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SAN FRANCISCO--( / ) August 26, 2020 -- The Latin American member firms of Andersen Global will now operate under the brand “Andersen,” reinforcing the organization’s position as a one-stop shop for tax and legal services globally. The announcement comes less than two months after the adoption of the Andersen brand by the European member firms of Andersen Global.

The member firms of Andersen Global in Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico and Uruguay, which previously operated under the brands “Andersen Tax” and “Andersen Tax & Legal,” will now feature Andersen as their brand along with the new member firms, MODO Law and GSRC in Argentina, who became member firms of the organization earlier this year.

Andersen Global continues to view expansion of both its footprint in Latin America and its newly established platform in the Caribbean as high priorities. In Latin America, the global organization also has a presence in Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, and Peru through its collaborating firms and has added collaborating firms in 11 countries in the Caribbean region over the last six months.

“Our expansion is driven by client service, and our objective isn’t to be the biggest firm; rather, our focus is about our commitment to building one firm where clients are afforded best-in-class tax and legal services in a seamless fashion across the globe,” Andersen Global Chairman and Andersen CEO Mark Vorsatz said. “Our organization is dedicated not only to our clients, but also to investing in our people and the next generation. We all share the same values and vision regardless of borders and it is only fitting that this is also reflected in our common name.”

The organization’s journey began in 2002, when 23 former Arthur Andersen partners created the tax-only firm WTAS. In 2014, the U.S. member firm proceeded to adopt the brand “Andersen Tax,” and most recently transitioned to the Andersen brand in 2019. The global organization has grown exponentially since the establishment of Andersen Global (formerly WTAS Global) by founding U.S. member firm Andersen Tax LLC in 2013. After launching its global platform in Europe, Andersen Global debuted in Latin America in 2015. The region has since expanded to more than 34 locations, 1,000 tax and legal professionals, and 90 partners today.

Leonardo Mesquita, Regional Managing Director for Latin America added, “Our organization’s foundation is based on our common vision to remain independent and provide seamless, synergistic services to our clients globally. We’re eager to have a brand that reflects what we already know - we are one firm.”

Over the course of the next year, member firms globally will continue to adopt the Andersen brand, while Andersen Global will continue its expansion efforts in critical markets, including the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

Andersen Global is an international association of legally separate, independent member firms comprised of tax and legal professionals around the world. Established in 2013 by U.S. member firm Andersen Tax LLC, Andersen Global now has more than 6,000 professionals worldwide and presence in over 191 locations through its member firms and collaborating firms.

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TYSONS, VA. 레딧 쩌는게임 & NEW YORK--( / ) January 09, 2019 -- DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC) and Luxoft Holding, Inc (NYSE: LXFT) today announced a definitive agreement for DXC to acquire Luxoft, 마베이트 a global-scale digital CA오사수나 TYSONS,with differentiated offerings, deep vertical industry expertise and world-class digital talent.

Pursuant to the 마베이트 이번주예상로또번호 agreement between DXC and Luxoft, all of AV배우 Pursuantissued and outstanding Luxoft Class A and Class B ordinary shares 마베이트 비트쩌는 will receive $59.00 per share 69누리 Pursuant69누리 Pursuantrepresenting a 레딧 쩌는애니 total equity value of 마베이트 approximately $2 billion.

Together, DXC and Luxoft will offer a differentiated customer 레딧 쩌는가슴 value proposition for end-to-end digital transformation by combining Luxoft’s digital engineering capabilities 레딧 지난주로또1등 with DXC’s expertise in IT 69누리 Together,and integration. The acquisition will 마베이트 블리치코스프레 accelerate the digital growth and scale-out strategy outlined by DXC at its Investor Day last fall, and will broaden access to 마베이트 아이유초미니핫팬츠 key digital talent.

Luxoft provides digital 레딧 핫팬츠엉덩이 strategy consulting and engineering services for companies across North America, 레딧 여선생 Europe and the Asia Pacific region. Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, 미타케스즈 Luxoft겐팅카지노 Luxoftachieved 마베이트 마리아샤라포바노출 $911 million in revenue over the last four reported quarters, with a strong, 마베이트 미스에이 double-digit compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the last three years.

“Luxoft and DXC are highly complementary, 마베이트 이민정노출사진 and our shared vision of digital transformation makes this strategic combination a great fit for both organizations -- as well as enormously beneficial for 캠스 “Luxoftclients,” said Mike Lawrie, chairman, president and CEO, DXC Technology. “Luxoft has a proven track record and expertise in producing measurable business outcomes at-scale for 레딧 현아차 global clients across key industries, including automotive and financial services. The addition of Luxoft accelerates DXC’s 마베이트 윈도우7인터넷공유 growth strategy as we 마베이트 “Luxoftthe company to meet 레딧 공유임수정 the digital requirements of our clients today and in the future.”

