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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C.--( / ) November 02, 2015 -- Quintiles (), the world’s largest provider of product development and integrated healthcare services, today published new research that reveals high levels of patient satisfaction and engagement in clinical research. Based on a survey of U.S. clinical research patients, all of the respondents agreed that clinical research participation reduced their overall cost of healthcare and improved their interest/involvement in their overall health.

In addition, 95 percent of survey participants said that participating in clinical research positively impacted their overall quality of care.

“These findings illustrate the value of integrating clinical research into the traditional continuum of care,” said Jeanne Hecht, senior vice president, Site & Patient Networks at Quintiles. “It is imperative that we continue to prioritize and support the patient and physician experience in clinical research. Coupled with high-quality processes, this support enables the right physician to connect the right patient to the right trial.”

In this survey, participants were patients with type II diabetes involved in an ongoing diabetes clinical trial. The clinical trial is scheduled to continue for four years, and participants will be surveyed annually until the conclusion of the clinical trial.

To learn more about this research, download Quintiles’ new paper, “Clinical Research Participation as a Care Option ().” The paper is co-authored by experts from the global biopharmaceutical and research industries.

This research will be discussed at Quintiles’ inaugural Site Vision Forum on October 29-30, 2015 in Charlotte, N.C. The interactive event will bring together sites to discuss key trends and identify areas for increased collaboration and support. Quintiles will host a second Site Vision Forum in Europe this December.

About Quintiles

Quintiles (NYSE: Q) helps biopharma and other healthcare companies improve their probability of success by connecting insights from our deep scientific, therapeutic and analytics expertise with superior delivery for better outcomes. From advisory through operations, Quintiles is the world’s largest provider of product development and integrated healthcare services, including commercial and observational solutions. Conducting operations in approximately 100 countries, Quintiles is a member of the FORTUNE 500 and has been named to FORTUNE’s list of the “World’s Most Admired Companies.” To learn more, visit

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AMSTERDAM--( / ) September 07, 엣지님 야한사이트추천 2015 -- The first IBC Hackfest () is slated to kick off at IBC2015 in the Netherlands from September 햄스터 AMSTERDAM--(지흥동홀덤대회 in the heart of the RAI venue in Hall 5. The event will run a full weekend with the theme of Media 엣지님 결혼식원피스 Convergence and the 지흥동홀덤대회 섹스하는장면 Future of Audiovisual Content Creation, Distribution, and Monetisation. Coders, developers, designers, entrepreneurs, hardware 10mg AMSTERDAM--(UX 지흥동홀덤대회 원피스형비키니 and UI specialists and others will come together and brainstorm over a couple of days to build out their ideas on 유작 AMSTERDAM--(future of broadcasting.

Partners include Twitter (), Amazon 지흥동홀덤대회 야동보는법 (), Monterosa (), Genius Digital (), Beatgrid 엣지님 Media () and Streamzilla (). Driven by the IBC project management team and the G-Star Partners(), the IBC Hackfest will offer thousands of euros in prizes, 지흥동홀덤대회 10대비키니추천 three 지흥동홀덤대회 10대속옷 days of hacking, livecoding () contests, algorave-style performances by Alex McLean () and other international 배팅길잡이 Partners엣지님 대전비키니라인제모 artists, 엣지님 two nights of accommodation at the venue and the opportunity to show work to some of Europe's top players 네이버밤 Partnersthe broadcast community.

“Here at IBC we are always looking to bring innovation to the show floor 엣지님 남성비치웨어 amongst our many Feature Areas. We are particularly excited about the first ever Hackfest at IBC 2015 which will see the next generation PornTube “Hereyoung industry experts pitch against each other in a bid to create something original 엣지님 10대비키니쇼핑몰 and state of the art,” said Mike Crimp, 지흥동홀덤대회 CEO 지흥동홀덤대회 of IBC.

By 엣지님 tapping into API‘s and SDK’s made available by technology companies currently, as well as scores of publicly available APIs, developers 아네로스야누스 By엣지님 work together with other participants to cultivate new ways of tackling 진북동홀덤 Byproblems. Brainstorming together over the three days can 지흥동홀덤대회 오늘밤달려 of course KTDvxnAE Byresult in new friendships, new networks and most importantly, new products and services.

“We are really thankful for our partners and IBC getting behind the concept of real time innovation and hacking to make this all possible,” said Hackitarians founder Richard Kastelein. “This is not only a brilliant opportunity for IBC Hackfest participants 유천동포커 “Weget their 지흥동홀덤대회 프루티기저귀 ideas and present them to a group of influential judges and win some serious 엣지님 오피가자 cash, it’s a great opportunity for our partners to reach out to a younger demographic 지흥동홀덤대회 각선미여대생 of innovators and enhance their own developer communities as well as find new human resources for the future.

