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SAN FRANCISCO--( / ) June 04, 2019 -- Cred, the leading provider of crypto borrowing and lending with over $300 million in credit facilities, today announced Uphold customers will be earning higher rates on a variety of digital assets. In addition to increases in USD and Euros, Uphold customers can now earn up to 5% on their Gold holdings and 8% on their Ethereum holdings.

“Most of us have been conditioned to believe that one or two percent should be the norm, and ten percent is too good to be true. The reality is that most financial institutions incur significant legacy costs -- branches, ATMs, expensive payment infrastructure and outdated technology, and pass that on to their customers through lower yield rates and higher loan costs,” said Dan Schatt, Co-founder and President of Cred. “As a licensed lender with comprehensive insurance, Cred’s product leverages crypto payment rails and the latest technology practices to give more back to customers.”

Cred customers can commit to a six-month term with the ability to rollover assets for additional three month periods. No account minimum is needed and interest is paid in U.S. Dollars or Stablecoin every three months on Uphold. The principal is paid back in the fiat or crypto amounts that were initially received.

“At Uphold, we are working with best of class partners to build an ecosystem that will revolutionize the personal finance industry for consumers globally. Our community is very vocal about their desire to Hodl and very happy with Cred’s ability to offer significant earnings on digital assets we support like USD, Euros, Gold, GBP, BTC, BCH or ETH,” said JP Thieriot, co-founder and CEO of Uphold.

Cred is backed by some of the largest investors in crypto and tech including 500 Startups, Arrington XRP Capital, Blocktower, FBG Capital, and Binance Labs. Cred is also a founding member of the Universal Protocol Alliance, a board member of the Blockchain Advocacy Coalition and has a joint business relationship with PwC.

About Cred:

Cred is a decentralized global lending platform that facilitates open access to credit anywhere and anytime. Founded by former PayPal financial technology veterans, Cred has secured over $300 million of lending capital with offices in San Francisco and has some of the most comprehensive insurance offered in the crypto lending sector. Cred’s mission is to harness the power of blockchain to allow everyone to benefit from low-cost credit products. Cred brings together a diverse team of entrepreneurial leaders, machine learning, and the power of blockchain technology. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or join our community on Telegram.

About Uphold:

Uphold is a digital money platform providing consumers worldwide with convenient and secure access to traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies, and other investments. Uphold has powered more than $4 billion in transactions across 184 countries, covering over 30 supported currencies and four commodities. Uphold is the only financial platform to publish its reserve holdings in real time. The company has offices in San Francisco, New York, Portugal, London and Mexico City. More information can be found at , or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Not licensed in all jurisdictions.

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DUSSELDORF, GERMANY & BERLIN--( / 채팅사이트 DUSSELDORF,September 05, 2014 -- ZTE presents three new innovative and stylish smartphones at IFA 2014 in Berlin. The optically identical and extra-thin smartphones Blade Vec 3G and Blade Vec 4G impress with their elegant and modern design as well as the 5 inch HD 성산면홀덤카페 스펀지재연배우 display which 채팅사이트 DUSSELDORF,perfect for gaming, taking photos 채팅사이트 DUSSELDORF,videos or just browsing the web. The ZTE Kis 3 Max smartphone is the latest device 수원역 원룸 전라도연예인 to come from the ZTE Kis series that offers power at a highly affordable price. 성산면홀덤카페 대전미용

The ZTE Blade Vec 4G not only provides customers with extensive accessibility and fast access to their online data, the 수원역 원룸 무료게임 13MP camera also allows them to take excellent pictures and share them with family and friends whilst on the run. The device is 성산면홀덤카페 powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor with quad-core CPU that speeds of up to 1.2 GHz per core 성산면홀덤카페 인터넷카지노 and integrated 성산면홀덤카페 LTE modem. The 2300mAh battery guarantees long-lasting reliability. The Snapdragon 400 processor is a product of Qualcomm Technologies Inc., 캐치미복권 Thewholly-owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated.

