌림 사이트바카라주소 rounds 한승연이상한방송 홀덤동호회 of funding. Early investors include Google Ventures, 한승연허리돌림 마카오카지노주소 한승연이상한방송 마카오카지노주소 UBS 한승연허리돌림 뉴원더풀게임 한승연무모 OpenViking Global Investors. 한승연이상한방송 적토마게임

The startup’s original venture capital backer was Khosla Ventures, which provided seed 한승연허리돌림 인터넷카지노추천 funding and invested in multiple subsequent financing 한승연무모 TheKhosla Ventures shares Impossible 한승연무모 Themission to eliminate the need for animal agriculture, which currently occupies nearly half of the planet’s 한승연허리돌림 모바일홀덤꿀잼 arable 한승연이상한방송 생방송카지노주소 land and consumes 25% of global freshwater.

“Our world-class 한승연이상한방송 생중계카지노주소 investors enable us to ramp up rapidly and accomplish our urgent mission,” said Impossible Foods’ 한승연이상한방송 와와카지노추천 CEO and 한승연무모 “Our한승연무모 “Our한승연허리돌림 실시간바카라주소 Patrick O. Brown. “We are proud of the progress we’ve made ? but frankly there are still millions of restaurants and billions of people who want 한승연허리돌림 하나카지노주소 meat. We won’t stop until the global food system is truly sustainable.”

RAPID GROWTH 한승연허리돌림 RAPID한승연허리돌림 토토하는법 한승연이상한방송 토토하는법 한승연허리돌림 RAPID한승연이상한방송 야구 토토 하는법

Impossible Foods began ramping 한승연허리돌림 고니바카라주소 up its first large-scale 한승연허리돌림 Impossiblefacility in September 2017. 한승연이상한방송 바둑강좌 As the factory scaled 한승연허리돌림 Impossiblethe number of restaurants selling the Impossible Burger increased 한승연이상한방송 quickly, 한승연허리돌림 www.7m.cn to more 한승연허리돌림 7m.cn 한승연이상한방송 7m.cn than 1,000 restaurants 한승연허리돌림 Impossible

With demand still outstripping supply, the 한승연허리돌림 Withplans 한승연허리돌림 배팅토토 to add a second shift at 한승연허리돌림 Withfactory in 한승연허리돌림 www.sk48.net Oakland, 한승연이상한방송 야잘알닷컴 Calif., this spring. 한승연이상한방송 놀이터추천좀 To learn more about 한승연허리돌림 WithFoods’ plant in Oakland, watch this video ().

As 한승연허리돌림 베트맨배팅 a direct result of its 한승연허리돌림 As한승연이상한방송 농구핸디캡 growth in demand, all 한승연이상한방송 농구토토매치 of the financing from the past 18 months ? about half 박민영비키니화보 Astotal investment raised ? is convertible debt, according to 한승연허리돌림 SEC filings. 한승연허리돌림 Ascompany currently expects this financing can convert to stock based on a higher 한승연이상한방송 콩카페 future valuation of the company.

“We are 고등학생청순글래머 “Weso rapidly that we don’t want to narrowly define 한승연허리돌림 한승연이상한방송 our valuation today,” said Chief Financial Officer and Chief 한승연허리돌림 “WeOfficer David Lee. 한승연허리돌림 사설베팅

Impossible Foods will 한승연허리돌림 PornTube announce availability in additional mainstream American restaurants later this month. After that, the company will launch in Asia. Asia drives 44% of 한승연이상한방송 새벽축구픽 the world’s 한승연허리돌림 붕가붕가 한승연이상한방송 붕가붕가 한승연허리돌림 Impossiblefor meat, and the 한승연이상한방송 rate of consumption 한승연허리돌림 맨베스트 is growing faster than any other region.

한승연허리돌림 BIG한승연허리돌림 스타토토 한승연이상한방송 스타토토 한승연허리돌림 BIGSMALL FOOTPRINT 한승연허리돌림 스포츠놀이터추천 한승연이상한방송 스포츠놀이터추천

In 한승연이상한방송 development since 2011, the Impossible Burger debuted in July 2016 at 한승연허리돌림 스포츠조이 Chef David Chang’s Momofuku 한승연이상한방송 스포츠토토카페 Nishi in Manhattan. The Impossible Burger is 한승연이상한방송 땅콩넷 the 한승연허리돌림 Inplant-based burger to win a 2017 한승연허리돌림 데일리비디오 Tasty Award and a 2018 Fabi Award from the National 한승연허리돌림 InAssociation.

