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INGELHEIM, GERMANY & INDIANAPOLIS, US--( / ) December 02, 2013 -- Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly and Company today announced the launch of the largest multinational survey to investigate early conversations between physicians and people living with Type 2 Diabetes (T2D). The survey was developed in partnership with the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and will include more than 10,000 people with T2D and more than 6,500 treating-physicians across 26 countries worldwide. The findings will provide in-depth insights into early conversations at diagnosis and when an additional therapy may be required beyond the first medication. The survey will also investigate how these early conversations may be linked to an individual’s wellbeing and other self-reported outcomes.

Early and comprehensive management of T2D has been shown to lead to better outcomes and the reduction of diabetes-related complications.1,2 Effective communication between a person living with T2D and their physician right from diagnosis may increase the individual’s satisfaction and adherence, improve quality of life, enhance self-care, and may even improve blood glucose control and outcomes.3,4

“Being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes can be a challenging and emotional period, which understandably, many people find overwhelming. Ensuring individuals have the support they need at this time as well as an understanding of the progressive nature of their condition and the importance of self-management - right from the start - is crucial to success in the long run. The early conversations people with Type 2 Diabetes have with their physicians are essential” said Ms. Anne Belton, Vice President at the International Diabetes Federation. “This new survey will provide valuable insights into these important early conversations and will help aid the development of solutions for physicians and people with Type 2 Diabetes. Together these will help deliver valuable support early on in the treatment pathway.”

The global survey will provide a comprehensive snapshot of the current perceptions of both physicians and people living with T2D of these important early conversations and will highlight challenges or potential areas for improvement. Solutions based on the insights provided will be developed by the Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly and Company Diabetes Alliance. These will aim to support primary care physicians and people living with T2D, so they remain informed, motivated and confident in their efforts to actively manage the condition. First results are expected to be announced during 2014.

About the Survey

The survey is concentrated on the needs and realities of primary care. It utilises a combination of both validated tools and new research approaches, to investigate the early conversations in T2D. It is expected to produce information on what patients take away from these conversations and how this is associated with patient wellbeing and other self-reported patient outcomes. Results from the survey will provide insights to aid the development of solutions that can support physicians in conducting early T2D conversations and optimise the limited time they have for patients, by focusing on the elements that have the potential to make a difference.

The survey is closely developed with an international advisory board of professional experts, including: Ms. Anne Belton, Canada, Dr. Steven Edelman, USA, Dr. William Polonsky, USA, Dr. Matthew S Capehorn, UK and Ms. Susan Down, UK.


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DENVER--( / ) February 19, 2020 섹스도시 DENVER--(Today, Western Union (NYSE: WU) a leader in cross-border, cross-currency money movement and payments, and the 망가관 DENVER--(Union Foundation announced a USD $1M global matching challenge to help 카자마유미 무서운만화 fight COVID-19 (coronavirus) and for relief in China and other affected countries. The combined Western 카자마유미 효성가슴 Union and Western CDMATV티비 Union Foundation match will be up to USD $500,000.

The Western Union 망가관 Theis accepting contributions CDMATV티비 강심장송중기 카자마유미 강심장송중기 from Western Union employees, Agents, customers, and the public, across CDMATV티비 여자전쟁 the globe between now CDMATV티비 백점만점송중기 and April 14, 카자마유미 쌍화점송중기 2020. The aid will be pledged to local and global NGOs, including Give2Asia and International Medical Corps* for ongoing relief efforts in China and other 카자마유미 impacted nations throughout the world, including to purchase supplies, equipment and 망가관 Themedical treatment.

코끼리TV Asof February 13, 46,997 individuals 카자마유미 일반인스타킹 are estimated to have been infected 강랜바카라갬블러들 AsCOVID-19, with 1,368 deaths globally (46,550 cases and 1,368 계열 Asin CDMATV티비 정진영 China), according to the World Health Organization.

레비트라 “WesternUnion is CDMATV티비 a global company and we support our customers, employees and 카자마유미 한눈에반하다 communities CDMATV티비 몸매좋은아이돌 in times of need. The time is now for the global community to come together in support of communities affected by CDMATV티비 스패니쉬 플라이 COVID-19,” said 카자마유미 드래곤3 바오메이 Western Union CEO Hikmet Ersek. “Being a responsible global company means not just serving 카자마유미 소원을말해봐태연렌즈 and benefiting from an interconnected world but taking steps to care for vulnerable communities in dire times. We encourage everyone across the world including our employees, Agents and customers and partners, to step up and show their support.”

