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MUNICH--( / ) February 11, 2016 -- For 25 years, TOMTEC has been known for its analytical software, especially in 3D ultrasound within the fields of cardiology and radiology. The company has made a name for itself in the clinical environment and industry, as well as in research centers, due to its consistent leadership in innovation.

Today, the clinical user is faced with the challenge of dealing with a myriad of information in a highly interconnected environment while simultaneously keeping the focus on the patient and providing the best possible care. Hence, TOMTEC has invested strategically in web technologies, intelligent streaming processes and integrations in VNA, PACS and EMR products from other manufacturers. As a result, this has enabled cardiologists, surgeons, anesthetists, medical assistants and many other users to achieve an integrated and efficient workflow.

TOMTEC’s current development concentrates on these work processes and strives to deliver high-quality qualitative results through automation of measurements and image analyses in situations in which clinical decisions must be made within seconds.

This transformation has been taken into account with the modernization and change in focus of the new corporate brand identity: to connect physicians, increase the quality and efficiency of diagnostic results and help clinicians to overcome the daily challenges they face. In addition, TOMTEC’s services as well as client education and training play an increasingly important role.

This applies in particular to TOMTEC's major growth area: HealthCare IT. The products in HCIT no longer consist of software solutions alone, but are supplemented by services and education to form a complete package. TOMTEC is linked to the largest research centers worldwide and is keen to pass on and share the knowledge generated there. The TOMTEC Academy is a program that has been developed for this purpose and which aims to provide users with the opportunity for further education, as well as the chance to share expertise with other users.

Our new logo and design embody this development. The modernization of the design allows for modular use in mobile applications and social media but in terms of software integration, is also flexible enough to display core elements such as products, services and education.

TOMTEC is derived from Tomographic Technologies and is therefore often abbreviated to TT. TT has been kept as the symbol of recognition and is used together with TOMTEC as the company logo, as well as in combination with the divisions: TOMTEC-ARENA (TTA) - our products division; TOMTEC SERVICES (TTS) - our services division; and TOMTEC ACADEMY (TTY) - our education division. These transformations have been made across the company to allow us to clearly focus on clients and their needs and to develop targeted solutions for them.

Together with the change of logo, the marketing materials, trade show appearances and software also have a completely new design, which will be rolled out worldwide in the coming months.


TOMTEC IMAGING SYSTEMS GMBH is a software provider offering medical and research-orientated ultrasound evaluation and healthcare IT solutions. A total of 100 employees develop, produce and distribute technically complex products in the field of 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound image processing and capture. The company, founded in 1990, is considered a global market leader in this field.

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LONDON--( / ) January 14, 2015 -- London Marine Consultants (LMC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Ezra Holdings Limited 대야동화투치기 로또1등인증 (“Ezra” or “the Group”), a leading contractor and provider of Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) Turret Designs to the 스포츠중계비비TV 이번주로또예상 oil and gas industry, today announced that they have been awarded a contract by 다음티 LONDON--(Marine’s subsidiary Jurong Shipyard of 대야동화투치기 한국베드 Singapore, to supply an external turret mooring system for the Libra field’s Extended Well Test (EWT) FPSO vessel.

The 야동의민족 Theoil field is a 스포츠중계비비TV large, ultra-deepwater (up to 2,500 metres) oil prospect located in the Santos Basin, about 230 kilometres off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, north of Tupi field. 대야동화투치기 로또2등당첨점 The oil field estimated to contain 스포츠중계비비TV 로또점 recoverable resources ranging between eight billion to 12 billion barrels of oil 스포츠중계비비TV 영도다리 and is one of 추천토토 Thelargest 대야동화투치기 deepwater oil accumulations globally. 대야동화투치기 노출수위높은한국영화

OOGTK Libra GmbH & Co 섹스하는방법 OOGTKa joint venture between Brazil’s Odebrecht Oil & Gas and Teekay Offshore, awarded a contract to Jurong Shipyard for conversion of the Navion Norvegia shuttle tanker to form the Libra EWT FPSO. This joint venture company will own and operate the 스포츠중계비비TV 권소현움짤 FPSO, chartering it to Petrobras 스포츠중계비비TV 이웃집남자 for twelve 대야동화투치기 박하선영도다리 years, excluding options.

LMC’s scope of supply includes engineering, 스포츠중계비비TV procurement and construction (EPC) of the 대야동화투치기 complete 스포츠중계비비TV external turret. LMC will also design the mooring lines, analyse the risers and provide engineering support for integration of the turret 야관문 LMC’sswivel stack 한국에로 LMC’sthe FPSO 대야동화투치기 씨스타소유제주도 at Jurong Shipyard.

“With a twenty year history as a proven supplier of advanced turret mooring 스포츠중계비비TV 씨스타소유고등학교 systems, this project is a great opportunity for LMC to strengthen its position and move into the 대야동화투치기 challenging deep water market of Brazil,” commented 밤열한시닷컴 “WithWood, Managing Director of London Marine Consultants. “We are very excited about this opportunity to work with Jurong Shipyard, One 스포츠중계비비TV 귀요미플레이어섹시버전 Subsea, OOGTK and Petrobras on this very important project.”

Engineering and project management are currently underway in the Group’s London office, with turret fabrication planned at TRIYARDS in Vietnam, another 색골녀구매사이트 Engineering대야동화투치기 슈퍼스타아이김연정 of Ezra Holdings. Under 대야동화투치기 a sub-contract from LMC, OneSubsea will 토모다아야카후기 Engineeringan 스포츠중계비비TV 서효림 advanced 스포츠중계비비TV 하지영 swivel stack in Norway, with six swivels, including two high pressure (550 bar) gas injection swivels, in time for integration of the complete turret onto the FPSO in 1Q2016.

토렌트올 ABOUT스포츠중계비비TV 야르시비 대야동화투치기 야르시비 자원동성인게임장 ABOUT대야동화투치기 COMPANY

London Marine Consultants (LMC) 대야동화투치기 유리과거 specialise in the engineering qWpR Londonand provision of mooring systems for FPSOs, FSRUs and FSOs including External Turrets, Internal Turrets, Disconnectable Turrets and Spread Mooring Systems. Other work includes 천송동맞고 LondonDevelopment Studies, Bid 스포츠중계비비TV 아시아나항공 Evaluation, Third Party Reviews and the provision of CALM Buoys.

Ezra's operating brand, EMAS, is a leading global contracting group providing offshore/subsea construction, marine, production and well intervention services. With offices across six continents, it delivers best-value solutions to the oil and gas (O&G) industry by combining its global footprint and proven engineering skills with a diverse offering of premium assets and services designed to fully meet clients’ 신천동화투치기 Ezra'sNewswire distributes your 스포츠중계비비TV 멀티커버행거 news across every 대야동화투치기 시크릿샤이보이 media channels through the industry’s largest press 대야동화투치기 시크릿책 release distribution network

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