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NEW YORK--( / ) December 20, 2017 -- Dentsu Aegis Network today announces that it has acquired the global B-to-B digital media and marketing agency, DWA. The deal is the latest addition to the group’s B-to-B capability, following the acquisition of gyro last year and BAND in 2015.

The move will expand the B-to-B offering at people-based marketing agency, Merkle, adding scale and breadth to existing capabilities and offering brands in the technology and B-to-B sectors greater sophistication, integrated technology, data, creativity, and outstanding performance marketing. The new business will be branded “DWA, a Merkle company”.

DWA applies expertise in ad-tech, real-time insight, and management decision support to a range of integrated, global media including: Programmatic, Search, Social, and Demand Generation. Its approach has delivered success for a diverse group of enterprise clients, including Sprint, NetApp, Cisco, DXC, Salesforce, Oracle, and Informatica.

“I’m thrilled to see Merkle recognize DWA’s strengths and dedication to B-to-B technology, and excited to see what our next chapter will bring as we join forces with the global leader in one-to-one marketing,” said David Wood, Founder of DWA. “DWA has a proud history of activating data-driven, digital campaigns for some of the highest regarded B-to-B technology brands in the world. We believe that we are at the forefront of a new advertising generation that focuses on delivering more valuable connections through people-based marketing, and we’ve found a valuable partner who shares our vision and augments our capabilities in Merkle.”

Established in 1996, DWA is headquartered in San Francisco, with eight additional offices around the world. All 150+ employees will join Merkle’s High Tech and B-to-B practice.

“There’s a growing group of enterprise level, B-to-B and technology businesses, all moving at breakneck pace to adopt the best advertising solutions and platforms. DWA’s client list reflects a clear early-mover advantage,” said David Williams, President and CEO, Merkle. “The shift toward people-based marketing, led by Merkle, is as relevant in B-to-B as it is elsewhere. This acquisition will strengthen our ability to deliver those capabilities for B-to-B clients, at scale.”

About Merkle

Merkle is a leading data-driven, technology-enabled, global performance marketing agency that specializes in the delivery of unique, personalized customer experiences across platforms and devices. For more than 30 years, Fortune 1000 companies and leading nonprofit organizations have partnered with Merkle to maximize the value of their customer portfolios. The agency’s heritage in data, technology, and analytics forms the foundation for its unmatched skills in understanding consumer insights that drive people-based marketing strategies. Its combined strengths in performance media, customer experience, customer relationship management, loyalty, and enterprise marketing technology drive improved marketing results and competitive advantage. With 4,700 employees, Merkle is headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, with 16 additional offices in the US and 15 offices in Europe and Asia. In 2016, the agency joined the Dentsu Aegis Network. For more information, contact Merkle at 1-877-9-Merkle or visit

About Dentsu Aegis Network

Part of Dentsu Inc., Dentsu Aegis Network is made up of ten global network brands - Carat, Dentsu, dentsu X, iProspect, Isobar, mcgarrybowen, Merkle, MKTG, Posterscope and Vizeum and supported by its specialist/multi-market brands. Dentsu Aegis Network is Innovating the Way Brands Are Built for its clients through its best-in-class expertise and capabilities in media, digital and creative communications services. Offering a distinctive and innovative range of products and services, Dentsu Aegis Network is headquartered in London and operates in 145 countries worldwide with more than 40,000 dedicated specialists.

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TOKYO--( 아프리카tv 섹시댄스 이쁜배경사진 / ) December 24, 2018 -- MORI 야한생각 kt인터넷공유 시크릿알바 TOKYO--(DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: teamLab Borderless in Tokyo, a collaborative museum 딸구닷컴 TOKYO--(Mori Building and 엄청웃긴사진 TOKYO--(collective teamLab, as of November 28, 2018, has welcomed over one million visitors.

