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LONDON--( / ) June 20, 2017 -- IBC announces today the shortlist for the IBC2017 Innovation Awards. Demonstrating a breadth of innovation in the electronic media, entertainment and technology industry, the international judging panel reviewed an array of compelling entries, settling on 11 finalists from around the world, all offering very different solutions.

The shortlist covers everything from a major football final to e-sports; from virtual studios to channel marketing; from mobile OTT on a massive scale to seamless content delivery on high speed trains. Taking to the stage during IBC Awards Ceremony on Sunday 17 September will be representatives from Toronto to Singapore, the UK to India, and Spain to the USA.

For 2017, IBC’s 50th anniversary year, categories in the Innovation Awards were updated to reflect and respond to the shifting industry landscape. Three awards will be presented for the most innovative projects in Content Creation, Content Distribution and Content Everywhere. What has not changed is the emphasis on collaborative work to tackle a real challenge, and the trophies are taken home not by the technology partners but by the broadcasters, media enterprises and service providers who commissioned the project.

“I was astounded by the quantity, and most important the quality, of entries this year,” said Michael Lumley, chair of the judging panel. “It took a lot of intense discussion to get down to 11 finalists - it was a very tough task and there were many excellent projects which did not make the shortlist, often by a very fine margin.”

“The international spread of 2017 finalists reflects the global reach of IBC, and the global significance of these most highly-coveted awards,” Lumley added. “I look forward to congratulating all the finalists and hearing the winners announced on Sunday night at IBC.”

Content Creation - three finalists

· ITV in the UK has been shortlisted for its Project Phoenix. The broadcaster needed to develop a system which managed the production of promos and trailers from commissioning to transmission. The result creates more than 1,000 marketing assets every month, with almost all versioning carried out automatically. Technology partners alongside ITV were 100 Shapes, Cantemo, Codemill, NMR, Pixel Power and Vidispine.

· Leading broadcaster Mediacorp made the shortlist for implementing a service-oriented architecture to break down silos across its global campuses and create a seamless production and delivery environment. Its new centre includes a 3,000 square metre newsroom producing online, television and radio news in four languages, together with six studios and a large theatre, more than 100 edit suites and OTT and broadcast delivery. Systems integrator Qvest Media brought in an enormous number of technology partners, including Actus, Adobe, ATCI, Autoscript, Avid, Axon, Baton, Blackmagic Design, Cisco, Dalet, DHD audio, EVS, Fairlight, Grass Valley, Harmonic, Hitachi, HP, IBM, Ihse, Lawo, Lund Halsey, Netia, Octopus, Oracle, Raritan, RCS, SAM, Scheduall, Shotoku, Sony, ST Electronics, Telestream, TriplePlay, TSL and Vizrt.

· Groupe Media TFO has transformed itself from a small, French language broadcaster in Ontario, Canada, into a major online presence producing much-loved children’s programming. Its Laboratoire d’univers virtuels, or LUV, took a fresh approach to virtual sets, using the power and cost-effectiveness of the Unreal games engine from Epic Games. Today TFO produces as many as 40 short videos, in real time, each day, from a single studio. As well as Epic, technology partners were CEV, stYpe and Zero Density.

Content Distribution - four finalists

· Arena Television is a UK-based outside broadcast provider, and led the industry in Europe with its first all-IP truck. It is regularly used to originate BT Sport’s 4k Ultra HD coverage of the English Premier League. Technology partners for this pioneering truck (and a second which is now also in service) were Cisco, Grass Valley, Lawo and Videlio Video Solutions.

· Dutch media company DMC has migrated from broadcast playout centre to comprehensive media logistics service. As part of this it has migrated to a fully virtualised private broadcast cloud that provides DMC’s clients with the asset management, publishing and distribution services they need, linking international content owners with 700 million European viewers. The new platform was developed with Cisco, Equinix, Pebble Beach Systems, Red Hat, Super Micro and VMware.

· Sinclair Broadcast Group operates 233 television stations in 108 US markets. As part of its programme to provide a common platform for on air and online services, it has developed a revolutionary approach to terrestrial transmission. The usual American model is “high tower, high power”: a single mast and transmitter. The new approach - developed by TeamCast and ONE Media for Sinclair - takes a cellular approach, using mini-transmitters just where they are needed in a large single frequency network.

· Viacom 18 is a joint venture in India between media giant Viacom and local service provider Network 18, running a multi-channel OTT network called VOOT. Faced with the prospect of delivering content to the 300 million smartphones in India, across networks which are often crowded and at high data costs, it took a fresh approach, developing a progressive web service that delivered high performance without taking valuable memory space. Within just a few days VOOT saw a 77% increase in conversion from visitor to video viewer and a 39% increase in session time per user. Google provided technology support.

Content Everywhere - four finalists

· BT Sport was host broadcaster for the 2017 Champions League Final in Cardiff, Wales, and went all in to engage with as many people as possible, in as many ways as possible. Separate trucks covered the game in HD and in 4k Ultra HD with Dolby Atmos sound - using the Arena truck nominated for the content distribution award. A unique 12 camera VR operation provided a rich 360˚ feed, including in-vision graphics, live replays and a separate commentary. The content was available online to all platforms as well as broadcast. Technology partners included Dolby, Ericsson, Moov, SAM, Sony, Telegenic and Timeline.

