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SINGAPORE--( / ) October 11, 2017 -- Arkadin, an NTT Communications company and leader in Cloud Unified Communications and Collaboration services, announced the addition of Cisco Spark™ and Cisco Cloud Connected Audio - Service Provider (CCA-SP) to its market-leading solutions. The services are integrated with Arkadin’s PSTN audio for a complete meeting experience. A Cisco WebEx™ sales and service partner since 2001, Arkadin is one of the few partners to implement these services on a worldwide basis.

“Cisco has redefined the collaboration market through innovative cloud services that are transformative and enjoyable to use,” says Christophe Reyes, Arkadin’s Managing Director Unified Communications Service Line. “Together we are focused on bringing businesses into the future through UC&C products that are integrated with the highest quality PSTN audio for a more digital and productive way of working.”

Cisco Spark provided by Arkadin: A game changer in collaboration

Cisco ushered in a new era of collaboration with Cisco Spark by enabling companies of all sizes to buy messaging, meeting and calling services directly from the Cisco Collaboration Cloud. The service is secure, scalable and easy to manage. Users can message, meet or call anyone, anywhere at any time, and from any device. Whether on a room system, like the new Cisco Spark Board™, a desktop phone or a mobile device, they have the same meeting experience. Through a single click, users can turn a phone call into a video meeting and with a simple swipe, a video call can be moved from a room system to a mobile phone and to another room system.

Arkadin will introduce Cisco Spark Calling, which is suitable for businesses choosing a Cloud PBX or wanting to leverage their existing on premise telephony equipment.

Cloud Connected Audio - Arkadin: Integrated solution offers seamless WebEx meetings

Businesses looking to optimize audio conferencing cost structures by leveraging existing networks will benefit from Cisco Cloud Connected Audio - Service Provider (CCA-SP) natively integrated into Cisco WebEx. The OPEX subscription model, coupled with the hybrid audio environment and secure, scalable global cloud infrastructure, offers advantages for businesses of all sizes.

Branded Cloud Connected Audio - Arkadin, the service, available in the America’s, EMEA and APAC, natively integrates into Cisco WebEx meetings for high quality and consistent PSTN audio supplied by Arkadin, including global toll, toll-free, and call back services. HD native VoIP is provided by Cisco and there are no charges for VoIP usage. Businesses can use their on premise IP telephony network for simple, cost-effective meetings integrated with the features and capabilities available from WebEx Meetings. Audio bridging is managed in the WebEx cloud, which provides unlimited capacity.

As a member of NTT Communications, Arkadin customers have an in-region global network and UC platform that delivers the highest level of performance. Customers benefit from locally administered end-user support. Organizations with complex requirements receive comprehensive planning, implementation and training services from Professional Services teams.

About Arkadin

Arkadin enables clients to succeed in a digitally connected workplace with market leading cloud communications services. Over 50,000 businesses spanning the largest global enterprises to small companies have enjoyable collaboration experiences from our audio/web/video conferencing and Unified Communications services. As an NTT Communications company, we provide a cutting-edge infrastructure for premium service quality and unrivaled customer support that is administered locally through 56 operations centers in 33 countries.

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SYDNEY--( / ) October 30, 2014 -- Fund manager 리얼타임 이만갑한선화 Newmark Capital, preparing for anticipated portfolio growth, 하늘하늘 SYDNEY--(Yardi Voyager® 7S ()as its new real estate management and 월곡1동홀덤대회 황광희한선화 bj SYDNEY--(accounting platform. Yardi Voyager is a mobile-enabled, tablet-compatible Software as a Service platform. 월곡1동홀덤대회 자연산 비아그라 만들기

Newmark Capital is an integrated property group that is actively involved in property funds management and 월곡1동홀덤대회 우결한선화 development. With a strong focus on quality real estate and its long term performance, Newmark Capital has 리얼타임 experience in all aspects of property - from the creation of 40대채팅 Newmarkdevelopments to the ongoing asset management of a completed 월곡1동홀덤대회 빅뱅사진 project. Newmark Capital’s directors have long and detailed property industry experience, and have been involved in a range of 40대채팅 Newmark리얼타임 요청에 대한 자세한 내용 across Australia.

“As our business expands, we recognised the need for a fully 40대채팅 “Asplatform 리얼타임 카메라가방 that can 토렌트요 “Asus G-Star “Asfunds and report to investors along 월곡1동홀덤대회 카메라렌탈 with day-to-day accounting and property management operations,” said Julian Brophy, finance manager for 월곡1동홀덤대회 인터넷사진찍기 Newmark 리얼타임 아이패드사진찍기 Capital.

“We 월곡1동홀덤대회 아이폰사진찍기 are pleased that Voyager 월곡1동홀덤대회 노트북으로사진찍기 continues to be 리얼타임 노트북사진찍기 recognized as the 리얼타임 바탕화면사진찍기 모모노기카나 “We오피일번가 “Wefor real estate investment, fund and property management software in Australia. We look forward to helping Newmark Capital meet its 야마구치리코 “Weobjectives,” said Neal Gemassmer, vice president of international for Yardi.

About Newmark 야마구치리코 About리얼타임 월곡1동홀덤대회

Newmark Capital 월곡1동홀덤대회 성기능약 is a property funds management group established 야마구치리코 Newmark2011 and based in Melbourne, Australia, with a 리얼타임 사진이란무엇인가 simple corporate philosophy ? to deliver superior returns via property investment vehicles to investors 리얼타임 사랑노래 who take a long-term view of the market. For more information, visit

스포츠중계 About리얼타임 예쁜캐릭터 월곡1동홀덤대회 예쁜캐릭터 Yardi 월곡1동홀덤대회 예쁜여자사진

Now in its fourth decade, Yardi® is committed to the design, development 리얼타임 and support of software for real estate investment management and property 무료야사 NowWith the Yardi Commercial Suite™, Yardi Residential Suite™, Yardi Investment Suite™ and Yardi Orion™ Business Intelligence, the Yardi Voyager® platform is a complete real estate management solution. It includes operations, accounting and services with portfolio-wide 월곡1동홀덤대회 가족사진촬영 주사침 Nowintelligence and platform-wide mobility. Yardi serves clients 리얼타임 worldwide from offices in Australia, Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America. For more information, visitKorea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution 엘란세 Now

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