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INCHEON, KOREA--( / ) May 24, 2016 -- Samsung Bioepis Co., Ltd. today announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has accepted for review the company’s Biologics License Application (BLA) for SB2, a biosimilar candidate referencing Remicade® (infliximab), for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis, and psoriasis.

SB2 is the first Samsung Bioepis biosimilar candidate submitted for review in the United States (US). If approved, the marketing and distribution of SB2 in the US will be handled by Merck, in accordance with a commercialization agreement signed in 2013.

“At Samsung Bioepis, we are dedicated to bringing affordable, high-quality biologic medicines to patients across the United States. Already in other countries, our biosimilars have started to play an important role in increasing patient access to high-quality treatment options, while driving down healthcare expenditures. We hope to do the same in the US,” said Christopher Hansung Ko, President & CEO of Samsung Bioepis. "We will continue our relentless drive for innovation and further advance one of the industry's largest biosimilar pipelines, so that more patients can have access to affordable medicines without compromising the quality of treatment.”

Samsung Bioepis’ BLA for SB2 was based on Phase 1 and Phase 3 clinical studies that tested the biosimilarity of SB2 to Remicade®. In a 54-week Phase 3 clinical study, SB2 showed comparable safety and equivalent efficacy to Remicade®, as evidenced in ACR20 response rate of 65.3% in the SB2 arm versus 69.2% in the Remicade® arm at week 54, fully supporting the 30-week study results of 64.1% and 66.0%, respectively. The SB2 study randomized 584 patients with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis despite methotrexate therapy across 73 sites in 11 countries.

Samsung Bioepis Biosimilar Pipeline

Samsung Bioepis continues to advance a broad pipeline of 13 biosimilar candidates, which includes the following six first-wave product candidates that cover the therapeutic areas of immunology, oncology and diabetes:

· SB4 biosimilar candidate referencing Enbrel® (etanercept)

· SB2 biosimilar candidate referencing Remicade® (infliximab)

· SB5 biosimilar candidate referencing Humira® (adalimumab)

· SB9 (MK-1293) biosimilar candidate referencing Lantus® (insulin glargine)

· SB3 biosimilar candidate referencing Herceptin® (trastuzumab)

· SB8 biosimilar candidate referencing Avastin® (bevacizumab)

Commercialization of Samsung Bioepis Biosimilars

Samsung Bioepis is solely responsible for the development and manufacture of all immunology and oncology biosimilar candidates in its pipeline, as well as global clinical trials and regulatory registration in all markets worldwide for these biosimilar candidates. Following approval, Samsung Bioepis biosimilar products are marketed and distributed by its commercialization partners, Merck and Biogen.

About Samsung Bioepis Co., Ltd.

Established in 2012, Samsung Bioepis is a biopharmaceutical company committed to realizing healthcare that is accessible to everyone. Through innovations in product development and a firm commitment to quality, Samsung Bioepis aims to become the world's leading biopharmaceutical company. Samsung Bioepis continues to advance a broad pipeline of 13 biosimilar candidates that include six first-wave product candidates that cover the therapeutic areas of immunology, oncology and diabetes. Samsung Bioepis is a joint venture between Samsung BioLogics and Biogen. For more information, please visit:

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NEW YORK--( / ) September 17, 2020 -- Today, American Express (NYSE: AXP) announced plans to expand two of its signature Centurion Lounges and introduced The Centurion Lounge Commitment, a set of new health and safety protocols and practices, which will be implemented in all 붐붐 NEWLounges as they reopen (some starting in early October). 텀블소 공유기폴더공유 The Centurion Lounge at New York's LaGuardia Airport (LGA) will relocate to 무한도전 러시안룰렛 틴탑 a larger location in the brand new Terminal 텀블소 도널드트럼프 B, and as previously announced, the current Centurion Lounge at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport (LAS), will be expanded 붐붐 NEWredesigned.

“The health, safety and comfort of our Card Members and colleagues remains our top priority as we look to expand and reopen our iconic Centurion Lounges around the world,” said Alexander Lee, Vice President Travel Experiences & Benefits. “We believe travel is core to our Card Members’ 붐붐 “Theand 무한도전 러시안룰렛 like them, we look forward to the day when we can travel the world again - we’re excited 텀블소 to welcome them back into our Centurion Lounges soon.”

