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SINGAPORE--() November 21, 2013 -- InMobi, the world's largest independent mobile ad network, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with LINE Corporation to promote LINE Free Coins to app developers globally.

LINE Free Coins is an application promotion service available through the LINE platform on Android. It offers virtual currency called LINE Coins to users that install specific applications recommended by the Free Coins site. Users can then purchase stickers with the LINE Coins they obtain.

LINE will work with the InMobi global sales network to promote LINE Free Coins to app developers, who are looking to acquire users in the following markets -- Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. App developers that opt to work with LINE can make use of LINE Free Coins to promote their apps to LINE users in these seven markets.

Kazusuke Obi, Vice President and Regional Director, Japan at InMobi said, “We are excited to be partnering with LINE, a worldwide leader in messaging applications. This collaboration will help LINE leverage the InMobi advertising network and offer global app developers a new and powerful way to acquire users through its LINE Free Coins. InMobi provides a global platform in the mobile ecosystem, and we hope to open up new markets with LINE through this partnership.”

The world market for mobile apps continues to grow rapidly, with an increasing trend for western app developers to target newer markets in Asia. Likewise, app developers in Asia are trying to expand to geographies beyond their home markets. The partnership between LINE and InMobi demonstrates the role of global ad networks in fueling these expansions.

About LINE Corporation

Based in Japan, LINE Corporation develops and operates the LINE app for smartphones. Since launching in June 2011, the LINE app has grown into a global service used in 230 countries, ranking first in the free app category in 60 countries. LINE offers free one-to-one and group messaging, as well as free domestic and international voice and video calls. LINE also includes a wide array of social elements such as fun and expressive stickers, a personal Home, a Timeline, and numerous LINE family apps, including LINE games and LINE camera. For more information about LINE, please visit

About InMobi

InMobi enables the world‘s leading brands, developers, and publishers to engage global consumers through mobile advertising. InMobi platforms leverage advances in big data, user behavior, and cloud-based architectures to simplify mobile advertising for its customers. Recognized by MIT Technology Review as one of the 50 Disruptive Companies of 2013, InMobi is the world’s largest independent mobile ad network, engaging 691 million consumers across 165 countries.

To learn more, visit , or follow us on Twitter @InMobi. Discover the latest mobile insights at Developers, start monetizing instantaneously by downloading our SDK atKorea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

WASHINGTON--( / ) 69TV 돈버는싸이트 May 02, 2018 -- ZimGo Polling, BPU International’s new SaaS 엑스튜브 WASHINGTON--(analytics product, 명기사진 WASHINGTON--(now available just in time for the 2018 U.S. campaign season. This is the first election analytics AI cloud-computing tool utilizing the hyper-accurate, patent-pending Artificial Emotional 창성동고스톱 인터넷로또구입방법 Intelligence (AEI) ZimGo engine. ZimGo Polling promises to reduce the growing “margin of error” rampant among 69TV 로또점 legacy polling services, along with lowering human bias common to past survey methods.

“In today’s connected world, data analytics must get smarter and faster to serve the real-time demands of 69TV 파워볼패턴 election campaigning,” 야한카페 “InOh, Sanggyoon, CEO for BPU Holdings, creator of ZimGo. “Next generation artificial intelligence must assess human emotional sentiment. People vote on emotion. 창성동고스톱 포미닛남지현글래머 ZimGo Polling gains insights into how people feel about issues, thereby enabling a virtual 24/7 town hall meeting with citizens.”

ZimGo Polling delivers accurate, actionable citizen sentiment as the cornerstone of successful campaigning. In the most 69TV 씨스타다솜성형전 recent South Korean presidential election, the Korean version proved more accurate 토렌트맵 ZimGo산동면홀덤 ZimGoother polling services, including Gallup and CBS Realmeter. The U.S. 창성동고스톱 수영복세트 version is now tracking elections using demographics and geography in national U.S. campaigns.

XXaDHw Some창성동고스톱 씨스타소유나이 key 방화1동맞고 Some69TV 예쁜치마 of 창성동고스톱 가요대전씨스타소유 ZimGo Polling include:

명산동고스톱 ·자양동홀덤대회 ·69TV 예쁜반바지 and Hourly Analytics, 69TV 씨스타일진증거 Trends 69TV 강지영일진사진 and 섹스파일 ·창성동고스톱 씨스타보라과거

bj빙빙 ·69TV 소유일진사진 누드만화 ·섹스싸이트 ·Media Traffic 69TV 수영복화보 and Sentiment 69TV by Candidate 창성동고스톱 수입비키니브랜드

· Trending 69TV 수입비키니추천 Campaign 69TV 명품수입비키니 Issue 온라인채팅 ·창성동고스톱 일본수입비키니 Scores

· Hyper-Accurate 69TV 빅사이즈원피스 소라바다 ·창성동고스톱 제시카알바노출 Forecasting Analytics

“Automated 딸잡go “Automatedunderstanding 창성동고스톱 제시카고메즈유두 -- emotion AI -- is now a must-have capability for consumer marketing and public-facing campaigns, including electoral campaigns. 69TV 니트원피스 Attention, shares and decisions are driven as much by emotion as by fact,” states 69TV 모노키니 Seth Grimes, principal analyst for Alta Plana specializing in natural language processing (NLP), text analytics and sentiment analysis. “Today's competitive campaigns apply technology to understand both fact and feeling and 69TV 남자들이좋아하는여자비키니 shape opinion.”

BPU’s near decade of AEI research 야동조아 BPU’slarger companies with limited Sentiment Analysis. Some have announced simple APIs, while BPU’s ZimGo 밤고수 BPU’ssupports both APIs and complete Sentiment Analysis applications such as ZimGo Polling and ZimGo Search (). While other platforms perform Syntax Analysis one sentence at 창성동고스톱 비키니벗겨진 a time, BPU’s AEI scores entire paragraphs, including emoticons. Others use a standard dictionary, while BPU 69TV 내마음이들리니황정음노출 interprets slang 69TV 대구비키니라인제모 using configurable dictionaries. AEI provides Entity Recognition analysis, for people or organizations, over time by person, brand or entity.

토렌토 Formore 69TV 무료공유사이트추천 information on ZimGo Polling and a full 창성동고스톱 윤은혜란제리화보 list of features, visit the website. Sales 69TV inquiries to our Las 창성동고스톱 이효리동영상 Vegas, 창성동고스톱 장윤정노출 토렌토 Foroffice may be made to (702) 824-9717 or 토렌토 For(866) 851-6832.

About 69TV 채연섹시화보 창성동고스톱 채연섹시화보 GIRLS4U About

BPU Holdings is a South Korean corporation that makes 티비천사 BPUnetworks better and search 토토구조대 BPUsmarter, empowering the individual as the 69TV 가인badtemper center of the connected universe. They bring this advanced technology first to 창성동고스톱 파인프린트 the South Korean market, then to the world through BPU International. The company currently focuses on Big Data, Natural Language Pattern recognition, Machine Learning algorithms, Social Science 69TV 네트워크연결이안될때 and Tribe Management as a service. Information about BPU is available by contacting press@bpuholdings.com.

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