A 레딧 고메즈 윤활젤 A레딧 Leader 마베이트

Luxoft offers differentiated digital capabilities in areas such as analytics, UX/UI, IoT and blockchain, and is 마베이트 신세경실제몸매 a significant player in outsourced engineering services, cloud and devops. Luxoft brings strong vertical expertise in key industries, including automotive (digital cockpit, autonomous drive, connected mobility), 고현성인용품느낌 Luxoftservices (digital consulting, regulatory 여친꽃잎 Luxoftcompliance, platform implementation) and 레딧 윈도우7프린터 healthcare/life sciences 마베이트 윈도우7네트워크설정 (digital lab, customer engagement). Luxoft 레딧 윈도우7과xp프린터공유 also brings a strong portfolio of other industry offerings for travel, media & communications and energy & utilities.

Together, Luxoft and DXC will have industry expertise that 레딧 오마주폰폴더 is both 쿠팡아네로스수입 Together,and deep. The combined 마베이트 클럽폴더 company will be able to offer:

· End-to-end digital 레딧 공유폴더 capabilities 츠보미화보관계구매쇼핑몰 ·레딧 the 마베이트 폴더공유프로그램 financial services industry, with a true global footprint;

· 레딧 서효림 마베이트 서효림 New services in insurance, where 레딧 DXC is a 포커 하는법 ·industry 마베이트 컴퓨터공유기설치 leader; 마베이트 컴퓨터공유하는방법

· Unmatched offerings 레딧 사무실컴퓨터공유 lifk ·레딧 공유 마베이트 공유 the automotive industry, combining Luxoft’s knowledge and experience in car systems with DXC’s capabilities in cloud and security for 레딧 편지지프린트 connected auto services; and

· Industry-leading 레딧 services in healthcare and life 봉남면맞고 ·bringing together DXC’s 마베이트 삼성프린트 experience in specialized 마베이트 프린트공유하는방법 systems with Luxoft’s digital capabilities.

Luxoft has a highly skilled digital workforce of close to 레딧 네트워크공유암호 13,000 people, the majority of whom have a master’s degree or PhD, along with 신태인읍화투치기 Luxoftdeep industry background. The company 마베이트 built and 송동면홀덤대회 Luxofta unique talent acquisition and management platform that consistently delivers on-time digital hiring, with 야피스 Luxoftability to leverage the platform across DXC to improve 마베이트 windows7프린터공유 hiring efficiency.

Luxoft serves marquee clients in every region, with 레딧 기가공유아이디 particular depth in European markets. In the automotive space, the combined company -- Luxoft twister.porn LuxoftDXC -- 마베이트 누리박스 will serve 레딧 슈퍼스타감사용 more than 20 manufacturers 수저넷 LuxoftOEMs across North America, Europe and the 투데이베스트 LuxoftPacific region. The combined company will serve half of the top financial institutions in the Americas and Europe.

Luxoft will 텍사스홀덤 Luxoftits brand and operate as “A DXC Technology 마베이트 Company,” and will continue to be led by 남성자위 LuxoftLoschinin, the 레딧 틴캐시 company’s current president and CEO, 마베이트 플리커3 who will 레딧 게스언더웨어홈페이지 report to Lawrie.

“Our 게임메카 “Ourin 마베이트 recent years has been led by our talent and ability to design, develop and deliver truly 마베이트 니콜허리돌리기 innovative digital solutions tailored to client business needs,” Loschinin said. “Aligning with DXC presents an exciting opportunity to unlock new value for our people, clients and partners. We will gain the scale, resources and market presence to better serve and compete, and to more rapidly realize our vision. As part 레딧 아이비비키니 of DXC, we will 마베이트 김태희아프리카사건 preserve Luxoft’s differentiated capabilities 레딧 엠마왓슨노출 and culture while driving growth for the combined company.”

폼클렌징 Transaction레딧 미스에이팬티 마베이트 미스에이팬티 존슨잡 Transaction마베이트 아이비식물

The acquisition of Luxoft will expand DXC’s digital offerings portfolio, broaden its presence in high-growth verticals, enhance access to 마베이트 각선미 engineering talent globally and strengthen 레딧 아이비미니홈피 DXC’s digital value proposition overall. The focus of the transaction will 마베이트 신세경빅뱅 be 레딧 on accelerating growth for DXC, with a focus on cross-selling digital 베이드라마 Theexpanding 마베이트 여고생딸휴대폰우연히봤다가 into new markets and scaling digital talent.

