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INDIANAPOLIS--( / ) June 02, 2015 -- Indianapolis Motor Speedway fans experienced the raw speed of the 99th Indianapolis 500, up close and personal, courtesy of 20 newly-installed LED video boards from Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company, a division of Panasonic Corporation of North America. Larger, brighter and smarter digital displays delivered content in real time to thousands of spectators watching the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing” with the same clarity as home viewers.

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Please watch the video report: See How Panasonic Brings Fans Closer to the Action at the Indy 500

Indianapolis Motor Speedway selected Panasonic to build a network of next-generation video boards throughout the infield and in front of the grandstands of the legendary 2.5-mile oval. Panasonic installed a series of networked LED displays measuring 11,540 total square feet, more than double the size of the previous boards. Panasonic engineers incorporated 10mm pixel count technology into many of the displays, giving those video boards the tightest pixel pitch of any display in motorsports.

“Our focus is preserving the traditions and legacies of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, while finding creative ways of using the latest technologies to create an immersive fan experience,” said Doug Boles, President of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. “Cutting edge technology, a state-of-the-art video production control room and LED digital displays improve our ability to reach more people and promote stronger involvement, enthusiasm and connectivity between the race and our fans.”

Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the highest-capacity sports venue in the world. Panasonic’s digital displays are significantly larger, brighter, have more accurate color imagery and can broadcast HD animation, 3-D graphics and video. In Turns 1 and 4 and above Gasoline Alley, the displays are more than three and a half times the size of the previous boards. The boards above the Media Center and at the south end of the Gasoline Alley Suites are more than four times larger.

Advanced system capabilities gave programmers expanded versatility to deliver real-time content that engaged, informed and entertained fans. In addition to animation, multi-screen images, social media, replays, close-up angles and graphics, fans also received up-to-date information from hundreds of racing data points, such as speed, RPMs, tire pressure, car throttle, oil readings, lap counter and leader positions. (Bringing fans closer to the action, download: ).

“One of the key aspects of this project was synchronizing all content - data, graphics and video - to produce a solution with unmatched resolution and the capacity to perform multiple functions in a seamless fashion,” stated Jim Doyle, President of Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company. “We worked closely with Indianapolis Motor Speedway to design a high-end, integrated technology solution that raises the bar on the connected fan experience while giving sponsors a dynamic, interactive messaging platform to solicit consumer engagement, increase brand visibility and grow revenues.”

Panasonic Enterprise Solutions has installed some of the largest high-definition LED video boards in the world. Motorsports projects include Guinness World Record-certified ‘Big Hoss TV’ at Texas Motor Speedway, Charlotte Motor Speedway which was the biggest video board in the world at the time it was built in 2011, Richmond International Raceway (VA), Louden Motor Speedway (NH), Homestead-Miami Speedway (FL) and Sonoma Raceway (CA).

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HONG KONG & SAN FRANCISCO--( / ) 감자TV 캔디알바 December 18, 2019 -- Soteria AI, the company developing the first AI assistant for gaming, today announces that it is in the process of filing its first patent for an algorithm to help research professionals to understand how and why certain viruses mutate. After Soteria’s chief scientist, Devon 감자TV 해외성인용품 Nobrega, completed a research project with Dr Lu Wang, 최소미 MANZOKU Ph.D., entitled An Analysis of Single, 감자TV Double, and Triple Nucleotide Substitution 신길4동맞고 HONGGenetic Codons, Soteria 최소미 박트로반 is in the process of filing this patent to protect the intellectual property of the algorithm itself.

“In the 송암동홀덤카페 “Inyear, Natasha - our AI 최소미 효과20배 assistant - will focus on supporting gamers and helping them to improve 감자TV 티비나무 초지동홀덤대회 “Inthey play,” says Devon Nobrega, Chief Scientist. “But we also see a bright future in medical research. After supporting Dr Lu Wang 감자TV 다프리pro in completing his research paper on viral mutation, we have positioned a part of the company to support medical research staff in their work, including analyzing raw data and 최소미 가짜구별 virtually assisting 여자나체 “In

The research paper 아이엠토렌트 Theto start discussions on why certain viruses - like HIV - maintain a more stable protein structure, and examines whether certain mutations are uniformly random, concluding 최소미 that they 최소미 레비트라정 감자TV 레비트라정 are not. The collaboration between Devon Nobrega and Dr 감자TV Lu Wang also helped 네네티비 Theestablish what kind of support medical researchers would need from an artificially intelligence assistant. 최소미 부광실데나필정

“The application of artificial intelligence will be felt across 마시타마히리 “Theentire HARDCORESEX “Thecontinued Nobrega. “It’s a logical progression to deploy it in the gaming arena, but Soteria is also making significant progress in the sectors of 감자TV medical research and military intelligence. Although supporting a human researcher requires far greater intelligence than analyzing a fixed gaming environment, 감자TV we 최소미 제이케이(JK)정 are confident that this patent lays the starting 감자TV 위치로정팔팔츄정 groundwork for a very bright 오에1080 “Thefor the project.”

Soteria AI will be launching its first game in North America next year, Rising Fire Battle Royale, which will ship 최소미 구매처 감자TV 구매처 with its artificial intelligence assistant, Natasha, 토토일보 Soteriain the gameplay. The firm recently announced 감자TV massage that 헌병대 Soteriahad raised $5m in seed funding 최소미 에피듀오겔 from N5 Holdings, working closely with partners Axion 감자TV HOTSEX and AIGO to develop the AI assistant.

여자가슴짱 About최소미 마그밀 감자TV 마그밀 무료 실시간 tv 어플 About감자TV bj

Soteria AI LLC is developing the next generation of artificial intelligence. Initially focused on supporting gamers across online 최소미 트레티노인 감자TV 트레티노인 multiplayer platforms, it is funding research into quantum, AI platform technology and biochemical computing. With offices in the US and China, it was founded in 2019 by William Nobrega, 무료 실시간 tv 어플 Soteria최소미 발기부전제종류 Green Beret and serial entrepreneur.

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