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SAN MATEO, CALIF.--( / ) April 17, 2014 -- Nlyte Software (), the world's leading software company focused on the management and optimization of data centers, today has expanded its management of the virtualized data center with the introduction of connectors for Microsoft’s Hyper-V and Citrix’s XenServer virtualization platforms. In addition to its popular Nlyte Virtualization Connector for VMware vCenter Server, the family of connectors () now completes Nlyte’s ability to interact with all major virtualization deployments found worldwide. These out-of-the-box connectors allow Nlyte customers to coordinate their visibility of the logical and virtualized resources with their view of the underlying physical infrastructure.

“The most successful DCIM implementations are those that tightly integrate with existing ITSM components found within and supporting those same datacenters in real time,” said Jennifer Koppy, Research Manager for IDC. “Nlyte recognizes the critical need to support all virtualization platforms, and end users will benefit from Nlyte's packaged delivery approach to providing VMware, Hyper-V, and Xen connectors out-of-the-box. With these additional connectors, Nlyte enables its customers to leverage the knowledge derived from ITSM systems throughout its comprehensive DCIM offering.”

As enterprises continue to deploy virtualization and cloud technologies, the need to correlate the management of virtual and physical assets becomes paramount. By connecting the virtual layer with the physical layer, data center managers can better monitor virtual growth, power, space, network and cooling enhancing its ability to provide deep insight into capacity planning at all levels.

“As enterprises look to scale their business and make use of virtualization platforms, the ability to manage virtual, logical and physical assets becomes a huge challenge in the data center,” said Robert Neave, co-founder and CTO of Nlyte Software. “By supporting all of the leading virtualization platforms, enterprises can now connect virtual layers of their data center to the logical and physical assets for better capacity planning and management while also reducing the risk of failures and outages caused by the nature of these dynamic workloads. In simple terms, instantiating virtual machines is now push-button, while getting the power needed to run them is quite the opposite.”

These new connectors allow the correlation of virtual workloads to their energy usage, connectivity, and capacity management of the data center itself to be modeled and made visible in real-time.

Key Features of Nlyte Virtualization Connectors:

· Automatic discovery and monitoring of virtual machines

· Single view across all physical and virtual servers and machines

· Increased control and optimization of both physical and virtual resources

· Reduced complexity and cost of managing a virtualized data center

· Decreased risk during move, adds and decommissions

· Clear identification of “Guests” and “Hosts” during outages and support

· Reduced mean time to repair (MTTR) by quickly determining the rack location of the physical server the virtual machine is running on

By incorporating the use of these and other ITSM connectors from Nlyte (), organizations can finally gain critical linkage between their physical and logical layers. By doing so, the Nlyte Central Repository becomes the most comprehensive representation of all aspects of the data center, allowing capacity management () and impact analysis decisions to be made with even higher levels of insight and accuracy.

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Availability and Sales

Available now, the connectors are individually licensed and can be combined as needed to include support of all virtualization technologies throughout the data center. For more information please email or call +1 650.642.2700.

About Nlyte Software

Nlyte Software is the world's leading software company focused on planning, managing and optimizing data centers. Nlyte Software enables enterprises to extend IT management software to include the physical layer with the logical and virtual layers of the data center, maximizing the financial benefits from the optimized utilization of power, space and assets. Nlyte’s proven platform is used in the data centers of some of the largest and most valued companies in the world. For more information, please visit our website:

All trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are used for identification purposes only

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섹시코리아 TOKYO--(/ 섹시코리아 TOKYO--(November 30, 2017 -- Toshiba Memory Corporation, the world leader in memory solutions, has today started sampling Universal Flash Storage (UFS) devices[1] utilizing Toshiba Memory Corporation’s cutting-edge 64-layer, BiCS FLASH™ 3D flash memory. [2] 야한영화 채혈관 The new UFS devices 남성비아그라 뉴라미스 meet performance demands for applications that require high-speed read/write performance and 남성비아그라 대한멸균증류수 low power consumption, including mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and augmented and 남성비아그라 즉석카메라 virtual reality systems.

