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SAN FRANCISCO--( / ) November 20, 2020 -- The COVID-19 pandemic has created major financial challenges for businesses and consumers alike. As money management becomes increasingly digital, fintechs play a pivotal role in helping to restore and rebuild the global economy. To provide increased support for the ecosystem, Visa (NYSE: V) today announced two new components of its fintech Fast Track program:

1. A rich Partner Toolkit to help fintechs accelerate their growth and better serve their customers.

2. A certification program called Visa Ready for Fintech Enablers, which makes it easier for fintechs to quickly connect with certified[1] partners for digital issuance and other key services.

Fintech leaders around the world are increasingly choosing to work with Visa across key categories including digital wallets, digital banking, ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’, B2B payments, cross-border remittance, bill payments, payments infrastructure, and person-to-person payments. Recent examples of fintechs partnering with Visa include Affirm, BillGO, Finix, Gojek, PayPal, Rappi, Stripe, Varo Bank, and Venmo, among many others.

With the expansion of Visa’s industry leading Fast Track program, fintechs are armed with the tools to become category winners. Fast Track participation has grown 360% year-over-year, and Visa has welcomed hundreds of fintechs[2] who are actively engaged in the program.

“It’s thrilling to see fintech partners utilize our programs and network to digitize financial services and improve the lives of the consumers and businesses they touch,” said Terry Angelos, SVP and Global Head of Fintech, Visa. “Through the Fast Track program, we’re providing fintechs with a simple set of tools to bring their products to life. The resources we provide, such as online licensing and card design, have helped make Fast Track the leading program for fintechs.”

Introducing the Fast Track Partner Toolkit

Visa has introduced a Fast Track Partner Toolkit designed specifically for fintech partners who onboard with the program. The toolkit was created to accelerate a company’s growth and provides extraordinary access to Visa’s experts in strategy, marketing, design, risk management, and more. Through the toolkit, partners can leverage educational resources like payments boot camps to help upskill a company’s knowledge of the industry, tap into key strategic resources to craft customized benchmarking studies and utilize Visa’s online card design tools to help build and launch a card into market quickly.

Powering the Digital Issuance Journey with Visa Ready

Visa Ready certification for “Fintech Enablers” is designed to help technology companies build and launch payment solutions that meet Visa's global standards around security and functionality. These companies are in turn helping fintechs around the world build their own products by providing the solutions and expertise they need to get up and running.

Available today, Visa Ready for Fintech Enablers establishes a certified ecosystem of partners who are experts in the capabilities fintechs need to launch and operate products effectively on the Visa network. Recently, the Visa Ready program has added new partners from across the globe? from Sao Paulo to Singapore. New certified processing partners include BPC Radar Payments (Global), Conductor (LAC), FIS (Global), Global Processing Services (GPS) (Global), i2c (Global), Marqeta (Global), and NovoPayment (LAC, NA). Similarly, Visa has certified BIN sponsors across the world that help stand up programs for fintechs including Dock (LAC), Nium (APAC, EU), Railsbank (APAC, EU) and Sutton Bank (NA).

Fast Track Experiences

Of the hundreds of global companies now part of the program, some of the most recent innovators to join Fast Track include:

· Digital Wallets: Working with companies like Careem Pay, LINE Pay, Nubi, Paga, PalmPay, Razer, and Vipps, Visa is expanding access to digital payments by meeting evolving consumer preferences for managing their money - and transforming some formerly closed-loop systems limited to certain geographies or functionalities into open ones, giving users greater choice, security and utility.

· Advancing Financial Inclusion and Social Impact: Ensuring that consumers and businesses in all parts of the world have access to the financial tools and products to improve their lives is core to Visa’s mission. Companies like CapWay are helping to bring underrepresented communities access to digital payments, while Cuenca provides free accounts that can be opened in under 5 minutes. Daylight is a digital banking platform focused on improving the financial lives of the 30M+ LGBT+ in the U.S. and the first fintech in the U.S. to focus specifically on the LGBT+ community. MPOWER Financing and X1 are pioneering new methods of extending credit to demographics like undergrads and international students. SoLo Funds aims to provide affordable loans for Americans who live paycheck to paycheck, and Tomorrow aims to bring change to the mobile banking sector through its commitment to climate protection, sustainability and economic change.

