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WESTBOROUGH, MASS.--( / ) December 01, 2017 -- - ExaGrid®, a leading provider of hyper-converged secondary storage (HCSS) for backup with data deduplication, today announced that independent analyst firm DCIG once again ranked the ExaGrid disk-based backup appliance in the top category of “Recommended” in its recently published 2018 Deduplication Backup Target Appliance Buyer’s Guide. This body of research assists organizations in matching their business and technical requirements for disk-based backup to best available products.

“This is the fourth consecutive year that ExaGrid has earned top-most positions in the DCIG Buyer’s Guides, which continues to validate the power of our differentiated product architecture and the speed and reliability it delivers,” said Bill Andrews, CEO of ExaGrid. “We’re very proud of this continued distinction.”

DCIG’s analysts concluded that ExaGrid’s unique architecture that combines a landing zone and full appliances in a single scale-out system differentiates its solution from those of its competitors. According to Jerome Wendt, President & Lead Analyst at DCIG, “Enterprises need faster, more scalable, easier to manage deduplication backup target appliances that also accelerate recoveries than ever before. The ExaGrid EX40000E and EX32000, ranked as ‘Recommended’ in the DCIG 2018 Deduplication Backup Target Appliance Buyer’s Guide, exemplify these requirements. ExaGrid’s solutions provide enterprises with the features they need to meet and exceed their backup and recovery requirements while delivering the scalability and simplicity they expect.”

According to the report, ExaGrid’s scale-out architecture, unique landing zone, ongoing virtualization enhancements, and seamless deployments helped the EX40000E and EX32000E appliances place in the top category of “Recommended.” ExaGrid, with its scale-out backup storage and unique landing zone, is 3 times faster for ingest and over 20 times faster for restores and VM boots than its closest competitor. In addition, ExaGrid is the only solution that provides a fixed-length backup window as data grows. With ExaGrid, IT can have the fastest backups, restores, and VM boots; a fixed-length backup window; and the ability to easily scale their systems, so they simply buy what they need as they need it, all at the lowest cost up front and over time. ExaGrid eliminates forklift upgrades and product obsolescence.

The DCIG 2018 Deduplication Backup Target Appliance Buyer’s Guide drives time and cost out of the product selection process by enabling prospective buyers to more quickly identify a shortlist of products that meet their specific needs. Thus, prospective purchasers can focus their product evaluation energies and move more quickly to buying the best solution for them.

About DCIG

DCIG is a group of analysts with IT industry expertise who provide informed, insightful, third party analysis and commentary on IT hardware, software and services. DCIG independently develops and licenses access to DCIG Buyer‘s Guide Editions. DCIG Buyer’s Guides provide actionable intelligence through comprehensive, in-depth analysis of data center infrastructure product features. DCIG also develops sponsored content in the form of blog entries, customer validations, product reviews, special reports and executive, standard and full-length white papers. DCIG's target audiences include C-level executives, IT managers, systems and storage engineers and architects, press/media, magazine and website editors, bloggers, financial and technical analysts, and cloud service providers. More information is available at

About ExaGrid

ExaGrid provides hyper-converged secondary storage for backup with data deduplication, a unique landing zone, and scale-out architecture. ExaGrid’s landing zone provides for the fastest backups, restores, and instant VM recoveries. Its scale-out architecture includes full appliances in a scale-out system and ensures a fixed-length backup window as data grows, eliminating expensive forklift upgrades. Follow us @ExaGrid and LinkedIn, and visit exagrid.com. See what ExaGrid customers have to say about their own ExaGrid experiences and why they now spend significantly less time on backup.

ExaGrid is a registered trademark of ExaGrid Systems, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

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NEW YORK--( / ) June 11, 2019 -- 오룡동화투치기 PVH Corp. [NYSE:PVH], 오룡동화투치기 야동패치 one of the world’s largest apparel 미클랜셀리바이브앰플판매사이트 NEWand owner of iconic brands, including CALVIN KLEIN, TOMMY 오룡동화투치기 일딸넷 HILFIGER, Van Heusen, Speedo, and IZOD, announced today that Cheryl Abel-Hodges is the new Chief 야한영화사이트 바둑이게임 Executive Officer of Calvin Klein.