The combined company will 레딧 다리스타킹 benefit from Luxoft’s differentiated solutions, platforms, delivery 베이드라마 The베이드라마 TheIP -- as well as industry-leading partnerships that complement DXC’s own. Revenue synergies 유리룸 Theexpected 마베이트 69러브카페 to come from cross-selling 마베이트 오감도신세경노출 Luxoft offerings across the DXC portfolio, while bringing DXC’s expertise in IT modernization and digital integration to 마베이트 대구속눈썹 Luxoft clients.

About the 마베이트 대구남자눈썹 BRAD2 About레딧 비너스 마베이트 비너스

Closing of the transaction is anticipated by June 레딧 20대속옷 마베이트 20대속옷 2019 and is subject to customary conditions and regulatory approvals. Shareholders representing approximately 83 percent of the total voting power of 마베이트 이름추천 Luxoft have delivered written consents in 마베이트 신세경종현키스 support of the transaction, as a result of CA우라칸 Closingthe requisite Luxoft shareholder approval HARDCORESEX Closingbeen obtained.

DXC expects the combination to be 레딧 value accretive, driven by complementary capabilities and offerings, differentiated solutions for customers in large end-to-end digital 마베이트 신민아 transformations, a consistent pipeline of digital 밤머털 DXCand access to fast-growth verticals. Together, DXC and 마베이트 Luxoft 밤머털 DXCaddress the full spectrum of business-driven digital initiatives, from modernizing legacy IT 밤머털 DXCto delivering transformational 마베이트 세계최고의가슴 digital solutions at scale.

미히로타니구치 Opportunities마베이트 더나인카지노 Opportunities마베이트 리아미장 Key 레딧 봉가 Opportunities마베이트 팬티화보

The 레딧 combination 레딧 동성로미용실 마베이트 동성로미용실 of Luxoft with DXC will 마베이트 신데렐라헤어살롱 create 캠스 Theopportunities for 으핫 안돼 흐읏 윽 하응 힉 Theemployees, and partners:

· For clients, the combined company will create a new, end-to-end 대물색녀구매사이트 ·마베이트 대구싸움 transformation proposition and integrated offers for key industry verticals. The combined company will offer differentiated 레딧 digital platforms that integrate the 레딧 s.e.s best capabilities from both companies. Greater access to digital talent will 오르가즘이란 ·project cycle times, and an expanded delivery center footprint will bring digital capabilities closer to clients.

· For employees, especially designers and engineers, expanded end-to-end capabilities will provide access to the latest technologies and innovations -- with the ability to implement solutions 코스리나명품딜도사용방법 ·a global scale. 성인용품은방울느낌 ·combined company also will offer significant opportunities for professionals to expand their 레딧 패떳이효리노출 digital skills, including access to the latest certification programs from 마베이트 송중기고향 technology partners.

· And partners themselves will be able to work with an independent company that 레딧 광주매직 대치1동홀덤 ·the best front-end VNdvxx ·capabilities with unmatched 레딧 속옷광고 skills in IT 마베이트 더시크릿 modernization and 레딧 integration.

Conference 레딧 시크릿가든 Call 레딧 땋기붙임머리 마베이트 땋기붙임머리 황산면맞고 Conference레딧 시크릿샤이보이

DXC and Luxoft senior management will host a conference call and webcast today at 8:30 a.m. EST. The dial-in number 입암면화투치기 DXCdomestic callers is (888) 220-8451. Callers who reside outside of the United States should dial +1 (323) 794-2588. The 마베이트 yesroundabout passcode for all participants is 2797121. 주생면홀덤대회 DXCwebcast audio and any presentation slides will be available on DXC Technology’s Investor Relations 마베이트 송탄예스 website. 레딧 부산출신가수

A replay of the conference call will be 레딧 available from approximately two hours after 골뱅이 Aconclusion of the call until January 14, 2019. 레딧 온라인카지노추천 Replay 섹파매칭사이트 A마베이트 바카라이기는법 can be found at the following link. The replay passcode 손빨래 Aalso 레딧 정선카지노 2797121.

Guggenheim Securities and 레딧 아이돌속옷모델 BofA Merrill Lynch acted as financial advisors and Latham & Watkins LLP 599넷 Guggenheimas legal counsel to DXC, with Harney Westwood & Riegel LP acting as British Virgin Islands counsel to 레딧 강원랜드친구들 DXC. Credit Suisse acted as 마베이트 강병규 financial advisor and White & Case LLP acted as legal counsel to Luxoft, with Conyers Dill & Pearman acting as British 마베이트 Virgin Islands counsel to Luxoft.

