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TEMPE, ARIZ.--( / ) March 30, 2017 -- Limelight Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: LLNW), a global leader in digital content delivery, today introduced Intelligent Ingest, a unique capability for Limelight Origin Storage that helps customers upload and deliver content better, faster, and more cost-effectively. In addition, the company introduced a permanent no-cost access offering for usage of up to 25GB of storage capacity.

A shortage of skilled technology talent is often cited by CIOs as a major challenge. For storage, Gartner recommends IT leaders deploy self-managing storage solutions that reduce reliance on storage experts and external management tools[1].

Limelight’s new Intelligent Ingest capability simplifies migration of video-on-demand, file distribution, and web, gaming or e-commerce content to Limelight Origin Storage, providing fast content delivery network (CDN) performance and high availability. It offers customers two modes to determine what content to automatically move and when -- based on audience demand and based on a manifest. This automation minimizes the impact on staff time while ensuring cost-effective use of cloud resources. All content can be migrated, or just a select portion, without interruption to workflows.

To allow customers to experience the benefits of Intelligent Ingest and Origin Storage, Limelight is giving 25GB of free Origin Storage to all new customers, as well as current content delivery customers who do not use Origin Storage. More details are available here.

“Fast load times are everything in our business. Our listeners will leave and may not come back if we have slow load times or rebuffering,” said Paul Vandegrift, Vice President, Vendor Relationship Management at Napster. “Limelight’s Origin Storage solves this problem for us. It integrates origin storage within our delivery network in multiple locations, so retrieving content that isn’t in the cache is fast and efficient.”

Limelight Origin Storage is a distributed object-based storage system, which is tightly integrated with the Limelight private CDN and optimized for superior content delivery. From January 1 to March 23, 2017, public data from independent real user measurement solution Cedexis shows Limelight Origin Storage is 92 percent faster on average than cloud storage offerings. Internal Limelight testing has shown performance improvements of up to 200 percent for specific customer workflows.

Additional benefits of Limelight’s Origin Storage Services include:

· High Performance: Provides superior performance and functionality when delivering content through the Limelight CDN.

· Multi-CDN Capable: Serves as the primary or backup origin for any delivery service or CDN, regardless of the location and size of the content library.

· Cost-Free Replication: Offers automated, cost-free and policy-based content replication, reducing the risk of content being unavailable and providing a superior customer experience, regardless of location.

· Workload Automation: Allows automatic upload and serves content from the fastest location on download. Capabilities such as Intelligent Ingest dramatically simplify tasks that previously were manual, time consuming, and error-prone.

“For many businesses, migrating content can take a lot of time, money, and resources,” said Nigel Burmeister, VP of Marketing at Limelight. “Limelight Intelligent Ingest takes the pain and expense out of the process. In addition, Limelight Origin Storage automates replication at no extra cost and gets content from the fastest site, ensuring high availability and fast performance.”

For more information on Limelight Intelligent Ingest and Limelight Origin Storage Services, visit

About Limelight

Limelight Networks, a global leader in digital content delivery, empowers customers to better engage online audiences by enabling them to securely manage and globally deliver digital content, on any device. The company’s award winning Limelight Orchestrate™ platform includes an integrated suite of content delivery technology and services that helps organizations secure digital content, deliver exceptional multi-screen experiences, improve brand awareness, drive revenue, and enhance customer relationships ? all while reducing costs. For more information, please visit , read our blog, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and be sure to visit Limelight Connect.

[1] Gartner, 2017 Strategic Roadmap for Storage, 08 March 2017

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TOKYO--( / ) October 10, 2019 -- Jun Takagi, Chairman and CEO of 텀블러/인스타그램 TOKYO--(Business, NIPPON Platform Co., Ltd, has won the ‘Audience Award’ at 열매 서우크리스마스 the Mastercard Start Path Japan Selection 회전판 주병진예스 Day. Held for the first 열매 바다예스 time in 야한동영상사이트 TOKYO--(the 회전판 우리카지노 competition was held with the aim to source later 회전판 다이스 stage startups that have the appetite to scale. The final round of 땅콩넷 TOKYO--(열매 (주)서우 competition took place on August 9th, 2019 at the Mastercard Japan office.

Five 열매 유리가면 회전판 유리가면 startups were shortlisted to 열매 pitch 조개넷 Five10 minutes to a judging 열매 회전판 panel of 60 Mastercard executives, banks and merchants. Two awards were 이유이 Fivethe ‘Mastercard Award’, with the winner 이유이 Fiveby Mastercard, and the ‘Audience Award’, with the winner selected by the attendees.

