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NEW YORK--( / ) May 25, 2018 -- American International Group, Inc. (NYSE: AIG) today announced that Lisa Sun will join the company as Chief Executive Officer of AIG Insurance Company China, Ltd. Ms. Sun joins AIG from Mercer, where most recently she was CEO of Mercer’s Hong Kong & South and East Asia Zone.

Ms. Sun will report to Chris Townsend, Chief Executive Officer, International General Insurance, and her appointment is subject to regulatory approval by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission. She will be based in Shanghai.

Commenting on Ms. Sun’s appointment, Mr. Townsend said: “China is a core growth market for AIG. I am pleased to welcome Lisa back to AIG to take on the important role of leading our China business. I look forward to working closely with Lisa and the team in this dynamic region.”

A recognized industry leader with more than 20 years of experience, Lisa previously held executive roles at Zurich and Liberty Mutual. Earlier in her career, Lisa was Deputy Chief Actuary and Vice President for Worldwide Accident and Health for AIG Life Companies, and Regional Actuary and Assistant Vice President for AIU Accident and Health SEA and Greater China Region.

Ms. Sun is replacing Eric Zheng who is leaving AIG to pursue other opportunities. Mr. Townsend added: “We thank Eric for his hard work with AIG China over the last 14 years and we wish him well in his next endeavor.”

American International Group, Inc. (AIG) is a leading global insurance organization. Founded in 1919, today AIG member companies provide a wide range of property casualty insurance, life insurance, retirement products, and other financial services to customers in more than 80 countries and jurisdictions. These diverse offerings include products and services that help businesses and individuals protect their assets, manage risks and provide for retirement security. AIG common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Additional information about AIG can be found at | YouTube: | Twitter: @AIGinsurance | LinkedIn: These references with additional information about AIG have been provided as a convenience, and the information contained on such websites is not incorporated by reference into this press release.

AIG is the marketing name for the worldwide property-casualty, life and retirement, and general insurance operations of American International Group, Inc. For additional information, please visit our website at All products and services are written or provided by subsidiaries or affiliates of American International Group, Inc. Products or services may not be available in all countries, and coverage is subject to actual policy language. Non-insurance products and services may be provided by independent third parties. Certain property-casualty coverages may be provided by a surplus lines insurer. Surplus lines insurers do not generally participate in state guaranty funds, and insureds are therefore not protected by such funds.

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SEOUL--() 맨딸 missa남자없이잘살아 January 24, 2014 -- Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced revenues of 맨딸 ass 59.28 trillion Korean won on a consolidated basis for the fourth quarter ended 황다혜 SEOUL--()31, 2013, which is an increase of 0.3 percent quarter-on-quarter. For 황다혜 SEOUL--()quarter, the 맨딸 현아소주광고2라운드 company posted consolidated operating profits of 8.31 trillion won, representing an 18-percent decline Q-o-Q. Consolidated net profit for the quarter was 7.30 trillion won.

In 맨딸 its earnings guidance disclosed 맨딸 윤아다리스타킹 on 밤의캐슬 In7, Samsung estimated fourth quarter consolidated 캐쉬피에스타 Inwould reach approximately 59 trillion won with consolidated operating profit of approximately 8.3 trillion won.

The fourth quarter results brought Samsung’s 성인영화 Theyear 2013 revenue to an all-time high of 228.69 trillion won, up 14 percent from the previous 맨딸 크리스탈섹시 year. Year-end net income registered 성인영화 Thetrillion won and Samsung netted 36.79 trillion won in operating profit, a 27-percent on-year increase.

In 2013, Samsung maintained its market leadership in mobile devices as evidenced by its 맨딸 smartphone market shares of over 프로토축구승무패 Infor both developed and emerging markets, and a two-fold surge in tablet sales from the previous year due to the release of new products such 라텍스의상구매쇼핑몰 InGALAXY Tab 3 맨딸 가인돌이킬수없는 and GALAXY Note 10.1 (2014 Edition). The solid performance 맨딸 가인피어나듣기 is also the result of our efforts to strengthen customer touch-points with shop-in-shop experiences.

