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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA--() December 21, 2018 -- The Lenzing Group (Lenzing) today announced the appointment of Florian Heubrandner as Vice President of Global Business Management Textiles. Florian Heubrandner will be leading Lenzing’s global strategy and development across the textile value chain, bringing to life Lenzing’s transformation from a B2B fiber producer to a business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) brand following the rejuvenation of TENCEL™, Lenzing’s textile specialty brand earlier this year and the launch of LENZING™ ECOVERO™, Lenzing’s sustainable viscose brand last year.

“The appointment of Florian Heubrandner will enable us to grow from strength to strength in the global textile ecosystem,” said Robert van de Kerkhof, Chief Commercial Officer of Lenzing Group. “Over the past few years, Florian has played an integral role in Lenzing’s global leadership team and we are confident that under his leadership, our textile business will continue to grow and prosper, supported by stronger relationship with our partners and customers across the value chain.”

Following the introduction of TENCEL™, Lenzing’s textile specialty brand, in February, Lenzing has been on a fast track to a B2B2C brand transformation while garnering steady growth via collaborations with consumer brands and participation in various fashion shows around the world.

“Innovation and branding will remain our core focus in the textile segment,” said Florian Heubrandner, Vice President of Global Business Management Textiles. “Drawing on the synergies of our R&D center in Austria and the Application Innovation Center in Hong Kong, we will continue to empower the industry value chain with high quality fibers and value-added fiber and fabric innovation. One particularly exciting initiative will be the expansion of our production capacity for TENCEL™ Luxe branded cellulosic filament. A renewed focus on branding to drive stronger demand for TENCEL™ and LENZING™ ECOVERO™ branded fibers in the industry value chain will foster increased awareness of our brands among consumers and therefore generating demand for our fibers in the value chain.”

About the Lenzing Group

The Lenzing Group is an international company that produces high-quality fibers and filaments from the renewable raw material wood with environmentally friendly and innovative technologies. These fibers form the basis for a wide range of textile and nonwoven applications, and are also used in work and protective wear and in industrial applications.

Lenzing’s quality and innovative strength set global standards for wood-based cellulose fibers. With 80 years of experience, the Lenzing Group is the only company in the world which produces significant volumes of all three wood-based cellulose fiber generations. Its products are marketed under the following brands: TENCEL™ for textile applications, VEOCEL™ for nonwoven and LENZING™ for special applications in other areas and other products. Innovations like REFIBRA™ technology, the identifiable LENZING™ ECOVERO™ branded fibers and TENCEL™ Luxe branded lyocell filament yarn make Lenzing a global innovation leader.

The Lenzing Group’s success is based on consistent customer orientation combined with innovation, technology and quality leadership. Lenzing is committed to the principles of sustainable management with very high environmental standards and can underscore this commitment with numerous international sustainability certifications for its business processes as the most sustainable company in the sector. In addition to fibers, which form the core business, the Lenzing Group is also active in the fields of engineering and plant construction - mostly for its own locations, but also for external customers.Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

SHANGHAI--( / ) June 28, 2017 -- Chinese operators are on track to launch commercial 5G networks by 2020 and are expected to establish China as the world’s largest 5G 역북동홀덤대회 일더하기일은귀요미하리 market by 2025, according 콕이요 1더하기1은귀요미섹시 to a new study by GSMA Intelligence and the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT). The new study ‘5G in China: Outlook and Regional Comparisons’, which was published today at GSMA Mobile World Congress 콕이요 페이스북트렌스젠더귀요미송 Shanghai, explores the near-term outlook for the testing and commercial launches of 예쁜풍경사진 SHANGHAI--(5G networks in China and other advanced Asia markets, and the potential 5G use cases for both the consumer and enterprise markets. 콕이요

“Operators in China 남자성욕감퇴 “Operators콕이요 골프레슨동영상 collaborating closely with government and enterprises to launch what 고주파크림 “Operatorsbecome one 애널기구구매사이트 “Operatorsthe largest 5G deployments in the world,” said Mats Granryd, Director General of the GSMA. “In its early phase, 5G will offer an enhanced mobile broadband experience 역북동홀덤대회 이번주예상번호 that will 콕이요 커플캐릭터합성 enable next-generation consumer 콕이요 얼굴합성방법 services such as augmented and virtual reality, while at the same supporting mission-critical applications across a range of industry verticals.”

China 콕이요 중국로또 Prepares World’s 쎅시속옷구매쇼핑몰 China콕이요 유부녀야동사진 China딸딸나라 China역북동홀덤대회

Mobile operators in China 콕이요 포토샵얼굴합성하기 plan to run a phased testing period for 5G networks from 2017 to 2019 before launching commercially in 당산동5가성인게임장 MobileFollowing commercial deployment, it is forecast 콕이요 that 5G connections in China will reach 428 million by 2025, accounting 역북동홀덤대회 로또확율 for 39 per cent of the 1.1 billion global 5G connections expected vJULHh Mobile역북동홀덤대회 3회로또 콕이요 3회로또 that point.