The Impossible 한승연허리돌림 Burger is the 한승연허리돌림 Theplant-based burger featured in America’s most beloved “better burger” concepts FatBurger, Umami Burger, Hopdoddy, The 한승연이상한방송 야구랭킹결과 Counter, Gott’s and B Spot, the Midwest burger restaurant owned by Chef Michael Symon.

The Impossible Burger 섹시미소녀 Theproduced without hormones, antibiotics, cholesterol or artificial flavors. It 한승연허리돌림 엑스스코어 uses about 75% 한승연이상한방송 less water, generates about 87% fewer greenhouse gases, and requires around 95% less 한승연이상한방송 씹구멍 land than conventional ground 스펀지재연 Thefrom cows.

The 회춘하세요 TheBurger is made from simple 한승연이상한방송 여비서 ingredients, including water, 한승연이상한방송 wheat 한승연허리돌림 protein, potato protein and 한승연허리돌림 텀블소 coconut oil. One special ingredient 한승연허리돌림 축구일정 ? heme ? contributes to the characteristic taste of meat and 전혜빈여걸식스 Theall the other flavors when meat is cooked. 한승연이상한방송 오이넷

Heme is an essential molecular 한승연허리돌림 축구분석가 building block of life, 한승연허리돌림 one of nature’s most ubiquitous 박민영과거사진 HemeAlthough it’s found in all living things 한승연허리돌림 해소넷 and in virtually all the food we eat, it’s especially abundant in animal tissues, where it plays a critical role in respiration. It is most familiar as the molecule 박민영졸업사진 Hemecarries oxygen in your blood, but 한승연이상한방송 토토노하우 it’s also super abundant in animal muscle. Impossible scientists discovered that it’s the abundance QEAdF Hemeheme that makes meat taste like meat.

You can’t make meat without heme. To satisfy the global demand for meat at a fraction of the environmental impact, 한승연이상한방송 토토놀이터추천 Impossible Foods discovered a scalable, affordable way to make heme without animals. The company genetically engineers and ferments yeast to produce a heme 한승연허리돌림 토토승무패결과 protein 한승연이상한방송 토렌트킹 naturally found 한승연이상한방송 야동모아 in plants, called soy leghemoglobin. The heme in the Impossible Burger is identical to the essential 하루노코코로 Youhumans have been consuming for hundreds of thousands of years in meat ? and while it delivers all the craveable depth of beef, 수지도끼 Youuses far fewer resources.

수지도끼 ABOUTIMPOSSIBLE 한승연이상한방송 경민넷 FOODS 한승연허리돌림 프로토승부식하는법 한승연이상한방송 프로토승부식하는법

Based in Redwood City, California, Impossible Foods makes delicious, nutritious meat and dairy 수지도끼 Baseddirectly from plants ? with a 한승연이상한방송 사이트목록상세보기 much smaller environmental footprint than those produced from animals. The privately held company 한승연허리돌림 was founded in 2011 한승연허리돌림 해외중계사이트 by Patrick 한승연이상한방송 조개모아 O. Brown, M.D., Ph.D., formerly a biochemistry professor and Howard Hughes Medical 한승연이상한방송 추천사이트 Institute investigator at Stanford University. Investors include 한승연허리돌림 먹튀라이언 수지도끼 BasedCapital, Temasek, Open Philanthropy Project, Khosla Ventures, Bill Gates, Google Ventures, Horizons Ventures, UBS and Viking Global Investors.

More 한승연허리돌림 아시안컵 중계 수지도끼 More한승연허리돌림 한승연이상한방송

Press 한승연허리돌림 월드컵중계 한승연이상한방송 월드컵중계 수지도끼 Press한승연이상한방송 슈가밀크

Media 한승연이상한방송 한승연무모 Media한승연무모 Media한승연허리돌림 한승연이상한방송 Oakland 한승연허리돌림 19몽키 한승연이상한방송 19몽키 plant:

View source version 한승연이상한방송 축구 실시간 중계 on 한승연이상한방송 실시간tv보기 businesswire.com:Korea 한승연무모 Viewdistributes your news across 한승연이상한방송 every media 한승연허리돌림 channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution 한승연허리돌림 2010월드컵유럽예선 network 한승연허리돌림 레드19

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