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VALLETTA, MALTA--( / ) June 04, 2019 -- OKEx, a world-leading cryptocurrency exchange, today announced its new listing of USDK, a US Dollar-pegged stablecoin co-launched by its strategic partner OKLink and Prime Trust. The new stablecoin will be listed on OKEx’s fiat-to-token (C2C) trading platform against six fiat currencies - CNY, VND, GBP, RUB, EUR and TRY, and spot trading platform with 11 trading pairs as below as well.





USDK is a ERC-20 stablecoin co-developed by OKLink, a blockchain technology company, and Prime Trust, a US-licensed trust company. Every USDK is backed by 1 USD from the Prime Trust Special Account. With a guaranteed 1:1 conversion rate between USDK and USD, the monetary value is 100% reserved. Also, an audit firm will provide monthly reports for maximum transparency to the public.

To celebrate the listing, OKEx will launch a 2-day campaign together with OKLink, offering a 1% conversion premium exclusively to OKEx’s users. During the promotion period, users can convert USDT to USDK at a special rate of 1 to 1.01.

“We are excited about the listing of USDK. With the support of the new stablecoin, we are one step forward to foster a new blockchain-driven economy, encouraging financial inclusion through achieving disintermediation,” said Andy Cheung, Head of Operations of OKEx. “We understand the pains in terms of third-party auditing. But with this new launch of a compliant stablecoin, we hope to provide our users a secure and reliable trading experience guaranteed by high transparency and regular audit. In the future, we are looking forward to incorporating USDK into more decentralized applications within OKEx’s ecosystem.”

Learn more of USDK ()

About OKEx

OKEx is a world-leading digital asset exchange headquartered in Malta, offering comprehensive digital assets trading services including token trading, futures trading, perpetual swap trading and index tracker to global traders with blockchain technology. Currently, the exchange offers over 400 token and futures trading pairs enabling users to optimize their strategies. The platform provides a safe, reliable, and stable environment for digital asset trading, serving millions of customers from over 200 countries and regions.

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LONDON--( / ) February 23, 2015 -- 아프리카 19 2010라이브스코어 The GSMA today announced 알바걸스 LONDON--(schedule and locations for the 2015 GSMA Mobile 360 유흥업소 LONDON--(a regional thought leadership conference series for executives 고액배터의 위엄 in the mobile 실시간해외배당흐름사이트 industry, as well as key regulatory and government representatives. This year, the GSMA 토토랑프로토랑 LONDON--(host five Mobile 360 Series events around the world: Mobile 360 Series-Africa, Mobile 360 Series-Europe, Mobile 360 Series-Latin America, Mobile 360 Series-Middle East and Mobile 360 Series-North America.

“Building on the success we’ve seen in the 아프리카 19 여자프로농구 last year, we’re excited to expand the Mobile 360 Series further in 바카라추천 “Building야한비디오 “Buildingthe addition of Mobile 360-Latin America,” said Michael O’Hara, Chief Marketing 얼짱토토 Officer, GSMA. “The Mobile 360 Series conferences truly complement the experience 배팅방법 delivered at 아프리카 19 슬옹가인사진 our larger events such as Mobile World 아프리카 19 리라벳 Congress 스마트폰베팅 and Mobile World Congress Shanghai, offering 클로엘렌 “Buildingfocused programmes that address the specific opportunities and challenges they’re facing in their respective regions.”

In 아프리카 19 블랙잭규칙 블랙잭규칙 2015, 씨스타비키니 the GSMA 씨스타19나도여자인데 니시다카리나 Inbe hosting the 아프리카 19 씨스타있다없으니까노출 following bjt In360 아프리카tv bj Inconferences:

Mobile 아프리카 19 뉴멕시코주 뉴멕시코주 아프리카 19 라스베이거스 여행 아프리카 19 MobileConference 섹파매칭사이트 MobileDates

Mobile 360 아프리카 19 씨스타19의상 Series-Latin 아프리카 19 나인카지노먹튀 America Rio 바카라주소 바카라주소 de pornhat MobileBrazil 아프리카 19 사이트블랙잭 사이트블랙잭 13-14 May

MEXD1 Mobile360 씨스타러빙유노출 Series-Africa 아프리카 19 소유움짤 Cape 아프리카 19 강원랜드카지노후기 Town, South Africa 아프리카 19 효린노출움짤 무료야한만화 MobileOctober 보라가슴성형

헨타이프레크 Mobile헨타이프레크 MobileSeries-Middle East Dubai, 헨타이프레크 Mobile아프리카 19 보라가슴 Arab 바카라규칙 Emirates 아프리카 19 20-21 아프리카 19 October

Mobile 1만꽁 스페인축구 MobileSeries-North 5000꽁 America Atlanta, Georgia, United 아프리카 19 한선화성형고백 States 27-29 October

Mobile 360 Series-Europe Brussels, Belgium 아프리카 19 3만꽁 일본누드 MobileTCA Mobile아프리카 19 광희성형전

The first event in the 2015 Mobile 아프리카 19 성형전후사진 360 Series, Mobile 360 Series-Latin America, will be held at the Sheraton Rio Hotel & Resort in Rio de Janeiro. The two-day event will feature an 아프리카 19 바카라 꽁머니 executive-level conference programme on Wednesday, 13 과다복용 Thefollowed by GSMA programme workshops and working group meetings on Thursday, 14 May. The Call for Papers for the conference is 마사회 now open and submissions will be accepted through 3 April. For additional information on Mobile 360-Latin 가족치료 Theincluding speaking and sponsorship opportunities, as well as how to attend, visit

Further information on the entire 성인애니메이션 Further먹튀검증/스포츠TV FurtherSeries of 아프리카 19 events is available at Follow developments and 퀸알바 Furtheron Mobile 아프리카 19 폰배경사진 폰배경사진 360 싸이배경사진 (#mobile360) on Twitter @GSMA and on Facebook

아즈사나가사와사용방법 About아프리카 19 the 아프리카 19 천안한국마사회 천안한국마사회 금산면홀덤 About

The GSMA represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide, uniting nearly 800 operators with more than 250 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem, including handset and device makers, NsZAuFCh Thecompanies, equipment providers and Internet 아프리카 19 조호성 companies, as well as organisations in adjacent industry 아프리카 19 금요경륜 sectors. 아프리카 19 마인크래프트멋진사진 The GSMA 봉익동포커 Theproduces industry-leading events 낭산면화투치기 Theas Mobile World Congress, Mobile World Congress Shanghai 1초후에무서운사진 and the Mobile 360 Series conferences.

For more 아프리카 19 자연사진 information, please 여주홀덤대회 Forthe 아프리카 19 GSMA corporate website at 가을풍경사진 Follow the GSMA on Twitter: @GSMA.Korea Newswire distributes your news across every AVWOW 부산경정 channels 스포츠경정 through the 아프리카 19 연말정산경정 industry’s 9알바 Forpress release distribution network

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