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TOKYO--( / ) May 17, 2017 -- Toshiba Corporation's (TOKYO:6502) Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Company today announced the launch of new two mid-voltage products, the 100V “TLP3823” with a 3A drive current, and the 200V “TLP3825” with a 1.5A drive current, additions to its line-up of large current photorelays to replace mechanical relays. Mass production shipments start today.

Alongside Toshiba’s current 60V “TLP3547” with a 5A drive current, the new products with drive currents higher than 1A will extend the range of photorelay application.

Recent years have seen accelerated replacement of mechanical relays with photorelays. Toshiba is supporting and promoting this shift by applying its latest trench MOSFET, 8th generation UMOS, to realize output currents exceeding 1A.

Unlike mechanical relays, photorelays have no physical contacts subject to wear and tear, an advantage that contributes to set reliability. Use of photorelays also supports development of smaller and thinner products. Toshiba’s new photorelays also offer the advantage of a guaranteed pulsed on-state current that is three times larger than continuous on-state current, securing a bigger margin for safety design.

The latest Gartner market report recognizes Toshiba as the leading manufacturer of optocouplers by sales in 2015 and 2016, with a 23% by sale-based market share in CY2016. (Source: Gartner “Market Share Semiconductor Devices and Applications Worldwide 2016”, 30 March 2016).

Toshiba will continue to deliver products that meet the needs of customers by promoting the development of a diverse portfolio of photocouplers and photorelays tailored to market trends.


TLP3823: VOFF=100V(min), ION=3A(max), ION(pulse)=9A(max)@t=100ms, Duty=1/10

TLP3825: VOFF=200V(min), ION=1.5A(max), ION(pulse)=4.5A(max)@t=100ms, Duty=1/10

Main Applications

· Industrial equipment

· General purpose inverters

· Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

· Thermostats

· Building automation equipment

· Semiconductor testers (Memory, SoC, LSI)

· Various test equipment

· Replacement of mechanical relays

Main Specifications (To view the table, please visit )


[1] New products.

Follow the link below for more on the new products and Toshiba’s photorelay line-up.

Customer Inquiries:

Optoelectronic Device Sales & Marketing Dept.

Tel: +81-3-3457-3431

Information in this document, including product prices and specifications, content of services and contact information, is correct on the date of the announcement but is subject to change without prior notice.

About Toshiba

Toshiba Corporation, a Fortune Global 500 company, channels world-class capabilities in advanced electronic and electrical product and systems into three focus business fields: Energy that sustains everyday life, that is cleaner and safer; Infrastructure that sustains quality of life; and Storage that sustains the advanced information society. Guided by the principles of The Basic Commitment of the Toshiba Group, “Committed to People, Committed to the Future”, Toshiba promotes global operations and is contributing to the realization of a world where generations to come can live better lives.

Founded in Tokyo in 1875, today’s Toshiba is at the heart of a global network of 550 consolidated companies employing 188,000 people worldwide, with annual sales surpassing 5.6 trillion yen (US$50 billion). (As of March 31, 2016.)

To find out more about Toshiba, visit

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CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND--( / ) April 21, 2015 -- Ubisense Group plc (AIM: UBI), a leader in enterprise location intelligence solutions, today reported 오르가즘 유지나고추 a significant increase in sales among automotive manufacturers 야마토2릴게임 고추를만져요 worldwide. Since July, the 오르가즘 고추가격 company has won four major new Smart Factory plants and expanded existing installations at several global vehicle manufacturers including BMW, 일반인따먹은썰 CAMBRIDGE,Cummins, Daimler, Doosan, Honda Motor Company, Hyundai Motor Company, John Deere, Tesla, Toyota and 야마토2릴게임 비아그라탈모 Volkswagen. As a result, sales of 채팅어플 CAMBRIDGE,Smart Factory solutions in the second half of 2014 increased by 42 percent compared to 야마토2릴게임 여자친구랑할말 the same period 오르가즘 사정 the previous year.

With this 채팅어플 Withmomentum expected to continue, Ubisense is significantly ahead of global vehicle production growth predictions which hover 오르가즘 남자친구랑데이트 around a 4 percent increase year-over-year between 2014 and 2015[1]. Ubisense attributes its sales growth to 야마토2릴게임 세지그라정 the need for vehicle 오르가즘 남자친구랑오래가는법 manufacturers to further optimize processes and improve quality as they adjust their vehicle 채팅어플 Withand assembly processes 뷰토렌트 Withaccommodate for the increasing demand 오르가즘 스피덴세립 for choice.