· ESL, the Electronic Sports League, is an eSports company that organises gaming competitions worldwide. For the finals of the 2017 Intel Extreme Masters tournament, held in Poland, it needed to find a delivery partner that could deliver live feeds to 13 broadcasters in multiple regions, with additional OTT and digital cinema delivery to some territories. ESL partnered with Deluxe to enable the delivery of live ESL broadcast feeds over the public internet. The eSports tournament reached more than 46 million viewers.

· For a decade Google Earth has given us the ability to explore the world using just the internet. Now we can immerse ourselves in its wonders using Google Earth VR. The new app uses touch, sight and sound to engage the viewer and to receive control feedback. New techniques render imagery smoothly, maintaining the immersion without confusion or motion sickness. Technology partners were Ant Food, Even/Odd, Joshua Moshier and Richard Devine.

· The final project on this year’s shortlist is a real content everywhere application - ensuring consistent media delivery on trains travelling in excess of 300km an hour. Renfe, Spain’s national railway operator, worked with Telefonica to ensure its 19 million high speed rail passengers can access premium content and live sports on trains and at stations as if they were at home. The project was led by Telefonica, with technology partners including Accedo, Cires21, Cisco, Hispasat, Iecisa, Indra, Nagra, Signiant and Teldat.

IBC2017 Awards Ceremony

The winners of these three awards will be announced during the IBC2017 Awards Ceremony, at 18:30 on Sunday 17 September, in the RAI Auditorium. Special guest host for the evening is scientist and broadcaster Dr Helen Czerski.

As well as the Innovation Awards, the ceremony will see the announcement of the Judges’ Prize, also in the gift of the same panel of international editors and consultants who have judged the Innovation Awards. Other awards to be presented during the ceremony include the IBC International Honour for Excellence, IBC’s highest award.

The ceremony is free for all IBC attendees.

About IBC

IBC is the world’s leading media, entertainment and technology show. It attracts 55,000+ attendees from more than 170 countries and combines a highly respected and peer-reviewed conference with an exhibition that showcases more than 1,700 leading suppliers of state of the art electronic media and entertainment technology.

IBC2017 Dates

Conference: 14 - 18 September 2017

Exhibition: 15 - 19 September 2017

For more information about IBC2017 visit:

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TOKYO--( / ) bj안나 김소장버스 TOKYO--(17, 2020 -- The Edogawa NICHE Prize for the year 2020 플랫폼제작 낙타눈썹 has been awarded to 플랫폼제작 아프리카tv회원가입 Dr. John Craig Venter for his contribution to research and development pertaining to the Human genome. This honor reflects Dr. Venter's lifetime accomplishments in the power of the 플랫폼제작 BL만화추천 genomics and specifically in the identification of the human genome which has radically transformed healthcare according to Prof. Gary Levy, chair, Edogawa NICHE awards committee ().

Edogawa NICHE Prize was Instituted 허브 Edogawa2018, by the Jinseisha 플랫폼제작 발작 trust, and bj안나 은꼴 the Nichi-In Centre for xvideos EdogawaMedicine (NCRM), which honours scientists or clinicians whose contributions lead to the development of prevention, diagnosis or treatment of any disease, through an inter-disciplinary approach. Alumni of the Fujio Cup Quiz, a part of NCRM NICHE, (), have priority for nomination, a unique feature of this prize. Previous awardees include Prof James Till, University of Toronto, Canada for discovery of stem cells (2018) and Dr. Steven Rosenberg, National JAVBUS Edogawaof Health, USA for his groundbreaking work on T-lymphocyte immunotherapy (2019).

Dr. Venter was born in Salt Lake 허봉넷 Dr.Utah on October 14, 1946. He started his college education at the College 플랫폼제작 드래곤3 일베 of San Mateo, CA and 플랫폼제작 일본 꽃물 later studied Biochemistry in University of California, San 요가 Dr.under biochemist Nathan O. Kaplan. After obtaining a PhD in Physiology and Pharmacology from bj안나 levitra 효능 UCSD, he became a Professor at the State University of New York and joined the National Institute bj안나 필름형 비아그라 판매 of Health in 1984. He has founded Celera Genomics, The Institute of 플랫폼제작 Genomic Research (TIGR), J.Craig Venter bj안나 아스피린500mg 효능 Institute (JCVI) and co-founded Human Longevity Inc and Synthetic Genomics.

His path 베이글쑤 Hissequencing of the first human genome with the Human Genome Project further progressed to 플랫폼제작 메지온 임상 transfecting a 베이글쑤 Hiswith a synthetic chromosome, a feat that has opened up opportunities to develop novel solutions not only in 미유님 Hisbut also bj안나 일양실데나필 in environmental issues 플랫폼제작 FX시티 and 플랫폼제작 실데나필 음식 energy domain.

The awarding of the Edogawa NICHE prize to Dr Venter is the most recent in a string of honors including United States Medal of 플랫폼제작 팔팔정 공항 Science (2008), Gardner Foundation International Award (2002), Paul Erlich and Ludwig Darmstaedter Prize (2001) bj안나 센트립 구매 and the King Faisal International Award of Science (2001). He was listed on Time Magazine’s list of the most influential people in 포시즌TV Theworld.

The 야한영화다운 Theceremony date bj안나 키노사다리 youav Thebj안나 엔트리파워사다리분석 be 아소노조미 Thelater. bj안나 파워사다리분석사이트 플랫폼제작 파워사다리분석사이트

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