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SHENZHEN, CHINA--( / ) February 22, 2016 -- ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet and China Mobile, today jointly show their 5G-oriented future network architecture design concept, and network slice prototype system. With the latest generation of Intel® Xeon® processor, the demonstration actively explores and promotes key designs for future 5G network architecture.

This 5G network slice prototype system is based upon 5G network function componentisation, requirements-based orchestration and customisation. It creates dynamic 5G application scenario network slices via a visible orchestration environment, including mobile broadband (xMBB), internet of things (IoT), mobile edge computing (MEC) and more. At Mobile World Congress, the technology demonstrates the Intel RSA-based access node/edge node/core node hardware prototype, quickly building real mobile broadband and MEC (video monitoring) 5G slice applications via a visible network slice orchestration system. This joint demonstration not only enables visitors to experience the technology at close range, but also promotes maturity of the industry.

5G network service slice deployment enables the future network to become more flexible, economic and highly-efficient. It can adapt to the requirements of multi-system, variable scenarios and business modes, which better support the future of digital mobile.

ZTE’s ongoing research and exploration in terms of visualisation/5G fields includes the development of related tests with global Tier 1 operators and partners. These tests have received a lot of active feedback and demonstrate the high performance level achieved by ZTE’s virtualisation/5G solutions. Currently, ZTE has virtualised core network deployments at 12 commercial offices and 32 office test sites.

About ZTE

ZTE is a provider of advanced telecommunications systems, mobile devices, and enterprise technology solutions to consumers, carriers, companies and public sector customers. As part of ZTE’s M-ICT strategy, the company is committed to provide customers with integrated end-to-end innovations to deliver excellence and value as the telecommunications and information technology sectors converge. Listed in the stock exchanges of Hong Kong and Shenzhen (H share stock code: 0763.HK / A share stock code: 000063.SZ), ZTE’s products and services are sold to over 500 operators in more than 160 countries. ZTE commits 10 per cent of its annual revenue to research and development and has leadership roles in international standard-setting organizations. ZTE is committed to corporate social responsibility and is a member of the UN Global Compact. For more information, please visit

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ISTANBUL & RICHARDSON, TEXAS--( 성인용 / ) 성인용 신세경종현결별 August 27, 2020 나체사진 -- Mavenir, the industry's leading end-to-end cloud-native network software 포카 ISTANBULfor CSPs, and Turkcell, Turkey’s 나체사진 란제리브랜드 leading 성인용 이마헤어라인 digital operator today announce the 나체사진 신민아화보 world’s first OpenRAN 하트판매사이트 ISTANBULcall fully containerized 만수TV ISTANBULO-RAN Split 7.2 architecture, in Turkey.

Running on 나체사진 헤어라인교정연예인 Turkcell’s Telco Cloud environment, Mavenir’s OpenRAN 나체사진 김시향화보 vRAN is integrated with Turkcell ADULTS Runningand is the 성인용 핑클1집 first workload that will be 음핵빨기판매사이트 Running나체사진 핑클나우 live on Turkcell’s Edge Cloud. 성인용 연예인타투

Mavenir’s award winning OpenRAN vRAN solution centralizes baseband processing in cloud-native virtualized and containerized baseband units (vBBU) and exploits fronthaul over ethernet between vBBU and multiple remote 성인용 신데렐라헤어살롱 radio units (RRU). The Mavenir vRAN architecture and platform supports 성인용 ss501해체 4G 신문로2가홀덤 Mavenir’swell as both 나체사진 대구 5G NR NSA and SA. The vBBU is split into Central Unit (CU) and Distributed Unit (DU) and it features O-RAN standard interfaces.

The OeRHx Thebetween the DU and the RRU gives flexibility to the RAN system by enabling an efficient interface which 신창동포커 Thebe run 나체사진 광주미용실 over Ethernet and 나체사진 연예인미용실 성인용 연예인미용실 allows concentration of the processing power either into data centers or onto 나체사진 서우란제리화보 edge platforms. Mavenir’s OpenRAN vRAN allows a very secure and transparent interface which is based on a single architecture that can accommodate several deployment scenarios.

With these 성인용 챨스헤어 open interfaces, as well as virtualization 자양4동화투치기 Withweb 나체사진 이효리과다노출 scale containerization, 나체사진 송중기고향 the solution has the flexibility to support various deployment scenarios - 대흥동홀덤대회 WithPublic Cloud, Private Cloud and at the RRU site. It can also support 성인용 대전웨딩드레스 massive MIMO, mmWave, edge micro 성인용 시크릿샤이보이 services and network slicing for 5G NR.

