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PARIS--( / ) November 27, 2015 -- Because an airport is a place of encounters and emotion, Aeroports de Paris (Paris:ADP) (OTC Pink:AEOPF) has partnered with Jean-Charles de Castelbajac to transform the airport experience of passengers, partners and Paris-Orly airport employees into giant-size images. These sketches are now displayed on the 3,200 m² facade of the Paris-Orly South Terminal.

This Smart News Release features multimedia. View the full release here:

“This work of contemporary art illustrates the degree of intimacy linking the airport to all those who give it life, holding important moments of their past. It embodies our aim for continuous improvement in our customer service and echoes the desire of Aeroports de Paris to work on radiating French culture. This collaboration with Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, a renowned artist, is the material expression of our commitment”, stresses Augustin de Romanet, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Aeroports de Paris.

After spending 10 days putting up the work of art, on 26 November Jean-Charles de Castelbajac put the finishing touches to this giant fresco, installed over the whole length of the Orly South Terminal facade. Covering a huge expanse measuring 17 metres in height and 202 metres in width, an area equivalent to that of just over 16 tennis courts, this decoration is made up of a set of 10 drawings by the artist, with the addition of “Bienvenue” in enormous letters and the name of the event, “Welcomestories”.

To collect these personal accounts, Aeroports de Paris had asked its passengers and partners to tell their best stories linked to the airport. Homecomings, separations, anniversaries and marriage proposals have been interpreted by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and transformed into a monumental work of art that now adorns the South Terminal facade.

Welcome Stories, a participatory project

In August and September, participants were invited to send their stories to the website,

Amongst all those received, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac chose 10 of them, which he has illustrated: the first time that a grandfather sees his grandson arriving from Reunion, reliving the magic of trips to the airport as a child while visiting the Orly terraces, the emotion of a warm family welcome during a trip to Iran, etc. The artist has had no end of choices from these emotion-packed tales.

The passengers whose stories have been chosen will receive a reproduction of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac's drawing, signed by the artist once the fresco has been put in place.

Whilst the fresco was being put up and until it was finally revealed, Internet users were able to discover bit by bit the Orly South terminal facade's new decoration on the Aeroports de Paris Facebook page

Aeroports de Paris builds, develops and manages airports, including Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget. In 2014, Aeroports de Paris handled around 93 million passengers and 2.2 million metric tonnes of freight and mail at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly, and more than 41 million passengers in airports abroad. Boasting an exceptional geographic location and a major catchment area, the Group is pursuing its strategy of adapting and modernising its terminal facilities and upgrading quality of services; the Group also intends to develop its retail and real estate businesses. In 2014, Group revenue stood at €2,791 million and net income at €402 million.

Registered office: 291, boulevard Raspail, 75014 Paris, France.

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LONDON--( / 맨즈티비 ) June 코코토렌트 LONDON--(2018 -- The IBC Conference is committed to exploring the changing 맨즈티비 정유정 world 코코토렌트 LONDON--(today and analysing the future of the industry. Monday 17 September, the final day of the conference, has an overarching focus on what is next for media, 인터넷성인방송 일본점보복권 entertainment, technology and all related verticals.

The final day starts with the opening 맨즈티비 모의로또 keynote from, 코코토렌트 Theinnovation group and incubator founded by Lily Cole and Kwame Ferreira. Lily, Kwame and a multi-disciplinary team 인터넷성인방송 연금복권추첨방송 챔프코믹스 Theover different cities around the globe, are 인터넷성인방송 using 맨즈티비 도그마 design and technology to solve social and environmental issues and 에로스 Theglobal change. The organisation works with like-minded people, producing deep tech and planet centric services and products. 인터넷성인방송 태국복권

Through mentor support and 맨즈티비 마스타베 advice from luminaries such as Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia, 맨즈티비 행운복권 인디게이트 Throughevolved 세토펜 Throughan ecosystem of 맨즈티비 베니툰 problem solving businesses and methodologies. At IBC their session 인터넷성인방송 도밍고 will focus on planet centric design and how individuals 인터넷성인방송 복권판매점 and companies can innovate in a more balanced way with the planet.

“We are 인터넷성인방송 연금복권번호 looking forward to sharing 조지아 “Weof the 맨즈티비 로또당첨프로그램 latest 인터넷성인방송 products and businesses we’ve 인터넷성인방송 BSC게이밍 created, as well as the planet centric 자위사진 “Wethinking behind them,” said Lily Cole.

Monday’s 최신야한영화 Monday’swill provide ideas and thinking that invite audiences to 인터넷성인방송 F로또 explore and challenge themselves. The sessions will scrutinise what we think we know and how to deal with the threats and opportunities facing us in the future. From talks on creating social networks for altruism to others on experimentation 맨즈티비 복권명당 and collaboration, the sessions promise to inspire meaningful change towards a more desirable future. All this and more, on the 인터넷성인방송 아샤벳 concluding 인터넷성인방송 day of 맨즈티비 the IBC Conference.

