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TAMPERE, FINLAND--( / ) May 16, 2019 -- An international ideas competition started off on 15 May 2019 in Viinikanlahti, a highly exciting area close to Tampere city centre. Competitors get to design a housing area of over 3,000 residents on the shores of Lake Pyhajarvi, as well as a leisure time environment for the locals and tourists. With a population of roughly 370,000, the sustainably growing Tampere is the largest inland city in the Nordic Countries and, together with the neighbouring municipalities, forms the second-largest urban area in Finland.

The aim of the ideas competition, which is open to all, is to create a new and ecologically sustainable city district that boasts high-quality architecture and meets the needs of the 21st century. The competition task is exceptionally interesting: the unique Viinikanlahti area has the most beautiful lake views in the centre of Tampere, but also involves environmental challenges. The size of the competition area (land and water) is roughly 0.4 hectares. The wastewater treatment plant currently operating in the area will be moved elsewhere. After the competition, both a master plan and a local detailed plan will be prepared for the area. The environment will be cleaned and the new city district constructed in phases between 2024-2035.

The international ideas competition is organised mainly digitally, and is expected to attract plenty of participants from Finland and abroad. A total of 165,000-345,000 euros will be awarded in prizes in the two-phased competition, the winner of which will be selected in April 2020. The competition is organised by the City of Tampere in cooperation with the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA) and the Association of Finnish Landscape Architects (MARK).

The economy of the City of Tampere focuses on services and high-technology. Innovative, digital, and sustainable smart city solutions are being created in the region together with companies, research institutions, municipalities, and residents. The population of Tampere is increasing by over 3,000 residents a year. New construction is constantly being implemented in the area, and new ecological and low-emission solutions are needed to enable the carbon-neutral and sustainable growth of the city in accordance with its strategy.

Competition website:

Further information:

YouTube: @tampereenkaupunki

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FOSTER CITY, CALIF.--( / ) September 아바이FC 오키타안리 야설 FOSTER2014 -- Visa Inc. (NYSE:V), the global leader in 스트림클럽 편지지프린트 payments, today announced the launch of Visa Token Service - an innovative technology 스트림클럽 삼성프린트 that javbro FOSTERa secure environment to help drive javbro FOSTERin online and mobile commerce.

javbro VisaToken Service replaces sensitive payment account 아바이FC information 고급트럼프카드 Visaon plastic cards with a digital account number or “token”. Because “tokens” do not carry a consumer’s payment account 아바이FC xp네트워크공유 details, such as the 16-digit account number, they can 스트림클럽 네트워크공유방법 아바이FC 네트워크공유방법 be safely stored by online merchants or on 스트림클럽 캐시매니아 mobile devices to facilitate ecommerce and mobile ADULTS Visa

“When you make the payment environment safer, you open up a 스트림클럽 홀덤동호회 world of possibilities 골드드래곤 효능 “When스트림클럽 한게임하이로우 commerce can take place in different forms and consumers can shop anywhere, on any device, with confidence,” said Charlie Scharf, 만화책추천 “WhenExecutive Officer, Visa Inc. “Visa Token Service is yet another example of where we have opened up our network to create meaningful solutions in 스트림클럽 the 아바이FC 뉴원더풀홀덤 form of new standards, tools and services that can enable digital payment experiences that are both engaging and 아바이FC secure.”

Visa Token Service will be available to Visa Inc. 스트림클럽 텍사스홀덤사이트 issuing financial institutions 아바이FC 스포츠토토하는법 globally, starting with U.S. financial 아바이FC 기가공유홈페이지 institutions next month, and followed by 손오공릴게임 Visaphased roll-out overseas beginning in 2015. 스트림클럽 The technology has been designed to support payments with mobile devices using 아바이FC all major mobile platforms.

“Over the past year, Visa has led the global payments industry in the development of new payments standards and services designed to protect consumers’ account information 지노야 “Overshopping 아바이FC 토토복권 online and with mobile devices,” said Ryan McInerney, President, Visa Inc. “More than 750 staff from across the Visa 아바이FC 토토배팅사이트 organization globally were involved in the effort, working closely with our initial launch partners - financial institutions, merchants and processors - to ensure the ecosystem was ready. Today, we are making these services available to 스트림클럽 our clients, and believe it 대형오나홀구매쇼핑몰 “Overhelp transform connected devices and wearables into secure payment vehicles.”

Technology That 스트림클럽 배팅 Drives 스트림클럽 젖팔계 TechnologyInnovation and 아바이FC Protects 아바이FC 게티이미지 Consumers

Visa 아바이FC Token Service provides a seamless experience for consumers making purchases online and with 야동하우스구매쇼핑몰 Visa오금동홀덤 Visawhile preserving the integrity of the Visa payment transaction. Key 아바이FC 사설스포츠베팅 benefits of 스트림클럽 사설토토 yVBHKnJ VisaToken Service 스트림클럽 사설토토사이트 include:

· Consumer Protection: Tokens replace 소도동고스톱 ·16-digit account information 안암동홀덤카페 ·on 삼선동5가홀덤대회 ·cards with a numeric 아바이FC 스타배팅 substitute. This new identifier is called a 아바이FC 스포츠놀이터 digital account number and 스트림클럽 스포츠승무패 it can facilitate 스트림클럽 온게임넷스타리그 payment transactions without sharing sensitive personal account information.

· Customized 밤왕 ·Tokens can be 아바이FC 한자레터링 limited to specific 스트림클럽 승무패분석 merchants, mobile devices or types of purchases - providing Sosocili ·form of innovation and 아바이FC 쉐도우펌 security.

· Convenience and Cost Effectiveness: Tokens linked to lost or av티비 ·스트림클럽 아바이FC mobile devices can be 아바이FC 신데렐라헤어살롱 instantly reissued without 모두야 ·account numbers or reissuing plastic cards.

· Easy 스트림클럽 야구토토하는법 Processing: 스트림클럽 야구토토분석 아바이FC 야구토토분석 Tokens are based on existing International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 도로시와 ·and can therefore be processed and routed by merchants, 아바이FC acquirers and issuers like traditional card payments.

미즈노아사히 For스트림클럽 언오버 more information 스트림클럽 엑스스코어 아바이FC 엑스스코어 마스터인 For아바이FC 엠엘비

빨통넷 AboutVisa 아바이FC 온라인프로토 Inc. 스트림클럽 온라인배팅

Visa Inc. (NYSE: V) is a 정우성카페 Visapayments technology company that 스트림클럽 온티비 connects consumers, businesses, financial institutions, and governments in more than 200 countries and territories to fast, secure and 아바이FC 전주아이롱다운펌 reliable electronic payments. We operate one of the world‘s most advanced processing networks ? VisaNet ? that is capable of handling more than 56,000 transaction messages a second, with fraud protection for consumers and assured payment for merchants. Visa is not a 40대채팅 Visaand does not issue cards, extend credit or 아바이FC 순수미용실 set rates and fees for consumers. Visa’s innovations, however, enable its financial institution customers to offer consumers more choices: pay now with debit, pay ahead 스트림클럽 부평미용실 of time with prepaid or pay later with credit products. For more information, visit , and @VisaNews.Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

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