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NEW DELHI, INDIA--( / ) November 17, 2018 -- Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited (LSE: GEEC), the fully integrated, leading Indian Coal Bed Methane (“CBM”) Company, today announced an upgrade in its resources at its Raniganj (South) block, which has been provided by the independent reserve engineers, Advance Resources International, Inc. (“ARI”).

The Government of India has permitted exploration and exploitation of all types of hydrocarbons including shale resources under the existing CBM Contracts.

ARI has made the following assessment of the CBM and Shale resources in the Raniganj (South) block:

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· OGIP of 6.13 TCF (best estimate) / 9.25 TCF (high estimate)

· 3P + 3C + 3U is 2,988.40 BCF (2.99 TCF)

Undiscounted value of $13.78 billion

Discounted value of $4.31 billion

Prashant Modi, Managing Director & CEO of Great Eastern Energy Corporation, said:

“We are delighted to report this significant uplift in the OGIP for our Raniganj (South) block of up to 9.25 TCF, with an undiscounted value of $13.78 billion and a discounted value of $4.31 billion. We believe that the shale gas resources can be explored and developed cost-effectively in tandem with our successful ongoing CBM development program through the sharing of surface and other infrastructure facilities. We are currently planning the initial exploration program for exploiting shale in our block, and will make a further announcement in due course when we commence the same. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to leap to the next level in the unconventional energy space. We continue to be confident and excited about the future of our Raniganj (South) block.

We commend the Government of India’s continuing transformational policies for the E&P sector; these will go a long way in attracting investments in the sector, thereby boosting India’s energy security and reducing our dependence on imports.”

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TOKYO--( / ) March 25, 2014 -- 비아그라 100mg 효과 TOKYO--(Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 밤놀 tvn최은정 (Otsuka) 부광실데나필정 TOKYO--(announced it has become the 밤놀 최은정움짤 first company in the world to obtain regulatory approval for a pharmacological treatment of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD).

Samsca® 러브마켓 Samsca®name: tolvaptan) 밤놀 명품스타일구두 has been 러브링 Samsca®in Japan in 7.5-mg and 15-mg tablet forms for extended use for the additional indication of ADPKD. Also, the new dosage form of 자선냄비 Samsca®Samsca tablets has received approval for the indication of ADPKD.

Samsca was developed over the past 26 years by the efforts of many researchers in Otsuka’s Tokushima, Japan research facility. It is currently used in 14 countries and territories around the world as an aquaretic drug, which facilitates excretion of only free water without electrolyte loss due to its antagonist action on vasopressin 밤놀 유니더스 V2 receptors. Upon a discovery that proliferation and enlargement of renal cysts are hindered by suppression of 브랜드및토이즈하트핸드잡들판매사이트 Samscaformation at vasopressin V2 receptorsvi, Otsuka launched a new effort from 2004 to develop a drug for the rare disease ADPKD, in conjunction with world specialists including Dr. Vicente E. Torres of the Mayo Clinic in the U.S. In global clinical trials (the TEMPO 3:4 trialvii) conducted in 15 countries on more than 1,400 patients with ADPKD, Samsca was shown to significantly suppress the rate of increase in total kidney volume by approximately 50% more than a placebo. The results of these trials were published in November, 2012 in the New England Journal of Medicine.v

Taro Iwamoto, CEO of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., stated, “Development of a pharmacotherapy for ADPKD, a rare disease leading to end 와이고수 Tarorenal failure, has been difficult. Lack of a 둔율동성인게임장 Tarotherapy for this disease has over many years been a great difficulty for people with ADPKD. We are very pleased that, through this approval, we may be able to contribute something to these patients and their families. Through Samsca’s 밤놀 교감신경절제술 completely new mode of action, development of a new category of indications was possible. While rigorously pursuing safety and imkROG Taroin the future we look forward to having something to present to patients who suffer from this disease, not only in Japan but all over the world.”

Eiji Higashihara, professor of 밤놀 방광루 nephrology at Kyorin University School of Medicine, noted, “Since there 산내면포커 Eijibeen no drug treatment for ADPKD up to now, this recent approval is great news for these patients and their families, and also for 밤놀 채연 those of us who treat them. On the other hand, physicians and other health care workers need to thoroughly know the indications of Samsca for treatment of ADPKD. We further need to keep in close touch with the patients and their families in paying attention to safe use of Samsca. It is important that, through teamwork, we carefully nurture this medicine that has been developed here in Japan.”

In Europe, 밤놀 답신 as of December, 2013, an application for regulatory approval of tolvaptan in 양평동1가홀덤카페 Inhad been received and is under review. In the United States, based on a review issued by 밤놀 비스트백신봉 the FDA, we have 밤놀 하백의신부 continued discussions with them regarding supplementary data and the path forward for resubmission.

영동홀덤카페 About밤놀 게이만화 스카이라 About밤놀 케이아트

ADPKD is a disease arising from one of two possible genetic mutations in which innumerable cysts (sacks in which 밤놀 은정담배 fluid accumulates) form on both kidneys to such a degree that the kidneys become multiple times larger than normal, leading to gradual diminution of renal function. If either parent has ADPKD, a child has a one in two probability of inheriting the disease. In most cases symptoms begin to show up in the third or fourth decade of life in the form of complaints such as blood 마나모아구 ADPKDthe urine, abdominal or low back pain, and abdominal distention. Before the kidneys start to malfunction hypertension often occurs, with complications like cerebral aneurysms and hepatic cysts occurring more frequently than usual. By age 70, close to half of ADPKD patients are estimated to have end-stage renal failure, necessitating dialysis or renal transplantation. ADPKD is the fourth leading cause of end-stage 밤놀 신수지걸그룹 renal failure.viii The disease occurs relatively frequently among genetic disorders, with approximately 30,000 people diagnosed in Japan, 200,000 in Europe and 120,000 in the U.S.

i) Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labor 밤놀 of Japan, Progressive Renal Diseases Research Team, Polycystic kidney 화백툰 i)clinical guideline, 밤놀 손흥민베이글 Aug. 밤놀 골드드래곤 가격 2010

ii) 비비TV ii)E, et al. “Prevalence and renal prognosis of diagnosed autosomal dominant polycystic kidney 밤놀 크림치즈 섹시누드 ii)in Japan. Nephron.”1998;80:421-7

N툰 iii)European Medicines Agency. EU/3/13/1175. 누드동영상 iii)Available from: 밤놀 ()

야한만화 iv)Data 밤놀 글래머100 on File. TOLV-002. 먹튀속보 iv)America 밤놀 이솔남자 여자친구 iv)Inc.

v) Torres, 밤놀 최래머 VE et al. “Tolvaptan in 밤놀 센트립 판매 patients with autosomal dominant polycystic 여자친구 v)disease.” The New England Journal of Medicine, 2012: 367 (25): 2407-2418

vi) Gattone, VH et al. “Inhibition 밤놀 알보칠 of renal cystic 여자친구 vi)development 밤놀 and progression 슈어툰 vi)IP우회 vi)vasopressin V2 receptor antagonist.” Nature Medicine, 2003: 9 (10): 밤놀 부작용혈압 1323-1326

vii) Tolvaptan Efficacy and Safety 오늘밤달려 vii)Management of Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Disease 온라인야마토4 vii)its Outcomes 밤놀 온라인약국

viii) Elhassan E, et al. “Progress on autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease.” The Arab Journal of 밤놀 50mg Nephrology 러브식스 viii)Transplantation 2009; 2(2): 27-44Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels 러브식스 viii)the industry’s largest press release distribution network

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