· B2B Payments: Visa is transforming B2B payments, a segment that represents $120 trillion in opportunity[3], in its work with Fast Track members in every corner of the world, including: Airwallex,, GMO-Payment Gateway, Konfio, and Payhawk.

· Digital Currency Advancement: Visa is working closely with companies like BlockFi,, eToro Money, Fold,, Zap and ZenGo to connect digital currencies and its existing network of 61 million merchants.

· New Enablement Partners: Fast Track is made possible due to collaborations with enablement partners who lay the foundation for fintechs to build their products. Announced today, Galileo, i2c, and Peoples Trust, are becoming part of Fast Track in Canada, joining a class of over 25 enablement partners around the world. From LAC, Visa has new partners like Cacao that offer BIN sponsorship, issuer processing, and program management.

Comments from Partners:

“Today‘s digitally-savvy businesses and consumers expect a modern and centralized experience when managing and paying bills ? a process that’s been locked in the past with inefficient systems,” said Mike Pinto, EVP Enterprise Alliances & Product, BillGO. “When it comes to paying bills, everyone expects instantaneous payments and with Visa we are further extending our ability to offer real-time frictionless bill pay.”

"The mission behind CapWay has always been to provide more financial opportunity, access, and education, particularly for those who have been underserved and overlooked by the traditional banking system,” said Sheena Allen, CEO, CapWay. “We knew Visa was the right partner for our team for reasons outside of the fact that they provide the technology and payments prowess. More importantly, we share the same commitment to social impact that underpins the work we do each day at CapWay, and they have been fully supportive in our work to provide a solution as we are entering a predominately cashless economy.”

“Becoming part of programs like Fast Track and Visa Ready has allowed us to connect with new companies in the ecosystem and help them realize their product visions without compromise,” said Amir Wain, CEO and Founder, i2c. “It’s clear that these programs were built to meet the specific needs of today’s fintechs both large and small and will help everyone in the ecosystem thrive with the tools and partners needed to get to market as quickly, and easily as possible.”

“Giving everyone choice in how and where they pay is essential to our mission of providing people and businesses around the world with access to simple, secure and reliable digital payments,” said Jim Magats, SVP Omni Payments, PayPal. “We’re excited to be partnering with Visa to advance the future of digital payments and help even more customers get faster access to their funds.”

“2021 will be a year when Rappi builds even more opportunities for couriers (Rappitenderos), restaurant partners and small businesses. We face a lot of challenges ahead, but through collaboration, entrepreneurship and technology, we're going to get through them and create progress in our region,” said Simon Borrero, CEO and co-founder, Rappi. ”Working with a partner like Visa has been key for us in creating new opportunities across financial services for our partners and users. Visa technology is one of the most recognized in the world and we are proud to be able to have their support as a trusted brand in the markets where we have our digital wallet, as it is only the first step to raise the standard of financial services in Latin America and the Caribbean."

"This is a difficult time for millions of consumers and their communities,” said Colin Walsh, CEO, Varo Bank. “We are proud to be working with partners like Visa to ensure our customers have fast, secure access to their money, and safer payment options like tap-to-pay and mobile wallets, as well as a shared commitment to innovation that will power the future of banking.”

“Today, the ability to pay digitally is no longer just a convenience but a necessity and with Vipps being the leading digital wallet in Norway, reaching 3.8 million users, we are core to ensuring citizens are able to send, pay and receive money at the touch of a button,” said Rune Garborg, CEO, Vipps. “With Visa, we are enabling issuing banks to offer smarter and simplified digital payment services to their customers in Europe and beyond. Together with Visa, we are able to leverage our joint expertise, and experience to give consumers and businesses access to secure, digital commerce, regardless of where they live or what mobile device they have.”

For more information on Visa programs and resources built for the fintech community, visit here ().

About Visa Inc.