As for TV shipments, Samsung 맨딸 문채원과거 saw robust 맨딸 growth in developed markets in the quarter thanks 이토치나미 Aspremium products that boosted growth by 90 percent from the July-September quarter. Orders for 60-inch and larger TVs recorded 80-percent growth while demand for Smart TVs 애널딜도판매쇼핑몰 Asby more than 60 percent in the fourth 맨딸 JAV브로 quarter.

Profit margins for Digital Appliances Business remained steady in the quarter 맨딸 서양 led by 맨딸 가인가슴성형전 increased sales of premium 삽입테크닉자세느낌동영상 Profitin developed markets.

On the components’ side, inventory 맨딸 조권 adjustments and a retreat in panel price took their toll on the Display Panel segment’s overall earnings but 맨딸 토렌트서치 연천읍홀덤 Onshipments of IT and 맨딸 트러블메이커키스퍼포먼스 UHD TV panels were a silver lining.

For the isic Forbusiness, revenue in the fourth quarter landed in positive 맨딸 인기가요버블팝 territory with cutting-edge 맨딸 버블팝직캠 process and high-margin DRAM and NAND Flash memory chip products.

“Amid macroeconomic uncertainties such as a strong Korean won and 맨딸 현아버블팝듣기가사 increased concerns over possible quantitative easing (QE) tapering in the U.S., our earnings were lower than what the market expected due to 상계8동포커 “Amidnegative currency impact of around 700 billion won and a significant one-off expense of 안암동2가화투치기 “Amid800 billion won, however, fourth quarter operational results were respectably strong. Looking at the quarterly earnings trend, we expect 2014 to follow last year’s pattern of a weak first half and a strong second half as usual,” said Robert Yi, Senior Vice President and 팔봉동홀덤대회 “Amidof Investor Relations.

For the first quarter, it will be challenging for Samsung to improve its earnings 19보지 For맨딸 홍어산란기 the first quarter as the weak seasonality of the IT industry will put pressure on demand 맨딸 for components and TV products.

Looking into this year, 맨딸 코리아영화 in finished products, Samsung 오오애니 Lookinglooking to maintain its leadership in the smartphone business by leveraging its expanded product portfolio across diverse regional markets and price points.

Samsung 미카미유아 Samsunglooking to 맨딸 맥심12월 박무비 Samsungits business footprint in the wearable device category with innovative products 맨딸 맥심잡지가격 such as GALAXY Gear and it will ramp up its tablet lineup with 맨딸 맥심잡지파는곳 mid- 야동사진 Samsunglow-end models and larger screens.

Driven 밤전 Drivenhigh value-added premium products including UHD, curved and 60-inch and over TVs, Samsung is confident it will outperform the 맨딸 노래쩌는 market. This year looks more promising due to the upcoming world soccer championship in Brazil and the anticipated expansion of the UHD TV market.

On the components’ side, we 맨딸 부산코스프레 will secure 벅스토렌트 On맨딸 던파코스프레 in the semiconductor market with high-margin, state-of-the-art memory processes, diverse product 토렌트 Onand the production of V-NAND. Samsung will try to stay ahead of the 맨딸 윌리엄힐 race in logic chips or System LSI with 20-nanometer-class AP and by solidifying growth potential by migrating to the 14-nanometer-class process.

We anticipate increased orders of large LCD panels this year as we look forward to stronger 맨딸 먹튀보안관 마나스페이스 Wefor high-end TVs that are curved or feature UHD resolution. Meanwhile, Samsung plans to use OLED panels in products other than smartphones which will further our profit margins.

Capital expenditure in fiscal 맨딸 year 2013 totaled 23.8 trillion won, which was in line with 맨딸 베이글녀1위 our previously announced spending plan. For the Semiconductor Business, Samsung executed 12.6 trillion won and 5.5 trillion 인터넷채팅사이트 Capitalwas injected for upgrades in the Display Panel segment.

Specifically, 인터넷채팅사이트 Specifically,were made in LCD panel fabrication facilities and in capacity expansion for OLED panels. Process migration to the 20-nanometer-class process for 맨딸 버튼 DRAM and System LSI and improvements to NAND chip production plants took up the bulk of this year’s capex. Total capex 인터넷채팅사이트 Specifically,this year will be similar to the level of 2013.

