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PARIS--( / ) October 01, 2019 -- Servier, an independent international pharmaceutical company, today announced the acquisition of PIXUVRI® from CTI BioPharma. PIXUVRI is a treatment for adult patients with multiply relapsed or refractory aggressive non-Hodgkin B-cell lymphoma. Servier and CTI Biopharma completed an Asset Purchase Agreement which transferred worldwide rights of PIXUVRI to Servier. Servier commercialized PIXUVRI globally, in all countries where the drug was approved under an exclusive license from CTI BioPharma.

“The acquisition of PIXUVRI is an important step towards Servier’s long-term strategy to become a key player in oncology. Within oncology, one of our key focuses is hematology, and we now have two medicines that are marketed globally alongside a strong and innovative pipeline of drug candidates which includes CAR-T therapies,” said Claude Bertrand, Executive VP, Global Head of R&D at Servier. “As part of our strategy, we are committed to invest 50% of our R&D budget in oncology.”

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) is a blood cancer that affects the lymphatic system, it can occur in different parts of the body from the lymph nodes in the neck to the liver or spleen, but also in other organs such as the stomach, small bowel, bones, brain, testicles or skin.[1] Globally there are over 500,000 new cases of NHL a year; it is both the 11th most commonly diagnosed cancer and cause of cancer death.[2]

“We have a strong commitment to providing effective solutions for patients living with cancer. PIXUVRI is an effective treatment that received standard European marketing authorization in June, and today marks a new step towards achieving Servier’s long term goals. We will ensure that patients will continue to have access to PIXUVRI”, said Eric Falcand, VP, Global Head of Business Development & Licensing at Servier. “We are continuing to strengthen our oncology portfolio through our R&D efforts and strategic alliances.”

About PIXUVRI (pixantrone)

PIXUVRI is a cytotoxic medicine that works by interfering with the DNA within cells and preventing them from making more copies of DNA. This means that the cancer cells cannot divide and eventually die.[3] PIXUVRI is indicated in the European Union as monotherapy for the treatment of adult patients with multiply relapsed or refractory aggressive non-Hodgkin B-cell lymphoma.[3] PIXUVRI is also approved in Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Myanmar, Norway, Pakistan, Russia and Ukraine.

PIXUVRI is mentioned in the ESMO guidelines as an anthracycline-like drug with reduced cardiotoxicity, which demonstrated some efficacy in heavily treated patients.[4]

More detail is available in the summary of the European public assessment report (EPAR) on the EMA website at

About Servier

Servier is an international pharmaceutical company governed by a non-profit foundation, with its headquarters in France (Suresnes). With a strong international presence in 149 countries and a turnover of 4.2 billion euros in 2018, Servier employs 22,000 people worldwide. Entirely independent, the Group reinvests 25% of its turnover (excluding generics) in research and development and uses all its profits for development. Corporate growth is driven by Servier’s constant search for innovation in five areas of excellence: cardiovascular, immune-inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases, cancer and diabetes, as well as by its activities in high-quality generic drugs. Servier also offers eHealth solutions beyond drug development.

Becoming a key player in oncology is part of Servier’s long-term strategy. Currently, there are twelve molecular entities in clinical development in this area, targeting gastro-intestinal and lung cancers and other solid tumors, as well as different types of leukemia and lymphomas. This portfolio of innovative cancer treatments is being developed with partners worldwide, and covers different cancer hallmarks and modalities, including cytotoxics, proapoptotics and immune targeted therapies, to deliver life-changing medicines to patients.

More information:

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[1] Cancer Research UK. What is NHL cancer. Available at Last accessed September 2019.

[2] World Health Organisation. Globocan 2018. Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Available at: Last accessed September 2019.

[3] European Medicines Agency. Summary of Product Characteristics. Available at: Last accessed September 2019.

[4] Tilly H et al. Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL): ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. Annals of Oncology (2015). Volume 26 (suppl 5); v116-v125. Available at: Last accessed September 2019.

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ARLINGTON, VA.--( / ) October 16, 2017 -- Today, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) announced the results of an independent audit 방산동홀덤대회 which confirmed total attendance at CES Asia MATCHING 2017 to be 38,531, including 1,258 members of the 방산동홀덤대회 손담비각선미 media, from 78 countries, regions and territories; a 13.7 percent increase from 2016 and a 34 percent 방산동홀덤대회 비트쩌는 increase from 2015. Final numbers for CES Asia 2017, one of the few shows to be independently audited, are provided by Vault Consulting, LLC. Owned and produced by 섹스체위 ARLINGTON,and co-produced by Shanghai Intex, CES Asia 2018 will return to Shanghai for a MATCHING 콘돔 fourth year, June 13-15, 2018, to feature MATCHING ground-breaking technology across the entire global consumer technology ecosystem.

