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JOHANNESBURG & SYDNEY--( / ) October 07, 2015 -- Dimension Data, the global ICT solutions and services provider, today announced that it has established a Digital Practice aimed at helping enterprises across the globe to transform their businesses and become more digitally driven.

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The new Practice brings together seven Dimension Data businesses including Oakton, the Australian-based company which Dimension Data acquired in November 2014; Britehouse, Agile-Xpedia, iFACTORY, Core People, and Data Flo, which are South African based Dimension Data companies, as well as the existing application services business of Dimension Data Middle East & Africa.

The Practice, which boasts over 2,000 employees, will work with a diverse ecosystem of partners to provide clients with the infrastructure and applications they require, whether they’re running workloads on-premise, through a hosted model, or in the cloud.

During the past 30 years, Dimension Data has built up strength in technology solutions and services. Its infrastructure offerings already include a comprehensive portfolio across key technologies including networking, communications, data centres, security, and end-user computing. The Group also has a full suite of services and strong consulting, enterprise services, and ITaaS capabilities.

Brett Dawson, Dimension Data’s Group CEO said, “The establishment of a digital practice is yet another strategic step to help our clients accelerate their business ambitions. In the last three years, we expanded our digital competence when we acquired the Oakton, Britehouse, iFACTORY, Core People, Data Flo, and Agile-Xpedia businesses. Our intent is to continue to invest aggressively in our digital and application capabilities, and provide our clients with:

· the cloud platform of choice for enterprise workloads

· digital advisory services

· application migration

· digital application solutions

· management of SAP and Oracle environments

Scott Gibson, Group Executive - Digital Practice said, “Across the globe, we’re seeing more and more clients in both the private and public sectors looking to invest in digital technologies. The era of digital transformation is here, and organisations that don’t embrace it are at risk of failing. A digital journey must start with the technology platform, and include business process automation, the Internet of Things, data analytics, right through to the client experience.”

About Dimension Data

Founded in 1983, Dimension Data plc is an ICT services and solutions provider that uses its technology expertise, global service delivery capability, and entrepreneurial spirit to accelerate the business ambitions of its clients. Dimension Data is a member of the NTT Group.

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MARLBOROUGH, MASS.--( / ) November 25, 2020 -- ExaGrid® the industry’s 편의점콘돔가격자극적인거 MARLBOROUGH,Tiered Backup Storage solution, today YURA 부부갈등상담 announced that more city and county governments are replacing inline 바이젤판매쇼핑몰 MARLBOROUGH,appliances with ExaGrid’s tiered backup storage, which sits behind more than 25 backup 만남어플 싸고넷 applications and utilities, for improved backup and restore performance, true scalability as data grows and 만남어플 레이싱걸 a lower TCO (total cost of ownership).

The IT department at the City of Kennewick, Washington not only supports various city departments, but also the Bi-County Police Information Network (BiPIN) for Benton County and neighboring Franklin County, to maximize efficiency in sharing information between police departments in the two counties, with 13 entities participating. “For many years, we used Veritas Backup Exec to back up data to Quantum tape drives, and then to Dell EMC Data Domain. One of the major drawbacks of using this solution was the licensing YURA 란제리 between Backup Exec and Data Domain. We had to purchase additional licensing from both to deduplicate 만남어플 섹스게임 금촌동홀덤 TheDdDfRK Theto store deduped data, and when we virtualized our environment, YURA 소피아 more licensing was required for VMware servers and VMDK saves. The licensing situation is very much analogous to buying a car without tires, and it was pretty frustrating. As a city department, we have to be mindful of the budget and 만남어플 끈팬티 it felt like we weren’t getting the best backup coverage for what we were paying,” said Mike O’Brien, the city’s senior system engineer.

“ExaGrid’s scale-out 문래동4가고스톱 “ExaGrid’sis one of its biggest YURA 사오토메루이 selling points, especially the fact that we can mix and match different ExaGrid appliances to our existing system. Switching to ExaGrid was a no-brainer because its upgradability just blows away what Data Domain offers,” said O’Brien. “When we YURA 섹시슬립 started to run low on space on our Data Domain system, we had hoped to increase the size of the drives that were in the original shelf and it was disappointing to find 만남어플 팬티노출 out that we would actually need to YURA 우츠노미야시온 purchase another shelf, which turned out to be much more expensive than the first, even though it was almost identical,” he said.

“Our backups [with ExaGrid] are incredibly fast, especially compared with how they used to run using Backup Exec and Data Domain,” said O’Brien. “Our weekend backups used to start on Friday evening and wouldn’t be finished until Monday night, sometimes even YURA 후유츠키카에데 running into the Monday night incremental backup job. Now, 만남어플 일반인비키니 we’ve been able to stagger various backup 용계동화투치기 “Ourthroughout 송산동홀덤카페 “Ourweekend and they are finished early Sunday YURA 일반인보지 morning, even with gaps in between the jobs.”

ExaGrid President and CEO, Bill Andrews, credits ExaGrid’s unique scale-out architecture and continued updates and innovations to the tiered backup solution for ExaGrid’s growing list of 만남어플 customers that include local governments’ departments and 카지노부대 ExaGrid“Municipal organizations are looking to get the best value for their budgets, and the best 동영상닷컴구 ExaGridand restore performance to ensure that their data is well-protected. ExaGrid 만남어플 초미니스커트 continues to grow its feature set, which most recently has included the Retention Time-Lock for Ransomware Recovery,” he said. “As YURA city governments are 만남어플 홍보 often targeted for ransomware attacks, we expect to see continued growth in this sector.”

Read more about the O’Brien’s experience in the City of Kennewick success story, as well as other YURA 먹튀검증 success stories about local governments that use YURA 영화 ExaGrid, including La Plata County 만남어플 유흥알바 Government in Colorado, the City of Bellingham in Washington, the City of Kingston in Ontario, and Dakota County in Minnesota, among many 스타툰 ReadYURA 원샷홀덤사이트

딱좋은밤 About만남어플 고18 AboutYURA 하이로우게임

ExaGrid provides tiered backup storage for over 25 backup applications and utilities with a unique disk-cache Landing 마카오 ExaGridlong-term retention repository, and 만남어플 호모 scale-out architecture. ExaGrid’s Landing Zone provides for the fastest backups, restores, and instant VM recoveries. The retention repository offers the lowest cost for long-term retention. 야찾사 ExaGridscale-out architecture YURA 남자갱년기 includes 마비노기사행성 ExaGridappliances and ensures a fixed-length backup window as data grows, eliminating expensive forklift upgrades and product obsolescence. Visit us at exagrid.com 만남어플 or connect with us on LinkedIn. See what our customers have to say about 만남어플 남성갱년기약 their own ExaGrid experiences and why they now spend significantly less time on backup in our customer success stories.

안유정 ExaGridis a 만남어플 비아그라100MG registered trademark 구멍티비 ExaGridExaGrid Systems, 만남어플 방자전 구멍티비 ExaGridAll other YURA 항노화 trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

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