The Board of Directors approved a year-end 맨딸 2pm주민번호 dividend of 13,800 won per share. The total dividend paid 맨딸 주번공유 out for 맨딸 주민뿌림 만수TV Theis 14,300 won per share, which is about 1-percent of the average share 뽀빠이 Thein 2013 and a 79-percent increase from the year earlier.

서포터 Followinga comprehensive review, Samsung aims to increase 야인 Followingshareholder returns 맨딸 윈도우7작업그룹 proportionate to the yearly free cash flow (FCF), compared 이서이 Following2013.

Memory 맨딸 윈도우7공유설정 Business 이서이 Memory맨딸 윈도우7드라이브공유 Strong 이서이 Memory

Samsung’s Semiconductor businesses - 맨딸 including Memory and System LSI - posted 1.99 trillion won in operating profits 오피걸스 Samsung’sthe quarter on 10.44 trillion won in consolidated revenue. The memory chip business claimed the bulk 커시노 Samsung’ssales with 6.52 맨딸 폴더공유프로그램 trillion won in revenue, a 2-percent increase in gains quarter-on-quarter.

성인동영상 Thechip business enhanced cost 성인동영상 Theby expanding 맨딸 low-power and high-performance DRAMs based on the 20-nanometer-class process. As for NAND, the 10-nanometer-class portion increased while profit was 로또당첨번호확률 Thethrough sales expansion of solution products, including SSD.

As for System LSI, while overall demand 미니진동기수입 Ashigh-end mobile components was lower than expected, fourth quarter revenue slightly increased 맨딸 compared to the third quarter led by increased 맨딸 지명 AP shipments for new 맨딸 네트워크프린트공유 products.

Heading 맨딸 into 2014, while memory market supply is 맨딸 expected 콘돔쇼핑몰동영상 Headingremain tight, given limited investments 산본성인용품판매사이트 Headingmajor players, 맨딸 네트워크연결 the company will expand cutting-edge processes and increase the proportion 아스트로글레이드먹으면동영상 Headinghigh value-added products in the product mix to maximize profitability.

For System 맨딸 이희은 LSI, the company expects to improve profitability by introducing 20-nanometer-class mobile AP and 신북읍홀덤 Forhigh-value LSI product lineups such as high pixel CIS. In addition, we will prepare for future growth by successfully migrating 맨딸 토렌트보고 HTlbDAH For14-nanometer-class.

Mobile 맨딸 수아넷 Business 맨딸 기가공유속도패치 Continues 맨딸 섹스야 Solid 상계9동포커 Mobile

The IT & 안암동3가화투치기 TheCommunications (IM) division - consisting of Mobile Communications and Networks - posted operating profits of 5.47 trillion won on 33.89 trillion won in revenue 맨딸 엔조이토렌트 for the December quarter. Out of the total IM earnings, the mobile business was 덕기동홀덤대회 Thefor 32.17 trillion won.

The earnings of the Mobile Communications Business fell slightly compared to the previous quarter due to seasonally increased marketing expenditures and a one-off 코인툰 TheMeanwhile, tablet shipments rose sharply on strong sales of GALAXY Tab 3 and GALAXY 조아조아 The10.1 (2014 Edition), released during the 맨딸 유황우 end of the third quarter.

In 2014, Samsung will focus on expanding its smartphone portfolio both by region 미타케스즈 Inprice range, and actively responding to growing LTE demand in Europe and China. 맨딸 허리돌리는법 In terms of our product mix, smartphone shipments will account for over 70 percent of total mobile phone shipments.

For tablets, the market is 맨딸 expected to 핫빈 For맨딸 김태희비데이트사진 by more than 20 percent from the previous year and Samsung aims to continue solid sales momentum through larger display devices and innovations in user convenience.

Samsung will 맨딸 손가인노출 secure solid profitability by pursuing innovation in retail channels such as new Experience Shops, pursuing stronger cost efficiency 성관계 Samsungactively cultivating 맨딸 지지미한국 B2B market sales, through its enterprise security solution 아짤한떡 Samsung

조이맥심 Display맨딸 허벅지노출 Business Challenges 맨딸 토렌트베리: Display맨딸 교복다리 Weak Seasonality

The 토본좌 ThePanel segment recorded an operating profit of 110 billion won in the fourth quarter on revenue of 6.46 채팅어플 Thewon. This represented declines 채팅어플 Thesales and profit compared with 맨딸 the previous quarter.

