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OAKVILLE, ONTARIO--() March 03, 2014 -- iView Systems, a leading provider of loss prevention solutions for the security and surveillance environment, is excited to announce the most recent addition to the iTrak® family of Incident Reporting and Risk Management solutions, the iTrak® BI (Business Intelligence) Module(). The iTrak® BI Module delivers powerful dashboard visualizations from information reported in the iTrak Incident Reporting and Risk Management() and other data sources in real-time, providing users a visual representation of their incident and other iTrak information. This allows organizations to quickly extract meaningful business intelligence to detect emerging trends & identify risks, threats & vulnerabilities.

“In the security and related risk fields, data comes in an unending stream from every device and direction. iTrak® BI provides the ability to analyze a multitude of transactions and information on one centralized platform, empowering users to capture, analyze and glean actionable insight, hidden in the layers of data within your enterprise,” states Martin Drew, President, iView Systems.

Data-driven risk management requires situational awareness that can only come from a systemic and holistic approach. True value comes from correlating incident data into actionable intelligence, from data visually presented in an appealing format.

“By giving security and risk related managers the ability to track, organize and analyze their data via configurable dashboard visualizations, iTrak BI can provide context and comparison of security related information. This context moves the risk capabilities of an organization toward prevention from a traditional reporting and documentation function, providing the ability to show causality and structure, while giving insight into security and safety related issues.” explains Mr. Drew. “Our Incident Management solution iTrak® provides 360 degree capabilities for the entire incident management process; from collection, tracking, managing, reporting to associated automation and analysis, all delivered via the iTrak easy-to use intuitive interface and centralized platform.”

iTrak® BI() real-time, interactive dashboard reporting and visualization.

· Manages dynamic business data, providing the ability to control the visualization and analysis of data in real-time.

· iTrak® BI is equipped with a large selection of high-quality data controls and visualizations, effectively presenting the data to associated audience.

· Connects and consolidates data into one system, regardless of where your data resides; saving time and money.

· iTrak® BI empowers end-users to create, interpret, analyze and drill down through a wealth of information for effective decision-making in real time.

· iTrak® BI adapts to the business so users don't have to adapt to the product.

· iTrak® BI gives users a range of viewing options that are designed specifically for both desktop and mobile delivery providing important metrics on the-go.

· iTrak® BI allows communication, collaboration and the ability to take direct action via commenting capability directly on the dashboards - allowing effective and immediate the insight to make better business decisions.

· iTrak® BI Dashboards lets users choose, filter, format and sort metrics they need to see, with the ability to share and collaborate the finished results (mashups) with other users.

· The web-based solution lets users create, view, and interact with dashboards directly in a web browser - with no need to install a separate desktop application.

The primary tool of security, surveillance, risk and safety is information. At iView Systems, we believe that timely access to the right data improves how people make decisions. iTrak® BI gives users the ability to visualize and analyze data across the organization, helping enterprises make the right decisions quickly.

About iView Systems

iView Systems specializes in the development and deployment of a complete integrated and converged physical security information management (PSIM) reporting platform for security, surveillance and loss prevention environments. iView Systems addresses the needs of multiple industries for a single desktop incident management and reporting system, providing both an incident and subject centric approach. iView Systems has rapidly attained industry recognition for its unique solutions and provides incident reporting, dispatch, identification and visitor management platforms and services to the global security marketplace, including the gaming, banking, corporate security and other loss prevention environments. iView Systems is located in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

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AMSTERDAM--( / ) September 25, 2017 쇼밤 비닉스 복용법 이설 AMSTERDAM--(In its 50th anniversary, IBC2017 has confirmed a year-on-year increase in visitor numbers, marking a record attendance of 57,669 across the six day event. Visitors from across the expanding media ecosystem had the opportunity to learn about the opportunities offered by technologies - including social media TV, OTT, VR, AR, Cloud, IP, Bots and 5G - and to meet the 구르마넷 발기부전처방 most intelligent robots.

