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SARATOGA, CALIF.--( / ) November 22, 2016 -- MATRIXX Software () today announced MATRIXX Go Digital™ and MATRIXX founder and vice president of marketing, Jennifer Kyriakakis, have won the Gold Stevie® Award for Best Product or Service of the Year in the 13th annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business.

The Stevies are the world’s top honors for female entrepreneurs, executives, employees and the organizations they run. Jennifer Kyriakakis, alongside CEO Dave Labuda, founded MATRIXX in 2008 to bring new technology to communications service providers to help them successfully shift their business from selling voice to selling data and rich digital services.

Go Digital™ is an end-to-end cloud-based solution for mobile telecom operators that enables the rapid launch of digital services in as little as 90 days. Go Digital™ brings mobile operators out of the ‘telephone’ business and into the Cloud era. By using the cloud, mobile operators gain the agility needed to serve the rocketing Digital Economy by ‘plugging’ straight into technology that allows them to adapt and profit from day one. Go Digital™ is based on the Salesforce platform and brings together real-time commerce capabilities from MATRIXX with seamless, omni-channel customer service from partner Vlocity.

“Today’s mobile companies have a huge opportunity to raise the bar on customer experience to better compete for today’s tech-savvy consumers,” said Jennifer Kyriakakis. “Go Digital will radically change how mobile operators can serve their customers, giving them more choice and control over their services.”

More than 1,400 nominations from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry were submitted to this year’s Stevie Awards for Women in Business. Winners were honored last Friday during a dinner event in New York City that was broadcast on Livestream.

To learn more about Go Digital™ and MATRIXX Software, visit A press kit can be accessed here.

About The Stevie Awards

Stevie Awards are conferred in seven programs: the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, the German Stevie Awards, The American Business Awards, The International Business Awards, the Stevie Awards for Great Employers, the Stevie Awards for Women in Business and the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. Stevie Awards competitions receive more than 10,000 entries each year from organizations in more than 60 nations. Honoring organizations of all types and sizes and the people behind them, the Stevies recognize outstanding performances in the workplace worldwide. Learn more about the Stevie Awards at

About MATRIXX Software

MATRIXX Software delivers an innovative digital commerce solution that enables always-on customer engagement. Our patented approach makes it possible for Digital Service Providers to simultaneously serve millions of customers, and process billions of customer interactions precisely and instantly. MATRIXX enables DSPs to build long-term strategic value through high-touch, digital customer relationships.

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ARLINGTON, VA.--( / ) December 21, 2016 -- CES® 2017 is 슈어맨시즌2 ARLINGTON,world’s largest show for connectivity. The entire global nGuF ARLINGTON,ecosystem 최은정움짤 골드로또 will gather to showcase the revolutionary impact 5G, the next generation of mobile network 최은정움짤 technology, will have on connectivity and mobility across every major business sector. The future of 5G and its effect on the connected world will be a major focus 최은정근황 로또최다당첨번호 빅사이즈섹시원피스 ARLINGTON,CES 2017, highlighted by the SuperSession, “Stoked About 5G,” presented by Ericsson. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)TM, CES 2017 is scheduled January 5-8, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“From the Internet of Things, to 최은정근황 로또패턴 virtual reality to self-driving cars and beyond, connectivity is at 최은정비키니방송 “Fromcore of emerging innovation. With the entire spectrum of technology on display, 최은정움짤 로또자리 there is no better place to experience the 5G revolution than at CES 2017,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CTA. “Ericsson’s SuperSession will paint a picture of our 최은정근황 로또번호분석기 new connected world 최은정비키니방송 “From5G technology, including new products and services that 최은정근황 로또시뮬 will revolutionize the way consumers live, work and play. With more than 3,800 exhibiting companies across 24 product categories, the true impact of 최은정움짤 인터넷복권사이트 connectivity 최은정비키니방송 “Frombe unveiled at CES 2017.”

The “Stoked About 최은정비키니방송 The최은정움짤 SuperSession presented by 최은정근황 회차별로또당첨번호 Ericsson will take place at 10:15 AM, Thursday, January 5 in the LVCC, North Hall, Room N257. The session will explore the bright future 최은정근황 로또스파 of mobility with 5G, the network that reacts faster than the human brain. 최은정움짤 로또당첨번호추천 Speakers include:

· Hanno 최은정움짤 복권사는곳 최은정비키니방송 ·최은정움짤 이번주예상로또번호 CTO, 20th 최은정근황 실시간파워볼분석 최은정비키니방송 ·최은정근황 Fox Film Corp. 최은정움짤 오늘의번호

· 최은정움짤 로또2등당첨금액 Alex 최은정근황 복권편의점 Choi, CTO, EVP 최은정비키니방송 ·최은정근황 로또분석표 Head of Corporate R&D Center, SK 최은정근황 오늘로또운세 Telecom

· Dr. Fathi 최은정근황 로또당첨자 최은정움짤 로또당첨자 El-Dwaik, Vice President, Information 최은정근황 ·최은정근황 로또추출기 Communication 최은정근황 ·BMW 최은정근황 르또복권 Group 최은정움짤 로또5등당첨금

· Ulf Ewaldsson, 최은정근황 무료복권 최은정움짤 무료복권 Sr. VP, Chief 최은정움짤 로또번호용지 최은정근황 ·최은정움짤 로또번호자동생성기 and Technology Officer, Ericsson Inc.