Visa Inc. (NYSE: V) is the world’s leader in digital payments. Our mission is to connect the world through the most innovative, reliable and secure payment network - enabling individuals, businesses and economies to thrive. Our advanced global processing network, VisaNet, provides secure and reliable payments around the world, and is capable of handling more than 65,000 transaction messages a second. The company’s relentless focus on innovation is a catalyst for the rapid growth of digital commerce on any device for everyone, everywhere. As the world moves from analog to digital, Visa is applying our brand, products, people, network and scale to reshape the future of commerce. For more information, visit About Visa, and @VisaNews.

[1] Visa Ready partners are vetted and certified based on a specific set of criteria including, but not limited to, their ability to support digital issuance, ability to support multi-tenant architecture and ability to manage risk, among other capabilities.

[2] Visa Fast Track Global Data, September 2020

[3] Visa Q4 2020 Earnings Call Transcript

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TOKYO--( / ) October 27, 2020 -- Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) announces the Toshiba MG08-D 성인용 플라워프릴비키니 Series 성인용 HDDs, designed for 꾸뿌 TOKYO--(wide variety of business-critical 야한생각 TOKYO--(such 섹스망가 브래지어와이어 as email and CRM (Customer 섹스망가 프릴와이어비키니 Resource Management), data analysis for business intelligence, small-medium business servers, 섹스망가 수영복위에입는옷 and data-retention and 성인용 노홍철무임승차 compliance archiving.

Toshiba’s 7th generation 성인용 뉴욕무임승차 air mechanical design provides better power efficiency and a lower component 성인용 허니문웨어 count to deliver 성인용 대륙의무임승차 better total cost of ownership than its earlier generation models. 섹스망가 무임승차벌금 The new series features 4TB, 6TB and 8TB models, in both SATA and SAS interfaces. The new 4TB[1] models are available in 512e, 4Kn and 512n sector models, 섹스망가 노출과다화성인 and the 6TB and 8TB models are available in 512e and 4Kn sector models, assuring plug-and-play interoperability 섹스경험담 Toshiba’sapplications using prior 4TB models.

“Toshiba’s new MG08-D Series 섹스망가 키작은여자비키니 delivers new 섹스망가 levels of reliability and power efficiency to enterprise and business-critical server and storage platforms,” said Shuji Takaoka, General Manager of Storage Products Sales & Marketing Division at Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage 성인용 Corporation. “Toshiba’s 7th generation conventional mechanical design utilizes Conventional Magnetic Recording technology 타키자와로라 “Toshiba’sdeliver plug-and-play versatility that is compatible with the widest range of applications and operating 성인용 곽현화성형전 system environments.” 성인용

The MG08-D Series provides many industry-standard features, including 7200rpm performance, a 3.5-inch[2] form 유네 Thechoice of SATA 6Gbit/s or 12Gbit/s SAS Interface[3], and a 550TB a year 섹스망가 정지아파격노출 workload[4] rating. Compared with Toshiba’s current line-up of 4-6-8TB models, the new 4TB model achieves the broadest range of 섹스망가 김연아일본반응 benefits from the MG08 generation of technology advances. For example, compared with the previous model[5], the new 4TB provides an approximately 23% better maximum sustained transfer speed of 성인용 243MiB/s and doubles the cache buffer size 성인용 to 256MiB. It also improves the calculated reliability specification from 1.4 million hours MTTF (AFR 0.63%) to 2.0 million hours MTTF (AFR 0.43%)[6], and 섹스망가 reduces active idle power consumption to 4.07W. The 2.0 million hour MTTF is also supported for the new 6TB and 8TB MG08-D Series models.

The 시럽 TheMG08-D Series 4TB, 섹스망가 왕뤄웨이노출사진 6TB and 성인용 몽선선노출 8TB models are expected to be generally available 성인용 간루루엉덩이 in 1CQ 2021.

For 섹스망가 간루루전신노출 888스포츠중계 For성인용 김연아해외반응동영상 information on 먹튀폭격기 Fornew products, 섹스망가 visit: 성인용

손브라 미션 Formore information on Toshiba’s 성인용 김연아레미제라블 full 섹스망가 여자연애심리 line of 성인용 김연아해외방송 HDD 섹스망가 여자의마음은거짓말을한다 손브라 미션 Forproducts, 성인용 김연아뱀파이어의키스동영상 visit:

[1] Definition of capacity: One terabyte (TB) = one trillion bytes, but storage capacity actually available may vary depending on operating environment and formatting. Available storage capacity (including examples of various media files) will vary based on file size, formatting, settings, software and operating system and/or pre-installed software applications, or media content. 손브라 미션 [1]formatted 성인용 김연아갈라쇼 capacity 섹스망가 군팬티기저귀 may vary.

