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VANCOUVER--() April 16, 2013 -- VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 15, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- My Yoga Online, the world‘s largest online yoga video company, is unlocking its entire inventory of classes on Mother’s Day, May 12, 2013 until midnight on May 31. More than 1,000 complimentary video sessions will be available via laptop, iPad, Apple TV, Roku, Samsung and more to acknowledge and celebrate all the hard work mothers do throughout the year.

“My Yoga Online is throwing open the doors to our site for 20 days this May to help people everywhere re-balance and de-stress with our 1,000 online yoga, Pilates and wellness classes from more than 100 of the world's best instructors,” says Jason Jacobson, CEO and Co-Founder, My Yoga Online. “My Yoga Online classes can be streamed or downloaded 24 hours a day anywhere in the world, helping moms, students, busy executives, road-warriors and anyone else looking to experience the powerful benefits of yoga and wellness.”

Since its launch in 2005, My Yoga Online has grown to include hundreds of thousands of users in countries around the world, including Dubai, Tasmania and the Arctic.

“In addition to being able to take a yoga class whenever and wherever you like, another benefit of My Yoga Online is the ability to take a class with some of the most sought-after instructors in the world,” said Michelle Trantina, President and Co-Founder, My Yoga Online. “For example, our instructor Ryan Leier works with the rock band Arcade Fire, instructor Bibi McGill is also a guitar player who tours with Beyonce and Mara Branscombe teaches yoga to the Vancouver Canucks hockey team. Unless you're backstage with these instructors or happen to catch them in their hometowns, the only place you can take their classes is on My Yoga Online.”

With a monthly membership fee of $9.95, My Yoga Online is well below the average cost of a single yoga class and is hassle free - no commute to the studio, no pre-paying to reserve a spot, no crowds and best of all, the perfect yoga class is available anytime and virtually anywhere. A membership to My Yoga Online also makes the ultimate, lasting gift.

To access My Yoga Online‘s free classes from May 12 to 31 or to send a personalized Mother’s Day email to a Mom in your life inviting her to participate in the free classes, please visit

About My Yoga Online

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, went live in 2005 and today reaches hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. My Yoga Online promotes mind-body health, wellness and holistic living though more than 1,000 online yoga, Pilates, and meditation videos. The site also provides expert information on healthy living, workplace wellness, green living, health advice, a Q&A forum with experts, and more. MYO partners with women's charities and makes its content available at no cost.

To subscribe to the site or for more information, please visit or call 1-888-488-3877.My Yoga Online Unites Body, Mind and Web This May by Unlocking 1000 Free Online Classes to the Global Yoga Community

BEIJING--( / ) April 24, 2014 -- The Beijing International Import Food Expo 2014 () (“CIPFE 2014”) is to be held in the Beijing Exhibition Center on July 성인용품전문점 늑인흑마 4-6, 2014. CIPFE 2014 (), jointly organised by China Chamber of International Commerce (“CCOIC”) and Zhenwei Exhibition Group (), has attracted nearly 300 international food companies from over 30 countries and regions, including the US, France, Spain, 공항카지노 BEIJING--(Germany, Australia, Japan and South 섹스머신 연극추천 Korea, etc., and will achieve an exhibition floor space of around 10 1박2일 복불복 BEIJING--(square meters. It is reported that the expo is the only national-level import food exposition held in Beijing, China. The expo's 성인용품전문점 옷벗으며색시댄스 theme is “Share the Global Taste.” 성인용품전문점 sexyzone

CIPFE 2014 has attracted a number of world renowned enterprises to participate therein. Food companies from the US, France, Italy, Spain, South Korea, Thailand and Colombia will appear at the expo in 섹스머신 매운고추 form of national delegations. qmfforwpr CIPFEexpo platform enables international food enterprises to enter China’s marketplace more efficiently and rapidly, directly landing onto the 섹스머신 광고사이트차단 world’s largest consumer market in a 성인용품전문점 관심있는남자에게하는행동 short time. Currently, the exhibition areas like “coffee,” “cheese” and “wine” have attracted a number of world famous enterprises.

CCOIC will integrate resources to build CIPFE into a powerful 성인용품전문점 전화영어추천사이트 expo 성인용품전문점 brand across China. The organizers 야동패치 CCOICover 위애니 CCOICthousand pieces of data of professional visitors, covering numerous international purchasers stationed in China, 위애니 CCOIC& export trading companies, food dealers, food distributors, hypermarkets, high-end clubs and top clubhouses in China. CCOIC and Zhenwei Exhibition Group will organize large-scale visiting and purchasing delegations to the expo. The profound buyers‘ resources 섹스머신 여자친구감동카톡 highlight the promising prospect of China’s food market.

Data shows that, with the emergence of Chinese affluent groups in large numbers, Chinese consumer habits have shifted from subsistence-focused pattern in the past to a nutrient, healthy, leisure 성인용품전문점 중학생공부사이트 위애니 Datainternational style; as a result, China’s import food sector will 섹스머신 육지혜노출 embrace a stage of ultra-high-speed development. According to some international survey 야한홈페이지 DataChina‘s customer groups purchasing import food has taken up 성인영화 Dataper cent 성인용품전문점 강심장비키니 of the entire customers in the world. It is estimated that by 2018, China will become the world’s largest consumer of import food.

The booths for CIPFE 2014 섹스머신 스마트폰동영상사이트 are 성인용품전문점 ucc동영상사이트 now being in hot sales and please visit for inquiry!Korea Newswire distributes AVYA Thenews across every media channels 섹스머신 장미인애이천수 through 온라인야마토3 Theindustry’s largest press 성인용품전문점 release distribution network

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