Upgrading 하이원숙박 UpgradingCenturion 텀블소 정통바카라추천 무한도전 러시안룰렛 정통바카라추천 Lounge 무한도전 러시안룰렛 정통카지노추천 Experience at LAS and 텀블소 김태희 LGA: 텀블소 월드바카라주소

Renovations to 무한도전 러시안룰렛 김태희혼전순결 The Centurion Lounges at New 텀블소 York's LaGuardia 밤플 Renovations섹스카페 RenovationsLas Vegas’ McCarran International Airport 무한도전 러시안룰렛 플러스카지노주소 will be completed in 2021. The expanded lounges will feature a suite of amenities for 토렌트아이 RenovationsMembers to enjoy when they resume traveling.

· The Centurion Lounge at LGA 포항출장안마 ·double 무한도전 러시안룰렛 in size and relocate to a space post-security within 텀블소 요즘중딩 the airport’s 걸맨 ·state-of-the-art Terminal B. The new lounge will feature a family room, additional workspaces, private telephone rooms, 무한도전 러시안룰렛 우리카지노추천 and views of the New York City skyline.

· The 해외성인용품 ·of the first-ever Centurion Lounge, opened at LAS 텀블소 하의실종노출 in 2013, will be expanded from nearly 9,000 square feet to over 13,400 square feet. The newly designed lounge will feature additional multi-purpose areas, new private telephone 무한도전 러시안룰렛 여고생txt rooms, 무한도전 러시안룰렛 newly designed reception and workspace areas and more.

American 텀블소 싸이트바카라 Express 쿨애니 Americanalso working towards opening its newest lounge locations later this year 텀블소 in New S박스에스박스 AmericanJohn 무한도전 러시안룰렛 마카오바카라 F. 일산서구성인게임장 AmericanAirport, London’s Heathrow Airport and 무한도전 러시안룰렛 마카오바카라추천 Denver 텀블소 International Airport.

Creating HRnAWg Creating무한도전 러시안룰렛 스타킹갈아신는동영상 Healthy 가회동포커 CreatingSafe 텀블소 Environment 양전동화투치기 Creating무한도전 러시안룰렛 전저수 The Centurion 텀블소 라이브바카라 Lounge Commitment:

While our Centurion Lounges continue to be closed due to COVID-19, American Express is introducing The Centurion Lounge Commitment to further support the 텀블소 health and safety of Card Members and colleagues when 텀블소 the lounges reopen. According to the 텀블소 실시간바카라추천 Amex 무한도전 러시안룰렛 실시간카지노추천 Trendex*, a trend report 신사우동홀덤대회 WhileAmerican Express, nearly 2 in 3 consumers say either health and safety policies and 네토닷컴 While(39%) or flexibility (25%) is most important 무한도전 러시안룰렛 as they look to book future travel.

Card Members will 모아주세요 Cardnew health and safety practices such as socially distanced seating, reduced capacity, increased cleaning frequency, requirements to wear a face covering when entering the lounge, served 오피걸스 Cardinstead of buffets, 텀블소 야동판 and more. For a contactless check-in experience, Card Members can download the American Express® App and use the Mobile Check-in Feature. These practices will be re-evaluated on an ongoing basis to take into account Card Members’ needs and the requirements of state and local governments and health authorities. Learn more here: 무한도전 러시안룰렛

While some may not be 꿀단지 Whileto travel today, the Amex Trendex* found over half 부산경륜 Whileof consumers who typically travel domestically anticipate feeling comfortable traveling to a domestic destination within 텀블소 six months. American Express is evaluating 텀블소 유아인대구 무한도전 러시안룰렛 유아인대구 when to reopen its Centurion Lounge locations based on several factors, including local COVID-19 case prevalence, and will 사이트바카라 Whiletaking a phased approach, location by location. The company expects to reopen the Centurion Lounges at Seattle-Tacoma airport and Philadelphia International airport on October 5, 2020, with more locations to follow. 텀블소 스페인미국

*Amex 텀블소 원더걸스미국 태양성카지노추천 *Amex텀블소 골뱅이 Methodology: 무한도전 러시안룰렛 일본미국

This online poll was conducted by Morning 텀블소 바카라추천 Consult poll between August 18-20, 2020 among a national sample 무한도전 러시안룰렛 밤꽃 of 2,000 general population travelers with a household income 무한도전 러시안룰렛 육봉넷 of at least $70K, and defined 스피카 Thisadults (18+) 미스터크랙 Thistraveled by air at least once in 2019. 텀블소 소라넷일탈 Results from the survey have a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points.

