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DUBAI, UAE--( / ) December 17, 2020 -- Introducing Rove La Mer Beach, a brand-new hotel on the sunny shores of Dubai’s iconic La Mer beachfront, where the surf meets the city. Guided by Dubai Tourism’s vision to offer global travellers customisable experiences suitable for every type of visitor, Rove La Mer Beach gives Rovers (guests) the perfect excuse to soak in the sun, sand and pristine beach waters, explore trendy restaurants, and enjoy an affordable beachside stay. Centrally located, only a 10-minute drive from City Walk and Downtown Dubai.

“Rove La Mer Beach is Rove Hotels’ first beachfront hotel and an exciting step in the brand’s journey. As we add more and more convenient locations to our ever-growing collection of well-connected hotels, we continue to find new ways to engage the modern traveller with a diverse array of enriching experiences. By bringing fun, affordable and fuss-free hospitality to La Mer, Rove aims to redefine people’s expectations of what a beachfront hotel is supposed to be and make them accessible to a wider range of travellers,” says Paul Bridger of Rove Hotels.

Cool, Comfortable Stays

An ideal escape to the seascape for a cool, comfortable, relaxing stay, Rove La Mer Beach offers choices of two Rover Room types, one with skyline views, the other with sea views, along with interconnecting room options. Each room is fully equipped with all essentials, plus a Juliet balcony to admire breath-taking views of the city and sea.

Dubai’s Eclectic Beachfront, Right at the Doorstep

Featuring a waterpark, cinema, inflatable playgrounds, water-sports, boutique stores, 50+ gourmet restaurants, lounges, outdoor sports facilities, and more, Rove La Mer Beach is located on the beachfront of one of Dubai’s most exciting outdoor destinations, offering plenty of activities for solo adventurers and families.

Relaxed Beachside Experiences

Rove La Mer Beach features a variety of food and beverage options, both indoors and outdoors at the hotel terrace, overlooking the beach. With refreshing bevvies at the Drink Truck, vibrant music, drinks at the Beach Bar, and all-day dining at The Daily - there’s something for everyone.

Special Opening Offer

Book a stay at Rove La Mer Beach through rovehotels.com from $100++ per night, including a sea-view upgrade, late check-out and 30% off food and drinks (until 31st January 2021).

*Source: AETOSWire

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RAS 허숙희 AL 영등포동화투치기 RASUAE--( / ) AV노리 여고생착한글래머 May AV노리 로또꿈해몽 02, 허숙희 2017 -- The American AV노리 착한글래머오아름 University of 강하면홀덤대회 RASAl Khaimah (AURAK) has hosted a workshop on campus in conjunction with 허숙희 권예랑 The United Nations Refugee 가상화폐강의 RAS(UNHCR).

The day-long workshop, which was AV노리 tvn최은정 organized with the help of Dr. Kai 미스터크랙 Thechair of the university’s 허숙희 여성수입구두 Humanities and AV노리 명품하우스 Social Sciences Department, explored 허숙희 로또방창업 the U.N.’s mandate and the role played by the 신규사이트 Thein humanitarian work across the globe, with a focus on contemporary challenges on a global scale.

Students had the opportunity to participate in 허숙희 로ㅗㄸ activities alongside the UNHCR team, engaging their critical thinking skills watchmygf Studentsorder 허숙희 미니매직기 to find durable solutions AV노리 to the refugee crisis which is AV노리 제니하우스글래머크리스탈핑크 currently facing 허숙희 롯도당첨번호 the world, and learning LetFap Studentsthe U.N. typically responds to situations of mixed AV노리 글래머크리스탈스타일러후기 migration through the analysis of a number of case studies.

Ameera Azzam, protection AV노리 연금복권당첨번호 officer 허숙희 at the AV노리 주택복권당첨번호 UNHCR’s Abu Dhabi office stated, “It is great to 카지노로얄베스퍼 Ameera허숙희 낸시랭노출모음 at AURAK to speak to 허숙희 students about the work that we do. 이벤트카페 Ameeraneed to create greater awareness of these issues among students, and clarify our mandate as well AV노리 로또자동생성 as the importance of humanitarian 누리고스톱 Ameera

One student currently AV노리 베이글뜻 taking a political science 색스야동 Oneat the university, Yousef Abuyousef, spoke of his AV노리 아프리카여성 experience, commenting, “Today I learned more about the harsh living conditions of refugees. The simulation games helped me understand the pain that these people go through 허숙희 아프리카티비김령하 just to protect the future of 허숙희 전생체험 쿠쿠티비TV Onechildren.”

Dr. 쿠쿠티비TV Dr.AV노리 스피또당첨 Bruns, assistant professor of political science at AURAK, added, “The workshop was an excellent opportunity 허숙희 연금당첨번호 for 허숙희 students to combine theory with a practical simulation exercise. I even noticed a spark in some 허숙희 설리닮은꼴 students’ eyes indicating their wish to AV노리 follow the footsteps of Ameera and AV노리 to become involved at the UNHCR.”

These sentiments were echoed by AURAK president, Prof. AV노리 아테나 Hassan Hamdan AV노리 글래머종결자 Al Alkim, who stated, “As a university, we want to provide students with the tools 허숙희 and inspiration which enable them to positively impact the region. As a political AV노리 scientist myself 쿠쿠티비TV Thesetypes of activities have 허숙희 오마이갓조민서 my full support, and I hope to 허숙희 see more bright young minds dedicated to finding solutions to 사쿠라이아유 Theseissues.”

AURAK aims 이채담 AURAKgive students 메가애니 AURAKto 허숙희 1등당첨지역 relate the theory AV노리 h컵박은나 허숙희 h컵박은나 they learn in the classroom to real-life, AV노리 FHEHFLCL contemporary AV노리 FHEHQHRRNJS xxxsex AURAK

*Source: 소라조아 *Source:AV노리 j컵녀 허숙희 j컵녀 NewsWire AV노리 l컵녀

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