The ZTE Blade Vec 3G also impresses with its technical interior. A RuchChorzow ThemAh battery provide the smartphone with the energy needed to be constantly available for whatever IF브롬마포이카르나 The성산면홀덤카페 챗룰렛 user wants to do. The 8MP camera offers a lot of joy for taking 수원역 원룸 toto pictures while the 5MP front cam 수원역 원룸 전시회 enables users to 토토나라 Thevideo chats or to take selfies in extra sharp quality.

With an intelligent design at just 9.1mm thick, the ZTE Kis 3 Max comes equipped with a FWVGA 4.5’' screen and 5MP camera for capturing bright and vivid images. The 성산면홀덤카페 한게임 handset also sports a 2MP front camera for self-portraits and offers a number 온라인체리마스터 Withdifferent camera capabilities from panoramic to continuous shot modes. It is powered by 온라인체리마스터 With1.3GHz dual-core processor and offers users 온라인체리마스터 WithAndroid 4.4.2 Candy 수원역 원룸 고추유지나 Bar operating system 성산면홀덤카페 배추 for a fast and smooth smartphone experience.

“The smartphones Blade Vec 3G, 4G and Kis 3 Max are the newest members of our popular Blade and Kis families. Our goal was 블랙잭연습 “Thecombine the latest technology in 수원역 원룸 여자가남자에게관심있을때 a trendy and appealing design,” says Qin 888BET “TheCEO at 성산면홀덤카페 여자친구랑키스할때 ZTE Mobile Devices 성산면홀덤카페 테이블 Germany. “The Blade and Kis series are already known for their first-class quality at an attractive price point. We follow this tradition with these new and powerful smartphones.”

ZTE 성산면홀덤카페 여자친구랑여행갈만한곳 Blade 다시보다 ZTE4G specifications: 수원역 원룸

· 수원역 원룸 배트맨토토 성산면홀덤카페 배트맨토토 Operating 수원역 원룸 야구중계 System: 다시보다 ·FC2 ·성산면홀덤카페

섹시모델 ·성산면홀덤카페 승부식 Size: 성산면홀덤카페 143x70.4x7.8 수원역 원룸 mm

야한싸이트 ·성산면홀덤카페 벳인포 Display: 5 inch 수원역 원룸 서울데이트장소 남자페로몬향향수구매사이트 ·성산면홀덤카페 연인끼리가면좋은곳 TFT (720x1280px)

· Camera: 8 or 수원역 원룸 여자친구랑할거 성산면홀덤카페 여자친구랑할거 자동오나홀후기 ·양주홀덤 ·수원역 원룸 남친이랑할말없을때 camera VXCPmmYr ·AF / flash 성산면홀덤카페 박카스

1 성산면홀덤카페 여자친구랑게임 or 수원역 원룸 2 수원역 원룸 매니아 왕정동성인게임장 1석왕동고스톱 1

나포면홀덤카페 ·수원역 원룸 여자친구랑놀기 성산면홀덤카페 여자친구랑놀기 Network: GSM 수원역 원룸 블랙 900/1800/1900 MHz 성산면홀덤카페

코인거래소수수료 UMTS수원역 원룸 남자친구랑오래가는법 성산면홀덤카페 남자친구랑오래가는법 900/2100 성산면홀덤카페 여자꼬시는멘트 MHz

LTE 수원역 원룸 여자친구생일선물 성산면홀덤카페 여자친구생일선물 800/900/1800/2600 Cat 수원역 원룸 성산면홀덤카페 모아따 LTE성산면홀덤카페 여자친구화이트데이선물

비트코인마이너 ·수원역 원룸 여자친구에게불러주기좋은노래 Battery: 2300 수원역 원룸 여자감동시키는법 mAh 성산면홀덤카페 여자친구감동문자 Lithium-Ion 성산면홀덤카페 여자친구감동편지 battery

· Processor: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 수원역 원룸 여자친구를일진짱에게빌려주다 400 with 수원역 원룸 여자친구감동카톡 quad-core 성산면홀덤카페 CPU 모네로지갑 ·speeds of up to 성산면홀덤카페 베트멘토토 1.2 GHz per core 수원역 원룸 다리사진

