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GOLETA, CALIF.--( / ) September 02, 2020 -- Transphorm, Inc. (OTCQB: TGAN)?a pioneer in and global supplier of high reliability, high performance gallium nitride (GaN) power conversion products?today announced availability of its newest evaluation board, the TDTTP4000W065AN. Designed for single-phase AC-to-DC power conversion up to 4 kilowatts (kW), this board uses the bridgeless totem-pole power factor correction (PFC) topology with a traditional analog control. This pairing provides fast and easy access to the top-notch conversion efficiency made possible by Transphorm’s latest SuperGaN™ FETs without the need for firmware development required when using digital signal controllers (DSCs).

Driving GaN Adoption with RDDR

Transphorm’s innovation path for its high voltage GaN platform and related design tools centers on delivering best-in-class GaN Reliability, ease of Designability, ease of Drivability and high-volume Reproducibility (RDDR). To that end, the TDTTP4000W065AN offers power systems engineers an upgrade in efficiency over standard CCM Boost PFC designs that use superjunction MOSFETs.

The evaluation kit is rated at 4 kW highline (180-260 V) and 2 kW lowline (90-120 V). The main advantages of the analog totem-pole solution follow:

· Maintenance power?power required to support basic functionality such as powering up and supplying chipsets?is a relatively fixed amount in any system. Therefore, as an application’s power level decreases, the maintenance power becomes a larger percentage of the system’s overall power loss. When compared to a DSP solution, Transphorm’s analog board requires lower maintenance power at the onset, thereby increasing overall system efficiency.

· No DSP firmware programming is needed, suitable for standard CCM boost AC-to-DC PFC power stages.

For engineers requiring more design flexibility, Transphorm released the TDTTP4000W066C earlier this year. This DSC-based 4 kW AC-to-DC board also uses the bridgeless totem-pole PFC with the company’s SuperGaN FETs. However, it integrates a dsPIC33CK DSC board from Microchip that has been preprogrammed and is backed by dedicated firmware support.

“Transphorm’s analog evaluation board provides an unprecedented opportunity to access our highly efficient GaN in the easiest way possible. Much like the preceding digital board, it gives power system engineers a choice that the high voltage device market was previously lacking,” said Philip Zuk, VP of Worldwide Technical Marketing and NA Sales, Transphorm. “Regardless of the end application’s targeted value proposition, we have the diverse toolset and the most robust GaN possible to help you succeed.”

SuperGaN Devices: Performance Beyond Superjunction MOSFETs

The TDTTP4000W065AN employs Transphorm’s SuperGaN Gen IV TP65H035G4WS FETs in the board as the fast-switching leg with low-resistance Silicon MOSFETs in the slow-switching leg. The resulting performance is similar to that of its digitally controlled counterpart, the TDTTP4000W066C.

The TP65H035G4WS is a 650-volt device with a 35 milliohm on-resistance in a TO-247 through-hole package with an inherently high thermal dissipation ability. This feature eliminates the need to parallel devices for higher power output, a design method required by competitive surface-mount GaN solutions. And, as with all other Transphorm GaN devices, the SuperGaN FETs can be driven with a threshold voltage (Vth) of 4 volts and standard off-the-shelf gate driver operating from 0 to 12 volts.


The TDTTP4000W065AN evaluation board is currently available through Digi-Key and Mouser.

About Transphorm

Transphorm, Inc., a global leader in the GaN revolution, designs and manufactures high performance and high reliability GaN semiconductors for high voltage power conversion applications. Having one of the largest Power GaN IP portfolios of more than 1,000 owned or licensed patents, Transphorm produces the industry’s first JEDEC and AEC-Q101 qualified high voltage GaN semiconductor devices. The Company’s vertically integrated device business model allows for innovation at every development stage: design, fabrication, device, and application support. Transphorm’s innovations are moving power electronics beyond the limitations of silicon to achieve over 99% efficiency, 40% more power density and 20% lower system cost. Transphorm is headquartered in Goleta, California and has manufacturing operations in Goleta and Aizu, Japan. For more information, please visit Follow us on Twitter @transphormusa.

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SEOUL--() January 08, 2019 -- Hyosung ROROTV 지붕뚫고하이킥 Chairman Cho ROROTV 신세경패션 Hyun-Joon AV팝 SEOUL--()a 올맨 소유진베이글녀 new year message 올맨 영화무한공유 2019 AV팝 SEOUL--()employees and customers. 올맨

Here is 올맨 오감도신세경키스신 his ROROTV message in ROROTV 올맨 섹스싸이트 Here

Concerns are already ROROTV 므흣영상 being voiced about business environment for this year. Global business slowdown and trade war between the US and China make it difficult ROROTV 윈도우7프린터공유하는방법 올맨 윈도우7프린터공유하는방법 to see further than the end of nose. Corporate performance is on the slide with competition getting fiercer than ROROTV 신세경종현키스 ever. 밥툰 Concernsare in a life-or-death situation where we must figure out how to survive.

I have consistently said 올맨 파일구리공유폴더 the solution lies in customers. Peter F. Drucker, father of modern management, said, “The purpose of business is to create and keep 올맨 강승윤화보 a customer. It is the customer who determines ROROTV 올맨 what a business is, what it produces and whether it 페페젤 Iprosper.”

If a business cannot find customer needs and fulfill them, it cannot 올맨 ss501해체 survive. 올맨 s.e.s Thus, ROROTV what we do every day must begin with Ifto the voice 해외복권 Ifcustomers.

When we place customers at the center of our ROROTV 선예허리돌리기 task before developing products and technology, we can deliver our 올맨 business value to them properly. And we ROROTV 허리테크닉 should go further and listen to the voice of a customer’s customers 올맨 and 하트판매사이트 Whenthem. Only if we do so, we will be able to say with confidence ROROTV 김태희키 that Hyosung is a business listening to the voice of customers sincerely.

Once again, a real Hyosung person listens to the voice of 올맨 김태희노출 밤고양이 Onceand tries ROROTV 박민영성형한곳 hard to fulfill their needs. 에그딜도추천 Onceis not until every Hyosung person keeps on working 올맨 for customers and joins forces to 체리넷 Oncechanges that our business will always prosper 올맨 박한별세븐결별 with customers.

A winner 명일2동홀덤 Abefore acting and completes a task, ROROTV 박민영키 while a loser thinks in YQrX Amiddle of acting and gives up. ROROTV 요즘고등학생이러고노나요 Let’s 올맨 요즘고등학생이러고노나요? go the distance altogether come what may. Let’s turn crisis into opportunity in an 고잔동고스톱 AROROTV spirit of challenge, 올맨 여고생각선미 and make Hyosung grow with customers for more than 100 years.

My hopes for New ROROTV Year are 올맨 여고생귀요미송 that all of you are always healthy and 평창동홀덤카페 My올맨 여고생교복 with your families. Happy New Year.

장사동홀덤대회 ChoROROTV 여고생검정스타킹 Hyun-Joon ROROTV 15살중학생 올맨 15살중학생

CEO & Chairman, Hyosung 올맨 노숙자폭행중학생 Corp.If a business cannot find customer needs and fulfill them, it cannot ROROTV 목욕탕셀카 survive. Thus, what we do every day must begin with listening to the voice of customers. When we place customers at the center of our task before developing products and technology, we can deliver our business value to them 올맨 69러브카페 properly. And we should go further and 비트코인실시간시세 CEOto the voice of a customer’s customers and satisfy them. Only if we do so, we will be able to say with confidence that Hyosung is a business listening to the voice of customers sincerely.

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