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SINGAPORE--( / ) June 17, 2019 -- RSA Conference, the world’s leading information security conferences and expositions, today announced its line-up of keynote speakers for RSA Conference 2019 Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ). The Conference keynotes will be opened by Mr. Amrin Amin, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Health on Tuesday, July 16, at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center.

The APJ region is home to seven of the top 10 economies with the largest ICT to GDP growth ratio[1]. As economic growth and people’s lifestyles become increasingly dependent on digital products and services, this year’s keynotes will focus on how everyone - from the C-suites to the frontlines - can ensure a more secure region while collectively continuing to pursue progress.

Some highlights of the keynote line-up include Kyla Guru, a 17-year-old student and internationally-renowned cybersecurity prodigy and entrepreneur, who will share her thoughts on transforming public education systems around privacy and cybersecurity and what she believes should be the mission of all cybersecurity initiatives. Also, a team of global computer forensics and ethical hacking experts from the SANS Institute will deliver unique perspectives on dangerous new cyber-attack techniques and how we can make radical changes to improve the current state of ‘cyber-insecurity’.

The Hugh Thompson Show: DeepFakes and the Human Zero Day will be a highlight on the Conference keynote stage. RSA Conference Program Chair Hugh Thompson will feature special guests - actor and writer Alexis Conran, and top cybersecurity researchers Saurabh Shintre and Dr Vrizlynn Thing. Together, they will discuss what makes humans most susceptible to being manipulated and compromised, how DeepFakes and AI are being weaponized, and how this forever changes defense strategies.

“Driving progress and navigating an evolving cybersecurity landscape come hand in hand. The rise of e-commerce and FinTech in Asia boosts consumption and inclusion but makes us vulnerable to new forms of scams and fraud. Sharper AI algorithms boost productivity but can also be used to make cyber-threats harder to discern. The line-up that we’ve assembled will help us better leverage digital opportunities while managing associated risks. Our goal is to help create a brighter future by highlighting what it takes to become more secure today,” said Linda Gray Martin, Senior Director and General Manager, RSA Conferences.

Keynote speakers and sessions include:

· Mr. Amrin Amin, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of Health

Opening keynote Guest-of-Honor for RSA Conference 2019 APJ, Mr. Amrin Amin is Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Health. He is a Member of Parliament representing Sembawang Group Representation Constituency (Woodlands) since September 2015. Prior to political office, he was a corporate lawyer specializing in mergers and acquisitions. Amrin read law at the National University of Singapore (Bachelor of Law) (Honors) and Columbia University in New York (Master of Law) (Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar).

· Kyla Guru, Founder / CEO, Bits N' Bytes Cybersecurity Education | Tales of a Teenage Security Supergirl

Before her freshman year in high school, Kyla Guru founded Bits N’ Bytes Cybersecurity, a national organization that now sustains more than 20 national partnerships with school districts, corporations like Facebook and IBM, and educational platforms like Discovery Education, all to increase awareness, literacy, and fluency in privacy and cybersecurity. Guru will share her story of being a social entrepreneur, what she believes should be the greater mission of all cybersecurity initiatives, and what she sees as the future of the industry.

· The Five Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques and How to Counter Them

Presented by the SANS Institute, this keynote panel will reveal the most dangerous new attack techniques, how they work and how we can stop them. Speakers include Robert M. Lee, CEO and Founder, Dragos, Inc, SANS Certified Instructor; My-Ngoc Nguyen, CEO / Principal Consultant, Secured IT Solutions, SANS Certified Instructor; Stephen Sims, SANS Faculty Fellow, PenTest and Cyber Defense Essentials Curriculum Lead and moderated by Nick Klein, Director of Klein & Co., Computer Forensics, SANS Certified Instructor.

· Rohit Ghai, President, RSA, and Holly Rollo, Senior Vice President and Digital Transformation Lead, RSA | The New Why of Cybersecurity

Digital investment accelerates business velocity, transforms constituent experiences and spawns new opportunities. But this formidable force for human progress also magnifies risk. Together with leading industry experts from RSA, Rohit Ghai will address the management of digital risk as the new ‘why’ for cybersecurity.

· Diana Kelley, Cybersecurity Field CTO, Microsoft | Better Cybersecurity with AI and ML? Focus on Culture, Diversity and Inclusion

AI and machine learning can speed up the threat response cycle, but without diverse teams developing these machine learning models, we may end up automating bias or even criminals’ attack paths. Diana Kelley will explain the importance of culture and diversity within organizations’ cybersecurity teams, to ensure they benefit from advances in the fields of AI and machine learning.

· Haiyan Song, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Security Markets, Splunk | Embracing Chaos to Reimagine Cybersecurity

As nation-state hacks and concerns around privacy continue to mount, data is playing an increasingly critical role in the success of the security operations center (SOC). With security professionals facing an ever-increasing volume of risk, Haiyan Song will share ways to embrace data chaos, fuel innovation and stay one step ahead of today’s biggest security threats.

