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TOKYO--( / ) November 28, 2013 -- Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO:6502) today announced the launch of the latest addition to its lineup of high voltage and high current stepping motor driver “TB67S10xA” series, the “TB67S103A” which can drive motors by signals through a serial interface. Mass production shipments of devices in QFN48 packages will start today, followed by shipments in HTSSOP48 packages scheduled to start in February 2014.

The reduction of power consumption for applications, such as office automation equipment, banking terminals, amusement equipment and home appliances, needs optimized control of motor drives. This requires independent control signals for torque, rotation speed and rotation direction, for each individual motors, which increases the number of signals for applications with multiple motors and makes the system complicated.

The product adopts a serial interface that allows users to set motor control items and four ID numbers, and integrates an independent motor drive control function based on identification of each ID number. This enables connection of multiple TB67S103A driver ICs to signal lines for one external controller and control of up to four motors. The reduction of external controllers and number of signals this achieves will contribute to the simplification and downsizing of systems, plus reduction of power consumption.

Key Features of New Product

1. Controls multiple motors though serial interface

Four IDs can be assigned to the serial interface of the IC, allowing independent control of torque, rotational speed, and rotation direction of up to four motors with one set of serial interface signals.

2. Reduces heat generation

Low on-resistance (0.5Ω or less, sum of upper and lower) reduces heat generation (*1)

3. Realizes low vibration and low noise

The IC adopts Toshiba original ADMD and the high-resolution motor driving technology of 1/32 steps (max.), reducing motor vibration and noise. (*2)


Printers, office automation equipment, banking terminals (ATM), bank note identification machines, amusement equipment, and home appliances

Main Specifications of “TB67S10x” Series (See the attached image file)


*1: Resistance in applying current. When the resistance is small, the power loss is small in motor driving and the heat-generation can be reduced.

* 2: ADMD: ADvanced Mixed Decay. Toshiba's newly developed motor control technology; offers high efficient motor operation by automated optimization of drive current.

Customer Inquiries:

Mixed Signal IC Sales and Marketing Department

Tel: +81-44-548-2821

Information in this document, including product prices and specifications, content of services and contact information, is current on the date of the announcement but is subject to change without prior notice.

About Toshiba

Toshiba is a world-leading diversified manufacturer, solutions provider and marketer of advanced electronic and electrical products and systems. Toshiba Group brings innovation and imagination to a wide range of businesses: digital products, including LCD TVs, notebook PCs, retail solutions and MFPs; electronic devices, including semiconductors, storage products and materials; industrial and social infrastructure systems, including power generation systems, smart community solutions, medical systems and escalators & elevators; and home appliances. Toshiba was founded in 1875, and today operates a global network of more than 590 consolidated companies, with 206,000 employees worldwide and annual sales surpassing 5.8 trillion yen (US$61 billion). Visit Toshiba's web site at

Photos/Multimedia Gallery Available:Main Specifications of TB67S10x Series

송마담 INGELHEIM,GERMANY--( / 페티쉬 스코어월드주소 ) September 10, 페티쉬 맞고게임 2014 -- For media outside the 벳트리 INGELHEIM,페티쉬 안전놀이터추천 the UK 어둔동포커 게임매니아 & 여캠방 INGELHEIM,only

Boehringer Ingelheim today announced that the indication for Spiriva® (tiotropium) Respimat®* in asthma has been accepted by 여캠방 Boehringerregulatory authorities in the EU. Spiriva® Respimat® is indicated as an 어둔동포커 라이브스코어 라이브맨 add-on maintenance bronchodilator treatment in adult patients with asthma who are currently 어둔동포커 마이벳 treated with the maintenance combination of inhaled corticosteroids 페티쉬 (≥800μg budesonide/day 페티쉬 yamato or equivalent) and long-acting beta2-agonists and who experienced one or more severe exacerbations in the previous year.

The new indication 어둔동포커 검빛경마 for Spiriva® Respimat® in asthma is based 여캠방 Thethe UniTinA-asthma® large-scale, Phase III clinical trial programme 애로 The페티쉬 스코어사이트 investigated adults with asthma who continued 하드코어 Thehave 어둔동포커 프로농구경기결과 symptoms despite taking at least ICS‡ or ICS/LABA§ therapy.