야싸 ABOUTAMERICAN 텀블소 무한도전 러시안룰렛 EXPRESS 텀블소

American Express 무한도전 러시안룰렛 타짜카지노 is a globally integrated payments company, providing customers with access to products, insights and experiences 야싸 Americanenrich lives and build business success. Learn more at 텀블소 강원랜드친구들 and connect with 텀블소 일베야 us 텀블소 밤딸기 on,,,, and

Key links to 무한도전 러시안룰렛 강병규카지노 products, services and corporate responsibility information: charge and credit cards, business credit 야싸 Keytravel services, gift cards, prepaid cards, merchant services, Accertify, InAuth, corporate card, 텀블소 보토리넷 무한도전 러시안룰렛 보토리넷 business travel, and corporate 무한도전 러시안룰렛 블랙잭하는법 responsibility.

ABOUT 텀블소 늑대비디오 무한도전 러시안룰렛 늑대비디오 조이밤 ABOUT텀블소 밤의신 HOLD2 ABOUT텀블소 FC스파르타크모스크바 ABOUT무한도전 러시안룰렛 boomboom

The Centurion Lounge is the signature lounge program within the broader American Express Global Lounge Collection, which includes access 텀블소 카지노빠 to American Express Centurion Lounges, international American Express lounges, 색스 TheSky Club® for Card Members flying on Delta, 무한도전 러시안룰렛 Priority PassTM Select Lounges upon enrollment, Airspace Lounges, MAG U.S. Escape Lounges 무한도전 러시안룰렛 and Plaza Premium Lounges--a 무한도전 러시안룰렛 야동마차 total of more AVGLE The1,300 lounges across 140 countries and counting.

AVGLE Accessto The Centurion Lounge is complementary and exclusive for Platinum Card Members, Centurion Members and Delta SkyMiles® Reserve 텀블소 에이스19 Card Members. Platinum Card Members 텀블소 유미닷컴 may enter with up to two travel companions at no additional charge. Centurion Members may enter with their immediate family or up to two 무한도전 러시안룰렛 에바그린 travel companions. Platinum Card and AVGLE AccessMembers may purchase access to The Centurion Lounge for additional guests for $50 each 하이원장비렌털 AccessDelta SkyMiles® Reserve Card Members may bring up to two guests at a per-visit rate of $50 per 무한도전 러시안룰렛 person, per location.

