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SEOUL--() February 10, 2020 -- BRANDSTARS Selection Committee announced the 2020 Korea Representative Brand list of the country’s best industrial brands.

The selected brands include Samsung Electronics’ Samsung Galaxy (smartphone), Hyundai Motors’ Hyundai Grandeur (car), LG Electronics’ Whisen (air conditioner), Shinsegae Department Store (shopping), SKT5GX (5G), Dong-A Pharm’s Bacchus·D (energy drink), Agabang & Company’s agabang (baby clothes), HITEJINRO Co., Ltd.’s Terra (beer), and Starbucks (Koreanization). In the category of entertainment, Parasite (movie) and BTS (K-pop group) were chosen.

In the field of K-beauty, the committee selected LG Household and Health Care’s The History of Whoo (cosmetics), Amorepacific’s Laneige (cosmetics), Olive Young (drugstore), CGbio’s GISELLELIGNE (dermal filler), Grand Plastic Surgery (plastic surgery), and WIBE ECO FACE (skin care devices).

The best K-food brands the panel picked were Paris Baguette (bakery), bibigo (ready-to-eat food), Binggrae Banana Flavored milk (milk), Buldak-bokkeum-myeon (spicy ramen), Jejudoolrecooks (noodle), MAMACOOK (side-dish store), and Baunenajoogomtang (beef-bone soup).

FILA (casuals) and Kumkang Shoe (shoes) were selected as brands representing Korea in the category of K-fashion; ASAN Medical Center (medical check-up), CheongKwanJang (red ginseng), and Well-Being Health Pharm’s Goun-bal (foot care) were chosen in the category of healthcare; and Jeju (city) and Gyeongbokgung Palace (cultural properties) were selected in the field of tourism.

Samsung Electronics’ Samsung Galaxy, Bacchus·D, agabang, BTS, LG Household and Health Care, Amorepacific, Olive Young, GISELLELIGNE, bibigo, Buldak-bokkeum-myeon, Baunenajoogomtang, CheongKwanJang, Goun-bal, and Jeju were selected for two years in a row.

The 2020 Korea Representative Brand was made not only to provide product information to consumers at home and abroad for their rational choices but also to enhance the corporate brand value of related companies by selecting Korean brands most renowned for high product quality and excellent services. The list is released to major news media in China and other Asian countries at the same time.Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

SEOUL--() September 29, 솔라쌤 2017 -- Hyosung under the helm of Cho Hyun Joon President is expected to make it to the trillion won club of companies with operating profit of more than 1 trillion won for two years in a row. Hyosung joined the club last year for the first time in its 50-year history with an annual operating profit of 1.016 섹수 SEOUL--()솔라쌤 조지아 won. It posted operating profit of 제주 카지노 232.3 billion won in the first quarter 현저동홀덤 SEOUL--()this year, marking a record high for the quarter.

As of late last year, Hyosung held the largest shares of the global markets for four products -- spandex, tire cords, seat belt yarns and airbag fabrics. Particularly in spandex, regarded as important in textiles as semiconductors in electronics, and tire cords, a kAvJDds Asmaterial of tires, Hyosung is in a class of 솔라쌤 its own with its market shares reaching 33 percent and 45 percent, 제주 카지노 일본여자보지 respectively. This illustrates that Cho Hyun Joon President has solidified his management system with 영등포동7가고스톱 Assteady leadership in the textile industry despite worldwide economic woes. Hyosung has kept the lion’s share in the global spandex market for two 가곡면홀덤카페 As

Hyosung is 제주 카지노 회춘용 솔라쌤 회춘용 forecast to keep up its good performance in the second half not 솔라쌤 해수욕장노출 only in 왕궁면홀덤카페 Hyosungand industrial materials sectors marked by 7M스포츠 Hyosungand tire cords but in heavy and chemical industries. Expectations are high that steady investments made by Cho Hyun Joon President will 영앤리치 Hyosungto pay off in the second half. Hyosung completed the construction of a spandex factory in Quzhou, China, and plans to build two more, one 솔라쌤 지루증 with 24,000-ton capacity in China and the other with 15,000-ton capacity in Vietnam. It also seeks to add a new steel cords plant in Vietnam.

Cho Hyun 향이 ChoPresident said, “We will strive for global competitiveness strong enough to beat any market condition and remain a winner on the 솔라쌤 음경길이 back of our original and exclusive technology.”Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media 제주 카지노 남자정력 channels through the industry’s largest 솔라쌤 press release distribution network

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