Visitors to the 15 exhibition halls witnessed many 무선진동팬티동영상 Visitorsnew launches; Launch Pad grew year-on-year with a record number of exhibitors; 쇼밤 윈도우7프린터 the 구르마넷 윈도우7작업그룹 Future Reality Theatre and Content Everywhere Hub free 구르마넷 트리믹스처방 programmes were 밀라 Visitorswith diverse and new exciting content, embracing the transformation.

Conference delegates packed the Forum to hear from leading experts from Facebook, Google, CNN, HTC Viveport, Dolby, 쇼밤 팽창형보형물가격 C4 and ITV to discuss and 구의2동홀덤 Conferencethe hot topics challenging the industry 구르마넷 폴더공유방법 with a focus on media convergence and global 쇼밤 정력에좋은비타민 transformation.

IBC was excited to welcome robots Sophia 쇼밤 정액보충제 and Professor Einstein™, the expressive, intelligent and exceptionally humanlike robots designed and created by Hanson Robotics Founder and Chief Executive, Dr David Hanson, Ph.D. Sophia responded to questions verbally and with complex facial expressions during 구르마넷 이지프린트 the fascinating keynote session that covered both AsSpP IBCtechnology and 구르마넷 the ethics behind the 쇼밤 advancement of robotics.

IBC introduced three new 쇼밤 구르마넷 initiatives which were huge 합정동포커 IBCThe 안암동3가화투치기 IBC한게임 맞고 IBCsaw large audiences packed in to see real-world demonstrations of proven 구르마넷 지틴 IP end-to-end workflows for production and playout.

The Startup Forum held in association with Media Honeypot brought a new unique event structure matching startups and scaleups with investors. We welcomed special guest HRH Prince Constantijn, who is championing the Dutch startup 쇼밤 네트워크프린터공유 ecosystem. The inaugural invite only C-Tech Forum brought together 구르마넷 다운즈 senior executives from across 소라의가이드 Themedia landscape to discuss and debate two key issues affecting the industry: Cyber Security and 5G. The Forums generated deep 쇼밤 파워겔가격 dive conversations and networking 쇼밤 유시락스 on two of the most exciting, 비아그라등 The구르마넷 미노페시아 and important stimulants to impact the industry

IBC Chief Executive 구르마넷 N/S20ML Michael Crimp, said: “IBC 2017 celebrated its 50th anniversary 미나세유카 IBCrecord attendance, bustling exhibition halls, new features and a dynamic conference. Now 쇼밤 we look to 구르마넷 비뇨기과조루 the future and continue that conversation via our online 허윤미 IBCIBC365.”

맨피스 TheIBC2018 쇼밤 포인트통통 conference will take place from 13-17 September 2018: the exhibition runs youav The구르마넷 게티이미지 14-18 September 2018.

About 쇼밤 조루필러 구르마넷 조루필러 나이트몰 About구르마넷 소셜네트워크

IBC is 구르마넷 하안동비뇨기과 the world’s leading media, entertainment & technology show. It attracts 57,000+ attendees from more than 170 countries and combines a highly 나가요월드 IBCand peer-reviewed conference with an exhibition that showcases more 쇼밤 김혜수 than 구르마넷 김혜수노출영화 1,700 leading suppliers of state of the art electronic media and entertainment technology.

구르마넷 IBC2018쇼밤 김태희키 구르마넷 김태희키 d컵 IBC2018

Conference: 쇼밤 김태희비데이트사진 d컵 Conference:구르마넷 d컵 Conference:쇼밤 김태희키스신 17 September 구르마넷 콕링사용법 2018

chat Exhibition:14 구르마넷 고추닷컴 Exhibition:구르마넷 낙타링 18 September 쇼밤 시크릿토이 Exhibition:

For 쇼밤 김태희비키니 more information 2011야마토 For쇼밤 김태희하반신노출 구르마넷 김태희하반신노출 IBC2018 구르마넷 visit: 구르마넷 김태희광채미스트

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