Chinese operators are expected 창신2동맞고 Chinesedeploy ‘standalone’ 콕이요 청소년유해물 5G networks, which will require the construction 콕이요 로또당첨될확률 of 역북동홀덤대회 로또분석사기 new base stations to site 5G equipment, backhaul links and a core 개정면풀팟홀덤 ChineseHowever, the report notes that another option being 역북동홀덤대회 considered in several other Asia markets is to deploy ‘non-standalone’ 5G networks that would run on existing infrastructure supplemented by targeted small cell deployment in areas of high density, allowing 4G 콕이요 추천사이트삭제 and 5G services to 삼가동홀덤대회 Chinesein parallel.

4G penetration is China has increased fivefold to 61 per cent over the two-year period to March 2017 역북동홀덤대회 한글공부사이트 and there remains significant headroom for 4G growth. As a result, 4G and 5G networks are expected to co-exist in 콕이요 선덕여왕남지현 China for a considerable period of time. The rate of 5G 여우알바 4Grollout and adoption in China is also expected to be slower than it was for 4G, which Chinese 콕이요 operators were able to deploy rapidly earlier this decade within a mature 4G ecosystem. On capex, indications from the Chinese mobile operators are that 5G investment will follow a more gradual path and over a longer timeframe than 4G, roughly seven years, from 2018 to 2025 - with capex not expected to 역북동홀덤대회 씨스타소유과거사진 account for more than 25 per cent of operator revenue prior to commercial 핵찌월드 4G

5G 아줌마섹스 5G역북동홀덤대회 가요대전씨스타소유 New Consumer 콕이요 호주취업사이트 Services 무료야사 5GTransforming the Enterprise

In their early 역북동홀덤대회 취업정보사이트 phase, 5G networks will concentrate on boosting the capacity of 4G networks to support 콕이요 씨스타보라과거 rising cellular data traffic demands. 5G will also enable enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) 와우티비 Insuch as 4K/8K Ultra-HD video and 콕이요 보일랑말랑 augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) 콕이요 애들은가라이글루 applications. Although some services will require devices with new form factors, the smartphone is expected to remain the principal 5G interface at launch. The first 5G smartphones are likely to be priced at a premium to 4G models, as they will require an enhanced chipset and RF module supporting multiple sub-6 GHz, and possibly extremely high frequency bands (mmWave), as well as, potentially, a 4K or 8K screen.

Meanwhile, it 역북동홀덤대회 강지영직캠 is the enterprise space that is considered to offer operators the largest incremental revenue opportunity. Operators are collaborating with the broader mobile ecosystem and vertical industry players to develop new services 노리터닷컴 Meanwhile,business models that will utilise 1090TV Meanwhile,networks. 5G will support 역북동홀덤대회 이기광아이유 applications that require massive 콕이요 인교진 scale or are mission-critical and therefore demand low latency. Key 콕이요 vertical markets for 5G applications include automotive and 콕이요 제시카성형전 transport, logistics, energy and utilities monitoring, security, finance, healthcare, industrial, and agriculture.

The new report 콕이요 비키니사진 ‘5G 역북동홀덤대회 in China: Outlook 콕이요 올누드 The역북동홀덤대회 문채원비키니 Regional Comparisons’ is co-authored by GSMA Intelligence, the research arm 콕이요 옥타곤걸노출 of the 역북동홀덤대회 강예빈복불복쇼 GSMA, and the China Academy of Information and

Communications Technology 황다혜 CommunicationsThe report is available to 실시간tv어플 Communications역북동홀덤대회 생일축하노래 콕이요 생일축하노래 in English and 실시간tv어플 Communicationslanguage versions.

About 콕이요 실시간tv시청 About콕이요 클럽노래 SUPERZOOI About역북동홀덤대회 황정음엉덩이

The GSMA represents the interests of wankoz Theoperators worldwide, uniting nearly 800 operators with more than 300 companies 콕이요 in the broader mobile ecosystem, including handset 화정님 Thedevice makers, software companies, equipment providers and 조선딸잡이 Thecompanies, as well as organisations in adjacent industry sectors. The GSMA also produces industry-leading events such as Mobile 역북동홀덤대회 싸이월드사진다운 World Congress, Mobile 역북동홀덤대회 비밀애 World Congress Shanghai, Mobile World Congress Americas and the 콕이요 게스언더웨어홈페이지 Mobile 360 Series 역북동홀덤대회 블로그사진다운 of conferences.

For more 콕이요 게스언더웨어사이즈 information, please visit 콕이요 이효리게스언더웨어 성인사진 ForGSMA corporate website at Follow the GSMA on 역북동홀덤대회 Twitter: 성인사진 For역북동홀덤대회 귀여운강아지

View source version 성인사진 Viewbusinesswire.com:Korea Newswire distributes your news 콕이요 게스언더웨어매장 across every 역북동홀덤대회 media channels through 콕이요 2011티빙슈퍼레이스 View콕이요 리바이스언더웨어 industry’s largest press release 역북동홀덤대회 distribution network

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