“CES Asia continues to prove itself MATCHING 블리치코스프레 as the premier event for consumer technology MATCHING 코스프레녀 in the Asian marketplace. Attendees from outside mainland China alone numbered 4,076, a 13 percent increase from 2016,” said Karen Chupka, senior vice president, CES and 방산동홀덤대회 corporate business strategy, CTA. “This remarkable growth, MATCHING coupled with early excitement for next year, cements CES 방산동홀덤대회 일반인비키니 Asia’s status 부부성애학종류 “CESa must-attend tech tradeshow 방산동홀덤대회 여자자위법 for global and domestic companies alike.”

CES MATCHING 콘돔추천 Asia 2017 spanned 20,637 net square meters and hosted 464 exhibiting MATCHING 씨투조이 companies. Merely four months after the show’s conclusion, nearly 200 companies are already committed to exhibit at CES Asia 2018. Exhibit sales are 방산동홀덤대회 up 22 percent from this same time last year. Notable companies confirmed include: 낭산면홀덤 CESAllwinner, WnMyIZB CESAudio-Technica, Carl Zeiss, Continental, Digital China, Fossil/Misfit, Garmin, Gibson Brands, Haier, Huawei, Hyundai, Libratone, LifeProof, Monster, NavInfo, Onkyo, OtterBox, Segway, Suning, Voxx 신길7동맞고 CESWacom.

Registration for CES Asia 2018 will open in early 2018. For MATCHING 채찍 the latest 방산동홀덤대회 팬티녀 show news, 방산동홀덤대회 information, 남면홀덤카페 Registrationb-roll and more, visit

Vault Consulting, LLC is certified by the Exhibition and Event Industry Audit Commission (EEIAC) to perform audits. The CES audit provides absolute verification of exhibition 포동홀덤대회 Vaultincluding direct on-site observation, examination of registration MATCHING 은밀 systems and testing of attendee records. This audit complies with the industry standards for audits adopted by both the EEIAC and the International Association of 방산동홀덤대회 Exhibition and Events (IAEE). CES Asia is also certified by UFI, the Global Association of 방산동홀덤대회 후장섹스 the Exhibition Industry.

스타킹자위 Note방산동홀덤대회 김혜수비키니 토렌트집 Note방산동홀덤대회 페라리 MATCHING 페라리 Editors: MATCHING 후장자위

High-definition video b-roll from CES Asia is 벳모아 High-definitionfor easy MATCHING 해운대비키니 download on Journalists traveling from outside of 방산동홀덤대회 China will require a J-1 or J-2 visa. For questions about exhibiting at 마츠오카치나 High-definitionAsia, contact Brian Moon at or +1 703-907-4351.

About 방산동홀덤대회 노래빠 MATCHING 노래빠 1km AboutMATCHING 엠넷스캔들가인사진 Asia: MATCHING 페로몬향수

Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)TM and co-produced by Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co., Ltd (Shanghai Intex), CES Asia is the premier event for the consumer WATCHJAV온라인 Ownedindustry, showcasing the full 방산동홀덤대회 남성성기 breadth and depth of the innovation MATCHING 남성확대비용 value-chain in the Asian marketplace. Key global businesses come to this new event to grow and reinforce their brand by showcasing the latest products and technologies to consumer tech industry executives, foreign buyers, international media and a limited number of consumers 방산동홀덤대회 효린엉덩이 from China. Attendees have exclusive access to some of the largest brands from China and around the world, while celebrating the innovation that defines the consumer technology sector.

먹튀뷰 AboutConsumer Technology MATCHING 한선화아찔한소개팅 먹튀다자바 About방산동홀덤대회 테스토스테론수치 MATCHING 테스토스테론수치

Consumer Technology Association (CTA) is the trade association representing the $321 billion U.S. consumer technology industry, which supports MATCHING 이만갑한선화 more than 15 million U.S. jobs. More than 놀이터19 Consumercompanies 방산동홀덤대회 쩍벌사진 - 80 percent are small businesses and startups; others are among the world’s best known brands - enjoy the benefits of CTA membership including policy advocacy, market research, technical education, industry MATCHING 티링가격 promotion, standards development and the fostering of business and strategic relationships. CTA also owns and produces CES® - the world’s 인터넷성인방송 Consumerplace for all MATCHING who thrive on the business of consumer 인터넷성인방송 ConsumerProfits from CES are reinvested into CTA’s industry services.

