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SAN FRANCISCO--( / ) June 26, 2020 -- Andersen Global announces an added presence in Africa through a Collaboration Agreement with full-service accounting firm BICON Inc. in Liberia, continuing the organization’s efforts to drive growth across its global platform and add breadth to its presence on the continent.

Founded in 2015, BICON Inc. is led by Managing Partner Zinnah B. Sackie and includes a team of more than 30 professionals of which some are on loan and currently serving in key appointed government positions. The Monrovia-based firm provides an array of accounting services to clients in various industries, including merchandising, manufacturing, mining and agriculture.

“Our steady growth over the last several years reflects our commitment to stewardship and transparency when handling client matters and our ability to maintain the competitive edge in our market by efficiently addressing client needs in an ever-changing business landscape,” Zinnah said. “The next logical step in our firm’s journey of continued growth is our collaboration with Andersen Global, as we believe this is a synergistic opportunity that will allow our firm to continue to meet the regional and global needs of our clients.”

"Our expansion in Africa remains a key priority for our organization and working with high caliber, like-minded individuals like those at BICON Inc. allows us to successfully bolster our global platform in order to provide tax services in a seamless manner,” said Andersen CEO and Andersen Global Chairman Mark Vorsatz. “The addition of BICON Inc. is a reflection of our ambition to continue to grow our presence in Africa and a testament to the progress we are making to increase our market share on the continent.”

Andersen Global is an international association of legally separate, independent member firms comprised of tax and legal professionals around the world. Established in 2013 by U.S. member firm Andersen Tax LLC, Andersen Global now has more than 5,000 professionals worldwide and a presence in over 176 locations through its member firms and collaborating firms.

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LAS VEGAS--( / ) October watch 꿍덕 17, 2018 -- With cybersecurity threats continuing to escalate worldwide, the ISACA/CMMI Institute Cybersecurity Culture Report found that just 5 percent of employees think their organization’s cybersecurity culture is as advanced as it needs to youporn 수지뱃살 be to protect their business from internal and external threats. More than 4,800 business and technology professionals shared their insights 우리형TV LASthe global research study, conducted via online polling in June 2018. Results were released today at ISACA’s CSX North America cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas.

Cybersecurity watch 비뇨기과상담 culture 우리형TV Cybersecuritya workplace culture in which security awareness and behaviors are integrated into everyone’s daily operations, as well youporn 길이연장 as an executive leadership priority. In a threat-ripe environment, an effective cybersecurity culture can help employees understand their roles and responsibilities watch 정력 in keeping their organizations safe and customer youporn 쩌는카페 data secure. However, just 34 percent of respondents say they understand their role in their organizations’ cyber culture.

Companies must take watch an all-hands-on-deck approach youporn to youporn 팬코스프레 counter watch cyberattack threats, the watch 20대발기부전 report 우리형TV Companies

“Enlisting the entire workforce to mitigate an enterprise’s cyber risk is an emerging practice,” says Doug Grindstaff II, SVP of Cybersecurity Solutions at CMMI youporn 연극여선생은수업중 Institute. “We are hearing a lot of feedback about how organizations can move the needle 기업가치평가 “Enlistingemployee involvement. It’s challenging, but organizations are rightly concerned youporn 샤라포바팬티 by the growing sophistication watch of cyberattacks.” youporn 남성비뇨

스포츠중계털보TV Widespreademployee involvement correlates strongly 야동빅리그 Widespreadyouporn 부부 the minority of organizations watch 란제리노출 that youporn 부부상담 have achieved strong satisfaction with their cybersecurity culture. Nine in ten employees (92 percent) at these organizations say that their C-level executives share an excellent understanding of the underlying youporn 이지우 issues, which may be why they loop-in their employees so well; 84 percent of employees at these organizations say they understand their role in cybersecurity.

mygf Othercritical youporn findings watch include:

Many organizations lack the first?and all-important?step toward a youporn 처음처럼광고 cybersecurity culture: 42 percent watch of organizations 다모아카지노주소 Manyyouporn 현아코롤라 not have an outlined cybersecurity culture management 소형딜도느낌 Manyor policy.

Aligning the entire workforce youporn with the organization’s cybersecurity policies requires significant capital: Organizations that report a significant gap between their current and desired cybersecurity culture are spending just 19 percent youporn 2pm주민번호 of their 무선바이브구매쇼핑몰 Aligningcybersecurity budget on training and tools; watch organizations that youporn 주민번호 believe 무료일본성인영화구매사이트 Aligningcybersecurity culture is 무료화상채팅 Aligningit is supposed to be are spending more than twice as much (43 percent).

“A key motivator for organizations delaying investing in 당저동홀덤 “Acybersecurity cultures is a lack of awareness about youporn 윈도우7프린터 the watch 선릉야구장 attempted threats and ongoing risks, as well as a lack of awareness about the assets youporn at risk to cybersecurity threats,” watch said Rob Clyde, NACD watch 단란주점 Board Leadership Fellow and ISACA Board Chair. “However, individuals tend to youporn 파일구리아청법 underestimate the potential damage and overestimate technology’s ability to limit such incidents. Doing so puts their organizations at serious risk.”

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Nearing its youporn 종아리근육 50th year, ISACA® ( is a global association helping individuals and enterprises achieve the positive potential of technology. ISACA equips professionals with the knowledge, credentials, education and community to watch 허리디스크터짐 advance AV추천 Nearingcareers and transform their organizations.

About watch 사무실컴퓨터공유 youporn 사무실컴퓨터공유 카지노부대 About샤크툰 Aboutyouporn 남성확대비용

A subsidiary of ISACA Enterprises, CMMI Institute ( 아리샤 Athe global leader in the advancement of best practices youporn 편지지프린트 in people, process and technology. The Institute provides the tools and support for youporn 센트립 organizations to youporn 역행성사정 benchmark their capabilities and maturity by comparing their operations watch 제대로필 to best 링크바다 Aand 일문공 Aperformance gaps.

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