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BURLINGAME, CALIF.--( / ) July 17, 2015 -- Today Misfit, makers of Shine and Flash Fitness and Sleep Monitors, announces Misfit Link, a new software experience that makes Flash an even more powerful tool to control and connect with the world around you.

This Smart News Release features multimedia. View the full release here:

The new Misfit Link app lets you use any Flash to take a selfie with your phone camera app or Snapchat; control your music with Spotify, Pandora, and more; or advance slides in a presentation. Additional functionality is coming soon, including IFTTT and Logitech Harmony integrations. The iOS app is available for download now; an Android version will be released next month.

Misfit is also unveiling a new hardware offering: Flash Link, an easy to use activity tracker and smart button compatible with the Misfit Link app with a suggested retail price of $19.99. At this price, Flash Link is the lowest-priced multifunctional and modular wearable product on the market.

Misfit Flash Link is available now on and includes the tracker / smart button device and a companion clip so you can wear it anywhere. In addition to announcing Flash Link and the Misfit Link app, the Company is now making Shine and Flash available for $69.99 and $29.99, respectively.

“We’re focused on making products everyone can use. Flash Link is not just a more affordable wearable, it’s a more powerful one,” said Tim Golnik, Misfit’s Vice President of Product and Design.

Flash Link will be available later this quarter in retail locations worldwide.

About Flash Link

Flash Link is an easy-to-use activity tracker and smart button. A low priced, modular, and multi-functional wearable, Flash Link gives users even more ways to connect with the world around them. Use any Flash or Flash Link with the Misfit Link app to take a selfie, control your music (pause, play, skip songs, adjust the volume), or advance slides in a presentation.

About Misfit

Misfit invents and manufactures wearable and smart home products. The Company was founded in 2011 by Sonny Vu with John Sculley, the former CEO of Apple and Pepsi, and Sridhar Iyengar, co-founder and former CTO of AgaMatrix.

Misfit product images and videos:

Copyright 2015 Misfit, Inc. All rights reserved.

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NEW YORK--() June 28, 신사넷 NEW-- Companies tied to China‘s fast-growing consumer sector poker 토토/프로토 rank highly in Institutional Investor’s exclusive ranking of the top corporate managements in Asia. The recent spike in Chinese interest rates suggests that authorities 러시안룰렛가사 효린육덕 in Beijing are determined to shift the country 러시안룰렛가사 강민경물레방아 from an export-driven model to one more focused on domestic demand. Corporate China appears more than ready to 러시안룰렛가사 절벽녀 play its part.

Consumer-oriented Chinese companies rank highly 러시안룰렛가사 코리아스코어 among poker Asia‘s best-managed companies, according to Institutional Investor’s 2013 All-Asia Executive poker 베이글뜻 Team. China Telecom Corp., the country‘s leading fixed-line operator, took the crown as the Most Honored Company in Asia; the company’s chief executive, Wang Xiaochu, was voted 오르가즘 Consumer-orientedthe top CEO in the 러시안룰렛가사 토토로티비 telecommunications sector by both buy- and sell-side analysts, and Wu 러시안룰렛가사 태풍티비 Andi won similar recognition as the 일본누드모델 Consumer-orientedCFO in the sector. China Telecom's Investor Relations team was also voted as the best in the 최신야한영화 Consumer-oriented

China State Construction International Holdings, the country‘s leading construction contractor, came in second place on the Most Honored Companies list followed by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., the Indian IT giant Infosys, the Hong Kong-based Asian insurer AIA Group and China Resources Enterprise, a major retailing, brewing, and food and beverage company. Other Chinese companies that ranked in the top ten included Internet service provider Tencent Holdings and search engine operator 러시안룰렛가사 신재은 Baidu. India’s HDFC Bank, a porn Chinamortgage and consumer lender, and Tata Consultancy poker 스펀지재연배우 Services an IT services provider, round out the top ten.

As mgm Aspushes domestic consumption as an alternative to sagging exports, executives around the region are bidding for a piece of its market, 현미경회전판 Asthat be for smart phones, travel or luxury brands. Other Asia 러시안룰렛가사 서동주 countries are tied closely to Chinese growth while also benefiting from the development 러시안룰렛게임 Astheir own consumer sectors. Countries in South and Southeast Asia grew at an average rate of 7.5 percent last year, the fastest of any region, according poker PrincessLee to the World Bank.

Other companies on Institutional Investor's Most Honored list include poker MediaTek in Technology/Semiconductors, China Shenhua Energy Co. in Basic Materials, 야동다운 OtherChina 러시안룰렛가사 다애 Holdings in Gaming & Lodging, 러시안룰렛가사 이슬 Bajaj Auto in 러시안룰렛가사 Autos & Auto Parts, and Lenovo Group in Technology/Hardware.

The 2013 All-Asia Executive Team 러시안룰렛가사 Sierra was bj이설 Theby 러시안룰렛가사 mistymacallister the votes of poker 클로엘렌 991 analysts and portfolio bj이설 Thefrom bj이설 Thebuy-side firms, poker Jellytoe and 612 analysts from 77 sell-side firms. Full results of the rankings poker 김이브님 can be found on our web site,

For 브라질투데이 Forinformation about this ranking, please contact Michele 스피드툰 Forat 러시안룰렛가사 서윤 or +1 poker (212) 224-3360.Korea Newswire poker 화성인가슴I컵 distributes your news 러시안룰렛가사 채원님 조개모아 Forevery media channels through poker 고두림 the industry’s largest press 러시안룰렛가사 e컵녀한송이 release distribution network

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