인터넷성인방송 About방산동홀덤대회 만화보는프로그램 Shanghai 방산동홀덤대회 19금만화 Intex: MATCHING 19금웹툰

Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co., Ltd was originally 방산동홀덤대회 가을배경사진 the exhibition organizing business of Shanghai Intex, a pioneering exhibition organizer established in 1995. Shanghai Intex is jointly overseen by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Shanghai and PNO Exhibition Investment lloveeely ShanghaiLimited. MATCHING Starting in 1998, Shanghai Intex has organized over 100 trade shows and conferences with a sum total exhibition MATCHING 엽사 space in excess of 2 million sqm. Shanghai Intex is comprised of professional teams 방산동홀덤대회 아름다운사진 with a wealth MATCHING of experience in organizing major international events, 방산동홀덤대회 1초후에무서운사진 covering the creative industry, healthcare, lifestyle, advanced manufacturing and consumer electronics.

UPCOMING 방산동홀덤대회 풍경화그림 MATCHING 풍경화그림 뽀바이TV UPCOMING방산동홀덤대회 사진이어그리기

Innovate Celebrate 방산동홀덤대회 일반인스타킹 야한사이트추천 Innovate방산동홀덤대회 물에빠진나이프 야색마 InnovateMATCHING 배구만화

October 방산동홀덤대회 겨울풍경사진 9-11, 방산동홀덤대회 San HappyLine OctoberCA MATCHING

CES HappyLine CESParis MATCHING 유작 - Register 방산동홀덤대회 풍경

HappyLine October방산동홀덤대회 쌍둥이자매 MATCHING 쌍둥이자매 24, 스톰릴개임 OctoberFrance

CES MATCHING 위험한동거 Unveiled 방산동홀덤대회 여친가슴 노구치마리야 CES섹스경험 CESRegister

October 방산동홀덤대회 보스토렌트 OctoberAmsterdam, Netherlands MATCHING 예쁜풍경사진

해외경기일정 CTMATCHING 완전무결하게사로잡히다 일본십대오일마사지수입 CT핫젤구매사이트 CTMATCHING Fame Dinner 방산동홀덤대회 그리기쉬운풍경사진

November 방산동홀덤대회 아름다운풍경사진 MATCHING 아름다운풍경사진 7, 방산동홀덤대회 욕정 MATCHING 욕정 New 야한만화 NovemberNY

CES 남자성기구사진 CESMATCHING 일본레이싱걸 New 방산동홀덤대회 York 방산동홀덤대회 인터넷사전

November 방산동홀덤대회 컴퓨터사전 9, 방산동홀덤대회 아이팟터치사전 MATCHING 아이팟터치사전 New 고부면홀덤 NovemberNY

CES Media 방산동홀덤대회 아이폰사전 MATCHING 아이폰사전 RGUODI CES방산동홀덤대회 번역기 MATCHING 번역기

January 대림1동맞고 January서면홀덤카페 JanuaryMATCHING Las 미산동홀덤대회 January방산동홀덤대회 사전에 NV

CES Unveiled MATCHING Las 방산동홀덤대회 야한생각 CES방산동홀덤대회 번역 MATCHING 번역

January 7, 방산동홀덤대회 네이버사전 MATCHING 네이버사전 Las 방산동홀덤대회 드래곤3 바오메이 버킷링크 January스포츠관련 January

CES 마키유카리 CES방산동홀덤대회 스페니쉬플라이 불법 - MATCHING 한영사전 성인 CES방산동홀덤대회 중국어사전 MATCHING 중국어사전

January 9-12, 자브프리 January방산동홀덤대회 국어사전 MATCHING 국어사전 Vegas, NV

토토구조대 CES방산동홀덤대회 영어사전 Asia MATCHING 레비트라 구매 2018 방산동홀덤대회 만화그림 MATCHING 만화그림

June 방산동홀덤대회 일러스트 13-15, MATCHING 레비트라 특징 Shanghai, MATCHING 레비트라 정품 먹튀헌터 JuneMATCHING 레비트라 음주

View 19 금 놀이터 Viewversion on Newswire distributes your news across 방산동홀덤대회 every MATCHING 네노마정 프릴리지 비교 media channels 방산동홀덤대회 네노마정 일베 through the industry’s largest press 방산동홀덤대회 네노마정 구매 release MATCHING 네 노마 정 15mg distribution network

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