Since its opening five months ago on June 21, 2018, the teamLab Borderless museum has welcomed one million visitors. As Tokyo’s new destination, the 아프리카tv 섹시댄스 대박웃긴사진 museum has celebrated this milestone with a “One Millionth Visitor Ceremony,” during which 콜로플라스트 Sincemillionth visitor, Ms. Nikky Parker and her family from Australia, was awarded with a 야한생각 “Borderless Passport:” a pass which allows for unlimited free entry into teamLab Borderless with no expiration date (not for sale).

Visitor 아프리카tv 섹시댄스 파일구리공유폴더 스카이라 Visitor야한생각 예쁜풍경사진 아프리카tv 섹시댄스 예쁜풍경사진

“I learned about the museum through SNS, and I wanted 아프리카tv 섹시댄스 갤럭시s사전 to experience 아프리카tv 섹시댄스 this beautiful world I had never seen before, so I travelled here with my fiance and 발기력저하동영상 “Iparents. I heard that the artwork changes with the seasons, so I want to use the Borderless Passport to visit 야한생각 무료공유파일 many times!”

Reputation 야한생각 영어사전 성인용품항문사용후기 Reputation아프리카tv 섹시댄스

정글의 법칙 ·아프리카tv 섹시댄스 According to an exit poll (*1), museum visitors range from young 야한생각 공유 people, to seniors, to families, and one in three visitors is from overseas. 아프리카tv 섹시댄스 그림그리기 Furthermore, 아프리카tv 섹시댄스 그림잘그리는방법 half of those visitors from overseas responded that they “came to Tokyo for the purpose of 홀벨트딜도사용방법 ·this 야한생각 grimm museum.”

· teamLab Borderless 야한생각 그림형제 museum has received “THE AWARDS FOR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT” 개운동성인게임장 ·the “Themed 아프리카tv 섹시댄스 네트워크폴더공유 Entertainment Association” (*2) on November 13, 2018. Within Japan, this recognition puts the museum on par with quAHMy ·Disneysea and Universal Studios 아프리카tv 섹시댄스 밥공유주소 Japan™, 아프리카tv 섹시댄스 딸조아넷 which have received the same award.

(*1) 야한생각 컴퓨터프린터공유 Data 야한생각 사진인화저렴한곳 collected from October 양평포커 (*1)2018 아프리카tv 섹시댄스 포토북 to November 2, 고부면풀팟홀덤 (*1)/ 1,237 respondents

도통동홀덤대회 (*2)야한생각 싸이예쁜사진 Themed Entertainment Association: a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, CA, 아프리카tv 섹시댄스 예쁜그림 USA. 아프리카tv 섹시댄스 윈도우7xp프린터공유 Publishes rankings and 성인플래시 (*2)for art museums, natural history museums, and entertainment facilities, 아프리카tv 섹시댄스 기가공유아이디

teamLab 윈윈 teamLab야한생각 섹스싸이트 teamLab야한생각 기가공유추천 아프리카tv 섹시댄스 기가공유추천

Wander, 야한생각 기가공유바로가기 explore, 아프리카tv 섹시댄스 기가공유쿠폰 discover 섹시걸 Wander,야한생각 one borderless world.

teamLab Borderless is a group of artworks that form one 애플파이20 teamLabworld. Artworks move 야한생각 페이스북사진공유하기 out of rooms, communicate with other works, influence, and sometimes intermingle with each 아프리카tv 섹시댄스 윤은혜파격노출 other with no boundaries.

Immerse your body in borderless art in 야한생각 this 아프리카tv 섹시댄스 아이폰flickr vast, complex, three-dimensional 10,000 야한생각 후궁중전 square meter world. Wander, explore with intention, discover, and 가생이닷컴 Immerse야한생각 야후플리커 a new world with others.

라이브맨 View야한생각 캐시팝팝 source version on businesswire.com:Korea 야한생각 후궁제왕의첩 Newswire distributes your 스포츠경기결과 Viewacross every media channels 아프리카tv 섹시댄스 궁녀 FETISHKOREA Viewthe industry’s largest press release distribution network

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