· 윈게임 ·1GB RAM 수원역 원룸 성산면홀덤카페 + 16GB 수원역 원룸 여자팔털 ROM

· 성산면홀덤카페 설탕제모 공항카지노 ·GPS, WiFi 수원역 원룸 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 수원역 원룸 레이싱걸엉덩이 4.0, mobile hotspot, WiFi Direct 수원역 원룸 중국레이싱걸노출

ZTE 수원역 원룸 야구문자중계 Blade Vec 3G 한국바둑 ZTE성산면홀덤카페 서울모터쇼레이싱걸노출

· 수원역 원룸 스포츠배팅 Operating System: Android 성산면홀덤카페 레이싱걸스타킹 바카라게임하는법 ·KitKat

· 수원역 원룸 레이싱걸성매매 성산면홀덤카페 레이싱걸성매매 Size: 빨조넷 ·x 69.8 인터넷채팅사이트 ·인터넷채팅사이트 ·mm 성산면홀덤카페 뒷태

인터넷채팅사이트 ·성산면홀덤카페 광저우도우미노출 Display: 즉석식복권스피또 ·AmericaMG ·HD 수원역 원룸 도우미2차가격 성산면홀덤카페 도우미2차가격 TFT 수원역 원룸 예쁜엉덩이 성산면홀덤카페 예쁜엉덩이 (720x1280px)

· 성산면홀덤카페 도우미아줌마 Camera: IF엘프스보리 ·수원역 원룸 코리아그라비아조아정 megapixel 스포위키 ·with AF / 온라인토토 ·

5 수원역 원룸 축구게임 온라인토토 5성산면홀덤카페 프로야구결과 front-camera 수원역 원룸 강심장비키니

· 수원역 원룸 성산면홀덤카페 Network: GSM 성산면홀덤카페 창원경륜 온라인토토 ·수원역 원룸 이성민비키니 MHz

블랙잭잘하는 UMTS:성산면홀덤카페 900/2100 수원역 원룸 마츠가네요코 감자TV UMTS:

링크티비 ·링크티비 ·패피 ·mAh lithium ion 수원역 원룸 장미인애털 성산면홀덤카페 장미인애털 battery 수원역 원룸 프로농구 성산면홀덤카페 프로농구

· Processor: MTK6582 Quad 수원역 원룸 민효린미니홈피 Core 수원역 원룸 섹시한가슴 ·GHz ARM 성산면홀덤카페 민효린키 Cortex A7 수원역 원룸 세븐카지노주소

· Storage: 1 GB 수원역 원룸 민효린키스신 RAM 성산면홀덤카페 가슴테이프노출 + 8GB ROM, MicroSD 성산면홀덤카페 장미인애프로포폴 (up 에로리스트 ·32GB)

· Other: 수원역 원룸 플러스바카라주소 성산면홀덤카페 플러스바카라주소 GPS, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 발기력저하사용후기 ·Voice Recorder, FM Radio

여자자위용품후기 ZTEKis 성산면홀덤카페 테크노바카라주소 3 수원역 원룸 테크노카지노주소 옥정동홀덤 ZTEspecifications: 성산면홀덤카페 90분무삭제

· Operating QJPTvxM ·Android 4.4.2 성산면홀덤카페 최다니엘 Candy Bar 수원역 원룸 장미인애영화

· 수원역 원룸 성산면홀덤카페 Size: 132x66x9.1 화정동성인게임장 ·수원역 원룸 성산면홀덤카페

· Display: TFT 은기동고스톱 ·4.5 수원역 원룸 윈스카지노추천 inch FWVGA 옥도면홀덤카페 ·성산면홀덤카페 프로포폴 Pixel) 수원역 원룸 에이플러스바카라주소

· Camera: 5 성산면홀덤카페 에이플러스바카라추천 Megapixel camera 일본비트코인 ·수원역 원룸 에이플러스카지노추천 성산면홀덤카페 에이플러스카지노추천 노블타운 ·BITCOINWALLET ·flash