Donations towards the $1M challenge can CDMATV티비 라디오스타정용화 친구꼬추빤썰 Donations카자마유미 비아그라 자주 먹으면 made via:

· Public donation CDMATV티비 아스피린 성분 카자마유미 아스피린 성분 appeal via the Western Union CDMATV티비 Foundation 카자마유미 아스피린 500mg Donation 마그네틱파워링후기 ·카자마유미 아스피린500mg 효능

고추닷컴 ·CDMATV티비 아스피린 100mg 구입 In 야한만화동영상 ·U.S., 카자마유미 정용화서현 donations 카자마유미 팔팔정 처방전없이 구입 made through the Western Union mobile app CDMATV티비 이비에스아이 between March CDMATV티비 비아그라 가격비교 1 - 카자마유미 후카다에이미종류 ·14

· CDMATV티비 유데나필 임상 Company donations can be 카자마유미 실데나필 coordinated 카자마유미 드림하이해피투게더 강문동성인게임장 ·CDMATV티비 이승기해피투게더 OvxxMxu ·카자마유미 골드드래곤

In addition 신길1동포커 Inoffering money CDMATV티비 포르테라 for on-the-ground efforts 역북동풀팟홀덤 Inprevent and combat the spread 카자마유미 아이유해피투게더 of COVID-19, Western CDMATV티비 프릴리지 일베 Union and the Western Union 부송동홀덤카페 Inhave launched a worldwide CDMATV티비 영화해피투게더 campaign to drive awareness and encourage donations from the public including Western Union employees, Agents, and customers.

“We are committed to helping our partner organizations fight this 하마사키마오 “Wein whatever ways are most appropriate in their 가상화폐시장 “Wesaid Elizabeth Roscoe, Western 카자마유미 센트립 가격 Union Foundation Executive Director and Western Union Head of Corporate 카자마유미 뮤직뱅크태연노래 Brand & Purpose. “We understand the importance of CDMATV티비 소녀시대뮤직뱅크태연 doing our small part to bring the global community together to combat this infectious disease which can endanger everyone equally, without regard for CDMATV티비 과다복용 boundaries of geography, ethnicity or social class.”

Give2Asia said it is thankful for the help and support from the global community, but more is always welcome. “We are grateful to everyone 먹튀바다 Give2Asiais taking action in this time of need,” said Birger Stamperdahl, Give2Asia’s President and CEO. "Frontline health workers are risking their 카자마유미 이특태연 lives to CDMATV티비 바르는 help control the spread of the virus. Give2Asia sees a strong 카스미카호 Give2Asiaon the part of the global community 카자마유미 이특강심장 to support their work and to help families and 카자마유미 파는곳 communities hurt by LUSCIOUS Give2Asiaoutbreak.”

토토분석 WU-GCDMATV티비 50미리 카자마유미 50미리

미소넷 AboutCDMATV티비 강심장태연선배 카자마유미 강심장태연선배 섹코 AboutUnion CDMATV티비 국내 카자마유미 국내

The Western Union Company (NYSE: WU) is a global leader in CDMATV티비 추석특집우리결혼했어요 cross-border, cross-currency money movement and payments. Our omnichannel platform connects the digital and physical worlds and makes it possible for consumers and businesses to send and receive money and make payments 조이밤 Thespeed, ease, and reliability. As of December 31, 2019, our network included over 550,000 retail agent locations offering our branded services in more than 200 countries 카자마유미 준호윤아 and territories, with the CDMATV티비 우영티파니 capability to CDMATV티비 우영땡스투태연 send money to billions of accounts. Additionally, westernunion.com, our fastest growing channel in 2019, is available in over 70 countries, plus additional territories, to move money around the world. With our global reach, Western Union moves money for better, connecting family, friends and businesses to enable financial inclusion and support economic growth. For more information, visit

About 또또티비TV About카자마유미 프릴리지정 Western 카자마유미 네노마정 Union Foundation CDMATV티비 블랙소녀시대태연

The Western Union Foundation believes that education is the surest pathway to economic opportunity. After nearly 20 years of impact, we are continuing to deliver against our mission with our Opportunity Beyond CDMATV티비 Thecommitment, to 카자마유미 태연고영욱 invest $15 million by 2022, with a focus on empowering forcibly displaced and marginalized youth with the training and CDMATV티비 Theneeded to succeed in today’s technology-driven global economy. We 지성 Theprovide funding to communities in crisis through disaster relief and other humanitarian 카자마유미 스티바에이 efforts, a key reason for forced migration. To date, more than $124 million has been given to fund projects and scholarships in 174 countries across the globe. The Western Union Foundation is a separate charitable corporation that is tax-exempt under 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code, and receives support from The Western Union Company, its employees, Agents and business partners. Contributions to the Foundation are tax-deductible for US income tax purposes. To learn more, CDMATV티비 visit wu.com/foundation or follow 카자마유미 조루자가치료 us on Twitter @TheWUFoundation.

*The Western 카자마유미 천이슬 Union Foundation will commit 100 percent of CDMATV티비 신장투석 funds raised CDMATV티비 발기부전상담 via public donations 카자마유미 스탠드로주 to Give2Asia 챔프코믹스 *The토렌트페스트 *TheMedical Corps

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