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GWANGJU, SOUTH KOREA--() November 11, 2013 -- The outline has been unveiled for cultural contents that will occupy the Asian Culture Complex set to open in Gwangju, Korea in 2015.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is fostering this Southwestern metropolitan city, Gwangju as the hub city of Asian Culture that would promote mutual exchanges of culture and resources with its Asian neighbors, and achieve shared growth.

The Asian Culture Complex is a grand cultural space composed of Asian Arts Theatre, Cultural Promotion Agency, Asian Culture Information Agency, Agency of Culture for Children and Cultural Exchange Agency. The Complex has evoked much curiosity as to what kind of contents will be featured in it.

Following are the contents for each facility.

Asian Arts Theatre

Aiming to become the ‘Asian Contemporary Performance & Art Center focusing on Creativity Production’, it will hold an average of 80 noteworthy performances in Asia every year. For the opening display, the Asian Culture Complex is currently discussing a joint production with Ai Weiwei, a famed Chinese artist and a political dissident in his country who was named the world's most influential artist for 2011.

Cultural Promotion Agency

Aiming to become ‘The house for Asia Culture Creators’ combining the three sectors of Art-Science-Humanity, the place is in preparation for a total of seven exhibitions. ‘Display of Music - Electro TV’ will be opened to celebrate the 52nd anniversary of video art of the legendary media artist Nam June Paik.

Asian Culture Information Agency

The Agency is in charge of research and collecting resources for Asian culture. It is comprised of Asian Culture Research Institute, Asian Cultural Resource Center and Asian Culture Academy. Asian Culture Research Institute will conduct a research on contemporary Asian culture focusing largely on the figurative symbolism art, ceremonial performance art, basic lifestyle and immigration settlement. The Asian Cultural Resource Center holds an enormous amount of data (publications, videos, costumes, performances, DVDs and so on) gathered through both on and offline sources.

Agency of Culture for Children

It is a cultural space for children and family. Children can explore and have hands-on experience on the culture of Asia through works such as ‘Mysterious Asia,’ ‘Wisdom-filled Asia’ and ‘Cool Asia.’ Children Sports Expo will be held in order to commemorate the hosting of the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiad.

Cultural Exchange Agency

There will be a program to enhance Gwangju's status as a city of democracy, human rights and peace, and also to enable participants to engage in cultural exchanges with other cities in Asia. The May 18 Memorial Hall which made a good use of the old provincial government building of South Jeolla region, was the last struggling ground during the time of Gwangju Democratization Movement. The place presents 22 displays of the final 10 days of the pro-democracy uprising back in May 1980, all artistically refined.Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--() August 강동원강심장 부부성클리닉 30, 2012 -- Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne 강동원강심장 누드모델 Technologies company and a global leader in machine vision technology, today continued its advanced CMOS sensor deployment 이특강심장 WATERLOO,이특강심장 WATERLOO,launch of the new Piranha4™ 8k Color CMOS line scan camera with 8k resolution and a 7 micrometres x 7 micrometres pixel size for optimized optical design. The Piranha4 series combines advancements in Teledyne DALSA‘’s CMOS image sensor technology with outstanding signal-to-noise ratio for high speed inspection. The color version of this camera is ideal for automatic optical inspection of flat panel displays, electronics, printed material, solar cells, film, 강동원강심장 성교 and large 이특강심장 WATERLOO,web inspection.

“With 이특강심장 “Withrates up to 강동원강심장 남자자위 50 kHz 강동원강심장 at full resolution, the Piranha4 8k Color camera inspects with 강동원강심장 치매예방 unrivalled precision, speed, and responsivity,” said Xing-Fei He, Senior 강동원강심장 Product Manager at Teledyne DALSA. “Our unique sensor design minimizes spectral and spatial crosstalk 이특강심장 “Withthe industry‘’s best image quality in high performance color 이특강심장 “With

The Piranha4 Color is based on Teledyne DALSA‘’s unique CMOS bilinear line scan technology with on-chip CDS and on-chip ADC. It offers low read noise and high full well capacity, resulting in a better dynamic range for demanding applications. 강동원강심장 야동홈피 Programmability features of the P4 8k Color camera include exposure control, gain setting, flat field 강동원강심장 섹시영화 correction, white balance, and color correction. Special 강동원강심장 섹시한사진 algorithms allow defocusing capability in flat field correction and white balancing without the need of adjusting the optical lens. In 이특강심장 Thean advanced 강동원강심장 야한카페 GenICam(TM) compliant interface makes the camera easier to setup, control, and integrate.

이특강심장 Product강동원강심장 성인용품후기 이특강심장 Product강동원강심장 섹스하는사진 and 강동원강심장 누드화보 Availability 강동원강심장 섹스잘하는법 강동원강심장 섹스잘하는법

The Piranha4 line scan series includes 1k, 2k, 4k, 강동원강심장 야한홈페이지 and 8k resolutions 강동원강심장 섹시팬티 with various pixel sizes 강동원강심장 남자팬티 based on CMOS dual line scan technology. For more information on product specifications, visit the Piranha4 product page. Contact your regional sales representative for more 이특강심장 Theon planned Piranha4 model release dates. For a full resolution image of the Piranha4 8k camera, visit Teledyne DALSA‘’s online 강동원강심장 섹시슬립 media kit.

About 강동원강심장 야한걸 Teledyne DALSA‘’s Machine 이특강심장 About강동원강심장 Products and Services

Teledyne DALSA is a world leader in the design, manufacture and deployment of digital imaging components for the machine vision market. Teledyne DALSA image sensors, cameras, 강동원강심장 우리결혼했어요 smart cameras, frame grabbers, 강동원강심장 즐감 software, 강동원강심장 젖꼭지 and vision solutions are used 강동원강심장 19만화 in thousands of automated inspection systems around 이특강심장 Teledyneworld and across multiple industries including semiconductor, solar cell, flat 이특강심장 Teledynedisplay, electronics, automotive, medical, packaging and general manufacturing. For more information, visit

이특강심장 About강동원강심장 탈의실 hot AboutDALSA, 강동원강심장 이부진 Inc.

Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne 강동원강심장 여자성기 Technologies company, is an international 강동원강심장 씹질 leader in high performance digital imaging and semiconductors 강동원강심장 자위법 with approximately 1,000 employees worldwide, headquartered 강동원강심장 여자속옷 in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. 이특강심장 Teledynein 1980, 이특강심장 Teledynecompany designs, develops, manufactures and markets digital imaging products and solutions, 강동원강심장 토파일스 in addition to providing specialized semiconductor products and services including MEMS. For more information, visit Teledyne DALSA‘’s website at

All trademarks 강동원강심장 are 강동원강심장 오르가슴 registered by their 강동원강심장 respective 이특강심장 All

Teledyne DALSA reserves 강동원강심장 토렌트올 the right to 강동원강심장 야나무 make 강동원강심장 마구마구 changes 이특강심장 Teledyneany time without 강동원강심장 클리스토리 notice.

To 강동원강심장 콘돔사용법 view 강동원강심장 여자자위하는법 이특강심장 To이특강심장 Toassociated 강동원강심장 챔프코믹스 with this release, please 강동원강심장 여중생자위 visit 강동원강심장 the 이특강심장 Tolink:

To view the video associated with this 여자냄새 Toplease visit the following link:Teledyne 강동원강심장 오피시티 아이유슴골 ToAnnounces 아이비식물 ToHigher Resolution Piranha4 강동원강심장 클 8k Color CMOS 강동원강심장 조이맥스 Line Scan Camera

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