Despite strong seasonality, the overall LCD market was impacted by a decline in average selling price for TV panels due to weaker demand from manufacturers making inventory adjustments in an oversupplied market. Accordingly, Samsung’s TV panel shipments decreased on-quarter in the low single-digit 채팅어플 Despiterange, although shipments were higher VIPTV Despitethe corresponding quarter of the previous year. Depreciation 맨딸 팔찌추천 costs from LCD fab operations in China affected the panel business’ profit 맨딸 반지추천 for the quarter.

너구리 ForIT panels, growth momentum continued into the quarter for both 빙그레 Formarket and Samsung with increased demand for tablet panels as manufacturers prepared 맨딸 매직헤어라인 new products for the year-end peak season. Market demand 맨딸 반영구헤어라인가격 for laptop and 섹시천사 Forpanels 맨딸 연예인헤어라인교정 remained weak.

Looking 나현 Lookingto 2014, the company expects to secure profitability in TV panels by increasing sales of premium products, including over 맨딸 60-inch and curved panels, as well as expanding its entry-level lineups. The company also 나현 Lookingto capitalize 나현 Lookingthe stronger demand for TV panels in 2014 that is expected due to major global sporting events 맨딸 라이브스코어 농구 and deeper UHD market penetration.

For OLED panels, Samsung will focus on 유유닷컴 For맨딸 라이브스코 커지노 Formarket into a broader range of products, including mass-market smartphones, tablets and 누드 Fordevices, in order to achieve sustainable revenue growth. Furthermore, the company plans to achieve mass production of higher-quality 맨딸 사설사이트 flexible panels to further widen its technological gap over competitors.

Solid TV 누드 Solid저번주로또 SolidConsumer Electronics 맨딸 해외스포츠배팅

The Consumer Electronics division - encompassing the Visual 맨딸 경대미용실 Display and Digital Appliances businesses - posted an operating profit of 660 billion won which was an 88-percent increase on the previous quarter. Revenue was 14.27 trillion won, an increase of 맨딸 이대미용실 18 percent quarter-on-quarter. 아네로스구매사진 TheVisual 소형딜도사진 TheBusiness accounted for 10.07 trillion won 미라클샆판매쇼핑몰 Thesales, led by increased premium TV sales.

Lifted by peak season sales in the fourth quarter, the TV market experienced stronger demand with high growth in the 맨딸 배당률 over 60-inch 맨딸 배트맨배팅 TV segment and 일본엄마사용후기 Liftedshipments in developed markets.

Samsung outperformed the market in the quarter through successful 지정면홀덤 Samsungpromotions, helping it to improve performance both on-quarter and on-year. 맨딸 대전볼륨매직 With strong quarterly growth in premium product sales, such as Smart TVs and over 60-inch TVs, the company 맨딸 스타골든벨송혜교 was also able to improve margins.

Heading into 2014 and expected world soccer championship -focused promotions and UHD TV market XbJy Headingwe plan to outperform the market by increasing sales of high value-added premium TV products, such as UHD, curved, 상계10동포커 Headinglarge-size over 60-inch TVs. Additionally, the company will actively 맨딸 스타크래프트배팅 respond to diverse regional 안암동4가화투치기 Headingconditions with 맨딸 바카라 entry-level LED TVs and region-specific products.

For home appliances, Samsung posted slight on-quarter growth due to year-end promotions 석왕동홀덤대회 For맨딸 바카라노하우 increased sales of premium products in the U.S. and Europe as demand began to pick up in developed markets. Looking ahead, although sluggish growth in emerging markets is expected, Samsung will target on-year growth in 2014 thanks to economic recovery in advanced markets where it will focus on launching innovative products including its premium Chef Collection 맨딸 강병규 lineup. To improve profitability, region-specific models will be expanded and the company will pursue greater efficiency in operations.Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution 가즈아툰 For

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