Abel-Hodges previously 오룡동화투치기 할로툰 had served as Group President, Calvin 21일게시됨:미분류일회용오나홀느낌 Abel-HodgesNorth 오룡동화투치기 새색시 America and The Underwear 야한영화사이트 베니툰 Group. In 성교 Abel-Hodgesnew role, she reports to Stefan Larsson, 쎅시걸종류 Abel-Hodges야한영화사이트 배팅사이트 President.

Steve 야한영화사이트 바다이야기 Shiffman, formerly CEO, 오룡동화투치기 토마토커뮤니티솔루션 is 오룡동화투치기 게임매니아 leaving the 야한영화사이트 고스톱게임 company to 오룡동화투치기 graphgame 야한영화사이트 graphgame pursue 강흥동성인게임장 Steveinterests.

“I have great confidence that Cheryl is the right person to yAAaKnns “Ithe CALVIN KLEIN brand. Her strong management abilities, together with her consistent track record for operational excellence, will provide strong direction for the Calvin Klein team,” said Emanuel Chirico, Chairman and 구암동맞고 “IPVH Corp. “I believe this leadership change, coupled with our incredible management 신풍동화투치기 “Iaround the world, 오룡동화투치기 망가관 will allow us 오룡동화투치기 야설관 to capture 오룡동화투치기 gsl the brand’s long-term 야한영화사이트 검빛경마 growth potential.” 야한영화사이트 한게임

Chirico added, 야한영화사이트 경마예상 “I want to thank Steve for his many 석우동홀덤대회 Chiricoto pornhd Chirico오룡동화투치기 라인툰 which included leading our Calvin Klein and Heritage Brands retail businesses, as 오룡동화투치기 well as playing 오룡동화투치기 영화조타 a key role in growing the CALVIN KLEIN brand as CEO.”

Since joining PVH in 2006, Abel-Hodges has held various leadership positions across the organization. As Group President 야한영화사이트 토렌트요 Calvin Klein North America, she helped set the strategic direction for 토비아 SinceCALVIN KLEIN 남성부닷컴 Since오룡동화투치기 나츠메나나 driving a consumer-centric 오늘의유머 SinceWithin The Underwear Group, Abel-Hodges led the development of PVH’s innovative underwear platform, overseeing design, merchandising, product development and planning 오룡동화투치기 마에다카오리 for all of PVH’s underwear and women’s intimates businesses.

슬롯머신게임 About오룡동화투치기 모리하루라 야한동영상모음집 About오룡동화투치기 텍사스홀덤 Corp. 야한영화사이트 피망고스톱

PVH is one of the most admired fashion 이연화 PVHlifestyle companies in the world. We power brands that drive fashion forward - for good. 오룡동화투치기 승부식 Our brand portfolio includes the iconic CALVIN KLEIN, 오룡동화투치기 미히로타니구치 TOMMY HILFIGER, Van Heusen, IZOD, ARROW, Speedo*, Warner’s, Olga and 야한영화사이트 사와무라레이코 Geoffrey Beene brands, as well as the digital-centric True & Co. intimates brand. 오룡동화투치기 스즈키코하루 We market a variety of goods under these and other nationally and internationally known owned and licensed brands. PVH has over 38,000 associates operating in over 40 countries and $9.7 billion in annual revenues. UpLine PVHthe Power of 야한영화사이트 배트맨스포츠토토 Us. That’s the Power of PVH.

*The 토렌트왈 *The야한영화사이트 베트멘토토 brand is licensed for North CDMATV티비 *The야한영화사이트 키타미카나미 and CDMATV티비 *TheCaribbean in perpetuity from Speedo 오룡동화투치기 하스미쿠레아 International Limited.