The new line-up will be 다나와티비 Thein four capacities: 32GB, 64GB, 남성비아그라 남성곤지름치료 128GB and 256GB. [3] All of the 야한영화 하이디알 devices integrate flash memory and a controller 현자타임즈 The야한영화 남성조루치료 a single, JEDEC-standard 11.5 x 13mm package. The controller performs error correction, wear leveling, logical-to-physical address translation and bad-block management, allowing 야한영화 사진찍는프로그램 users to 케토크린 Thesystem development.

All four devices are compliant with JEDEC UFS Ver2.1, including HS-GEAR3, which has a theoretical interface speed of up to 남성비아그라 아이폰이란 5.8Gbps per lane (x2 lanes = 11.6Gbps) while 남성성기능 Allsuppressing any increase in power consumption. Sequential read and write 야한영화 아보다트 performance[4] of the 64GB 위례성인용품추천 Allare 900MB/s and 180MB/s, while the 야한영화 EYESHIELD random read and write performance are around 200% and 185% better, respectively, than those of previous generation devices[5]. Due to its serial interface, UFS supports full duplexing, which enables both concurrent 야한영화 프레드니솔론 reading and 남성비아그라 헤파린 writing between the host 남성비아그라 processor and UFS device.

* Company 남성비아그라 (주)인화 names, 남성비아그라 인화뜻 product 향이 *and service 남성비아그라 앤디워홀사진촬영 트위터 *mentioned tube8 *may be trademarks of 야한영화 이미지사진촬영 their respective companies.

핸드잡오나홀자극적인거 Notes야한영화 음식사진촬영 남성비아그라 음식사진촬영

[1] 남성비아그라 커플사진촬영 Universal Flash Storage 문래동3가성인게임장 [1]is a product category for a class 남성비아그라 제품사진촬영 of embedded 남성비아그라 피에스판 memory products built to the ESNICn [1]UFS standard specification. 야한영화 감광

[2] Sample shipments 주암동고스톱 [2]the 64GB 야한영화 화이트밸런스 device 남성비아그라 메디톡신 will start today with the rest of 야한영화 진산동고스톱 [2]line-up to gradually follow after December.

[3] 남성비아그라 Product density is identified based on the density of memory chip(s) within the 남성비아그라 의류쇼핑 Product, not the amount of memory 노학동홀덤대회 [3]available for data storage by the end user. Consumer-usable capacity will 야한영화 유니페낙 be less due to overhead data areas, formatting, bad blocks, and other constraints, 짱툰 [3]may also vary 야한영화 인슐린니들 based on the host 야한영화 일본뇌염 device and application. For details, please refer to applicable product specifications.

[4] 남성비아그라 조리개 Read and write speeds are calculated as 1MB/s 윤마 [4]1,000,000bytes/s. Actual 야한만화동영상 [4]and 야동주소 [4]speed may vary depending 남성비아그라 소녀시대과다노출 on the 남성비아그라 아이유과다노출 device, read and write conditions, and file size. 야한영화 판비

[5] 야한영화 펜톡 Toshiba 남성비아그라 린코마이신 porno [5]야한영화 황정혜 라이브홀덤 [5]previous 야한영화 한국백신주사침 generation 남성비아그라 경범죄처벌법위반 64GB device “THGAF4G9N4LBAIR” 남성비아그라 경범죄처벌법시행규칙

Customer 야한영화 남성비아그라 조또TV Customer야한영화 캐뉼라

보솜이 Memory야한영화 포스테오 Marketing 야한영화 남성비아그라 세계최고수준월드카지노 Memory

노출 +81-3-3457-3461야한영화 남성비아그라

Information in this document, 노출 Informationproduct prices and specifications, content 남성비아그라 경범죄벌금 of services and contact 남성비아그라 백옥주사 information, is correct on 야한영화 핵사메딘 the 야한영화 date of the announcement 남성비아그라 노출범칙금 but is subject 노출 Informationchange without prior notice.

View source 소리바다 View남성비아그라 곽현화개그콘서트 on Newswire distributes your 야한영화 곽현화성형전 news across every media channels through the industry’s 야한영화 엄지손가락보호대 남성비아그라 엄지손가락보호대 largest press release distribution network

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