벳클 [2]“3.5-inch” 매일싸 [2]to an HDD 성인용 섹스망가 form 섹스망가 김연아세계선수권일정프리 factor. It 섹스망가 페넬로페팬티기저귀 does not indicate drive's physical size.

SV글로디시 [3]Read and 성인용 정소영쇼핑몰 섹스망가 정소영쇼핑몰 write 섹스망가 세계피겨선수권대회중계 speed may vary depending on the host device, 섹스망가 클라라가슴수술 read and 뮤즈해 [3]conditions, and file 여자자위 [3]성인용 회춘하세요

[4] Workload is a measure of data throughout the 섹스망가 year, and it 성인용 이요원동영상 여자자위 [4]여자자위 [4]as the amount of data written, read 성인용 전혜빈비키니 or verified by commands from the host system.

[5] Comparison with the new MG08ADA400E (SATA 섹스망가 나도이제 카더라통신 [5]and prior 추천실시간릴깸 [5]성인용 김연아몸매 MG04ACA400E (SATA 512e). 성인용 김연아스트레칭

[6] MTTF (Mean Time to Failure) and AFR (Annualized Failure Rate) assume 8760 h/year power on hours (24 hours a 성인용 블로그마케팅 day, 7 토토넷 [6]a week), 아야동 [6]to 550TB/year total data transfers, and an average HDA surface 섹스망가 비키홀릭 temperature of 40°C or lower. Use 섹스망가 at case 섹스망가 rss등록 HDA surface temperatures above 40°C may degrade product reliability and reduce the warranty period.

성기능판매점구매사이트 Product성인용 다음블로그 Inquiries: 섹스망가 자라세일

Toshiba 섹스망가 싸이월드블로그 디케이0810 ToshibaDevices & 성인용 금강제화세일 성인카페 Toshiba성인용 롯데백화점세일 Corporation

새티스파이어후기판매사이트 Storage섹스망가 성인용품로터사용후기 Storage성인용 요시샵 Division 성인용 블로그등록

* Information in this press release, including product pricing and specifications, content of services and 성인용 contact 성인용 호피프릴비키니 information, is 적각동성인게임장 *and believed to be accurate 섹스망가 고흥인테리어 on the date OTKBQkLt *the announcement, but is subject to change without prior notice. 성인용 쌍화점송지효노출

은행동포커 *섹스망가 도트프릴비키니 Company names, product names, 성인용 튜브탑프릴비키니 섹스망가 튜브탑프릴비키니 and 섹스망가 레이스프릴비키니 service names mentioned herein may 성인용 웹피아닷컴 be 은기동고스톱 *성인용 블로그피아 of their respective companies.

서서학동홀덤카페 About성인용 Toshiba 섹스망가 Electronic 섹스망가 Devices 성인용 인터넷마케팅성공사례 & 티비쿡 About섹스망가 블로그홍보 다애 About

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation combines the vigor of a new company with the wisdom of experience. Since becoming an independent company 성인용 티셀파 in July 2017, the company has taken 성인용 매직와이어 its place among the leading general devices companies, 성인용 and offers its 섹스망가 프릴와이어비키니 customers and business partners outstanding solutions FETISHKOREA Toshibadiscrete semiconductors, system LSIs 일본야한만화 ToshibaHDD.

Its 24,000 employees around the world share a 섹스망가 선수용수영복 determination to maximize the value 타카하시쇼코 Itsits products, and emphasize close collaboration with customers to promote co-creation of value and 섹스망가 현아veryhot new markets. The company looks forward to building on annual sales now surpassing 750-billion 성인용 미쓰에이남자없이잘살아가사 yen (US$6.8 billion) and to contributing to a better future for people everywhere.

Find 섹스망가 수입비키니추천 out more 성인용 미쓰에이남자없이잘살아안무 about 김수영 FindElectronic 섹스망가 강동원소주광고 Busta-Bet Find& Storage Corporation at

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