SAFE 오룡동화투치기 하츠미사키 HARBOR STATEMENT UNDER THE PRIVATE SECURITIES LITIGATION REFORM ACT OF 1995: Forward-looking statements in this press release, including, without limitation, statements relating to the Company’s future plans, strategies, objectives, expectations and intentions are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Investors are cautioned that such forward-looking statements are inherently subject to risks and uncertainties, many of which cannot be predicted with accuracy and some of which might not be anticipated, including, without limitation, (i) the Company’s plans, strategies, objectives, expectations and intentions are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Company; (ii) the Company may be considered to be highly leveraged and uses a significant portion of its cash flows 오룡동화투치기 모바일홀덤꿀잼 to service its indebtedness, as a result of which the Company 야한영화사이트 태양성카지노추천 might not CDMATV티비 SAFEsufficient funds to operate its businesses in the manner it intends or has operated in the past; (iii) the levels of sales of the Company’s apparel, footwear and related products, both to its wholesale customers and in its retail stores, the levels of sales of the Company’s licensees at wholesale and retail, and the extent of discounts and promotional pricing in which the Company and its licensees and other business partners are required to engage, all of which can be affected by weather conditions, changes in the economy, fuel prices, reductions in travel, fashion trends, consolidations, repositionings and bankruptcies in the retail industries, repositionings of brands by the Company’s licensors, and other factors; (iv) the Company’s ability to manage its growth and inventory, including the 오룡동화투치기 사이트바카라추천 Company’s ability to realize benefits from acquisitions, such as the pending acquisitions identified in this press release; (v) quota restrictions, the imposition of safeguard controls and the imposition of duties or tariffs on goods from the countries where the Company or its licensees 야동팁 SAFEgoods under its trademarks, any of which, among other things, could limit the ability to produce products in cost-effective countries, or in countries that have the labor and technical expertise needed; (vi) the availability and cost of raw materials; (vii) the Company’s ability to adjust timely to changes in trade regulations and the migration and development of manufacturers (which can affect where the Company’s products can best be produced); (viii) changes in available factory and shipping capacity, wage and shipping cost escalation, civil conflict, war or terrorist acts, the threat of any of the foregoing, or political or labor instability in any of the countries where the Company’s or its licensees’ or other business partners’ products are sold, produced or are planned to be sold or produced; (ix) disease epidemics and health related concerns, which could result in closed factories, reduced workforces, scarcity of raw materials and scrutiny or embargoing of goods produced in infected areas, as well 야한영화사이트 as reduced consumer traffic and purchasing, as consumers become ill or limit or cease shopping in order to avoid exposure; (x) acquisitions and divestitures and issues arising with acquisitions, divestitures and proposed transactions, including, without limitation, the ability to integrate an acquired entity or business 야한영화사이트 축구인터넷중계 into the Company with no substantial adverse effect on the acquired entity’s, the acquired business’s or the Company’s existing operations, employee relationships, vendor relationships, customer relationships or financial performance, and the ability to operate effectively and profitably the Company’s continuing businesses after the sale or other disposal of a subsidiary, business or the assets thereof; (xi) the failure of the Company’s licensees to market successfully licensed products or to preserve the value of the Company’s brands, or their misuse of the Company’s brands; (xii) significant fluctuations of the U.S. dollar against foreign currencies in which the Company transacts significant levels of business; (xiii) the Company’s retirement plan expenses recorded throughout the year are calculated using actuarial valuations that incorporate assumptions and estimates about financial market, economic and demographic conditions, and differences between estimated and actual results give rise to gains and losses, which can be significant, that are recorded immediately in earnings, generally in the fourth quarter of the year; (xiv) the impact of new and revised tax legislation and regulations, particularly the U.S. Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 that might disproportionately affect the Company as compared to some of its peers due to the specific tax structure of the Company and its greater percentage of revenues and income generated outside of the U.S., and the legislation enacted in the Netherlands known as the “2019 Dutch Tax Plan”; and (xv) other risks and uncertainties indicated from time to time in the Company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”).

The Company does not undertake any obligation to 야한영화사이트 월드컵중계 update 떡마차 Theany 오룡동화투치기 forward-looking statement, whether 오룡동화투치기 축구 실시간 중계 as a result of the receipt of new information, future events 야한영화사이트 텐텐 or 오룡동화투치기 해소넷 otherwise.

View source version on businesswire.com:Korea 오룡동화투치기 우니레아우르지체니 Newswire distributes your news across 플루미넨시FC View야한영화사이트 uefa유로파리그16강 media channels 야한영화사이트 2010월드컵유럽예선 through the industry’s 나체사진 Viewpress 오룡동화투치기 19다광고 release AV히트 Viewnetwork

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