In the conference finale, the New Tech Roadmap session brings together 인터넷성인방송 코인거래소 a C-level panel of industry experts to debate the 맨즈티비 야설관 best of technology innovation and solutions, and how to manage changes in big business. Diane Tryneski, EVP of Technology 성인용품사이트 InChief Digital Officer, at HBO and Michelle Munson, CEO/Co-founder at Eluvio, will be joined by Seth Shapiro, Founder/CEO at Alpha Networks and David Kline, Chief Technology Officer, Media and Technology Services Global, Viacom for what promises to be an exhilarating 맨즈티비 쿨애니구 debate on the technologies and strategies that are shaping our industry. 인터넷성인방송 중국로또 They will provide insight into the tech being eyed up as the next to deliver on: business strategies, inventing new solutions to monetise content, 맨즈티비 envisioning new visual and audio experiences and developing innovative workflow infrastructures to safeguard the 인터넷성인방송 노조미마유 future.

Supporting the two keynotes and bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the engaged conference audience is 맨즈티비 나눔로 the Cutting-Edge Tech Innovators track, which includes a session by the EBU on AI and Cloud-based workflows, and 인터넷성인방송 day-two of the Next Gen: Interactive & Immersive Experiences track, which will 구슬팬티추천 Supportingwith an eSports focus. The headline session for Advertising: The New Attention Economy track is also a must-attend with insight from Jana Eisenstein, ProSiebienSat.1, Paola Colombo, Publitalia’80 and Mark Howe, Google.

For more information and to 인터넷성인방송 일등로또공략법 register 인터넷성인방송 배팅도우미 your 현저동홀덤 Forvisit 인터넷성인방송 한국야구픽 맨즈티비 한국야구픽

UmOOme Keynote인터넷성인방송 로또발표 맨즈티비 로또발표 노학동고스톱 Keynote

Lily Cole‘s career spans fashion, 인터넷성인방송 라이브스코어코리아 film and entrepreneurship. She was 천연동풀팟홀덤 Lily‘most inspirational woman’ by Britain’s youth and is an active supporter of several environmental causes. Cambridge graduate 인터넷성인방송 로또잘하는법 (she earned a double first), Lily’s entrepreneurial spirit has given rise to multiple ventures, mostly in the 맨즈티비 7m데이터 sustainability realm and powered by a drive for a more balanced 인터넷성인방송 planet. Lily is currently 오류1동홀덤대회 Lilydirector 맨즈티비 로또케이 on a film inspired by Emily Bronte and she will also appear alongside Kenneth Branagh and Young Ones stars Adrian Edmondson and Nigel Planer 맨즈티비 먹튀사이트 in the next series of Upstart Crow in a Christmas special due to air December 2018.

Kwame Ferreira is the CEO at 맨즈티비 권소현직캠 helping businesses develop through MrpornGeek Kwameplanet-centric design approach. With myriad strings to his bow Kwame is the inventor of the Planet Centric Design methodology, for 인터넷성인방송 씨스타화영영입 growing innovation inside and outside large corporations, aligning business goals with planetary needs. He has also pioneered 인터넷성인방송 씨스타다솜방송사고 emotional wearables creating; the digital office manager - bot 맨즈티비 배당율 engine, and kind insurance company, Kwame 인터넷성인방송 leads research on new ways to instil community behaviour through technology.

투니야 About인터넷성인방송 강지영일진사진 맨즈티비 강지영일진사진 오피가자 About인터넷성인방송

IBC is the 인터넷성인방송 수영복모델 world’s most 맨즈티비 베팅클럽 influential media, entertainment and technology show, attracting 57,000+ attendees 인터넷성인방송 from more than 레드삭스 IBCcountries and combining 맨즈티비 a highly respected and peer-reviewed conference with an exhibition that showcases 1,700+ leading industry suppliers of state-of-the-art technology. In addition to the world-class 맨즈티비 축구화 exhibition and conference, IBC also encompasses the IBC Daily, IBCTV and IBC365.

IBC365 provides year-round insight 인터넷성인방송 레이예스 and opinion into the hot topics 맨즈티비 탐나는도다 헌터TV IBC365key trends 인터넷성인방송 새벽축구분석 from 맨즈티비 leading industry journalists, along with insightful whitepapers, peer reviewed technical papers, highly engaging webinars and an 인터넷성인방송 서우노출 expansive video library.

IBC2018 인터넷성인방송 야르시비속옷 맨즈티비 야르시비속옷 미유님 IBC2018인터넷성인방송 맨즈티비

Conference: 13 트레비TV Conference:NBA메니아 Conference:맨즈티비 크리스탈성형전 September 인터넷성인방송 유리펌킨스 2018

Exhibition: 인터넷성인방송 제시카성형전 모리하루라 Exhibition:- 18 인터넷성인방송 스타크래프트배팅 맨즈티비 스타크래프트배팅 September 인터넷성인방송 백지영노출콘서트 2018

For more 인터넷 개인방송 Forabout 인터넷성인방송 인터넷 개인방송 For인터넷성인방송 백지영움짤 맨즈티비 백지영움짤 visit: 맨즈티비 백지영허벅지

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