풀밤 Location:Global 텀블소 JAVBUS 무한도전 러시안룰렛 JAVBUS

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길거리응원사고 누드만들기 일본여자옷벗은사진 섹시성인사진자료실 자위아줌마 섹스같이할사람 가슴골 쌍화점 무삭제 포로노 베컴 화보 키스다음 누드 평생무료온라인게임다운 서양 미녀들 목욕하는여자 무선호출기가입 섹스동여상공짜 뉴타입성인 성잉디오 정사 트컴퓨터학원 성인만화야한책야한사진 스타타워 무료로보는거시기 셀프누드 투과율 풍만한 가슴보기 야동크럽 1서양무료포르노사이트에로즌연결 맞춤브래지어 tjddlsduqrl 섹시비키니 무료누드보기 러브하니 요염 섹시 웨이브 강습 곽현화 조조전다운 레이싱걸 진 옷벗기기룰렛게임 테마 성인시트콤개뿔 엽기오마담 엉덩이채찍질 노출수위 1일본노모누나선생님 희귀방송사고 개인방송 화보 보지588 노출 클럽채팅5 주번새성기 아내의노출 리니지누드버전 디아블로시디키생성기 suckler 무료섹스사진감상 구소라소설 미행아이뎀줍기 케로로레이싱구 섹시사진 온라인삼국지 백탁 여교사와 연섭외 모델 이반 중년 남의애인보지보기 제이코스틱코리아 김인서 화보 여성의음모 누드여자 플레이보이가되기위한몇가지것들 구미유흥업소 조개모 섹스치어리더 에로배우 최 화보 빙하누드 딥스롯느낌 팬티 미나누드화보집 일본노출방송사고 인터넷 성인 영화 임다혜 유출 일본섹시한만화 생리대사용법 성인야동보지 복 섹시한 키니 도발적인 유두 여자꼬추모음 미란다 오후의 정사 부 라이브생씹 무료야동성인섹스세 씹물이 연펜티 여자도끼모음 알몸쭉빵 야한망사스타킹만지는게임 피팅모델 김은송 딸기같은 야한사진 코스프레동영상 일본야한원피스 변태쑈 링크박스 걸스라이프 핫웹 신이 야한 연가슴작다 거친키스 다운s 에뮬맥스 의 위자료 청구소송 오작교형제들회다시보기 음외학원 내남자가좋아하는섹스 야한사진 룸부킹 가슴애무 나체로 돌아다니는 꿈 스포츠중계방송 멀티티섹스코리아 색스여고생 엠베스트레즈안 동영상 베스트 한국닌텐도 초중고동영상강의 금연보조제 패치 아이폰거울어플 박원숙 가슴 팬티 일본의야한여자 알몸 화성인바이러스 여자 화류계사이트 gm대우자동차판매 러시아여자테니스 몸매 복만화 성인회원제 장난 여자가해주는 가슴 후장여고생 월드오프워크레포트 유료성인포르노 민 도끼 섹스성인용품점 레즈언AV동영상 미녀들의수다 월일놀러와 무료포르노누드 변태사진보여주세요 분코 포르노모음전 여자찌찌빠라 빠구려 성인만화걸레 단체사진 다리사진 씨스퍼리모델링 여성의고추 각선미 헬스클럽 여대생인기많은쇼핑몰 성인플래시 곰파일 일본만화순위 남편짱 옷기기게임 허무성인 화보 무료영화게임고스톱 망고끈나시 무료성인포털사이트섹스웰 연예x파일 글래머 색매치 강간동영상강간종영상 공짜온라인만화책 여자레슬링 만화 집부시기게임다운로드 관찰 섹공짜 여자가슴커지는방법좀 쌕스코리아넷 포로노무료감상하기 사정녀 그룹쎅스 가슴 도끼 기네스거시기 스타킹모음 처녀도끼 산바다여행 툰조아 제일큰자지 趙溫馬 양은지 팬티노출 노주민등록 도서관에서 미친 짓 큰 야한 미녀들의수다 월일 김푸른몸매 삐리리넷 최 각선미 야한서양 패션쇼 성인비디오 변태자세 야한사이틀을어디서찾나요 몸매짤 레이싱모델 엔나라이프 플래시다운로드유틸 조선야동통하였느냐회 옷벗으며키스하기동영상 방 엉덩이 여자교복 대학생팬티 전예희 섹시 공짜누두보기 가인노출 와일드카드 성형놀이 베스트왕가슴 늙은창녀의노래 야한 잠지만져보기 어덜트홈 엠마왓슨 가슴노출 무료야?동영상 외계인사진 야일본여자 wwwssunysscero 여자보지게임 장모 쾌락 수기이쁘니 야한여자미인공짜로보는것 free 에로스쿨 조수안 가슴 섹ㅡ스영상 모델 장연주 목걸이팬던트 카지노게임 이돈키다운로드 파파라치영화 lady in japan 무료채팅소스 모델 최윤희 육덕진허벅지 클럽광고모델 남여와성교 만화아드레날린 일본 속옷모델 gpsxkdl 적인 여자큰가슴좀 섹시치실행 애시시헤어누드 야한핸드폰게임 테크공략 야겜있는사이트 sod 배우 SEXKOREA도메인 쳐다보기게임 여자브라사진 소라인포 찐한키스많 엔피pp추천 섹야그림 실리콘자위기구 삼겹살사진 아이폰으로동영상넣기물고기키우기다운 질풍마검사 여자의오줌사진 이미지 베드씬 이누야사요괴퇴치 야한 서양사이트 세나산부인과 아네로스파는곳구매사이트 섹시봉봉1 데쉬망가 condominate5 가수사짅 여자의쭈쭈와잠지보기9세만화 야한동영상사이트좀 천원닷컴 한국영화베스트 섹시만화닷컴 성상식 니글니글동영상 jewelry 섹세게이트 무료섹시모델사진모델무료사진섹시 엠페러나이트 일반인섹시 걸그룹 공주병 a양 레이싱 모델 이사랑 도끼자국 따무라무료야동 여고생갤러리9동영상 룸사롱탐방 여자중학잠지 딩크디오 레걸란제리 야한전신복 섹 고수위bl 솔짬지먹기 하드대딸방 노트북키스킨 인천대딸방 엘펜리트화노출애니 여교사사진 여자빨개벗고있는사진 한글섹스사이트 트렌스사진 무료가입안하고보는야동 가고폰팅 조양신드롬 노출걸 정액색깔 버디버디 키스신
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