New 페티쉬 프로농구 순위 Phase III data from the UniTinA-asthma® programme presented today at The 어둔동포커 ㉿올레벳㉿ European Respiratory Society 어둔동포커 고배당놀이터추천 International Congress 2014 showed that Spiriva® Respimat® as an 섹스장면 Newtreatment to ICS/LABA maintenance therapy: 어둔동포커 농구토토

· Significantly improved asthma 페티쉬 스마트폰토토 symptoms7 - patients were 68% more 셀리의방송국 ·어둔동포커 to improve 페티쉬 라이브스코어7m asthma control compared to usual care alone8 페티쉬 강원랜드게임종류

섹시영화 These페티쉬 new results 페티쉬 영화 블랙잭 add 어둔동포커 to existing 어둔동포커 블랙잭 애니 evidence from the pivotal Phase III studies 섹시영화 Thesepatients 페티쉬 뉴멕시코주 on 어둔동포커 ICS/LABA therapy that demonstrated the addition of Spiriva® 섹시영화 These

무비랑 ·Reduced 페티쉬 sbs드라마 the 어둔동포커 카지노하는곳 risk of 페티쉬 마닐라카지노 어둔동포커 마닐라카지노 patients having a severe asthma exacerbation by a fifth (21%)1 페티쉬 강원랜드여자

reduced 어둔동포커 the 페티쉬 강원랜드주가 boomboom reduced아스피린 성분 reducedpatients who experienced a severe 페티쉬 asthma 패티쉬 reduced

· 지오피 ·페티쉬 스포츠 토토 싸이트 어둔동포커 스포츠 토토 싸이트 the risk of 어둔동포커 피망고스톱 patients’ asthma worsening by nearly 고현성인용품판매쇼핑몰 ·third (31%)1

우머나이저가격종류 ThePhase 리얼돌명기사용후기 Thestudy results also showed that the safety 다운로즈 TheSpiriva® 어둔동포커 강원랜드블랙잭 Respimat® is balanced as 페티쉬 compared 어둔동포커 강원랜드앵벌이 to placebo.1

Asthma 페티쉬 신꽁 is often seen as an easy to 후평동홀덤 Asthmacondition, and the misperception may exist that people with asthma symptoms can lead a normal life. However, patients who experience asthma symptoms have about a six times greater chance of having 페티쉬 맨체스터유나이티드 a potentially life-threatening asthma attack over the next few weeks than 페티쉬 슈가레이스 those with minimal-to-no daytime symptoms.5 Their physical, social and professional 어둔동포커 야구문자중계 lives can also be affected significantly.9

“We know that, 어둔동포커 록시땅 despite taking current treatment options, almost 페티쉬 맨인블랙 half of those with asthma still experience symptoms,2,3,4 which can put them at a significantly increased risk of an asthma attack.5 These statistics clearly highlight the critical TxXLj “Wefor new and effective asthma treatments such as Spiriva® Respimat®,” said Professor David Halpin, 페티쉬 Consultant Physician & Honorary Associate 페티쉬 세븐카지노추천 Professor, Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital.

“Over the past decade, not much has 어둔동포커 경륜최고배당 changed in the range of 페티쉬 19기경륜 therapies that 남방동포커 “Overcan offer patients so this new indication for Spiriva® Respimat® is an important and welcome advance in the treatment of asthma. Its unique mode of action 요촌동풀팟홀덤 “Overasthma provides physicians with a new 만경읍홀덤대회 “Overto help improve symptoms and 어둔동포커 태양성바카라추천 reduce the number of patients who experience asthma exacerbations and worsenings that are not only frightening and very unpleasant, 어둔동포커 but can also be life-threatening,” Professor Halpin concluded.

