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COLOMBES, FRANCE--( / ) May 28, 2015 -- Oberthur Technologies (OT), a world leader in digital security solutions for the mobility space today announced its selection by QUI! Group in Italy to provide MasterCard smart payment cards to dematerialize luncheon vouchers.

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QUI! Group decided to innovate by providing consumers with smart payment cards in order to dematerialize traditional paper vouchers and optimize invoicing and administration processes for merchants for faster reimbursement. OT has been selected to provide the payment cards and to personalize them. Thanks to these cards, consumers will no longer need to use paper luncheon vouchers; they will remotely load money into their specifically designed reloadable prepaid banking cards and use them to pay in the same way as they use their personal payment cards issued by banks.

“OT is delighted to have been selected, as the unique supplier, by QUI! Group in order to offer rechargeable multifunctional cards. OT’s objective is to enhance end-users’ daily life and thanks to our product, QUI consumers will pay in a much more convenient, easy and secure way” said Eric Duforest, Managing Director of the Payment Business Unit at OT.

“We are determined to become a European Group and in order to reach this ambitious goal on our market, QUI! Group chose OT to provide prepaid cards to replace paper luncheon vouchers” said Gregorio Fogliani, President of QUI! Group. “OT is the best partner for us to become one of the most important players in Italy and all over Europe”.


OT is a world leader in digital security solutions for the mobility space. OT has always been at the heart of mobility, from the first smart cards to the latest contactless payment technologies which equip millions of smartphones. Present in the Payment, Telecommunications and Identity markets, OT offers end-to-end solutions in the Smart Transactions, Mobile Financial Services, Machine-to-Machine, Digital Identity and Transport & Access Control fields. OT employs over 6 000 employees worldwide, including close to 700 R&D people. With more than 50 sales offices across 5 continents and 1 manufacturing hub by region, OT’s international network serves clients in 140 countries. For more information:


QUI! Group is an Italian leading company in meal voucher industry for corporate and social welfare, in payment systems and Loyalty industry. In 2014 the company reached a turnover of 610 million Euros; QUI! Group has more than 20 million of registered users in its services and handles over 15 million of digital transactions per year. The commercial network of QUI! Group has 150 thousand affiliated merchants to its services.

In the last four years the Research & Development Group investments reached over 15 million Euros, and the Group created different partnerships with Italian universities, such as Turin, Trento, Salerno and Genoa.

Last year the Bank of Italy authorized QUI! Financial Service, the financial institution of the Group, to work as a ELMI, allowing it to issue prepaid cards and financial services. QUI! Financial Service is included in the Italian ELMI Register, art. 114-quater of the TUB, code n. 32532.4


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RICHARDSON, TEXAS--( / ) 브이폰 블랙잭룰 August 18, 2016 -- Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) and Enseo signed an agreement expanding Enseo’s rights to 브이폰 5천꽁머니 now distribute 코리아영화 RICHARDSON,Netflix application on 브이폰 바카라 꽁머니 select Enseo devices AV피그 RICHARDSON,any hotel under a specific contract with Enseo in any country where 누드만화 모아쓰 the Netflix service is 누드만화 경정운영본부 available.

“Our partnership 브이폰 데스레이스 with Enseo brings Netflix members a high quality viewing experience on their 스팽크와이어 “Ourroom TV,” said Paul 브이폰 토요경마예상 Perryman, Director Business Development at Netflix. “Through our expanded agreement, now more hotels in more countries will be able to provide guests access to their favorite Netflix TV shows 레드19 “Ourmovies on the in-room television, making their hotel room feel 누드만화 우리경마 more like home.”

In 2014, Enseo was the first 누드만화 마지막한바퀴 hospitality integrator to license and 누드만화 조호성 deploy the 섹시영화 Inapplication in 브이폰 광명경륜 hotels. Backed by a world-class platform of powerful hardware, flexible software, and technology-based services, 브이폰 일간스포츠무료만화 Enseo has designed a platform that continues to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of hotel brands, hotel owners, and most importantly, the guest. 브이폰 실시간경정 누드만화 실시간경정

Guests staying in hotels powered by such 토렌트야동 Guestsdevices will be able to subscribe to Netflix or sign into their existing accounts simply 브이폰 경륜결과 by accessing the Netflix application on the guest room TV via a Netflix logo on the on-screen 브이폰 창원경륜운영본부 누드만화 창원경륜운영본부 토렌트야동 Guestsmenu, or a Netflix-branded button on 누드만화 야동사이트 the TV remote control. In addition, guests will not be required to pay in-room Internet fees in 브이폰 온라인릴게임 order to access the Netflix application on the Enseo device. When the guest 누드만화 자브아웃 checks out, their Netflix user credentials will be automatically removed from the device.

Enseo’s Room Operating Center (eROC™) powers guest 브이폰 Enseo’sincluding streaming 브이폰 일본빠칭코 야모닷컴 Enseo’s(OTT) applications like Netflix, as well as 브이폰 캠스 enabling guests to listen to their own music using Enseo’s 브이폰 야마토게임 Bluetooth® 추천바다추천스톰릴깨임 Enseo’sEnseo provides guests 누드만화 the 누드만화 야마토사이트 best WiFi service with Enseo’s HSIA and HomeAwayFromHome™ personal area networks.

Enseo’s advanced data analytics gathered 누드만화 인터넷도박 data from several million occupied room nights this year proves Netflix is the guest’s favorite channel in all 19 hotel 비타500 Enseo’sdeployed today. 브이폰 꼬뽀넷 This was consistent across all demographics from luxury 누드만화 야마토2게임동영상 guests to conference attendees and 누드만화 황금성게임다운로드 the ever elusive millennial traveler.

“We are thrilled 브이폰 and honored that Netflix has chosen Enseo as their partner to offer Netflix on the in-room television for guests around the globe. It is a tremendous amount of trust. 비뇨기과명의 “Wewill ensure that the television itself behaves, the 누드만화 지노야 remote and 브이폰 on-screen menu are easy to navigate, and the network operates at the highest standards at each Enseo property, giving Netflix members the great 브이폰 릴게임프로그램 streaming content 섹시동영상 “Weviewing experience they have 누드만화 CUTSCENES come to expect. Our owners are thrilled as they have been demanding our solution for more of their properties,” said Vanessa Ogle, Enseo’s Founder, Chairman and CEO.

Netflix 브이폰 빠칭코 누드만화 빠칭코 솔라쌤 Netflix브이폰 누드만화 a 브이폰 야플릭스 registered 플라이 Netflixof Netflix, Inc.

HOT About누드만화 세계대전야마토 Enseo 브이폰 세븐럭 누드만화 세븐럭

Enseo is the fastest growing hospitality integrator with a 16-year history of delivering sustainable innovation for 누드만화 the world’s largest hotel groups. The Enseo solution includes free-to-guest content, hotel branding, remote monitoring and management, robust guest features, Wi-Fi, digital signage and more. Enseo enables hotels to 누드만화 스피드툰 engage more deeply with 브이폰 야마토선장 their guests by providing them with more unique content choices such as Over-The-Top (OTT) applications, on-screen weather and flight data, and Bluetooth® connectivity all through the guest room TV. Enseo is the first hospitality integrator to license and deploy Netflix®, Pandora®, YouTube®, Hulu® and Crackle®. In addition to guest room control and entertainment, Enseo is the most deployed digital signage platform worldwide powering digital signage in hospitality, retail, healthcare, and stadiums/arenas. For more 야한것들 Enseovisit

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