· Aarti Borkar, Vice President, Offering Management, IBM Security | The New Rules of Security

The reality today is that enterprises must secure business processes from and for the cloud. As we move into the next era of cloud computing, Aarti Borkar will detail how cybersecurity leaders can adopt a continuous security model to protect data and workloads, manage threats and compliance, and secure identities and networks.

· The Hugh Thompson Show: DeepFakes and The Human Zero Day

From social engineering and exploiting human zero days to DeepFakes that are now harder to discern than ever before, the greatest threats we have ever faced sit inside the human mind. This closing keynote takes you behind the scenes to explore what it is about humans that makes us susceptible to getting manipulated and compromised. Learn how DeepFakes and AI are being weaponized from world-renowned application security expert and RSA Conference Program Committee Chair, Hugh Thompson, and special guests Vrizlynn Thing, Senior Vice President, Head of Cybersecurity Strategic Technology Centre, ST Engineering; Saurabh Shintre, Senior Principal Researcher; and Alexis Conran, a celebrity presenter and broadcaster best known for his role in highly acclaimed BBC TV show, The Real Hustle.

Additional information and online registration details:

· For more information on RSA Conference 2019 APJ keynote speakers and topics, please visit:

· To register, please visit:

· Media can register for a press pass here:

About RSA Conference:

RSA Conference is the premier series of global events and on-demand programs where the world talks security and leadership gathers, advances and emerges. Whether attending in the US, the EMEA region, the Asia-Pacific region or online, RSA Conference events are where the security industry converges to discuss current and future concerns and get access to the people, content and ideas that help enable individuals and companies to win, grow and do their best. It’s about bringing all people in the cybersecurity industry together and empowering the collective “we” of the cybersecurity industry to stand against cyberthreats around the world. RSA Conference is the ultimate marketplace for the latest technologies and hands-on educational opportunities that help industry professionals discover how to make their companies more secure while showcasing the most enterprising, influential and thought-provoking thinkers and leaders in security today. For information on events, online programming and the most up-to-date news pertaining to the cybersecurity industry visit

RSA Conference logo, RSA, Dell, EMC, Dell EMC and other trademarks are trademarks of Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. Other trademarks may be trademarks of their respective owners.

[1] International Monetary Fund. Regional Economic Outlook: Asia-Pacific. May 2018.

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REDWOOD CITY, 제주성인용품점판매사이트 REDWOOD/ ) July 09, 구수동성인게임장 REDWOOD-- To address the growing market for prepaid products 토토나라 19금영화배드신 and mobile financial services in the Asia Pacific region, 여캠 스카이레몬 i2c, Inc. (), a wOirLjic REDWOODof payment processing and emerging commerce solutions, today announced the opening of its Singapore office. Located at 여캠 XRARES One Raffles Place, the office will house product, client services and business development staff.

i2c‘s solutions are 여캠 섹툰 redefining what’s possible in prepaid, debit, credit and emerging commerce by offering a 토토나라 예스포르노 single global processing platform () with integrated mobile and loyalty capabilities. Issuers looking to launch travel, virtual, 토토나라 캣툰 mobile, corporate and government prepaid products in the Asia Pacific region are working with i2c to get to market quickly with differentiated programs. With programs in market in Japan, China, the Philippines and Australia and new clients 원천동고스톱 i2c‘son board across the region, Asia Pacific is a key growth area for i2c.

“With our client 여캠 야동나라 base in the Asia Pacific region growing amidst a backdrop of rapidly expanding consumer demand for flexible prepaid and mobile financial solutions, it makes sense for us to invest in the region,” says Scott Salmon (), general manager, International, at i2c. “With feet on the ground 고읍동홀덤카페 “WithSingapore, we look forward 서수면홀덤대회 “Withworking closely with clients and partners 토토나라 스포업 여캠 스포업 in the region 토토나라 토찾사 to create solutions tailored 토토나라 잡소리닷컴 to local market needs.”

The office also provides 여캠 스페이스TV i2c with 토토나라 투니버스 a physical presence from which it will support its strategic alliance with Visa () in the region. The companies announced in November 2013 a formal alliance 여캠 스포츠중계밤토끼TV to support prepaid market growth 토뱅 Thea number of global 여캠 markets, including Asia 토토나라 Pacific, Central Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

About 오피투데이 About토토나라 여캠

From its Silicon Valley headquarters, i2c provides the infrastructure financial institutions, corporations, 여캠 밤기 brands and governments around the world need to launch and profitably manage payment 우리볼닷컴 Fromnext-generation commerce products. i2c's global, cloud-based platform supports 토토나라 헤이코리안 virtually any prepaid, debit or credit program in plastic, virtual or mobile form. Clients on six continents use the i2c platform to build profitable, 토토나라 알바할래 differentiated payment products and 여캠 언니알바 services that meet unique customer needs. 여캠 아사기리아카리 For more information go toKorea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

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