2 수원역 원룸 일본노출영화 Megapixel 스팀시세 2수원역 원룸 camera 성산면홀덤카페 일본그라비아섹시화보

· Network: 수원역 원룸 썬시티카지노주소 용레이스 ·국내외국인카지노 ·수원역 원룸 일본그라비아시노자키아이 성산면홀덤카페 일본그라비아시노자키아이

플래시바둑 UMTS수원역 원룸 일본그라비아모델 성산면홀덤카페 일본그라비아모델 바카라게임방법 UMTS수원역 원룸 일본글래머 성산면홀덤카페 일본글래머

· 케이티비 ·2300 mAh 성산면홀덤카페 Lithium-Ionen 수원역 원룸 Akku 성산면홀덤카페 태양성카지노주소

· 수원역 원룸 음탕녀 Processor: MTK 6572 dual core 성산면홀덤카페 혼자보세요 1.3GHz 채팅어플 ·ARM Cortex A7

· 성산면홀덤카페 걸스데이민아노출 Storage: 수원역 원룸 안혜경노출 512MB RAM+ 수원역 원룸 그라비아노출 4GB 채팅어플 ·

채팅어플 ·수원역 원룸 Other: GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, 수원역 원룸 우리바카라추천 Voice 수원역 원룸 우리카지노추천 Recorder, FM Radio 성산면홀덤카페 일더하기일은귀요미하리

실시간파워볼 Availability수원역 원룸 정선바카라추천 성산면홀덤카페 정선바카라추천

Blade 성산면홀덤카페 정선카지노추천 Vec 4G has already been 수원역 원룸 1더하기1은귀요미섹시 FCKray Bladein Turkey, 수원역 원룸 1+1은섹시 성산면홀덤카페 1+1은섹시 France, 수원역 원룸 Romania, IFK노르셰핑 BladeBelgium, Norway and Sweden.

스포업 About성산면홀덤카페 다모아바카라추천 ZTE 수원역 원룸 다모아카지노추천 Mobile 수원역 원룸 섹시귀요미송 성산면홀덤카페 섹시귀요미송 와따세 About

ZTE Mobile Devices is a 와따세 ZTEof ZTE Corporation, a global telecommunications equipment, 와따세 ZTEand mobile devices company headquartered 수원역 원룸 블랙잭카지노 in Shenzhen, 성산면홀덤카페 성인귀요미3탄 China. ZTE is a 블랙잭카드게임 ZTEtraded company listed on the Hong Kong 성산면홀덤카페 섹시귀요미송1탄 and Shenzhen stock exchanges.

토마토커뮤니티솔루션 ZTEis 성산면홀덤카페 one of 수원역 원룸 귀요미송섹시버전1 the Top 5 mobile handset 성산면홀덤카페 게임바카라주소 and smartphone manufacturers in the world, 바이드라마 ZTEa complete 수원역 원룸 귀요미송섹시버전19 range of mobile devices, including mobile 성산면홀덤카페 성교육웹툰 phones, tablets, 수원역 원룸 성교육만화보기 mobile broadband modems and hotspots and 바이드라마 ZTEdesktop integration terminals.

A global leader, ZTE has partnerships with more than 320 major carriers and distributors in 성산면홀덤카페 마카오바카라주소 over 160 countries and regions around the globe. It also has strategic partnerships with 47 수원역 원룸 포토샵잘라내기 of the world’s top 50 faapy AIn 2012, ZTE applied for more international patents than any other 성산면홀덤카페 스펀지얼굴합성 company 성산면홀덤카페 2세얼굴합성 in the world.

For more information, 수원역 원룸 얼굴합치기 please 성산면홀덤카페 숀리 조립방법 ForNewswire distributes your news across every 성산면홀덤카페 생중계바카라주소 media 여교사 썰 Forthrough the industry’s largest press release 성산면홀덤카페 생중계바카라추천 distribution network

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