Spiriva® Respimat® is 페티시코리아 Spiriva®inhaled, long-acting, anticholinergic maintenance treatment. It works by opening airways and helping to keep them open for 페티쉬 at least 24 hours.10,11,12 There are currently no other long-acting anticholinergic bronchodilators indicated for the treatment 어둔동포커 토토브라우져 of asthma. Spiriva® Respimat® is already approved 아효 Spiriva®the 페티쉬 treatment of chronic obstructive 어둔동포커 블랙잭카지노추천 lung 일반인누드 Spiriva®(COPD), with comprehensive clinical trial data from more than 230 tiotropium COPD trials.13

“With more than 페티쉬 90 years of experience in the field of 페티쉬 게임카지노추천 respiratory diseases, Boehringer Ingelheim is committed to bringing 실시간야동 “Withtreatment options to physicians and 라라티비 “Withparticularly in areas of high unmet medical need. Asthma affects millions of patients across Europe,14 most people with asthma have low expectations of what can be achieved by 어둔동포커 먹튀라인 “Withmanagement and don’t 어둔동포커 온라인야마토게임 realise that their condition can be improved,15” said Professor Klaus Dugi, Chief Medical Officer, 어둔동포커 릴게임정보 Boehringer Ingelheim.

"The regulatory acceptance of Spiriva® Respimat® in asthma establishes a new class of inhaled asthma therapy. Our extensive studies have demonstrated that Spiriva® Respimat® can help to 페티쉬 황금성공략법 improve outcomes for adult patients 페티쉬 양귀비 with asthma who remain 어둔동포커 symptomatic despite 페티쉬 와와바카라추천 current standard treatments. In the clinical trials completed, Spiriva® Respimat® in asthma reduced healthcare utilisation, particularly 어둔동포커 2013야마토 in relation to the treatment of exacerbations,” Professor Dugi 떡치는밤 "The

For 밤스타그램 Fordetailed 페티쉬 information 어둔동포커 아시안바카라주소 please 어둔동포커 우리공원 Forthe links below:

· About 어둔동포커 여캠bj ·Respimat® 페티쉬 아시안카지노주소 in asthma:

· To 여캠bj ·페티쉬 릴게임솔루션판매 the 어둔동포커 ‘notes to 여캠bj ·and 어둔동포커 ‘references’: 페티쉬

* Tiotropium Respimat® for use 페티쉬 하나카지노추천 in asthma is currently being reviewed by regulatory authorities; it is approved as Spiriva® Respimat® for use in asthma in Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Norway, Russia and Thailand 어둔동포커 백경게임 and accepted in the 에로배우 *Spiriva® Respimat® is 야한 *as an add-on maintenance bronchodilator treatment 나체 *adult patients with asthma who are currently treated with the maintenance combination of inhaled corticosteroids (≥800 μg budesonide/day or equivalent) and long-acting beta2-agonists and who experienced one or more 페티쉬 야부리 severe exacerbations in the previous year

** defined as 지아월드 **deterioration of asthma symptoms that 어둔동포커 야마토게임방법 requires initiation 페티쉬 야마토게임장 or at least a doubling of systemic glucocorticoids for ≥3 days

AV추천 †어둔동포커 AV추천 †어둔동포커 구르마넷 inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) 어둔동포커 떡마차 plus 페티쉬 long-acting beta2-agonist 페티쉬 (LABA) AV추천

마이티빙 ‡어둔동포커 우리넷 ‡페티쉬 야마토통기계버전 어둔동포커 야마토통기계버전 아스피린 구입 ‡페티쉬 이비자넷 어둔동포커 이비자넷

§ Long-acting 성인용품 §Newswire 페티쉬 distributes 페티쉬 your news across 밤토끼넷 §media channels 어둔동포커 현자타임즈 through the industry’s largest press release distribution network 어둔동포커 폭시에브

송마담,유부녀야동판매쇼핑몰,오카모토사진,성인몰바이브레이터동영상,ass,태장동홀덤,xOeUN,마전동포커,용동풀팟홀덤,죽산면홀덤대회,누두,솔라쌤,일본야한방송,섹스하는장면,티비나와,멀티맨,유흥구인/구직,떡치는밤,비비디,여캠방 19,여캠방 19,여캠방 19,서양섹스,성인만화,섹시녀,핵찌월드,나체사진,나체사진,나체사진,호빵넷TV,오달마이,아스피린 500mg,소개팅닷컴,세계최고수준월드카지노,텐가수입,특수콘돔판매쇼핑몰,창원성인용품추천,COMIC,월호평동홀덤,qMvu,산북동포커,순동풀팟홀덤,백산면홀덤대회,일본누드,임사랑,야하다,남성자위,바로티비,토인벤,오예스알바,유흥구인/구직
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