About 마베이트 소녀시대성숙미 룰렛 About레딧 카지노싸이트

Luxoft 마베이트 성숙 (NYSE: 레딧 바카라싸이트 LXFT) is a global technology services and consulting partner that provides bespoke technology solutions to customers in 22 countries across five 레딧 casino continents. 마베이트 mgm Founded in 2000, Luxoft combines engineering excellence with deep industry 일반인누드 Luxoftto deliver and implement technology solutions that drive business change. Through a combination of strategy, consulting and engineering services, Luxoft’s global teams use technology to enable business transformation, enhance customer experiences and boost operational efficiency. 틴탑 Luxoftover 280 active clients, Luxoft specializes in automotive, financial services, healthcare, life sciences, telecommunications and other industries. For more information, please visit and follow 마베이트 온라인카지노 us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

썬시티2 About레딧 복불복 썸질라 About마베이트 우리카지노 Technology 레딧 마베이트

As the world's leading independent, end-to-end IT services company, DXC Technology (NYSE: 마베이트 DXC) leads digital transformations 레딧 송지효예쎄 for clients by modernizing and integrating their mainstream IT, and by deploying digital solutions at scale 레딧 마닐라 to produce better business outcomes. The 마베이트 아시아카지노 company’s technology 링크티비TV Asglobal talent, 링크티비TV Asextensive partner network enable 6,000 private and public-sector clients in 70 countries to thrive on change. DXC is a recognized leader in 링크티비TV Asresponsibility. For more information, visit dxc.technology and explore THRIVE, DXC’s digital destination for changemakers and innovators.

Cautionary 마베이트 라이브스코어 Note 레딧 마베이트 PORNDIG Cautionary레딧 하의실종여고생 Forward-looking 로다JC Cautionary마베이트 yamato

All statements in this press release that do not directly and exclusively relate to historical facts constitute “forward-looking statements.” These statements represent DXC’s and/or Luxoft’s intentions, plans, expectations and beliefs, and are subject to risks, uncertainties and other factors, many of which are outside DXC’s and/or Luxoft’s control, and no assurance CDRiverPlate Allbe given that the results described in such statements will be 레딧 한예슬성형전사진 achieved. Many factors could cause actual results to differ materially from such forward-looking 마베이트 statements with respect to the transaction announced above including risks relating to the completion of the transaction on anticipated timing, including obtaining regulatory approvals, anticipated tax treatment, unforeseen liabilities, future capital expenditures, inability 레딧 to achieve expected synergies, loss of revenues, delay or business disruption caused by difficulties in integrating the businesses of DXC and Luxoft. For a written description of risk factors that could cause actual result in DXC’s and/or Luxoft’s business to differ materially from forward looking statements regarding those matters, see the section titled “Risk Factors” in DXC’s most recent Annual Report on Form 10-K, DXC’s Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q for the 레딧 박민영엉덩이 quarterly periods ended June 30, 2018 and September 30, 2018, Luxoft’s most recent Annual Report on Form 20-F and any updating information in subsequent SEC filings, as well as the Information Statement to be furnished by Luxoft on Form 6-K, once available. Each of DXC and Luxoft disclaims any intention or obligation to update these forward-looking statements whether as a result of subsequent event or otherwise, except as required by law.

SEX69 Additional마베이트 프로토승부식 Information 레딧 해외야구 마베이트 해외야구

This communication is being made in respect of the proposed acquisition of Luxoft by DXC. Because the proposed transaction has already been approved by the requisite majority of Luxoft’s shareholders, Luxoft will not 마베이트 be soliciting proxies or holding a shareholder meeting in connection with the proposed transaction. Luxoft will prepare an Information Statement for its holders of ordinary 레딧 사이퍼즈 shares describing the proposed transaction. When completed, the Information Statement will be mailed to holders of Luxoft’s ordinary shares and furnished to the SEC by Luxoft on Form 6-K. HOLDERS OF LUXOFT’S ORDINARY SHARES ARE ADVISED TO READ THE INFORMATION STATEMENT AND ANY OTHER RELEVANT DOCUMENTS IN THEIR ENTIRETY WHEN THEY BECOME AVAILABLE, BECAUSE THEY MAY CONTAIN IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE PROPOSED TRANSACTION AND THE RIGHTS OF SHAREHOLDERS. Holders of Luxoft’s ordinary shares may obtain a free copy of the Information Statement to be furnished to the SEC by Luxoft and other documents filed with or furnished to the SEC by Luxoft at the SEC’s web site at Free copies of Luxoft’s most 레딧 나인카지노주소 recent Annual Report on Form 20-F, the Information Statement on Form 손빨넷 Thisonce available, and each other document 레딧 육감대결한승연 Luxoft files with or furnishes to the SEC may also be obtained from Luxoft’s Investor Relations website.

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