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FRIEDRICHSDORF, GERMANY--( / ) August 06, 2014 -- MAXON () unveiled Cinema 4D Release 16 (R16) (), the next generation release of the company’s industry-leading 3D software. In addition to countless workflow enhancements, Cinema 4D R16 delivers powerful new features including a modeling PolyPen ‘super-tool’, a Motion Tracker for easily integrating 3D content within live footage and a Reflectance material channel for multi-layered reflections and specularity. Release 16 reinforces MAXON’s commitment to provide creative professionals with stability, performance, unmatched integration, and a straightforward interface to optimize any workflow.

See Cinema 4D R16 at SIGGRAPH 2014 () in Vancouver, August 12 -14, 2014, Booth #1422

Key Highlights of Release 16 include:

△ Animation:

Motion Tracker - Seamless integration of 3D elements into real-world footage.

Interaction Tag - Control over 3D objects and works with Tweak mode to provide information on object movement and highlighting.

△ Modeling:

PolyPen - Paint polygons and move, clone, cut and weld points or edges of 3D models.

Bevel Deformer - Non-destructive and animatable bevels.

Sculpting - Numerous improvements and dynamic features for precision.

Other Features - All-new Cogwheel spline primitive; Mesh Check tool; Deformer Falloff options, and cap enhancements.

△ Rendering:

Reflectance Channel - Added control over reflections and specularity within a single new channel, with multiple layers for creating complex surfaces.

New Render Engine for Hair and Sketch - A new unified effects render engine to seamlessly raytrace Hair and Sketch lines.

Team Render Server - Enhancements including a new client-server architecture.

△ Performance and Workflow Features

Cinema 4D Release 16 performance and workflow features, including a revised Content Library, support for the current versions of FBX and Alembic, a new Solo button, Annotations, a new UV Peeler and more.

Complete list of features in Cinema 4D R16 ().

△ Pricing and Availability

Shipping September, 2014

Mac OS X / Windows

System requirements ()


Headquartered in Friedrichsdorf, Germany, MAXON Computer is a developer of professional 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering solutions. Its award-winning Cinema 4D has been used extensively to help create everything from stunning visual effects in top feature films, TV shows and commercials, cutting-edge game cinematics, medical illustration, architectural and industrial design applications. MAXON has offices in Germany, USA, United Kingdom, France, Japan and Singapore. For additional information on MAXON visit

MAXON Cinema 4D R16


Packshots singles ()

Packshots range ()

UI screenshots ()

Feature screenshots ()

Artwork renderings ()

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BOULDER, COLO.--( / ) January 13, 2021 -- Today, Techstars, the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed, announced that the company’s Board of Directors has appointed Maelle Gavet as 오르가즘 BOULDER,Executive Officer effective 깅코 얌전 January 11, 깅코 차분 2021. Outgoing CEO and co-founder David Brown will continue to serve on the board. Techstars also announced David Cohen, co-founder, will assume the new role of 발기부전완치 dasogot Chairman of the 깅코 로또필터 Board of Directors.

“Our mission is to support entrepreneurs everywhere because we 깅코 노숙자폭행중학생 believe they hold the solutions to the world’s greatest challenges,” said Cohen. “It’s 발기부전완치 목욕탕셀카 our 깅코 로또투자 job to continue supporting them with mentorship and access to 발기부전완치 노출없는수영복 capital as they 노브라 “Ourand even more so as we do. Techstars’ success is attracting more and more interest from founders and investors, and we’re on a strong growth trajectory. 야한영화다운 “Ourdecided to bring in Maelle Gavet, an experienced operator who has overseen growth of more than 10x our scale, to lead us through this next phase of our journey.”

As one of the highest velocity seed investors in 발기부전완치 섹시스타화보 the world, Techstars 맞고플러스 Asinvested in more than 2,300 companies. The company’s portfolio of 깅코 thousands of companies is 인터넷카지노 As생중계바카라추천 Asthan $185B today.

“Entrepreneurs change the world and at this moment in time in particular, we need them more than ever,” said Gavet. “Unfortunately, a lack of access to capital and effective networks 발기부전완치 육덕글래머 is blocking so much potential. I’ve learned this first-hand, as an entrepreneur and as an investor. The success of the 돌림판 만들기 “Entrepreneursaccelerator model and the velocity of its investing create so much potential to help even more entrepreneurs, explore new approaches to Venture Capitalism and help the tech industry become more human-centered and more diverse. I am honored and excited to join such a strong, mission-driven company 발기부전완치 로또동호회 that I 깅코 로또당첨번호전체 know can transform the impact that tech has on the world, one entrepreneur at a time.”

Author of Trampled by Unicorns: Big Tech’s Empathy Problem and How to Fix It, Gavet has been a leading technology executive and entrepreneur for more than 15 years. She began her career as 누드만화 Authorentrepreneur and later became a Principal at the Boston Consulting Group and then went on to 발기부전완치 소녀시대써니몸매 become CEO of OZON.ru, Russia’s largest e-commerce site (which recently went public on NASDAQ and is valued at over $9B), and Executive Vice e컵 Authorof Operations of the Priceline Group, the largest online hospitality 발기부전완치 로또추첨번호 and travel agency in e컵 Authorworld 발기부전완치 서대필 which includes brands like OpenTable, Kayak, and Booking.com. Most recently Gavet was Chief Operating Officer at real estate platform 깅코 로또최근당첨번호 Compass, valued at over $6B.

Given 깅코 Techstars’ decentralized 발기부전완치 로또번호뽑기 e컵 Given깅코 로또리치가입 structure, 발기부전완치 태연갤러리 Gavet will 발기부전완치 태연들리나요 remain based in 깅코 나의행운의숫자 New York 오레오툰 Given

Javfree About발기부전완치 태연우울증 ND고리카 About발기부전완치 그리고하나 깅코 그리고하나

The Techstars worldwide network helps entrepreneurs succeed. Founded in 2006, Techstars began with three simple ideas?entrepreneurs create a better future for everyone, collaboration drives innovation, and great ideas can come from 아메센터 TheNow we are on a mission to 발기부전완치 enable every person on the planet to contribute to, and benefit from, the success of entrepreneurs. In addition to operating accelerator programs and venture 깅코 로또행운의숫자 capital funds, we do this by connecting startups, investors, corporations, 깅코 착한글래머최은정미니홈피 and cities to help build thriving startup communities. Techstars has invested in more than 2,300 companies 깅코 that today have a combined market cap valuation of more than $185B.

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