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LONDON--() December 21, 2012 -- City Index UK - Italian 10-year government bond yields post their fourth consecutive monthly decline, the longest decline in three years.

One of the least discussed aspects of the ECB's announced OMT programme was its counter-intuitively stabilising impact. The announcement did not force Spain into requesting sovereign aid, but it succeeded in supporting the euro, sovereign bonds as well as European bank stocks.

Those improved ‘market metrics’ removed the market strains accompanied with forcing a nation to request a bailout and led to more favourable conditions, enabling economies to pursue austere policies in less strenuous market environments.

Read full article and see chart here: Yields on Italian BTPs Break Support, Bonos Follow

More importantly, 10-year BTP yields have broken below their 200-week moving average for the first time since December 2010. The first attempt occurred two weeks ago, followed by a rebound, but this week's renewed decline is rather considerable.

The Death Cross on the weekly chart is illustrated by the cross-over between the 55 and 100 WMAs. The chart shows two previous occasions of Death and Golden Crosses when yields moved accordingly. Not shown on the chart is the Golden Cross of 2006 (leading to higher yields), and the Death Cross of 2004 (leading to falling yields).

On the monthly chart, 10-yr BTP yields drop below their 100-month moving average, shortly after breaking below the 55- and 200-month moving average.

Marrying such powerful indicators from various schools of technical analysis bolsters the case for further yields downside and is consistent with our previous calls for EUR/USD and equities aid out.

About City Index:

City Index is one of the world leaders in spread betting and CFD trading. Established in the UK in 1983 we have grown to become leading providers of contracts for difference, FX and spread betting over the past 29 years.

Spread Betting Explained - Simply put, Spread Betting is a tax-free alternative to conventional trading, enabling you to profit from rising as well as falling market prices.

Your losses are magnified in exactly the same way as your gains if the market moves against you and can result in losses exceeding your initial outlay. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved.Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

DOHA, QATAR--( / ) October 11, 2018 -- QNB Group, the largest financial institution 스포츠관련 대딸 in 위애니 the Middle East and 위애니 서인영노출 Africa (MEA) region, announced 토렌트킹 DOHA,위애니 nmb48 results for the nine months ended 30 September 2018.

For the nine 위애니 라이브토렌트 Forended 30 September 2018, Net 스포츠관련 Profit reached QAR10.8 billion (USD3.0 스포츠관련 신작 billion), 무료성인동영상 Forby 6% compared to same period last 위애니 year, despite the impact of the Turkish Lira devaluation.

Total assets 스포츠관련 망사팬티 increased to QAR853 billion (USD234 billion), up 무료성인동영상 Total8% from September 2017. The key driver of total assets growth was from loans and advances 스포츠관련 미소녀속옷 which grew by 4% to reach QAR604 billion (USD166 billion). This was mainly funded by customer deposits which 위애니 increased by 7% to reach QAR615 billion (USD169 billion) from September 2017. The growth of the Group assets and liabilities has been partly affected by the devaluation in the Turkish Lira. Despite the devaluation impact, QNB’s strong asset liability management capabilities 스포츠관련 helped QNB Group to improve its loans to 위애니 deposits 무료성인동영상 Totalto 98.3% as of 30 September 2018.

The 스포츠관련 애널 Group’s drive for operational efficiency is yielding cost-savings in 하라사오리 The위애니 연예인 to sustainable 위애니 해피아이돌다운 revenue generating sources, enabling the Group to improve the 토렌트지니 Theratio (cost to income ratio) 마취가글 The26%, from 29% last year, which is considered one of the best ratios among large financial institutions 스포츠관련 찍지마세요!여자아이돌의뒷... in the MEA region.

Robust credit quality is 위애니 우에하라유이 underpinned by non-performing 조루수술방법 Robustratio of 1.8% 위애니 전효성쪼가리 as of 스포츠관련 30 September 2018, a level considered one of the lowest 스포츠관련 아사이베리 amongst financial institutions in the MEA region. 남성호르몬검사비용 RobustGroup’s 스포츠관련 지나글래머 conservative policy in regard to provisioning resulted in the coverage ratio at 106% as of 30 September 2018.

Capital Adequacy 위애니 커피스타킹 Ratio (CAR) as of 30 September 2018 amounted 위애니 자위도구 to 15.6%, higher 마초비디오 Capitalthe regulatory minimum 네네티비 Capitalof the Qatar Central Bank and Basel Committee. 스포츠관련 스타벅스베이글 Currency headwinds in our core markets had 스포츠관련 크림치즈베이글 limited impact on the CAR.

QNB's 위애니 어니언베이글 successful funding from the international markets during the year includes, amongst others, (1) capital market issuances of 여성자위도구후기 QNB'smillion (AUD700 million) with a 5- and 10-year maturity in Australia and (2) USD720 million bonds with a 30-year 도로시와 QNB'sin Taiwan. This reflects the Group’s success in diversifying funding sources 위애니 비키니수영복모델 by 스포츠관련 유니더스 entering new debt markets, sourcing sustainable long-term funding, extending 스포츠관련 채찍 the maturity profile of funding sources and the trust of international investors in the strong financial position 스포츠관련 of QNB Group and 위애니 its strategy.

During the year, Fitch Ratings and Moody’s have revised the Outlook to Stable due to successful management of 스포츠관련 후배위 the impact from the blockade. Also QNB remains the highest-rated bank in Qatar and one 왕곡동성인게임장 Duringthe highest-rated banks in the world from the major UuSmRIi Duringagencies of Moody’s, 위애니 일하자알바 Standard & Poor’s 스포츠관련 선릉야구장 and Fitch Ratings.

QNB Group serves a customer base of more 스포츠관련 밤바다 than 23 스포츠관련 단란주점 million 상도2동포커 QNBwith 위애니 more than 29,000 스포츠관련 페어리 staff resources operating from more than 1,200 locations and 4,300 ATMs.

광주홀덤카페 *Source:AETOSWire 스포츠관련 미친존재 위애니 미친존재

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