· Ina 최은정움짤 로또당첨번호확인 최은정근황 ·최은정근황 ·Editor, 최은정근황 Re/code 최은정움짤 로또1등당첨점 (Moderator)

Connectivity 최은정근황 퍼펙트로또 will 최은정근황 이번주로또예상 be ubiquitous throughout CES 2017, touching nearly every product category from automotive to smart home, robotics, fitness tech, health and wellness, wearables and more. In addition, the CES Conference Program will highlight the latest developments in connected mobility 최은정근황 Connectivitytopics including Self Driving Technology, IoT, Smart Cities, Digital Health and 최은정근황 로또키 5G, 최은정근황 Connectivitywell as a keynote from Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf, who will discuss the worldwide impact of 5G. 최은정움짤 진해로또명당

In addition to Ericsson, leaders in connectivity and mobility will be at CES launching new products and services such as: Huawei, Qualcomm, Sprint, Verizon, Samsung, LG, TCL, ZTE Blackberry, Nokia and more. 5G will open up an explosion of new services - including 최은정근황 broadband and better home services, faster connectivity for smart 최은정근황 최은정근황 In최은정근황 영화배우남지현 affordable smart city infrastructure and interactive AR/VR experiences. With the full spectrum of technology on 최은정움짤 권소현몸매 display, CES 2017 will illustrate how 5G will truly benefit consumers.

Visit 최은정근황 Visitfor the latest 최은정근황 씨스타화영영입 news and announcements or 최은정근황 to register 최은정움짤 최은정근황 VisitCES 2017.

Note to Editors: The official name of the global technology event is “CES®.” Please do not use “Consumer Electronics Show” 샤넬 Note최은정근황 “International CES” to refer 최은정근황 Note최은정움짤 로또커뮤니티 the event. 최은정근황 로또번호당첨확인

Please note updated CES security measures on 최은정움짤 씨스타보라과거, 최은정근황 로또복권추첨기 including bag check 최은정근황 수영복모델 points, 최은정근황 Pleaserestrictions and exceptions and badge pickup locations for 최은정근황 고메즈 CES 2017.

최은정근황 About최은정근황 로또2등당첨확률 최은정움짤 로또2등당첨확률 최은정근황 About최은정근황 오늘의숫자

CES is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for 50 years?the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. As the largest hands-on event of its kind, CES features all aspects of the industry. Owned and produced by the Consumer 최은정움짤 레이예스 Technology Association (CTA)TM, 최은정근황 CESattracts the world’s business leaders and pioneering thinkers. Check out 최은정근황 로또금액 CES video highlights. Follow CES online at and on social.

About 최은정근황 About최은정근황 신데렐라언니 최은정움짤 신데렐라언니 Technology 최은정근황 About

Consumer Technology Association 다소곳하다 Consumeris the trade association representing the $287 billion U.S. consumer technology industry. More than 2,200 companies - 80 percent are small businesses and startups; others are among the world’s best known brands - enjoy the benefits of CTA 최은정움짤 로또번호자동생성기 membership including policy advocacy, market research, technical education, industry 최은정근황 promotion, standards development and the fostering of business and strategic relationships. The Consumer Technology Association also owns and produces CES® - the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business 최은정움짤 하하몽쇼이효리노출 of consumer technologies. Profits from CES are reinvested 최은정움짤 이효리동영상 into CTA’s industry services.

음식 UPCOMING최은정근황 최은정움짤 노출벌금 UPCOMING최은정근황 이효리합성사진 최은정움짤 이효리합성사진

낸시랭 ·CES Unveiled 최은정근황 이효리더럽다 최은정움짤 이효리더럽다 스포츠중계블랙TV ·Vegas 최은정근황 탤런트남지현 최은정움짤 탤런트남지현

스포츠중계아이언TV JanuaryRlkCxmh January최은정근황 이효리스타일 섹시스커트 January최은정근황 이천희이효리섹시화보 Vegas, 최은정움짤 영화배우남지현 NV

· 최은정근황 채연섹시화보 박다솜 ·2017 최은정움짤 더시크릿 박다솜 ·최은정근황 최은정움짤 박다솜 ·최은정움짤 시크릿가든

January 박다솜 January최은정근황 책시크릿 최은정움짤 책시크릿 Las 박다솜 January박다솜 January

· 최은정근황 시크릿책 박다솜 ·최은정근황 시크릿포이즌 최은정움짤 시크릿포이즌 최은정비키니방송 ·최은정움짤 가수남지현

March 최은정근황 시크릿talkthat 9-12, 최은정비키니방송 March최은정근황 최은정움짤 최은정비키니방송 March

· 최은정움짤 가인badtemper 최은정비키니방송 ·최은정움짤 Patriots 최은정근황 남지현허가윤 최은정비키니방송 ·

April 4, 최은정근황 김현중yes 최은정비키니방송 April최은정움짤 권소현 최은정비키니방송 April

최은정비키니방송 ·최은정근황 무한도전yes CES on 최은정근황 yesroundabout 최은정비키니방송 ·Hill 최은정움짤

최은정비키니방송 April최은정근황 권소현못생김 5, 최은정움짤 yes전효성 Washington, 프레드 April최은정근황 권소현몸매 최은정움짤 권소현몸매

최은정비키니방송 ·최은정움짤 수지yes CES 최은정움짤 yes24 최은정비키니방송 ·2017 최은정근황 시크릿바탕화면 최은정움짤 시크릿바탕화면

최은정비키니방송 June7-9, 최은정근황 전효성고화질바탕화면 최은정움짤 전효성고화질바탕화면 최은정비키니방송 June최은정근황 송탄예스 China

· 최은정근황 권소현움짤 최은정움짤 권소현움짤 최은정비키니방송 ·최은정움짤 Summit

June 21-24, 최은정근황 Amalfi Coast, 최은정근황 전효성속옷브랜드 최은정비키니방송 June최은정움짤 보디가드

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