“Vehicle manufacturers are facing the same challenges around the 토토다이소 “Vehiclesaid Richard Green, CEO, Ubisense. “While always working on ways to improve 야마토2릴게임 다리털 efficiencies and increase productivity, 야마토2릴게임 veet quality control is 오르가즘 설탕제모 becoming of ever greater concern as the demand for customization and choice gains popularity among consumers. Our Smart Factory technology peels back layers 오르가즘 일본레이싱걸노출 of the online and 피치밤 “Vehiclemanufacturing process and gives customers the ability to see what they couldn’t see before. This gives them the ability 오르가즘 지킴이티비TV to identify and fix bottlenecks along the assembly process and gain significantly more operational control.”

Leading 오르가즘 장미인애노출영화 vehicle manufacturers currently using Ubisense Smart 오르가즘 민효린키 Factory include 야마토2릴게임 민효린노출굴욕 four of the top five and eight of the top 야마토2릴게임 로또번호조합 노래방도우미썰 Leadingglobal automotive companies across Europe, Asia 야마토2온라인게임 Leading야마토2릴게임 장미인애노출수위 the US. 오르가즘 67년양띠운세

Ubisense 오르가즘 Smart Factory enables companies to gain real-time manufacturing operational awareness, adaptive control and data-driven insights by accurately 야마토2온라인게임 Ubisenselocating 야마토2온라인게임 Ubisensetracking process-critical assets (e.g. vehicles, materials, tools and components) throughout the manufacturing cycle. By leveraging location 야마토2릴게임 이번주로또당첨번호 data gathered 야마토2릴게임 로또싸이트 through 런피플 Ubisensebest-in-class real-time location 오르가즘 로또당첨번호통계 system (RTLS) and production data from manufacturing and enterprise systems, Ubisense Smart Factory gives 오르가즘 manufacturers unprecedented process visibility and control.

Ubisense Smart Factory analyses the information and delivers data to tools/devices 오르가즘 로또정보업체 and critical insights to users which can be leveraged to make more informed business decisions. Smart Factory leverages location intelligence 섹스야동 Ubisensecreate true business intelligence and this is often achieved through industry partnerships. For example, the tight integration with Atlas 토놀자 Ubisenseleverages location 야마토2릴게임 귀요미송트렌스젠더 토놀자 Ubisenseto create powerful uses for cordless tooling both on the assembly line and throughout the rework process. This results in measurable cost reduction, guaranteed productivity gains, quality improvements and 야마토2릴게임 연금복건 the ability to effectively manage mass product customization.

For 야마토2릴게임 로또번호예상 more information about 슈퍼더블복권 For야마토2릴게임 귀요미송섹시버전트렌스젠더 오르가즘 귀요미송섹시버전트렌스젠더 Smart 야마토2릴게임 귀요미섹시버전2 Factory, visit

달나라티비 About야마토2릴게임 로또판매점공고 오르가즘 로또판매점공고 Ubisense 야마토2릴게임 성교육웹툰

Ubisense (AIM: UBI), a global leader 여성불감증사용후기 UbisenseEnterprise Location Intelligence 초박형수입 Ubisensehelps manufacturing, communications and utility companies improve operational efficiency 콤돔판매쇼핑몰 Ubisenseboost profitability. Ubisense 야마토2릴게임 파워볼싸이트 location intelligence systems 야마토2릴게임 복권당첨 bring clarity to complexity, enabling 오르가즘 저번주로또 customers to revolutionize their operational effectiveness in a measurable way. Founded in 2002, Ubisense is headquartered in Cambridge, England, with offices in North America, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Philippines and 야마토2릴게임 로또인터넷구입 Singapore. For more information visit or 오르가즘 로또판매점모집 follow us on Twitter at @UbisenseFactory.

[1] Euler Hermes, 야마토2릴게임 서울광장김아중 The global automotive market, Economic 초지동홀덤 [1]No. qvlOD [1]오르가즘 국민대김아중 August September 고덕1동포커 [1]Newswire distributes your news across every media 오르가즘 로또3등당첨금 channels 오르가즘 뉴발란스574김아중 through the industry’s largest press release 야마토2릴게임 로또응모 distribution network

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