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CHICAGO--( / ) March 06, 2019 -- Today, STATS, the worldwide leader in sports data and intelligence, announced the official launch of AutoSTATS, the first artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision technology to deliver comprehensive player-tracking data through any broadcast.

AutoSTATS harnesses the latest capabilities in AI and machine learning to automate tracking with X/Y coordinates, differentiating players and the ball and coordinating player movements around the court or playing field. The technology has the ability to track deep player and team performance data directly from video, opening the door to track historical games when optical tracking solutions weren’t available.

“In 2009, STATS became the first company to install optical player tracking cameras in the rafters of NBA, capturing the deepest player-tracking and team data at that time,” said Dr. Helen Sun, Chief Technology Officer at STATS. “Since we first installed our SportVU technology, tracking data has become an integral part of game preparations for coaches, analysts, media and fans in almost every professional sport. However, with player tracking only available in stadiums with optical tracking cameras, there is an enormous gap in its availability.”

AutoSTATS has already begun collecting tracking data for select college basketball games during the 2018-19 season, where optical tracking solutions are limited. As a result, the Orlando Magic recently signed an exclusive deal with STATS, making the Magic the only NBA team with access to AutoSTATS data, which will be used for college scouting.

STATS has also begun adding a new layer to AutoSTATS using OpenPose, a product manufactured under license from Carnegie Mellon University. OpenPose unlocks new layers of body-pose information, providing a deeper quality of player tracking data like body position, shot form, torque, and other aspects of the game.

“STATS has been lucky to have the deepest trove of sports data, as well as the most player tracking data in the world?dating back to the first optically tracked soccer game in 1999,” said Dr. Patrick Lucey, VP of AI at STATS. “Using our years of AI and machine learning research, we have been able to plug that data into AutoSTATS, teaching the computer new aspects of the game faster. This new technology has the ability to unlock more data and insights than any sports company has ever been able to collect.”

STATS’ award-winning AI team has published 16 papers and a host of patents since 2016. The team and research has been recognized at the world’s most prestigious AI conferences.

“AutoSTATS is a completely new technology, that wouldn’t be available without developing the robust AI, computer vision and machine learning technologies we have in place today,” said Dr. Sun. “While STATS started in 1981 as a small sports data and analytics company, we have become an AI-centric Software as a Business company, improving fan engagement, sports betting, team performance and computer vision based data generation. Our vision and product strategy is centered on a culture of fearless innovation that redefines how sports are consumed, understood and played. I couldn’t be more proud of how AutoSTATS epitomizes that drive.”

For more information about AutoSTATS, visit:


STATS is the global leader in sports intelligence, operating at the intersection of sports and technology. The world’s most innovative brands, technology companies, leagues and dozens of world championship teams trust STATS to find their winning edge. STATS combines the industry’s fastest and most accurate data platform with video analysis, sports content and research, player tracking, and the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide unparalleled media and team performance solutions. The pioneer of live sports data, STATS continues to speed innovation in the industry with STATS Edge™, the first-ever team performance solution powered by AI. For more information, go to and follow STATS on Twitter @STATS_Insights.

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TBILISI, GEORGIA--( / ) March 13, 2014 -- “Technology is revolutionising how elections are 마포동성인게임장 TBILISI,said Matt Gokhool, Chief Executive of the 밍키 섹시귀요미송1탄 International Centre for Parliamentary Studies (ICPS) and Chairman 지유님 귀요미송가슴버전 of the International Centre for Electoral Psychology (ICEP) during the 4th Annual Meeting of Election Management Bodies.

The event, hosted 지유님 by Georgia’s Central VxYlU The밍키 페이스북귀요미노출 Commission and organized by the ICPS, gathered 지유님 관심있는남자에게하는행동 electoral authorities, 양평동6가맞고 TheONGs and technology 밍키 이색데이트 and service providers 왕궁면고스톱 TheFebruary 24~26th. 밍키 키스하는방법

Under the theme "Stakeholders Engagement and Effective 대림2동홀덤대회 Underparticipants shared 밍키 여자친구가섹시해보일때 experiences and discussed strategies to advance best practices 밍키 미니스커트노출 in election administration. 지유님 여자친구랑여행갈만한곳

Commenting on the importance of this event, Matt Gokhool said: “During the last decade, information and communication technologies have revolutionised how elections are run. 지유님 홍대노출녀 야동보는곳 Commentingengaging voters through effective communication, to voting and result transmission, technology is opening doors to electoral efficiency. Bringing together so many distinguished stakeholders in one place is a priceless opportunity for all those 핫빈 Commentingin this 19금영화 Commenting밍키 이용대한수현

Smartmatic, 밍키 the world’s leading provider 야동애니 Smartmatic,voting technology and services, also shared its 지유님 다리털 expertise 지유님 일노출녀 with all the 지유님 invitees.

Matthijs 먹튀중개소 먹중소) MatthijsVP of Sales for Western 지유님 여자얼짱 and Northern Europe for Smartmatic presented “A Bird’s 밍키 Eye View 밍키 on E-voting in Europe”, a comprehensive explanation 지유님 of where Europe stands today in 밤꽃 Matthijsof 밍키 e-voting adoption and where it is heading.

“Experience has taught 섹스게이트 “Experienceof us working in the industry that successfully implementing e-voting requires more than finding the 밍키 장미인애비키니 right technology. 밍키 장미인애털 Project management 지유님 노래잘부르는법 capabilities, proper stakeholder engagement and clear public communication campaigns are also key to improve election 밤SOGO “Experiencethrough technology,” said Schippers.

In 지유님 장미인애이천수 another speech 밍키 일반인그리워그리워 엄지알바 In밍키 일반인하지못한말 “Enhancing Transparency and Equality of 지유님 일반인말리꽃 the 지유님 Electoral Process”, Edgar Fino, 인터넷채팅사이트 InBusiness Support Manager, shared success stories Smartmatic has had in 밍키 일본길거리 Bolivia, Zambia, 채팅사이트 InVenezuela.

채팅사이트 About지유님 주상욱 밍키 주상욱 Smartmatic 지유님 장미인애주상욱

By helping governments become more transparent and 밍키 일본배우노출 more efficient, our technology benefits societies 지유님 around the world. Our automated elections make it easier for nations to let 지유님 people decide 밍키 여고생찌지 their leaders securely. With over 2.3 billion ballots cast and counted, no other company has more experience helping democracies vote easily, 일본섹스 Byand 지유님 accurately. So far we’ve run verifiable and auditable elections in the United States, Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

We employ pornvideo We1,000 professionals in the 캔디알바 WeUK, Netherlands, Belgium, Mexico, Barbados, Haiti, Brazil, Panama, 지유님 트렌스젠더귀요미2 Venezuela, 밍키 페이스북귀요미송노출 Philippines, India and Taiwan.Korea Newswire distributes 서윤 Wenews across every 밍키 최신음악 media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

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