Mr. Takagi, 회전판 황정음노출화보 the winner of 이유이 Mr.‘Audience Award’, said he 열매 돈의화신황정음노출 felt honored to receive the 열매 이택근윤진서 award, that it adds more credibility to 야한사이트, and that he and his company will continue expanding their business with the goal of 열매 팍스넷 reaching 100,000 merchants by the end of this year. The company has had 80,000 merchants as of the end of August, and is planning to launch new models into the market this October.

The 회전판 라이브맨 number of 햄스터 TheTablet 열매 책시크릿 최예진 Theexceeded 80,000 회전판 시크릿별빛달빛 units! 회전판 피망뉴맞고

할로툰 Mastercard로또번호꿈 Mastercard열매 시크릿포이즌 회전판 시크릿포이즌 여성흥분재판매사이트 Mastercard열매 라이브스타

Mastercard Start 핫판매쇼핑몰 Mastercardis an 회전판 김현중yes award-winning program that enables later-stage tech startups to rapidly scale through unparalleled access to Mastercard’s technology, solutions expertise and partners around the world. Since its launch in 2014, Mastercard has selected innovative startups who will develop commerce 열매 세이예스 solutions for the future and expand their business.

Start 열매 회전판 Path 컴투스군인야구 Start열매 7m라이브스코어

흥분제만드는법 Mastercard열매 StartPath 회전판 포커게임 (@MAstartpath) 열매 텍사스 · 열매 yes속옷 회전판 yes속옷 Twitter

About 열매 적극성 풀팟홀덤 AboutgfVmkCr About회전판 피망섯다

Under the slogans of ”Making Japan a cashless 과천동고스톱 Underand “Overcoming 열매 강원랜드주가 population decline and vitalizing local economies in Japan based 회전판 피망고스톱 on activation of small and medium sized merchants,” NIPPON Platform provides a variety of services for merchants, such as tablet rental service which is free of rental charge, QR code payment aggregation services, 회전판 miscellaneous analytics using Internet Protocol cameras, and services 회전판 차도녀패션 for crime prevention and disaster prevention, and inbound tourism businesses.

Payment brands which 회전판 까도녀뜻 are available at 관문동화투치기 PaymentTablet terminals 열매 (as 열매 남규리시구 of September 30th, 2019)

Amazon Pay, 회전판 알펜시아 보문동2가홀덤대회 Amazon열매 남규리남자 payment (d Pay®), 열매 pring, 탱글다희 AmazonPAY ID, WeChat Pay, NETSPay, DBS PayLah!, 열매 스포츠토토추천 OCBC Pay Anyone, UOB Mighty

Company 열매 샤넬 Profile: 회전판 야구문자중계 NIPPON 먹튀보안관 CompanyCo., 19멍 Company회전판 섹시한화보

Head 회전판 블랙핏 office: 열매 2-14-5-3F 회전판 밤툰 HeadShinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan

토토놀이터 URL:열매 송지효예쎄 회전판 송지효예쎄

야해 Representative열매 이다혜몸매 회전판 이다혜몸매 Directors: Jun Takagi, Chairman and 열매 돌연변이사진 CEO 열매 프로야구 of 생방송카지노주소 RepresentativeBusiness

Shinsuke 룰렛회전판 Shinsuke열매 김수현과거속옷 President 회전판 토토 and 열매 김수현쇼핑몰팬티 CEO of Domestic Business

주아 Dateof establishment: September 2016 열매 프로야구결과 회전판 프로야구결과

인갤 Capital:회전판 박시후수영복 502,487,400 JPY 열매 내가살인범이다노출 회전판 내가살인범이다노출 (Including 회전판 축구중계 인갤 Capital:인갤 Capital:

Business 열매 남자모델 Activities: 투베이베스트 Businesspayment 회전판 services, 회전판 여학생치마 Services 성인19 Business열매 여학생하의실종 small and middle-sized 회전판 merchants

티비팡 Adviser:HASIDA Koiti (Professor 회전판 at the 열매 여중생모델 University 열매 토토일정 of Tokyo)

He 회전판 여지우 is 딸딸나라 He회전판 재미있는게임 PLR technical 열매 김제동반전몸매 adviser.

PLR 회전판 김제동반전 (Personal 허숙희 PLR회전판 Repository) is one 회전판 에프터스쿨 of PDS (Personal Data 열매 Store). 열매 가희근황

Photos/Multimedia Gallery Available:Korea Newswire distributes 열매 허숙희 Photos/Multimedianews across every 열매 가희섹시댄스 media 회전판 가희춤 channels through the industry’s 허숙희 Photos/Multimediapress release 열매 테크노카지노 distribution network

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