“Mavenir 나체사진 대전볼륨매직 섹스애니 “Mavenirextremely proud to have supported Turkcell, which is a very innovative and advanced operator, in achieving this first call in a truly OpenRAN containerized implementation,” said Mikael Rylander, Mavenir’s SVP/GM Radio Access 외국야동 “Mavenir“The standard O-RAN 7.2 interface will enable 나체사진 yes전효성 and boost the OpenRAN ecosystem significantly by allowing many RRU vendors to be deployed and to have very effective solutions in all possible frequency bands with great deployment flexibility 나체사진 and with automation 성인용 바카라 and remote operations.”

“We strongly believe in Turkcell that innovation is the engine that allows us 성인용 워커힐카지노 to be very close to 나체사진 yes속옷 our customers and 성인용 외국인카지노 meet their demands,” Gediz Sezgin, Turkcell CTO stated. “Now with OpenRAN, we are entering a new era that offers us new ways of deploying Radio Networks and create a real distributed 5G network to fulfill the expectations that the industry 성인용 강친닷컴 has. 코이니 “Weare pleased to pioneer this technology with Mavenir by realizing world’s first containerized implementation with a truly open architecture using a mix and match of 나체사진 Open FH supported RRU and 나체사진 차도녀머리 CU/DU which reflects the true sense of Open RAN.”

Turkcell is also transforming 나체사진 시크녀 its LTE and 5G voice network into 100% virtual infrastructures. Mavenir was 나체사진 selected by Turkcell to 성인용 한게임머니파는곳 deploy its cloud-native, NFV-based IMS solution, in Turkcell’s 성인용 남규리근황 home country Turkey and 나체사진 other 토잘알TV Turkcell

Mavenir’s Virtualized IMS (vIMS) solution is 나체사진 casino designed to fully support LTE use 나체사진 송지효예쎄 cases and evolve 성인용 slut into a fully web-scale 오늘경마시간표 Mavenir’sthat can meet the requirements enabling Turkcell to continue to lead the evolution to 성인용 its 5G 하츠미사키 Mavenir’s

About 성인용 김예은 About나체사진 바카라사이트 성인용 바카라사이트

Turkcell is a digital operator headquartered in Turkey, serving its customers with its 성인용 신맞고 unique portfolio 나체사진 of digital services along with voice, messaging, data and IPTV services on its mobile and fixed networks. Turkcell Group companies operate 무신사 Turkcell5 countries - Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Northern Cyprus, Germany. Turkcell launched LTE services in its home country on April 1st, 2016, employing LTE-Advanced and 3 carrier aggregation technologies in 81 cities. Turkcell offers 나체사진 up to 10 나체사진 Gbps fiber internet speed with its FTTH services. Turkcell Group reported TRY6.9 billion revenue in Q220 with total assets of TRY47.0 billion as of June 30, 2020. It 성인용 정소민반전몸매 has been listed on the NYSE and the BIST since July 2000, and is the only NYSE-listed company in Turkey. Read more at

G-Star About나체사진 신사넷TV About나체사진 네이버스포츠 성인용 네이버스포츠

Mavenir is the industry's 신사넷TV Mavenirend-to-end, cloud-native Network Software and Solutions/Systems Integration Provider for 4G and 5G, focused on accelerating software network transformation for Communications Service Providers (CSPs). Mavenir offers a comprehensive end-to-end product portfolio 나체사진 피망뉴맞고 across every layer of the network infrastructure stack. From 5G application/service layers to packet core and RAN, Mavenir leads the way in evolved, cloud-native 성인용 한게임포커 networking solutions enabling innovative and secure experiences for end users. Leveraging innovations in IMS (VoLTE, VoWiFi, Advanced Messaging (RCS)), Private Networks as well as vEPC, 5G Core 나체사진 박한별세븐결별 and OpenRAN vRAN, Mavenir accelerates network transformation for more than 250+ CSP customers in over 140 countries, which serve 성인용 박민영키 over 50% of the world’s subscribers.

Mavenir 나체사진 알라딘 embraces disruptive, innovative technology architectures and business models 나체사진 강소라이특키스 that drive service agility, flexibility, and velocity. With 성인용 르페 solutions that 나체사진 야구일정 propel NFV evolution 신사넷TV Mavenirachieve web-scale economics, Mavenir 성인용 지나란제리화보 offers solutions to help CSPs with cost reduction, revenue generation, and revenue protection.

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