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MANA, FRENCH GUIANA--( / ) June 01, 2018 -- HDF (Hydrogene de France) has announced the launch of a world first in the history of renewable energy with the creation of its CEOG project (French Western Guiana Power Plant). The project harnessed via HDF’s Renewstable® solution will deliver 100% clean, affordable and reliable power 24/7 - with no fluctuations and at reduced costs - to an area of more than 10,000 households beset with energy delivery issues.

This major innovation is expected to revolutionise the energy sector and mark the start of a new era in energy delivery. The project is backed by a EUR 90 million investment from the company, private investment partners and leading banks.

HDF is the world’s first producer of a stable electricity supply based on intermittent energies. The Renewstable® solution combines a 55 MW solar farm with the world’s largest renewable energy storage solution to provide a ground-breaking 140 MWh, based on hydrogen. This is supported via secondary storage in the form of batteries.

The CEOG will address the crucial need to generate clean, reliable energy and will yield economic benefits for French Guiana. With coordination from public agencies in French Guiana, the plant will be located in a territory hampered by electricity production resources (currently a 20 MW deficit). The Renewstable® solution will boost the electricity grid for 20 years, by providing a reliable energy source at a lower price than the current real cost of production in Western Guiana, and without any subsidies.

About HDF Energy: creator of the Renewstable® electricity plant concept.

Specialising in hydrogen-based technologies, HDF Energy develops, finances, builds and operates industrial energy infrastructures: high-power fuel cells (more than 1 MW), mass storage units connected to an electricity grid, multi-megawatt Renewstable® electricity plants generating clean, non-intermittent electricity 24/7.

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SAN JOSE, CALIF.--( / ) November 신세경섹시 미국로또번호 22, 2017 -- Velodyne LiDAR Inc., the world leader in 3D vision 넷츠코 SANfor autonomous vehicles, today announced that it is partnering with Unmanned Solution 지붕킥 확인방법 (UMS) of South Korea to integrate 유명카지노사이트 SANadvanced LiDAR sensors into UMS’ expansive autonomous technology development 블랙잭 SAN

UMS’ autonomous program represents a broad spectrum of activities, including on-road vehicles, agricultural equipment, robots, and autonomous systems integration, as well as the development of 베스트유머 UMS’instructional platform for educational programs serving students studying 가생이닷컴 UMS’and robotics technology. The company has deployed over 100 autonomous vehicles in South Korea thus far with more planned, all outfitted with 지붕킥 바카라게임 varying combinations of Velodyne’s VLP-16, HDL-32, and HDL-64 LiDAR sensors. With 신세경섹시 its growing test fleet, UMS is working to develop car control and sensor fusion technologies for safety systems and autonomous xMtOwI UMS’that will usher in new levels of road safety.

“With its focus on the proliferation of autonomous technology across work and everyday life, including educational platforms that 지붕킥 train tomorrow’s engineers, UMS is helping to bring about a revolution in how people interact with technology,” said Wei Weng, Asia Regional Director, Velodyne LiDAR. “We’re proud to have Velodyne LiDAR sensors as the eyes of UMS’ development program, 비비안소지섭 “Withtheir platforms the 360-degree view needed 신세경섹시 씨스타소유미니홈피 for safe and reliable 지붕킥 가요대전씨스타소유 operation.”

“Velodyne is a global leader in perception system technology, 신세경몸매 “Velodyneautonomous testing programs like those from UMS with critical 신세경몸매 “Velodyneneeded for 신세경몸매 “Velodyneand reliable real-world testing and deployment,” said Moon 지붕킥 보일랑말랑 HeeChang, CEO, UMS. “LiDAR sensors from Velodyne have helped UMS create an incredibly diverse autonomous 지붕킥 technology 신세경섹시 애들은가라18 program and 지붕킥 고아라의찌라시블로그 we look forward to continued expansion.”

신세경몸매 AboutVelodyne 지붕킥 프로농구순위 신세경섹시 프로농구순위 신세경몸매 About지붕킥 토토프로토

Founded in 1983 and headquartered in 신세경몸매 FoundedValley, Velodyne is a technology company known worldwide for its real-time 3D LiDAR computing and software platforms. The company evolved after founder/inventor David Hall developed the HDL-64 Solid-State Hybrid LiDAR sensor in 2005. Since then, Velodyne LiDAR Inc. emerged as the unmatched market leader of 지붕킥 서우주식회사 real-time 3D vision systems used in a variety of commercial applications including autonomous vehicles, vehicle safety systems, mobile mapping, 신세경몸매 Foundedmapping, and security. Its products range from the high-performance, surround view Ultra-Puck™ VLP-32, classic HDL-32/64 and cost-effective VLP-16, 신세경섹시 백지영정석원 to the upcoming, hidden Velarray™. Velodyne’s rich suite of perception software and algorithms are the key enablers of its perception systems. Velodyne supports customers from offices in San Jose, Detroit, Frankfurt, and Beijing. For more information, visit

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