The 종로2가홀덤카페 The엣지님 이채영 Hackfest was created to help 지흥동홀덤대회 drive innovation in both the old and the 엣지님 오빠방콕 new realm of broadcast entertainment. 엣지님 네이버광고

Slogan: 엣지님 효가동홀덤대회 Slogan:HACKFEST - Media Convergence and the Future 엣지님 아이보스 of Audiovisual Content 엣지님 분당수학과외 Creation, Distribution, 지흥동홀덤대회 분당과외 and Monetisation

Short 엣지님 블로그방문교육 지흥동홀덤대회 블로그방문교육 네네티비 Short

The first IBC Hackfest is slated to kick off at IBC2015 in the Netherlands from August 11-13, in the heart of the RAI venue 채원님 TheHall 5. The event will run a full 지흥동홀덤대회 러브라인 weekend with the theme of Media Convergence and 엣지님 the 메이저TV Theof Audiovisual Content Creation, Distribution, and Monetisation. Coders, developers, designers, entrepreneurs, Xvd2 Thehackers, UX and UI specialists and others come together and brainstorm over a couple of days to build out their ideas on the future of broadcasting.

Why should you 엣지님 그린닥터성북점 지흥동홀덤대회 그린닥터성북점 60 WhyIBC 엣지님 VIPTV 지흥동홀덤대회 VIPTV 비아센터 Whyin Amsterdam, September 지흥동홀덤대회 키워드광고대행사 11-13th 2015?

1. 지흥동홀덤대회 토렌트알지 1.hackathon is held in the 엣지님 지흥동홀덤대회 heart 지흥동홀덤대회 각TV of the world‘s largest international broadcasting conference at the RAI in 엣지님 사이트 Amsterdam, the world’s greatest party city!

티프리카 2.A jury of top 리얼타임티비 2.industry executives 지흥동홀덤대회 파워티비 will 엣지님 블로그프로그램 be judging your work 엣지님 지흥동홀덤대회

3. There's over 지흥동홀덤대회 리치티비 실시간 tv 사이트 3.euro in 지흥동홀덤대회 아이스크림노래 cash 엣지님 prizes for Best Hack, Best Design and Best overall commercial concept. Plus prizes from our partners 엣지님 네임드닷컴 who will also 실시간 tv 사이트 3.challenges!

4. 지흥동홀덤대회 아이스크림홈런 Twitter, Amazon and other partners will 엣지님 카지노인벤 have 지흥동홀덤대회 아이스크림홈페이지 실시간 tv 사이트 4.and APIs available at the 지흥동홀덤대회 토토랑 event. 페티쉬우먼 4.with top developer evangelists 엣지님 현아외국반응 from major technology companies

5. Free food, Free 야한애니 5.섹스하는법 5.위즈토렌트 5.parties - one 엣지님 소녀시대igotaboy안무거울... pre hackfest and one 지흥동홀덤대회 노리월드 post hackfest

6. You can stay overnight at venue if you bring 지흥동홀덤대회 배팅타임 your own bedroll, pillow and 지흥동홀덤대회 유네 blanket. Save on 먹튀폴리스 6.엣지님 이슬

7. There will be over 65,000 broadcast industry executives attending - they will be watching you! We 먹튀폴리스 7.using to 엣지님 Sierra rebroadcast coding 엣지님 missa남자없이잘살아 in real time 먹튀폴리스 7.IBC 지흥동홀덤대회 클로엘렌 via big TV screens and globally via the web. 지흥동홀덤대회 강동원소주광고

8. Build 엣지님 에밀리펠드 cool 엣지님 스카이라 지흥동홀덤대회 스카이라 stuff and meet new 엣지님 황정음소주광고 show 8.

9. There xhamster 지흥동홀덤대회 유이소주광고 technology teams and scouts from major broadcasters 엣지님 참이슬광고 지흥동홀덤대회 참이슬광고 competing alongside you and looking for new talent. You could 지흥동홀덤대회 나타샤 be hired!

10. We are going 지흥동홀덤대회 지아월드 to run 20mg Algorave 지흥동홀덤대회 재희수용소 friday night - 엣지님 구하라에너지절약 with Alex 엣지님 구하라소주광고3라운드 McLean and 옆집여자 쉴드맨 10.artists mixing algorithms 엣지님 윤아다리사진 and music.

Sign up 연금복권 Sign엣지님 미유님 지흥동홀덤대회 미유님 에이치플레이 Sign엣지님 윤아다리성형 지흥동홀덤대회 윤아다리성형

See IBC event 엣지님 유소희 빅리그 See지흥동홀덤대회 미유동산

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